Eco Hotel Panorama Park Mezhdurechye Kalyazin

The Russian tourism and hotel business, despite the economic difficulties that arise at times, continues to develop. Travelers and entrepreneurs have new opportunities to stay during holidays or business events. Such types of hotels as a boutique or mini-hotel have long become commonplace. The market does not stand still. «Panorama» – eco-friendly hotel – a relatively new type of hotels, in demand among lovers of recreation among the picturesque natural landscapes.



Location of the eco-hotel Panorama

Most recently, in May 2018, in the south-east of the Tver region, the Panorama hotel complex opened its doors. The eco-friendly Panorama Hotel is surrounded by a birch grove and coniferous trees, which creates an atmosphere of privacy and isolation from the unpleasant effects of the urban environment. In the near and far surroundings there are many well-known to tourists small towns, villages, natural and other objects (here the distance in km on the road from the hotel is indicated):

  • Makaryevskaya – the nearest village, to which the eco-hotel Panorama administratively belongs, – 0.48;
  • Zykovskaya – one of the neighboring villages – 1.26;
  • Kalyazin – district center – 26;
  • Nerl – a small river, a tributary of the Volga, – 0.95;
  • Pereslavl-Zalessky –130;
  • Rostov – 150;
  • Uglich – 72;
  • Protom – the nearest river – 0.69;
  • Nerl – the largest village in the vicinity – 20;
  • Yaroslavl – 180;
  • Tver – 190;
  • Moscow (MKAD) – 170.

Eco-hotel Panorama is a part of “Mezhdurechye” – tourist and recreational cluster. The structure of this park, positioning itself as a center of recreation and successful work, includes several other objects:

  • business park;
  • flying club;
  • cottage village;
  • sports center;
  • country complex;
  • yacht club;
  • Center for Medicine and Health.

Guests can reach the Panorama Eco-Hotel in three accessible ways: by car, public transport or taxi. Buses depart from the “Northern Gate” – moscow bus station – to Kalyazin. At the bus station of the district center, you need to rent a taxi that will take guests to the hotel. Motorists choose the route from mkad directly to the eco-hotel Panorama. The path consists of several stages:

  • old Yaroslavl highway;
  • Sergiev Posad;
  • Novouglichskoe highway in the direction of Kalyazin;
  • before reaching Kalyazin, turn right after the village of Porechie;
  • after the village of Zykovskaya turn right to the park “Mezhdurechye”.

More information. Travel time by taxi from Kalyazin to the eco-hotel Panorama – 30-32 minutes From the “Northern Gate” to Kalyazin by bus – from 3 hours to 3 hours 50 minutes.

Features of the eco-hotel Panorama

Making a choice in favorof “Panorama”,tourists weigh the pros and cons of living and relaxing in the hotel complex. Future guests of the eco-hotel Panorama immediately catch the eye of several advantages that distinguish it among similar institutions in the region:

  • location on the territory of the tourist cluster;
  • remoteness from industrial facilities;
  • environmentally friendly and safe green area;
  • a wide range of activities that can satisfy the desires of a variety of tourists;
  • transport accessibility;
  • location nearby ancient Russian cities, rich in historical, cultural and sacred objects.

Review. Sergey Voloshin, Moscow. Eco-hotel Panorama has a number of advantages, because of which my wife and I chose it. First, far from big cities. Secondly, in the forest zone. Thirdly, it is easy to reach by car from Moscow. A river flows next to the eco-friendly Panorama Hotel. Around birch and spruce. We dreamed of living in silence somewhere away from the capital, but not in the country. The service was pleased. They greeted them as if we were their old friends.

Room stock

The hotel complex “Panorama” is six wooden houses, where everything feels cozy, well-groomed and cared for those who decided to live for a few days surrounded by Russian nature, restrained by colors. The administration of the eco-hotel Panorama takes care to attract tourists with a high level of modern service, comfort in comfortable rooms and a large selection of opportunities for recreation. Guests live in cozy wooden houses, each of which has an original and sonorous name, and not traditional categories:

nametotal area

(sq. m.)


(number of people)

price of 1 room (house) for two guests

(per day in rubles)


Important! The table shows the cost of rooms (houses), relevant for the season 2021 For an extra bed for adults and young guests of the eco-hotel Panorama charged a fee of 1 thousand rubles Kids who are not 4 years old, stay in the hotel for free.

The rooms of the eco-hotel Panorama are equipped with a set of modern amenities, thanks to which guests feel comfortable, as if they did not leave their city comfortable apartments. At the same time, the surrounding nature – a birch grove, a river flowing nearby, the absence of congested roads – all this creates an atmosphere of a suburban space where you can forget about problems and enjoy communication with nature.

Each room of the eco-hotel Panorama provides its guests with the opportunity to use a variety of amenities:

  • kitchen area, which has a small stove for cooking, a wardrobe with a set of dishes, refrigerator, dining table, microwave, coffee table, air conditioning;
  • spacious living room with sofa bed, stove-fireplace and double bed; in the middle of the room there is a screen, behind which there is a sleeping area;
  • bathroom with comfortable bath and shower, underfloor heating and a set of hygiene products and towels;
  • panoramic windows and a cozy terrace;
  • a small bar counter;
  • comfortable upholstered furniture;
  • flat-screen TV.

In the houses “Oriole”, “Zoryanka” and “Swallow” there is a separate bedroom. In “Swifts” – three bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as two double beds.

Hotel services

Care for customers in the eco-hotel Panorama is manifested not only in the equipment of rooms in accordance with the requirements of modern tourists. The hotel offers a wide range of services that can satisfy the desires of any traveler:

  • future guests can order a transfer* from the Kalyazin bus station to the doors of the panorama eco-hotel and back upon departure;
  • for travelers arriving by car, there is a spacious parking lot near the eco-hotel Panorama on the territory of the tourist cluster;
  • access to free and wireless Internet is provided throughout the hotel complex;
  • if desired, vacationers of the eco-hotel Panorama can get all the necessary barbecue facilities and organize a picnic in the barbecue area;
  • fans of television broadcasts in the evenings watch terrestrial and satellite TV channels, including children’s;
  • products for the preparation of main courses, salads and drinks are delivered* to the rooms of the eco-hotel Panorama at the first request of vacationers;
  • if desired, guests can ask to be provided with fishing gear;
  • For walks in the picturesque surroundings – the river coast and forest paths – a bicycle is provided*.

For business people coming to the eco-hotel Panorama, the services of a business park located on the territory of Mezhdurechye are available. The complex includes 8 buildings. For seminars, press conferences, business lunches, negotiations and meetings there are several rooms:

  • multifunctional halls;
  • apartments;
  • meeting rooms;
  • office spaces of different capacity and configuration.

Note! In the list of services, the paid service is marked with an asterisk*. Entrance to the eco-friendly Hotel Panorama and the registration of guests is made from 14:00. Check-out – until 12:00. If necessary, tourists can undergo accelerated registration in the eco-hotel Panorama. Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel. Accommodation of pets is paid separately. Spacious parking is equipped on the territory of the park “Bear”. The service to the guests of the eco-friendly hotel “Panorama” is provided free of charge. The period from 23:00 to 10:00 in the eco-hotel Panorama is considered a “quiet hour” for guests, you can not disturb the noise of other vacationers.

Review. Maria Vetrova-Zueva, Sergiev Posad. The eco-friendly Panorama Hotel is close to our hometown. My husband and I and my children chose it because of the desire to live as a family in a comfortable house outside the city, without worries and fuss. The dream came true. Spacious rooms, terrace, wonderful bathroom, birch grove – all this turned our holiday into a real summer holiday. My husband enjoyed fishing in the river that flows nearby. The kids played on the playground and watched cartoons on TV. I attended massages. Stay at the eco-friendly Panorama Hotel was really great!

Meals and restaurants

The homely atmosphere characteristic of the eco-hotel Panorama is felt not only in the interior and design of houses, but also in the type of food. For vacationers, the doors of the “Veranda” are open – a small café located in a separate building on a green area surrounded by tall birches and spruces.

The gastronomic menu includes simple dishes prepared from seafood, fish, chicken and fresh vegetables. All products – environmentally friendly, tasty and healthy – are produced on local farms. Dishes are prepared on the basis of recipes of Russian and international cuisines. In the eco-hotel Panorama guests are offered the following diet (in parentheses the cost in rubles for one visitor is indicated):

  • 9:00–11:00 – breakfast (600);
  • 14:00–16:00 – lunch (1300);
  • 19:00–21:00 – dinner (1100).

“Veranda” positions itself as a café of author’s cuisine. The cook calls guests to the room and clarifies the preferences in food, and also offers a choice of dishes from the menu. After that, the order is prepared for execution. At the set time, guests come to the bright hall of the café, choose a table and receive the ordered and recommended dishes. For younger guests of the eco-hotel Panorama offers a menu specially designed for children’s tastes.

Pleasant daylight, light walls, lack of pretentiousness and bright color shades in the design – all these design elements of a small hall have a friendly conversation at the tables. If desired, guests can receive an order in the house where they are staying. Delivery will cost customers “Veranda” 500 rubles.

If desired, guests of the eco-hotel Panorama can visit the café and restaurant of the business park, located on the territory of “Mezhdurechye”. The doors of four gastronomic establishments are open for customers:

  • lobby and Sky bars;
  • a small stylish café Innsight;
  • restaurant of international cuisine

More information. The panorama eco-hotel’s café offers several additional services. “Personal cook” involves serving guests in the house. The cost of the service is 3 thousand rubles per hour. “Romantic dinner” can be organized for a young couple, “Festive table” – for a solemn event with the participation of friends, relatives or colleagues. For those guests of the eco-hotel Panorama who need dietary food, a separate menu is offered.

Review. Valeria Abramova, Tver. Lovely hotel, wonderful views from large panoramic windows, well equipped mangal area. The hotel is located on the territory of “Mezhdurechye” – a tourist park, where there is a business center, private clinics, shops, a restaurant. Rested in the eco-hotel Panorama with a friend. In the park “Mesopotamia” were several times. The hotel’s restaurant has a wonderful cook. A true professional, judging by how elegantly the dishes are served and how they are deliciously prepared. Twice dinner was brought at our request to the house. The only disadvantage of the hotel is that you can not smoke. My friend and I are smokers, but, in general, it benefited us.

Rest in the hotel

Many guests of the eco-hotel Panorama have a feeling that they can not leave the hotel for a long time. Here you can always find something to your liking:

  • board games;
  • participation in culinary master classes, where experienced chefs teach guests how to prepare original dishes;
  • bath-barrel (1 hour – 2.5 thousand rubles) – the so-called small steam room because of the unusual round shape; health-improving and rejuvenating effect is achieved thanks to herbal infusions, the aroma of which is saturated with the room;
  • horseback riding in the nearest and remote surroundings (from 2 thousand to 5 thousand rubles per 1 hour, depending on the training of tourists);
  • traditional (5 thousand for 1 hour) and osteomassage (8 thousand for 90 minutes, for children the cost is 2 thousand rubles less) – soft tactile effects on the body;
  • river fishing (from 8:00 to 20:00 – from 2 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the location) with the provision of accessories and gear (spinning and fishing rods), as well as a place on the shore, equipped with two chairs and a bench;
  • snowmobiling in winter (1 hour – 2 thousand rubles) along snow-covered paths;
  • walks on a comfortable ship (15 thousand rubles for 15 people for 1 hour of rent) or a boat (with oars or motor, on a kayak or kayak – from 1 thousand to 2.5 thousand rubles for 1 hour).

Note! Osteomassage in the eco-hotel Panorama is available only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, horseback riding – on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Recreational opportunities for children

At the eco-friendly Panorama Hotel, young guests spend time with their parents. Children are happy to walk in the birch grove, ride obedient horses, bicycles and boats. The eco-friendly Hotel Panorama also offers several entertainment options specifically for the rest of young tourists:

  • outdoor games on a compact playground;
  • participation in master classes on teaching the art of cooking delicious dishes;
  • viewing children’s feature and animated films;
  • reading books aloud in the company of peers;
  • sports competitions and competitions for prizes in board games.

Excursions and attractions

Eco-hotel Panorama is located next to the small village of Makaryevskaya, where there are no objects that may be of interest to tourists. The same applies to nearby villages: Kalinino, Zykovskaya, Savrasovo, Berdovka. Tourists can go to Nerl, located near the hotel. In this village there are several interesting objects: the Museum of Local Lore, the House of Culture, the beach on the banks of the river and two churches: Vsesvyatskaya and Ozeryanskaya.

For guests of the eco-friendly Panorama Hotel who want to explore the far surroundings, there are several excursion programs from Kalyazin. A trip to this ancient town, the first mention of which dates back to 1434, will be a fascinating journey for inquisitive tourists.

The activities offered for those wishing to explore the interesting historical and cultural monuments in the vicinity are very diverse. Therefore, even picky tourists will find a route that meets their preferences and desires. Among the most popular excursions there are six cognitive activities:

  • sightseeing tour of Kalyazin; the main “highlight” of the fascinating activity is acquaintance with the Kalyazin bell tower, left over from the flooded Nikolsky Monastery and towering among the expanses of the Rybinsk reservoir;
  • visiting the sacred buildings of the Upper Volga – the Ascension Church, the Holy Trinity Monastery, the Kazan and Mother of God churches;
  • a trip to the most famous natural object of the neighboring Novgorod region – the Priksha waterfall;
  • acquaintance with the cities on the banks of the Rybinsk reservoir: with Cherepovets, Rybinsk, Bezhets, Vesyegonsky;
  • visiting the old Russian village – copies of the ancient village of the X century;
  • a big trip to the cities of the Tver region: Torzhok, Kashin, Likhoslavl, Tver.

Note! Each proposed excursion lasts from 3 to 12 hours. The cost is from 2.5 to 8 thousand rubles. the Price depends on the duration and number of participants of the event.

Review. Andrey Medvedev, Yaroslavl. Rested in the eco-hotel “Panorama” with two friends. We rented a house called “Korolek”. Cozy, quiet, river nearby, excellent cuisine in the restaurant. During a rather long horse ride, we got acquainted with the surroundings. We went to Kalyazin for a sightseeing tour of the city. With our own eyes we saw the local miracle created by man – the bell tower standing in the middle of the reservoir. Everything was very interesting. It turned out to be an eventful vacation.

Eco-friendly hotel Panorama – a great option for families and cheerful company

Families, close friends and couples in love are often looking for opportunities to relax in privacy away from their hometown in a forested area, but at the same time not to lose comfortable conditions. The eco-friendly Panorama Hotel is perfectly suited to satisfy this sincere desire. Cozy houses, household appliances at hand, a birch grove on the territory of which the hotel “hides” – all this adds advantages and pushes future guests to choose “Panorama” for rest with children, friends or the second half.