Best Hotels in Ierapetra Crete Greece

Most of the famous Cretan resorts are located on the northern coast of the island. The south is much less rich in popular tourist places for beach pastime. One of the most sought-after resorts in this part of the island is Ierapetra. This southern city, which now is home to more than 12 thousand people, attracts travelers with a wide range of interesting places:

  • four-kilometer pebble-sandy beach;
  • ancient buildings decorating the streets of Kano-Mera – the old town;
  • a fortress built during the Venetian rule;
  • artificial lake;
  • warm Libyan Sea;
  • six gorges located in the vicinity of the resort.

The picturesque town is located 97 km southeast of Heraklion. Now in Ierapetra for guests of the resort open the doors of 105 hotels of different categories. Among them, 10 leaders stand out. This is a group of hotels, most often receiving high praise from experts and positive reviews of tourists.

NUMO Ierapetra Beach Resort

In October 2010, 5.6 km east of Ierapetra, NUMO opened its doors, a five-star beach hotel. The last reconstruction of the hotel complex, which includes several buildings, was completed in mid-summer 2021 From the hotel to the sea – only 170 meters. Very close to a small well-equipped beach, covered with light brown sand.

The hotel offers 132 spacious furnished rooms of 12 categories. The area of each of them is 23-60 sq. m. The rooms have a cozy balcony or a spacious terrace. In the courtyard, separated by a stone fence from the beach, there are two outdoor swimming pools. For guests on the territory of the hotel there are several objects, thanks to which leisure becomes interesting and diverse:

  • spa with small massage rooms and Turkish bath;
  • beach volleyball court;
  • tennis court;
  • billiards room;
  • children’s room;
  • table tennis room.

The relaxation area organises daily film screenings or concerts with local musicians. Guests of the hotel are ready to receive and serve several gastronomic establishments:

  • Menoa is a stylish restaurant serving Cretan dishes;
  • two bars, one of which is located by the pools, the second – in the lobby;
  • Tamarisk – a small cozy fish restaurant;
  • Kafene is a fast food cafΓ©.

Tourists choose numo Ierapetra for several reasons. The main one is the close location of the sea and the sandy beach. For many vacationers, the high level of service offered in a five-star hotel and a wide range of activities on the territory of the hotel are also important.

Vasily Komarov, St. Petersburg. Rested in the hotel NUMO Ierapetra with his wife. The hotel fully corresponds to its category – five stars. The staff served us excellently. Neither my wife nor I have any complaints. The main restaurant serves delicious local dishes. The beach is nearby. My wife was pleased that there are two rather large swimming pools on the territory of the hotel. In the evenings we swam in one or the second. A big plus is a quiet place. Two more advantages: private parking, as well as a green area with palm trees and pine trees.




Sunshine Crete Breach

9 km east of Ierapetra surrounded by subtropical greenery are two- and three-storey buildings of the hotel complex Sunshine Crete Beach. The five-star hotel opened its doors in 1989 The last reconstruction was carried out in March 2015 “Sunny Cretan Beach” – so you can translate the name of the hotel – is located on the sea coast next to the village of Kutsounari.

The beach strip, located next to the hotel, is evenly covered with gravel and small pebbles. There are sun loungers and large umbrellas in blue. From the hotel stretch four wooden decks, laid across the beach to the sea. Choosing Sunshine, tourists highlight the main advantages of the hotel:

  • quiet picturesque place, remote from the cities;
  • a mountain range located behind the hotel and protecting the coast from the flow of cold air;
  • beach, stretching next to the hotel complex;
  • a variety of leisure activities offered at the hotel.

Sunshine has two categories of rooms: family and for two people. They differ in the views that open to guests from spacious terraces or balconies: to the sea, garden or courtyard. The total area of each of the 326 rooms is from 26 to 34 sq. m. On the territory of the hotel there are several objects, thanks to which the rest of the guests becomes useful and interesting:

  • spa area with small sauna and rooms for wellness treatments and massages;
  • tennis court;
  • children’s club;
  • three outdoor swimming pools: large, children’s and for relaxing;
  • six well-equipped playgrounds: two for children, as well as for games of mini-golf, beach volleyball, table tennis and football.

Throughout the day, a team of qualified animators entertains adult tourists and young vacationers. For business people, the hotel has 6 meeting rooms. The capacity of each of them is from 20 to 500 people. On the territory of the hotel there is a small chapel, where, if desired, vacationers can hold a wedding ceremony. The Sunshine Hotel has five gastronomic establishments:

  • Dionissos is a spacious restaurant serving Cretan and Greek dishes;
  • Zorbas – a tavern of local cuisine;
  • three bars – on the beach, in the lobby and by the large swimming pool;
  • Mamma Mia is a cozy restaurant with a wide range of Italian dishes.

Anna Belova, Moscow. The first thing that immediately caught my eye when my husband and daughter of 9 years old, we arrived at the hotel “Sunshine Crete Beach”, is a fairly large area of the hotel. There is a lot of greenery around. Most of the vacationers are tourists from Poland, Germany and Slovakia. The staff is very friendly. The rooms are not new, but clean and bright. We had a beautiful view from the balcony. In the evenings, we admired the colors of sunsets for a long time. My daughter enjoyed swimming in the children’s pool with three slides. My husband and I preferred the beach and the sea. Breakfast was served in the main restaurant, and dinner was served in a Greek tavern. Both my daughter and I were pleased with the skill of the animators. Especially memorable were Diego, Sarah and Miguel. The rest turned out, without exaggeration, excellent.





Ostria Resort & Spa

To the east of Ierapetra there is a string of luxury hotelsthat are in demand among foreign tourists. One of them is the five-star hotel complex “Ostria”, which after the reconstruction, which ended in March 2017, was named Ostria Resort and Spa. Hotel Ostria is 6.6 km from Ierapetra.

The hotel,which looks like a compact village, offers vacationers accommodation in 264 rooms of three categories. The area of each of them is 30-75 sq. m. The territory of the hotel is divided into several zones, in each of which two- or one-story houses are located around the pool.

Hotel Ostria is one of the most suitable options in the south of the island for lovers of a variety of leisure, entertainment on the water and serene pastime on the pebble-sandy beach. On the territory of the hotel there are many objects that are necessary for a good rest of tourists:

  • Kallisti – spa complex with sauna, beauty and massage rooms, Turkish bath, indoor pool and sauna;
  • children’s playground;
  • diving center;
  • four tennis courts;
  • beach volleyball court;
  • seven outdoor swimming pools, including for children;
  • water sports centre;
  • well equipped gym.

Business people can hold meetings and meetings in the hotel’s two meeting rooms. The first of them can accommodate up to 1 thousand people, the second – up to 100. For breakfast, a snack, a delicious cocktail or a hearty lunch, vacationers can in gastronomic establishments located on the territory of the hotel:

  • Orion – the main restaurant;
  • Mistral – a small lobby bar;
  • Theatro – a cozy restaurant by the pool;
  • Astral – lounge bar;
  • Thalassa – summer restaurant;
  • Onar – stylish bar by the large swimming pool;
  • Vathypetro – wine restaurant;
  • Eu Zin – vitamin bar;
  • Maestro – restaurant of Cretan cuisine;
  • Amora – dessert cafΓ©;
  • Aeolos is an atmospheric restaurant serving Greek dishes.

Marianna Voronina, Tver. Ostria is a beautiful hotel that is 100% consistent with its 5 stars. Friendly employees, a clean beach very close to the hotel, swimming pools, sports games and, of course, a modern spa – all this makes the rest in the hotel diverse and very interesting. It is also important that the hotel operates on the system “all inclusive”. The choice of restaurants is so large that you can get confused. We vacationed with two families – me with my husband and my brother and wife. Everyone was very satisfied. Next time we will stay only in “Ostria”.




Petra Mare

In the eastern part of Ierapetra at the end of the embankment rise the buildings of the four-star hotel “Petra Mare”. The hotel began to accept vacationers in 1980 Large-scale reconstruction was carried out in 2010 From the center of the resort the hotel separates 880 meters.

Petra Mare is a large hotel complex, which accommodates 223 spacious rooms. Most of them are located in the five-story main building. The total area of each room is 24-34 sq. m. On the territory of the hotel there are several important objects for vacationers:

  • large swimming pool;
  • sports hall;
  • massage rooms;
  • swimming pool for children with three mini-slides;
  • playground;
  • small conference hall;
  • comfortable sauna;
  • two children’s clubs – for young guests up to 4 years old and for those who are from 4 to 12.

The doors of two restaurants are open for Petra Mare guests. One of them – the main one – works on the “all inclusive” system. Guests are also served in two stylish bars. The hotel is open from the beginning of May to the middle or end of November, depending on the weather conditions Petra Mare is the best option for tourists who do not imagine their holiday without beach entertainment, comfort and delicious national dishes.

The beach, evenly covered with fine pebbles and brown sand, is located next to the hotel. Nearby there are several objects that will expand the opportunities for recreation of tourists:

  • tennis court;
  • city market;
  • outdoor stadium;
  • supermarkets and shops;
  • Taverns.

Leonid Kovalchuk, Belgorod. Hotel “Petra Mare” was chosen on the advice of friends. Attracted by the fact that it is located on the embankment away from the center, where there is no congestion of tourists. Our room was in the main building. Very spacious and bright. The dishes in the main restaurant are varied and delicious. Most of the time was spent on the beach. It is very close to the hotel. In the evenings, my wife loved to sit on the balcony and shoot colorful sunsets on her smartphone. It is also important to note that the hotel staff is friendly and smiling.





El Greco Hotel

On the picturesque promenade of Ierapetra stretches a chain of luxury hotels. The four-star El Greco is one of them. The boutique hotel, which began to receive guests in the summer of 2011, is located in the middle of the promenade about 800 m from the Venetian fortress and 350 m from the nearest beach.

The four-storey hotel “El Greco” is equipped with 20 bright furnished rooms of seven categories. From small balconies you can see the Sparkling Libyan Sea in the sun. The size of each room is from 15 to 35 sq. m. For guests of El Greco, the doors of Porfyra are open – a stylish restaurant serving Greek dishes. There is also a small bar.

El Greco is suitable for tourists who prefer a measured, leisurely rhythm of life and beautiful seascapes. Fans of excursion programs and walks through the historical places of the city also highly appreciate El Greco. Entertainment on the water is available at the nearest sandy beach with the beautiful name of Agios Andreas. From the hotel it can be reached by three streets, passing into each other:

  • Michail Kothri;
  • Lampaki;
  • Nik Giamalaki.

Veronika Savelyeva, Ryazan. Ierapetra is an incredibly beautiful and cozy resort. My husband and I rested there twice. The last time during our trip by car around the island stayed at the hotel “El Greco”. We had a very spacious room. Beautiful views from a cozy balcony. Breakfasts are simple but delicious. The staff is polite and helpful. There is a small car park nearby. It was very important to us. The cost of the service is 2 euros per night. The hotel can be stayed not only in the warmer months, but also in winter.




Kallia Luxury private

There are always a lot of tourists who dream of preserving the usual home environment during their holidays. For them, one of the most suitable options will be accommodation in Kallia Luxury – a comfortable private house. Friendly owners rent it to tourists in the summer season. The holiday home is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay and rest:

  • large double bed;
  • spacious balcony;
  • two folding sofas;
  • kitchen, equipped with washing machine and dishwasher, refrigerator and electric stove;
  • furnished terrace.

Guests prepare their own meals in the spacious kitchen. The house is located 12 km east of Ierapetra in the small village of Ferma. About 700 m from Kallia Luxury begins a well-equipped beach. The doors of four taverns are open in the village, where, if desired, you can get acquainted with the taste of Cretan dishes:

  • Katerina;
  • Port Ferma;
  • Steki.

Pyotr Amosov, Chelyabinsk. During our holiday in Crete, my wife and I decided to stay in a private house to get a better sense of the flavor of local life. Very lucky with the owners of Kallia Luxury. The owner himself met us, helped us to stay, answered all the questions of interest. We loved the place. That’s exactly what we were looking for. Away from hiking trails. Quiet, cozy, peaceful. The sea is nearby. To the shore – a little more than 300 m. To the nearest beach can be reached on foot in 7-10 minutes.




Enorme Santanna Beach

The beach hotel Enorme Santanna is considered one of the best on the south coast of the island. The four-star hotel complex is located 5.7 km from the central quarters of Ierapetra. The hotel began to accept vacationers recently, at the end of 2019 Tourists choose Enorme Santanna Beach, pursuing three main goals:

  • rest on a clean beach, covered with gray sand and located next to the hotel;
  • realization of the desire to spend a vacation in a picturesque place away from the bustle of the city;
  • the opportunity to live a few days in comfortable conditions.

For guests, the hotel has 69 spacious furnished rooms of eight categories. The area of each of them is 17-55 sq. m. On the compact territory of the hotel and inside the complex there are objects without which it is difficult to imagine the summer holidays of modern tourists:

  • two outdoor swimming pools;
  • massage rooms;
  • playgrounds for yoga and darts;
  • exercise corner;
  • table tennis room.

Guests of the hotel get acquainted with local wine brands and the taste of Greek dishes in the restaurant, located on the second floor of the main building. The hotel also has three bars. Vacationers are happy to sit at comfortable tables on a spacious summer terrace, from where you can admire the colors of the sea for a long time.

Oleg Stroev, Vyborg. At the end of July this year I was vacationing in Crete with two friends. We really wanted to relax on the beach. Hotel Enorme Santanna was chosen because of its location on the seashore. We enjoyed sunbathing, playing table tennis and darts, renting bicycles and driving around the area. The hotel has two swimming pools. We liked both. The rooms are new, like all other rooms. It feels like the hotel has opened recently. The employees tried to fulfill any of our requests.




Kakkos Bay Hotel & Bungalows

To the west of the village of Ferma is the picturesque bay of Kakkos. Here on the southern coast of the island, 10.2 km from Ierapetra, there is a large hotel complex Kakkos Bay. The first buildings of the hotel appeared in this place in 1988 In 2016, the last reconstruction of the hotel was completed.

Now Kakkos Bay Hotel includes 35 rooms of five categories and 42 homely bungalows. The area of each of them is from 25 to 35 square meters. m The advantage of the hotel tourists call its location on the territory of a subtropical garden and the proximity of a clean beach, which is covered with dark gray pebbles.

The hotel complex is suitable for families and travelers who appreciate the combination of modern comfort with home coziness. The main restaurant and the spacious tavern on the beach serve Greek and Cretan dishes. Lovers of fresh juices, hot coffee and original cocktails can visit two stylish bars.

Guests of Kakkos Bay Hotel do not have to lank in search of interesting entertainment. In addition to leisure on the beach, vacationers can devote time to other equally exciting activities:

  • swimming and swimming in two pools;
  • massages and wellness treatments in the spa rooms;
  • relaxing in the sauna or Turkish bath;
  • workouts and exercises in the small fitness center.

Alina Verbitskaya, Sevastopol. Kakos Bay is a lovely hotel. Extremely convenient location. On the one hand – low mountains, on the other – a beautiful bay with clear water. Thanks to the many trees, there is a feeling that you are relaxing in the garden. And only the bungalows and the hotel building remind you that you are at the resort. I stayed at Kakos Bay with a friend. She noted the fine cuisine in the main restaurant where we had breakfast. I really enjoyed the dishes in the tavern. We were both in awe of the beach. We lived in bungalows. Overall, we felt as if we were in a well-kept tropical village. We will certainly advise friends to stay in “Kakos Bay” if they will rest in the vicinity of Ierapetra.





Pignolia Suites

14 km from Ierapetra on the road leading to the city of Sitia, on a rocky slope are located apartments of the four-star hotel Pignolia Suites. The hotel opened its doors in an updated form in March 2020 From Pignolia to the nearest pebble beach – 650 meters. The hotel enjoys a quiet location surrounded by tall pine trees, close to the village of Agia Fortia

The hotel is built in traditional Greek style. “Pignolia” attracts tourists with the opportunity to live a few days in an isolated cozy place. At the same time, vacationers are not deprived of modern comfort and, if desired, can get to Ierapetra using a regular bus (stop next to the hotel) or a rented car.

The hotel is equipped with 4 duplex rooms with all necessary household items and furniture. The total area of each of them is from 45 to 60 square meters. m In a spacious courtyard is equipped with a large rectangular pool. Next to the artificial pond there is a bar where hotel guests not only taste varieties of local wine, but also get acquainted with Cretan dishes.

Nikolay Evseev. Pignolia Suites is a great option for a family holiday. Stayed in it with his wife. The hotel does not have the entertainment that usually attracts tourists. This is a very quiet hotel for those who like a relaxing holiday, Greek nature and home comfort. Especially I want to note the goodwill of the owners of the hotel. Thanks to them, my wife and I felt like VIPs.




Callista Luxury Residences

The dream of tourists about their own country house in picturesque Crete, where you can live at least a few days, can come true. To do this, you need to go to the east of Ierapetra, where 250 m from the sea coast and the sandy beach is the hotel Callista. The mini-hotel has been welcoming vacationers since February 2018.

Callista is two two-storey houses with a common wall. In the first of them – four furnished bedrooms, in the second – three. The total area of rooms in the houses, respectively, 150 and 120 sq. m. Each of them has a spacious kitchen with all the necessary electrical appliances and utensils.

On the territory of the hotel there is a small subtropical garden with tall palm trees and lush shrubs. There are also two separate areas: for barbecue and for relaxing. Breakfast is served in the living room of each house. Tourists can have lunch and dinner in one of the taverns located on the crowded promenade, starting near the hotel building.

Ekaterina Kryuchkova. We rested in Ierapetra with the whole family – two children, a husband and me. Hotel Callista arranged for us precisely because we could live in it almost as we were used to at home. Only the Kallista is much better equipped. Betty – the owner of the hotel – is very friendly, smiling and always ready to help in any matter. Her breakfasts are extraordinarily delicious. We recommend this hotel to anyone who is going to relax in Crete with their family. You won’t regret it.




Which hotel to choose?

Almost each of these hotels, regardless of stardom and size, offers a traditional set of modern services and equipment. Therefore, the choice of hotel depends on additional options, as well as on the preferences and desires of specific guests of the resort. For those who love the Cretan nature, and also want to relax on the beach, swim in the pool and taste local dishes, the most suitable option is the Ostria Resort & Spa. Other advantages of this hotel include a spa, children’s activities, sports grounds and a gym. All this will help to turn the holiday into a bright holiday, rich in interesting activities.

Selection of hotels Ierapetra on map