The best recreation centers in the suburbs for the New Year

The Moscow region, which occupies an area of 44.3 thousand square kilometers (this is equal to the area of such European countries as the Netherlands or Switzerland), is one of the most popular destinations in Russia for outdoor activities. In the suburbs there are more than 440 tourist bases, ready to receive travelers in summer and winter. In the capital region, all the necessary conditions have been created for the pastime of fans of active recreation and lovers of comfort.

What is the New Year holiday in the suburbs interesting for tourists?

The Moscow region is unusually rich in natural objects. In a region dominated by lowlands, plains and hilly hills, there are about 350 lakes and about 300 rivers and their tributaries. More than 300 species of birds and 70 species of mammals live in 2 national parks and 167 reserves of the region.

All of the above attracts in the suburbs of many lovers of pastime among the natural landscapes. Travelers come to the region on vacation, pursuing a variety of goals. Tourist bases of the Moscow region offer guests a wide range of interesting activities in winter:

  • skiing on snow-covered forest trails;
  • photo shoots in glades in a pine forest or coniferous forest;
  • barbecue among snow-covered fir trees;
  • skiing on well-equipped mountain slopes in winter resorts.

Depending on their desires, travelers choose a recreation center of a certain category:

  • health or cottage complex;
  • hunting, shooting or fishing club;
  • homestead or chalet;
  • country hotel or cottage;

New Year holidays in the suburban recreation centers will give tourists much more vivid impressions, if compared with the usual atmosphere at home during the holiday. Experienced travelers highlight several main advantages:

  • New Year’s Eve in nature;
  • absence of tedious pre-holiday bustle;
  • high-quality modern service that can satisfy a variety of desires of tourists;
  • a variety of festive programs and musical performances;
  • New Year’s Eve dinner in the restaurant of the tourist base;
  • the opportunity to relax with close relatives, friends or colleagues in a new environment;
  • friendly qualified staff, ready to give guests a festive mood and home comfort.

Tourists, tired of the entertainment and bustle of the city, especially appreciate the New Year holidays at the recreation centers. A cozy cottage, chalet or country mini-hotel are great options for organizing a festive dinner and creating a solemn atmosphere. Among the numerous recreation centers of the Moscow region, there are several places that have proven themselves best. The advantages listed above are most characteristic of them.

Pay attention! All prices given in the article are valid for 2021 and for the first half of 2022 Distances in kilometers indicated in the text are the path that tourists will have to overcome by road to get to a particular object.

Eco-hotel «Bogorodsk»

The new hotel complex is located in the north-east of Noginsk – a small city near Moscow, which is home to 103 thousand people. “Bogorodsk”, whose luxurious buildings rise on the shore of the Chernogolovsky pond, positions itself as an eco-hotel. The hotel and recreation complex is located 44 km east of the Moscow Ring Road.

The hotel will satisfy the desires of a variety of tourists: couples, office workers, newlyweds, nature lovers, fans of parties and spa treatments. “Bogorodsk” offers guests rest and accommodation in 33 comfortable rooms of 10 categories. On the territory of the complex there are objects without which it is impossible to imagine the leisure of modern tourists:

  • well-equipped fitness center;
  • bowling alley;
  • salt cave and speleochamber;
  • spa with massage rooms, three baths and a large swimming pool (depth – from 0.8 to 2.15 m, width – 6 m, length – 25 m).

The cost of living for one guest is 5.8-13.3 thousand rubles (half board), 4.4-10.4 thousand rubles (breakfast). The hotel has a modern restaurant serving Russian and Western European dishes. The gastronomic establishment includes two halls – a fireplace (designed for 25 guests) and the main one (accommodates up to 75 people) – as well as a cozy bar.

Fans of winter entertainment will be disappointed by the lack of a wide range of activities that meet their interests. If desired, guests of the eco-hotel can stroll along the snow-covered paths of the neighboring park. For lovers of skiing, the doors of two rental services are open, located near the “Bogorodsk” on the streets of the Soviet Constitution and Rogozhskaya.

The hotel staff has developed an interesting New Year’s program. The festive event will begin in the main hall of the restaurant on December 31 at 22:00. The performance will conclude at 3 a.m. The cost of an entrance ticket for an adult guest is 7 thousand rubles, for children from 6 to 11 years old – 5 thousand rubles.

  • concert of jazz music;
  • contests with gifts;
  • New Year’s Eve dinner;
  • festive fireworks on the territory of the hotel;
  • bright show, the plot of which will surprise with stories, in a fascinating form telling about Chicago gangsters, their adventures, intrigues and passionate love.

Eco-hotel “Bogorodsk” is an excellent choice for those who dream of celebrating the New Year holiday brightly, interestingly and cheerfully. The staff of the hotel complex provides quality service, which rarely causes complaints of tourists. The eco-hotel has all the necessary set of modern services – from high-speed Internet to multi-channel television.




Saint Lake

The recreation center with the romantic name “Holy Lake” (in some sources an inaccurate translation “At the Holy Lake” is given) is located 120 km east of the Moscow Ring Road, 120 km from Zhukovsky Airport and 150 km from Domodedovo. Saint Lake is located in the north of Shatura – a city near Moscow, where a little more than 32 thousand people live.

The main advantage of the hotel,positioning itself as a hotel and restaurant complex, is its location on the southern shore of a picturesque lake. The tourist base offers accommodation in cozy cottages and 30 rooms of five categories. Saint Lake will satisfy the desires and needs of couples, friends and colleagues vacationing in large companies, as well as travelers who prefer tranquility and home comfort.

The cost of a room for one guest is 4-8.8 thousand rubles per day. Accommodation in a cottage designed for 8 people will cost 30 thousand in 24 hours. The recreation center has comfortable facilities for the organization of leisure activities for guests in winter:

  • bath complex;
  • gym;
  • barbecue area;
  • spa center with two swimming pools (one of them for children);
  • 11 gazebos with music equipment, dishes and barbecue facilities.

On the territory of Saint Lake is the Kazan Church, more like a chapel. At the recreation center there is a restaurant, which includes 4 halls:

  • palace of celebrations, designed for 250 visitors;
  • the main one, in which 120 seats;
  • Greek, accommodated up to 30 guests;
  • VIP-hall for 10 people.

New Year’s Eve is held in the Palace of Celebrations. The festive program consists of three main events:

  • New Year’s banquet;
  • riding on slides covered with ice;
  • festive performance.

Fans of winter entertainment can skate on the mirrored surface of the Holy Lake, covered with strong ice. Brave souls are happy to get acquainted with the surroundings, using snowmobiles. Guests of the recreation center “Holy Lake” note the high quality of the restaurant’s dishes, the courtesy of the staff and the variety of leisure.





Country Club “Artiland” is located between Balashikha and Staraya Kupavna, 16 km east of the Moscow Ring Road. The hotel complex is suitable for lovers of rest in comfortable conditions. Artiland is also a great option for those who can’t imagine a holiday without swimming pools, spa treatments, gourmet cuisine, baths and a variety of entertainment.

The country club offers 47 rooms of seven categories and 3 cottages with baths. Cost of daily accommodation:

  • in apartments, each of which can accommodate 4-6 people – 29-33 thousand rubles;
  • in rooms – 9.6-13.1 thousand rubles;
  • in cottages, each of which is designed for 8 people – 68-74 thousand rubles.

The country club restaurant serves Caucasian, European, Italian and Russian dishes. The hotel has Artipub – a cozy grill bar, successfully stylized as an English pub. Guests of “Artiland” have a wide range of opportunities for a variety of pastime:

  • 3 baths: healer, family and Karelian;
  • spa with well-equipped swimming pool (length – 23 m);
  • 3 conference halls;
  • fitness center;
  • billiards and bowling room;
  • petting zoo;
  • small farm of animals.

Vacationers in the country house note the well-groomed territory, stylish rooms, spacious apartments, delicious restaurant dishes and clean air. The New Year’s program, developed for three days – December 31, January 1 and 2 – includes several interesting events:

  • festive buffet;
  • bright New Year’s performance and banquet;
  • dance numbers;
  • performances of illusionists and circus performers;
  • 10-minute fireworks;
  • laser-neon representation;
  • performances of musicians performing jazz;
  • fire show;
  • live vocals.

The festive program is held in the halls of the restaurant and grill bar. Highly qualified animators will also offer young guests many attractions, games and competitions in the children’s club.






57 km (along the Kiev highway) to the west of the Moscow Ring Road is the compact village of Luzhki. Here in the sunny city microdistrict, guests are welcomed by “Latchi” – a country clubnear Moscow. This place is especially in demand among passionate lovers of Russian baths. Although the recreation center positions itself as a hotel and bath complex, there are many interesting activities for tourists who appreciate a variety of leisure:

  • a large skating rink opened in the winter months;
  • gazebos with barbecue areas;
  • rope park;
  • six baths with fabulous names: “Nikita Kozhemyaka”, “Geese-swans”, “Three bears”, “Mitten”, “Firebird”, “By pike’s command”.

“Latchi” offers accommodation in 89 comfortable modern rooms of five categories. The cost for one person per day depends on the type of accommodation:

  • in two hotels “Flower” – from 9 thousand rubles per room;
  • in the hotel “Parovoz” – from 7 thousand rubles;
  • in 11 guest houses – from 7.95 thousand to 31.9 thousand rubles.

Meals in “Latchi” are organized according to the type of “buffet” (“buffet”). Russian cuisine is served in the Buffet, the hotel’s main restaurant. For guests of the recreation center, the doors of two bars and three halls are also open: “Apple”, “Stone Flower” and “Gatsby”. The New Year’s program is designed for the period from December 31, 2021 to January 3, 2022.

  • “Around the World in One Night” – a great New Year’s performance;
  • dances and music of the peoples of France, India, Russia, Spain and other countries;
  • competitions at the rink;
  • animation for young hotel guests and their parents;
  • quests on New Year and Christmas themes.

The staff of the recreation center is ready to organize a New Year’s corporate party for guests. Tourists rarely express claims to the level of service of the country club. Travelers who stayed in “Latchi” highly appreciate the work of the staff of the bath complex, chefs of the restaurant and animators of the recreation center.






Since 2012, some cities of the Moscow region have become officially part of the capital. Voskresenskoye, a compact settlement with a population of just over 10,000 people, is one of these administrative units. Here, on the western outskirts of the former city near Moscow, there is “Desna” – a health complex that occupies an area of 20 hectares.

The recreation center,named after the river located next door, includes four buildings, where 168 rooms of 11 categories are equipped. On the territory of the health complex there are also comfortable cottages and a modern townhouse. The cost of living in rooms is 3.9-12.8 thousand rubles per day for one guest. In a townhouse – from 7.7 thousand rubles, in cottages – from 9.8 thousand rubles.

Rest in the “Desna” is suitable primarily for lovers of suburban entertainment in nature, parents spending holidays with young children, and young couples. The health complex includes several objects for the organization of leisure activities of guests and other purposes:

  • forest park with an extended ski track;
  • library;
  • cinema hall, where modern films are shown;
  • gazebos for rest and barbecue;
  • medical center;
  • three conference rooms for 77 to 150 people;
  • beauty and health centre, which offers spa treatments, massages and body care;
  • sports complex with a large swimming pool (length – 25 m) with a zone for children, gym, hammam, sauna, bowling and billiards.

For guests of “Desna” the doors of “Etude” are open – the main restaurant offering a wide selection of Russian dishes. The hall accommodates up to 180 people. At the recreation center, guests are also welcomed by three bars and two halls: “Desna” for banquets and “Disco”, where dance evenings are organized. The New Year’s program, which will last four days, consists of a variety of events:

  • festive dinner, prepared under the guidance of chef V. Abramenko;
  • tubing, skiing and skating;
  • performances of M. Novitsky – a talented saxophonist;
  • New Year’s Eve; in the role of the presenter – A. Yezhelov, an experienced actor of the conversational genre;
  • cheerful disco;
  • street festivities;
  • speeches of R. Popov – Moscow illusionist.

The cost of living during the New Year holidays for one guest is from 28 thousand to 65 thousand rubles, depending on the chosen type of accommodation at the recreation center. Desna is easily accessible via the Kaluga highway. The distance from MKAD to the recreation center is 23 km. From the metro station “Olkhovaya” – 14 km, from the metro station “Buninskaya Alleya” – 16 km.





In the Dmitrovsky district near the village of Ilyinskoye, 54 km north of the Moscow Ring Road, there is a country complex X-Land. The center of active recreation occupies an area of 60 hectares. First of all, families and groups of friends come here who dream of renting a comfortable house and having fun a few days surrounded by nature. There are many interesting activities for those who are fond of winter leisure.

X-Land offers accommodation in 7 cottages and three wooden houses. The cost of living in the room – from 4 thousand rubles per day. In cottages – from 8 thousand rubles, in houses – 15-25 thousand rubles.

About 2 km from the recreation center are Sorochany – a famous ski resort near Moscow. This additional advantage attracts hundreds of fans of winter entertainment to the country complex. At the recreation center you can also rent skis, snowmobiles or skates. On the territory of X-Land for the organization of leisure guests equipped with several interesting objects:

  • mini-zoo;
  • “Patriot” – entertainment complex for playing laser tag and paintball;
  • 6 gazebos with barbecue areas;
  • American billiards room;
  • rental of skates, skis, snowmobiles, sledges and equipment for winter fishing;
  • 3 baths: on wheels, stone and straw;
  • stable.

The leisure center has a restaurant serving live music and international cuisine. The New Year’s program offered in X-Land includes a list of activities typical of the winter season. The main festive events are a banquet and a music and dance evening in the restaurant. Vacationers who have chosen X-Land, especially note the quality service, goodwill and responsiveness of the staff of the baths, the Patriot complex and the petting zoo.




Berta Spa Village

For those who want to relax outside the city in the company of friends or colleagues, Berta Spa Village is one of the most suitable options. The hotel complex is located on the shore of the picturesque Istra reservoir in the village of Lamishino. The distance from mkad, if you go along the Novorizhskoye highway, is 63 km. Berta Spa Village is a great place to organize a New Year celebration in a narrow group of friends. Guests can choose one of the offered cottages for living and recreation:

  • 2 two-storey;
  • guest;
  • mini-cottage;
  • 2 one-storey – with or without sauna.

The cost of living in cottages is 11-31 thousand rubles per day. Guests can arrange meals themselves in the equipped kitchens. In winter, on the territory of the hotel complex you can ride on a tubing track or a long ski track. Snowmobile rental is available for those who wish.

On the territory of the recreation center there is a Russian bath and a restaurant in which you can rent a hall for solemn events, including for the New Year. The friendly staff of the complex will always help to cope with problems if guests need it.






93 km north of mkad in the Taldom district between two villages – Votrya and Tarusovo – there is an eco-hotel with a beautiful name “Lepota”. This recreation center is a great option for lovers of Russian baths, skis, delicious food and nature near Moscow. The eco-friendly hotel is located in an unusually picturesque area surrounded by a dense coniferous-deciduous forest. Very close to the recreation center flows Dubna – a full-flowing tributary of the Volga.

“Lepota” offers accommodation in 28 rooms,4 guest houses, 8 townhouses and 5 wooden log cabins. Regardless of the chosen place, at the disposal of vacationers there is modern equipment, necessary furniture and electrical appliances. The cost of daily accommodation in one room for each guest is 6.2-7.7 thousand rubles In a townhouse – 21.6 thousand rubles per day, in guest houses and log houses – 15.8-26.0 thousand rubles.

On the territory of the eco-hotel there are 2 bars and 2 restaurants: “Lepota” (Russian dishes) and “Nekrasov” (international cuisine). Guests enjoy swimming in the indoor pool (depth – 1.35 m, length – 20 m). In winter, including during the New Year holidays, a variety of activities are available at the recreation center:

  • cross-country skiing and sledding;
  • feeding animals in an interactive zoo;
  • 20 types of massage in the spa;
  • Russian steam room in the bath complex;
  • playing hockey on a specially equipped court;
  • skating on an open skating rink;
  • descent on a tubing on a slippery hill.

Guests of the eco-hotel note the high professionalism and goodwill of all staff, ranging from maids and waiters to sports instructors and managers. Regular customers of the recreation center note the cleanliness of the rooms, the well-groomed territory and the professionalism of employees, including waiters of restaurants.





For tourists who can not imagine the New Year holidays without skiing, the most preferred option for winter holidays is “Yakhroma”. This sports and entertainment park,located 2 km south of the city of the same name and 2.9 km west of the canal. Moscow is also suitable for city dwellers who want to change the situation and get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

The sports recreation center offers accommodation in 41 rooms of two hotels: “Nirvana” and “Boomeranga”. For lovers of secluded rest on the territory of “Yakhroma” is equipped with 14 comfortable cottages. The cost of living in the rooms is 6.5-14.0 thousand rubles per day. On the territory of the sports recreation center for tourists there are a variety of opportunities for leisure and business events:

  • “Bear” – bath house;
  • skating rink;
  • conference hall for up to 150 people;
  • paintball court;
  • spa;
  • 4 mountain slopes with 6 equipped trails, including for beginners and lovers of tubbing.

The cost of a ski pass for one person is 40-80 rubles per day. At the sports recreation center for lovers of alpine skiing, the doors of two stylish bars, a bistro and 2 restaurants are open: “Boyarsky” (Ukrainian and Russian dishes) and “Ya-Pasta” (Italian cuisine). The staff of “Yakhroma” has developed a large New Year’s program, consisting of several interesting events:

  • from competitions and quizzes;
  • New Year’s matinee for children;
  • festive dinner and fireworks;
  • parties for guests of all ages;
  • solemn presentation of gifts from Santa Claus.

Guests of the recreation center “Yakhroma” note the customer orientation of the staff of the ski resort, especially instructors. Well-equipped trails rarely cause complaints from tourists. The high quality of the dishes of the two restaurants of the sports and entertainment park deserves great praise.




For those who like to relax in nature with a small or large company, the ideal place will be “Stepanovo” – a well-equipped cottage complexlocated in the village of the same name, 48 km north of the Moscow Ring Road. For guests there are several wooden cottages (in parentheses – the cost of living in rubles per day for 1 tourist):

  • 12 six-seater (10-16 thousand);
  • two-storey “luxury” (12-18 thousand);
  • 8-seater chalet (12-18 thousand).
  • “Modern” – in the style of European duplexes (4.5-8.5 thousand).

The “suite” and chalet are equipped with a Russian bath. During the New Year holidays, the cost of living increases by 2-2.5 times. On the territory of the cottage complex for guests open the doors of “Kabuki” – a restaurant of Japanese cuisine. The gastronomic institution also works on the system of “catering” (catering service). Meals can be ordered at the restaurant and staff can arrange delivery. Vacationers can only prepare for the gala evening and celebrate the New Year holiday at the table in the cottage.

The advantage of “Stepanovo” is its proximity to two ski resorts near Moscow. The distance from the cottage complex to “Yakhroma” is about 600 m, to “Volena” – 1.34 km. Vacationers staying in “Stepanovo”, note the cleanliness of the premises in the cottages, courtesy of the staff and well-groomed territory of the complex.





Which recreation center to choose?

Future guests of recreation centers near Moscow face a difficult task of choice. Each of the suburban hotel complexes included in this list offers modern service, comfortable rooms, a variety of leisure activities and the opportunity to spend a few days in a pleasant friendly atmosphere among the natural landscapes.

Some of the mentioned recreation centers have developed a large program for the New Year holiday. Others decided to leave the organization of the event to the tourists themselves. The choice remains with vacationers, who, based on their preferences, will decide which tourist base best meets their desires and requirements.



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