The best recreation centers in the Tula region for the New Year

Among lovers of active pastime, the number of tourists who prefer comfortable recreation centers is growing. For travelers seeking new experiences, this provides a great opportunity to avoid certainty and predictability. This type of rest is especially relevant during the New Year holidays, when a chance is given to change the situation, leaving the city apartment and going to nature. One of the most popular destinations for this category of tourists is the Tula region. In the region, the doors of 62 well-equipped recreation centers are open for guests, the services of which meet the high requirements of modern travelers.

What is interesting about rest in the Tula region?

The main advantage of the region is its proximity to the Russian capital. Tula is separated from the Moscow Ring Road by 160 km. From the border of the region to the outskirts of Moscow – 120 km. Of the total area of the region, 25.68 thousand square kilometers, more than 14% are forest-steppes and deciduous forests. On the territory of the Tula region there are more than 900 historical and cultural monuments, four museums-reserves and seven large lakes. There are about 160 rivers flowing here. The longest of them are Sturgeon, Oka, Zusha and Upa. The number of species of fauna is very diverse:

  • mammals – 54;
  • fish – over 40;
  • birds – more than 250;
  • amphibians and reptiles – 16.

Due to the moderate continental climate, favorable conditions for outdoor recreation have been created in the Tula region. In summer, the air warms up from + 21.5 to + 23.6, the maximum indicators reach + 28 … + 30 degrees. The average daily temperature in the winter months is from –2.9 to –6.6. Tourists choosing Tula recreation centers are waiting for a wide variety of activities:

  • fishing in lakes and rivers;
  • excursions to historical and cultural places: to the Tula Kremlin, “Yasnaya Polyana”, the Bogoroditsky Museum-Reserve, to the “Kulikovo Field” and other objects;
  • rest surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes;
  • skiing (in winter) and hiking (in summer) along forest trails;
  • bird and animal watching;
  • participation in rafting on rivers (summer and autumn);
  • hunting in areas where this occupation is allowed;
  • organization of corporate parties, children’s and family holidays, weddings and other events.

During the New Year holidays, a special atmosphere is created at the recreation centers. Staff prepare activities to help guests have fun and have a night from 31 December to 1 January. Among the recreation centers of the Tula region, eleven places stand out, where tourists seek to get in the first place. Travelers most often leave positive feedback about these objects.

Just Wood

“Just a forest” – so you can translate the name of the recreation center,located 36 km north-east of Tula. Tourists get to Dedilov villages, turn north and continue to Just Wood. The recreation center, located near the Sturge Osethre River, positions itself as a country hotel.

Just Wood offers accommodation in 10 wooden log houses and 20 comfortable cottages. Some of the houses have a small sauna and a spacious kitchen equipped with kitchenware and electrical appliances. The cost of living in cottages is 4.6-12.5 thousand rubles per night, in log cabins – 6.4-16.3 thousand rubles On the territory of the country hotel there are several facilities that diversify the leisure of guests:

  • Russian sauna, which can accommodate up to 15 people;
  • recreation area;
  • a place for bonfires;
  • a greenhouse where vegetables and fruits are grown throughout the year.

Breakfasts for guests of the recreation center are served in SheLESt (“Shelest”) – a restaurant awarded with prestigious awards. The interior of the spacious hall is dominated by light shades. Large panoramic windows, from which the forest is visible, expand the space of the room. The restaurant’s menu is rich in a variety of Russian and European dishes.

Vacationers note the cleanliness in the cottages and wooden houses, the responsiveness of the staff and the favorable location of the recreation center. Just Wood is a great option for lovers of pastime surrounded by dense forests. In winter, guests of the recreation center enjoy skiing along the snow-covered trails of the surrounding area. For children and adults, an ice rink is flooded, where you can have fun from morning to late evening.

New Year’s Eve at the recreation center “Prosto Les” includes a festive dinner in a restaurant. Live music, competitions, dances – all this awaits the guests of the country hotel. The culmination of the New Year’s holiday is songs by the fire and bright fireworks on the territory of Just Wood.





15 km from the center of Tula, if you go along the Moscow highway, there is a recreation center “Citadel”, occupying an area of 30 hectares. Active tourists choose this place because of the location among mixed forests, far from industrial enterprises and large cities. About 800 m north of the recreation center is the village of Rozhdestvensky. Moskovskoye Shosse is 2.05 km west of the Citadel.

The recreation center positions itself as a park hotel and offers accommodation in a mini-hotel, where 6 spacious rooms are equipped, and in 9 comfortable wooden cottages with terraces or balconies. “Citadel” is a great place for a country pastime of families, a group of colleagues or friends.

The cottages can accommodate from 4 to 18 people at the same time. The rooms have from 2 to 3 guests. The cost of daily living in cottages is from 7.6 thousand to 42.0 thousand rubles In the rooms – 2.5-5.5 thousand rubles The cost on holidays and weekends is 20-40% higher than the usual price.

In the park hotel, the doors of the banquet hall, acthatting up to 200 people, and the cozy café “Sea Buckthorn”, where up to 35 visitors can be at the same time, are open for guests. The menu of gastronomic establishments will delight customers with affordable prices. Among the guests, meat delicacies cooked on the grill are especially in demand (the cost in 2021 is from 310 to 540 rubles).

“Citadel” is not only a recreation center, but also a shooting complex, which explains the name of the park hotel. For guests there are several types of entertainment available:

  • shooting at the target;
  • pneumatic shooting range;
  • skeet shooting;
  • climbing wall;
  • throwing spears, axes and knives;
  • three-level rope park;
  • trolls – sliding on metal cables to which rollers are attached;
  • crossbow and bow shooting;
  • skiing in freezing winter weather.

During the New Year holidays, a special menu is offered in the banquet hall and café of the recreation center. In the evenings, on the territory of the “Citadel” there are cheerful festivities with songs, dances and games. Tourists who rested in the park hotel several times note the high professionalism of the staff and instructors of the shooting complex.




Estate “Alexandrovo”

Lovers of Russian traditions, silence and nature should go to Kimovsk. In the south-west of this small town, 76 km east of the center of Tula, there are “possessions” of Alexandrovo – a recreation center,positioning itself as a country estate. For guests there are 24 comfortable wooden houses, which the administration of the recreation center presents as a manor estate and villas with 4 (two views), 3 and 2 bedrooms.

The cost of living in each log house, built in an old Russian style, is from 7 thousand to 20 thousand rubles. for one day. On New Year’s holidays, estates are rented for a period of at least three days. The cost for 3 nights is from 125 thousand to 200 thousand rubles On the territory of the estate for guests are equipped with facilities that help to diversify leisure:

  • a decidtuous alley decorated with wooden sculptures;
  • entertainment center with three rooms: children’s room and for games in table tennis and billiards;
  • frontal place – a recreation area with a barbecue area;
  • a stable where you can rent a horse with a cart for walking;
  • a bath vat, in which guests steam both in summer and in winter;
  • gym;
  • ice rink, tubing and ski track.

For guests of the recreation center there is a wide selection of games: lapta, town, lotto, petanque (throwing balls) and croquet. In “Alexandrovo” gourmets can taste dishes prepared according to forgotten recipes of Russian cuisine, in the banquet hall and in the restaurant “Barin”. During the New Year holidays, guests participate in street festivities, ride a sleigh, have fun around the Christmas tree with the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus and admire the bright fireworks.

Tourists who stayed in the guest estates of the estate “Alexandrovo” note the responsiveness and friendliness of the staff. Guests of the recreation center highly appreciate the quality of dishes, as well as the work of cooks and waiters of the banquet hall and restaurant.




“Three Bears”

70 km east of Tula is “Velegozh-Park” – a cottage village surrounded by birch and pine forests. In the west of the complex there is a guest house with a fabulous name “Three Bears”. The recreation center, located in the Zaoksky district, 8 km east of the Oka, offers accommodation in 11 comfortable wooden cottages,designed to accommodate from 3 to 12 people.

Per day, guests pay from 4 thousand to 7.5 thousand rubles During the New Year holidays, you can book a cottage for at least 2 nights. Rest in the guest house “Three Bears” is suitable for everyone who loves the nature of Central Russia, skiing or fishing and appreciates the opportunity to spend weekends, vacations or holidays with friends.

Restaurant “Berloga” offers visitors delicious dishes of Russian cuisine. The wine list of the bar will surprise you with a wide selection of draught beer (127-336 rubles per 0.5 liters), strong alcoholic beverages (135-531 rubles per 50 ml) and wine (607-2360 rubles for 0.75 liters). The recreation center offers guests a lot of interesting activities:

  • riding obedient horses;
  • cooking barbecue in the barbecue area;
  • relaxed rest in 3 saunas: alder, jade and cedar;
  • many hours of skiing;
  • tubing and ordinary sledding with a low slide covered with snow;
  • winter fishing on the pond located on the territory of the recreation center;
  • excursions to museums: A. Bolotov – a scientist-agronomist, – V. Rudnev – commander of the cruiser “Varyag” – and V. Polenov – a famous Russian painter.

During the New Year holidays, street festivities with dances and fireworks are organized for guests of the recreation center. For children, a matinee is held with a round dance around the decorated Christmas tree and with the presentation of gifts. Guests of the recreation center highly appreciate the work of the manager and manager of the “Three Bears”. Problems arising from booking or quality of service are almost always resolved promptly.




Priokskie Zori

Not far from the recreation center “Three Bears” there is another suburban complex,in demand among fans of pastime surrounded by hills and mixed forests. Priokskie Zori are located in the village of Antonovka, 1.2 km east of Oka, 2.7 km south-west from the center of the village of Velegozh and 86 km north from Tula.

The recreation center is equipped with 18 cozy wooden cottages, where 2 to 16 people can live. The cost for one day is 3-12 thousand rubles At the disposal of guests there are several objects that guarantee an interesting and diverse leisure:

  • Russian sauna with Jacuzzi;
  • ski and inflatable sledge rental;
  • recreation area with barbecue facilities;
  • restaurant with a spacious banquet hall.

“Priokskie Zori” will suit primarily tourists who prefer to independently organize their holidays. This also applies to the holding of New Year’s events. Guests leave positive feedback about the courtesy of the staff of the recreation center, delicious dishes and good service in the restaurant.




«Senino» – park-hotel

61 km north of Tula, if you go along the M2 road, there is a recreation center, positioning itself as a park-hotel. Fans of corporate leisure, young couples and companies of friends or colleagues tend to get here. “Senino” got its name from the village of the same name, located 950 m north of the park hotel.

Guests of the recreation center stay in comfortable rooms of 2 two-storey buildings or in 10 cottages. The cost for one day of accommodation is from 3.1 thousand to 8.6 thousand rubles Guests independently organize leisure time both on ordinary days and New Year’s holidays. At the disposal of vacationers there are several objects designed for a variety of pastime and business events:

  • a conference room that can accommodate up to 80 people;
  • a games room for minors of the recreation center;
  • room for playing table tennis and billiards.

Breakfast for guests of the recreation center is served in a cozy café. Dinners and lunches can be ordered for a fee. In winter, nordic walking poles can be rented at the recreation center. Many guests head to Zarechie Village, a ski resort located 2.7 km north of the park hotel. The length of the slopes is from 450 to 900 m. On the territory of the complex there are 3 slopes for tubing and skiing.

Guests of “Senino” speak well of the work of the staff of the recreation center. In a park hotel, tourists often complain about a variety of problems. The discomfort caused to guests, the administration willingly compensates with discounts on services.



“Zastava u Aki” – family complex

The name of the recreation center speaks for itself. The family complex is located only 380 m east of Aki in the west of the village of Velegozh. The distance that tourists will have to overcome from Tula to the recreation center is 92 km. Guests of “Zastava u Aki” are accommodated in 13 comfortable rooms,in 5 comfortable villas or in a cozy fisherman’s house.

The recreation center is in demand among tourists who prefer independent organization of leisure, including during the New Year holidays. The cost of rooms is 3.7-5.3 thousand rubles per day, villas – 6.9-13.9 thousand rubles, a fisherman’s house – 2.1-2.6 thousand rubles.

  • a sports complex, including a warm swimming pool (dina – 11 m, width – 6 m), a café-bar and 3 Russian baths;
  • a mini-farm inhabited by chickens, geese, rabbits, turkeys and ducks;
  • a pond used for fishing in summer, and an ice rink is set up in winter.

Vacationers have breakfast in the banquet hall, from the windows of which a picturesque pond is clearly visible. During the winter months, guests of Zastava u Aki can enjoy snowmobiling, quad biking and skiing in the surrounding area. Tourists leave a variety of reviews about the service at the recreation center. Most often, the services of rental services that provide equipment for skiing and snowmobiling are highly appreciated.






In the Shchekinsky district there is a large equestrian complex,which will certainly interest fans of outdoor activities in winter. “Grumant” got its unusual name from the village of the same name, located to the east of the country hotel. The complex is located 22 km south-east from Tula and 12 km west from Yasnaya Polyana.

The recreation center has 120 modern rooms,located in five buildings, and 8 comfortable apartments. The cost of living for one day is 3.9-40 thousand rubles For vacationers, facilities equipped for the organization of leisure of guests of Grumant are available:

  • bath complex;
  • billiards and bowling room;
  • Museum of Samovars;
  • snowmobile and sledge rental;
  • picnic area;
  • aviary, where in winter you can order a service – dog sledding;
  • two ski slopes;
  • compact roller;
  • children’s playroom;
  • wellness and spa complex with massage rooms, phyto-barrel, heated swimming pool (width – 8 m, length – 25 m, depth – 2 m), sauna and gym.

During the New Year holidays, guests of the recreation center enjoy snowmobiling. Throughout the day, lovers of skiing, tubing and sledding move down the slopes of the hills covered with snow. For the holidays, a program has been developed, including several interesting events:

  • children’s matinee;
  • gifts and surprises from Santa Claus;
  • performance of animators for adults and young guests of the recreation center;
  • New Year’s Eve dinner.

At the recreation center, the doors of four bars, a banquet hall, a restaurant and a wine cellar are open for guests. The main thing that attracts numerous tourists to Grumant is the variety of leisure activities, high quality of service and goodwill of the staff.





For tourists who dream of celebrating the New Year’s holiday in a family circle or in a close group of friends, the ideal place will be A-Frame – a cozy vacation home located in the north-west of the city of Donskoy, 65.1 km south-east of the center of Tula. A-Frame is a hotelconsisting of two A-shaped frame cottages made of wood. Each of them can accommodate from 6 to 7 people.

The cost for one day – from 6.75 thousand rubles In the first house equipped with 1 spacious bedroom, in the second – two. Meals can be delivered to guests’ rooms upon reservation. Both houses are equipped with a comfortable hot tub and a spacious kitchen. Guests can arrange their own leisure time. This also applies to the celebration of the New Year. The hosts are always ready to help vacationers if there are problems with the equipment or quality of services.




Original holiday home

15 km south-west from the center of Tula is Khopilovo. In the south of this compact village is a two-storey “Original Holiday House”. The hotel is designed for tourists who prefer a non-standard pastime and are ready for a cardinal change in the usual situation. The holiday home is equipped with equipment and appliances necessary for the comfort of customers:

  • fireplace with barbecue facilities;
  • small bath with shower;
  • kitchen with a set of dishes;
  • smart-TV;
  • a balcony;
  • a cozy sauna;
  • a picnic area;
  • dining and seating areas.

The cost is from 9 thousand rubles. for one day. Guests are kindly required to stock up on groceries for the entire holiday period. The recreation center is suitable for those travelers who dream of being in a close friendly company for several days. There are all conditions to create a unique atmosphere of the New Year’s holiday. Friendly hosts – Olga and Alexander – are always ready to fulfill any reasonable request of the guests.




House-bath “Boyarynya”

60 km north of Tula is Laptevo. In the south of this small village there is a two-storey house-bathhouse “Boyarynya”. The recreation center will suit fans of the rural way of life and lovers of the Russian bath. Here you can spend New Year’s holidays together with close relatives, colleagues or friends.

The cost is from 12 thousand rubles. for two days. A one-day reservation is not available. The house is equipped with a spacious sauna, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom with shower and living room. Guests have access to a fireplace, barbecue facilities, kitchenware and electrical appliances. For vacationers, high-speed Internet and satellite TV are available. Guests can arrange their own meals by stocking up on groceries in advance. In winter, you can go skiing in the surrounding area. If necessary, the owners of the sauna house will help in solving emerging problems.




Recreation centers of the Tula region are an ideal option for lovers of pastime in nature

The recreation centers listed above, despite the differences, have several common features, thanks to which tourists choose these places to meet the New Year. Location away from big cities, picturesque nature, a variety of winter leisure and the opportunity to spend a vacation with friends or close relatives are all the main advantages of the listed suburban complexes of the Tula region. Tourists can only choose the place that best suits their preferences and desires.

Selection of hotels Tula region on map