Top Hotels in Nam Cat Thien (CatTien), Vietnam

Tourists are well aware of vietnamese seaside resorts and ancient monuments of this Asian country. The state is also rich in natural sites of great interest to numerous foreign travelers. In Vietnam, the total area of which is 331.21 thousand square kilometers, there are 31 national parks, which is approximately 3.5% of the country’s territory. Nam Kat Tien is one of these frequently visited protected areas.

Why is Cattien interesting for tourists?

Cat Tien is the official name of the national park, founded in 1978 and annexed new territories in 1992, the total area of the protected area, located in the south-eastern part of the country, 166 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, is 713.5 square kilometers. km. Numerous tourists from abroad and Vietnam come to Cattien to see the diverse world of local fauna and flora:

  • birds – 351 species;
  • reptiles and amphibians – more than 120;
  • mammals – 105;
  • plants – 1.7 thousand;
  • fresh fish – more than 130.

On the territory of Nam Kat Tien, covered with evergreen tropical forests, there is a ridge of hills ranging in height from 372 to 682 m, in which traces of the life of a little-studied Hindu civilization have been found. Artifacts found during many years of archaeological excavations are stored in the museums of the country. The main thing that is of great interest to foreign travelers in the national park is rare animals and birds:

  • small lorises;
  • green peacocks;
  • Indochinese tigers;
  • Javanese marabou;
  • gaura;
  • dwarf falcons;
  • red wolves;
  • brown pheasants;
  • white-breasted bears and many others.

For tourists visiting Cattien, the doors of numerous hotels located near the protected area are open. Experienced travelers are advised to choose for recreation hotels included in the expert rating of the top 10. It is these institutions that have established themselves as the best in the region. Tourists highly appreciate the service and living conditions in these hotels.

Orchard Home Nam Cat Tien

A significant part of the national park is located in the municipality of Nam Kat Tien. In the northeast of this region, about 350 m south of the Song Da Huoai River and 1.4 km north of Road 600A, is the territory of the Orchard Home hotel complex. Three-star hotel “Orchard Home” (the name can be translated as “house of the orchard”) includes 24 rooms located in brick furnished houses, 6 comfortable villas with three bedrooms and 5 camping tents.

Orchard Home is an ideal option for tourists who love to relax in the tropical jungle, hiking and cycling along forest trails and the quiet atmosphere of the countryside. The hotel has everything so that guests can find an interesting activity for themselves:

  • three playgrounds: children’s, badminton and volleyball;
  • a lake where you can swim for hours in boats designed for 4 passengers;
  • ponds densely overgrown with beautiful lotuses;
  • a place to relax in the orchard, where there is a playground for a bonfire and barbecue;
  • an infinity pool, from where you can clearly see the surrounding hills, overgrown with tropical plants.

Business people staying at the hotel can arrange meetings in the modern conference centre. Multifunctional and easily transformable halls can accommodate from 30 to 200 people. The hotel’s Vi Que Restaurant serves European, Vietnamese and Asian dishes. The interior of the gastronomic establishment, which includes 4 halls, is made in the style of an open space.

Review. Nguyen Dyp, Vung Tau. Vietnam. Our family had a lovely stay at the Orchard Home. We had the impression that we had spent six beautiful days not in a hotel, but in the countryside in a well-kept tropical garden, where floral and fruity aromas are felt everywhere. I was especially pleased with the pool. When you swim in it, it seems that you are surrounded by jungle among green hills and tall palm trees. The rooms are very cozy. Near the villas grow cashews, grapefruits, other shrubs and trees. The hotel staff are very polite and helpful. Without exaggeration, Orchard Home is one of the best hotels near the national park.




Cat Tien Jungle Lodge

In the place where the tributary of the Song Da Huoai flows into the Dong Nai River, there is the territory of the three-star hotel complex “Cat Tien Jungle Lodge“. Very close to jungle lodge is the information center of the national park. Surrounded by tropical shrubs and trees, the hotel consists of 14 comfortable rooms and wooden bungalows. The interior of all rooms in the hotel is made in light warm colors with brown, pink and yellow shades. Rooms are fitted with comfortable Vietnamese-style wooden furnishings.

Jungle Lodge is an excellent option for tourists who prefer to relax in the countryside in an atmosphere of serenity and surrounded by jungle. A chargeable shuttle service from Ho Chi Minh City is available. The cost is from 1.8 to 2.8 million dong (78-122 dollars). For vacationers there are several leisure and health facilities:

  • a small panoramic outdoor swimming pool;
  • spacious terrace;
  • a green recreation area surrounded by bamboo trees, from which hammocks are suspended;
  • massage studio and compact steam room;
  • a tropical garden with barbecue facilities.

Guests can enjoy Vietnamese dishes at Happy Belly Restaurant. The interior of the gastronomic establishment is made in an open style typical of Southeast Asia. The small bar offers a wide range of refreshing drinks and signature cocktails. There are several well-established restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel:

  • Pho 555;
  • Khu Nghi Duong;
  • Lyna;
  • Nha Hang;
  • Bang Lang Quau;
  • Bun Bo Hue.




Rice Straw Green Lodge

About 350 meters south of Jungle Lodge is a hotel whose name can be translated as “a green hotel with a roof covered with rice straw”. Rice Straw Green Lodge offers accommodation in 8 homely bungalows located along the picturesque river. In addition to comfortable bedrooms, each of the huts for guests is equipped with a veranda with furniture and armchairs.

Rice Straw Hotel is ideal for those tourists who dream of immersing themselves in the atmosphere of a Vietnamese village. Wooden bridges, natural landscapes where human interference is not felt, a calmly flowing river – all this contributes to the creation of an environment typical of the countryside. Breakfast is served in bungalows, where guests can relax and stay.

Located on the grounds of Rice Straw Green Lodge, the restaurant serves several sets of Vietnamese dishes. If desired, you can organize a picnic on a specially equipped site. The most sought-after pastime of hotel guests is cycling through the nearby jungle and along the banks of the river flowing next to the Green Lodge.

Review. Marcelon Planel, Dijon, France. Three Frenchmen, amateur tourists, visited cattien Park for the first time. Three days at the hotel flew by like one. The owner of the hotel is a very pleasant and friendly person. Prices in the hotel are quite consistent with the high quality of service. The huts are equipped with everything you need for the rest of spoiled European tourists. At the same time, we felt as if we had briefly become Vietnamese who live in an ordinary Asian village. An excellent place for lovers of nature, peace and quiet.



Cat Tien Farmer Lodge

Jungle Lodge is just 80 metres from Farmer Lodge. Farmer Lodge offers tourists accommodation and relaxation in five brick furnished bungalows. The hotel is located on the territory of the orchard, which makes this place attractive for fans of a quiet pastime in nature. Farmer Lodge is a great option for couples who dream of a few days of carefree vacation in a place where the obvious presence of civilization is not felt.

Guests can go boating on the river east of Farmer Lodge. Staff can enjoy hiking and cycling in the national park. The on-site orchard features a large barbecue area and a terrace for fans of tropical tanning. The restaurant is an outdoor space with a flat wooden roof and serves local and Asian dishes.

Review. Monika Albrecht, Hannover, Germany. My husband and I have been traveling around Vietnam for a long time. However, it was the first time there was a cattien park. Farmer Lodge was chosen for three reasons: location next to the park, quiet location and beautiful comfortable bungalows. The rooms are really homely and clean. The owner is a very charming person. A girl working at the reception helped with the selection of the most interesting routes in the national park. Another plus of the hotel is the location on the territory of a beautiful garden. By the way, sometimes in the morning you heard the sounds made by the gibbons that live nearby in the national park. Rest were very satisfied.



Du Nam Riverside

Along the banks of the Song Da Huoai River stretches the territory of the hotel “Du Nam Riverside“, located 1.1 km northeast of Jungle Lodge. The hotel offers vacationers a choice of 22 brick bungalows surrounded by tropical gardens. For guests of Du Nam Riverside , several types of leisure activities are available:

  • hiking and cycling along the forest trails of the national park;
  • fishing and canoeing on a nearby river;
  • picnics on a specially equipped site;
  • sunbathing and relaxing in the hammocks hung on the terraces of the bungalows.

Every morning, a continental or American breakfast – depending on the preferences of hotel guests – is served directly in the room. A small bar will satisfy the desires of lovers of cocktails and soft drinks. Guests can also enjoy lunch and dinner at the restaurants located next door: Huong Rung, Duong Rung Gou, Khu Nghi or Quau Cay Dua–Coconut.



Green Hope Lodge

Green Hope” – this is how you can translate the name of the hotel complex, located about 800 m southwest of Du Nam Riverside and 250 m from the entrance to the national park. The hotel, offering accommodation in 10 brick bungalows, is suitable for small companies, families and young couples. Vacation tourists are filled with interesting activities:

  • fishing in the river next door;
  • cycling;
  • relaxed rest in gazebos and hammocks in the tropical garden;
  • sunbathing on the spacious shared terrace;
  • boating on the river along the protected area.

A cosy restaurant is open on site. The menu includes several sets of Vietnamese and Asian dishes. Vacationers can also order breakfast and dinner in their rooms. The attentive staff is always ready to fulfill the wishes of the guests of the Green Hope Hotel.



Green Bamboo Lodge Resort

About 350 meters south of Jungle Lodge is the territory of the Green Bambu Hotel. Lovers of tropical nature and tourists looking for privacy and tranquility will be satisfied with their rest and accommodation in Green Bamboo. The hotel offers a choice of 25 brick and bamboo bungalows, equipped with furniture and electrical appliances necessary for a comfortable pastime.

The hotel has a small restaurant. The absence of walls and a high wooden roof expand the space of the hall of the gastronomic institution. Each bungalow has a spacious terrace with a hammock and armchair. For hotel guests, several types of leisure are available:

  • bike rides;
  • fishing;
  • barbecue;
  • canoeing;
  • Hiking.




Sunny Field Eco Stilt House

For lovers of recreation in exotic conditions, the sunny field hotel is quite suitable, located 700 meters northeast of Green Hope Lodge. “Eco-friendly house on stilts (supports)” – this is how you can translate the second half of the name of the hotel, located in a place where the atmosphere of a remote Vietnamese village is impeccably created. For vacationers, 11 bamboo bungalows are available, equipped with the necessary household appliances and comfortable furniture.

The hotel provides delivery of breakfasts to the rooms of tourists. The menu of the cozy restaurant of the hotel will delight lovers of local cuisine with a variety of dishes. For vacationers, the same range of entertainment is available as in neighboring hotels:

  • canoe;
  • fishing;
  • hiking and cycling;
  • picnic on the site specially equipped for this lesson;
  • relaxing in the garden and on the terraces of the bungalows.




Eco Floor Bird Song Lodge

About 300 meters south of the information center of the national park is the hotel “Eco Floor Bird Song“, similar to Sunny Field. The hotel is surrounded by thickets of jungle. A full-flowing river flows nearby. Guests can choose from 7 bamboo bungalows on high wooden pillars. At the disposal of tourists there are several objects that provide leisure:

  • tropical garden;
  • green recreation area;
  • terraces for relaxed pastime and sunbathing;
  • hammocks weighing between bamboo trees;
  • tour desk.

The restaurant hall can accommodate up to 20 people. The menu is rich in European, Vietnamese and Oriental dishes. Guests can enjoy dinner and breakfast in the comfort of their rooms. At dawn and dusk, vacationers hear the singing of tropical birds, which is why the hotel is called Bird Song.




Spirit Garden EcoLodge

Spiritual Garden” is the name of the hotel, located 1.6 km east of Green Hope and 400 m north of the road 600A. Very close to the hotel flows the river Song Da Huoai. The hotel is surrounded by a tropical garden, similar to a wild forest. Spirit Garden guests can enjoy 15 wooden bungalows.

Breakfasts and dinners are served at the request of tourists in the rooms. The restaurant serves a wide range of Vietnamese and Asian dishes. In the vicinity of the hotel there are several well-established restaurants: Bang Lang Quan, Thao Nguyen Quan An, Quan An Sang and others. A small vegetable market is nearby. Like other nearby hotels, Spirit Garden offers activities such as cycling, sunbathing on the terrace and fishing.




Which hotel to choose?

The listed hotels have a lot in common. Therefore, it is not easy to single out a hotel that is markedly different from the rest. Proximity to the national park and the river, furnished bamboo or brick bungalows, Vietnamese dishes in the restaurant, interesting activities – all this is found in every hotel mentioned here. However, the huts of Rice Straw Green Lodge are distinguished by an original design, which can not but attract attention. The spacious territory of the hotel and a lot of positive reviews are additional arguments in favor of choosing this hotel.

Selection of hotels Nam Kat Tien on map