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Fans of ski holidays, coming to Sheregesh in winter, are interested not only in the variety of activities, but also in decent living conditions. The Hotel “Yeti House” is one of the most suitable options. The hotel meets the modern requirements of a comfortable stay in the ski resort.

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Location and excursion into the history of the hotel

Yeti House – so often write the name of the hotel on tourist portals – is located north of the village of Sheregesh on the western outskirts of the resort of the same name. From the hotel to Novokuznetsk – the nearest major city – 160 km by road. From “Yeti House”to Tashtagol – the district center – 26 km. Near the hotel begins a dense coniferous forest. According to a legend common among the locals, it was in these parts that the Yeti – Bigfoot – whose name is the hotel.

“Yeti House” opened its doors to fans of skiing and snowboarding in December 2013 The hotel was built in close proximity to the ski lifts and trails. The advantage of the hotel is its location at the foot of the Green – a picturesque mountain, on the slopes of which the main ski area of the resort is located.

Pay attention! The distance from the hotel “Yeti House” to the “Bun” – the nearest ski lift – does not exceed 100 meters.

Andrey Kuznetsov, Kemerovo. Hotel “Geti House”, without exaggeration, one of the best hotels in Sheregesh. Stayed in it with friends twice. The main thing that attracts the hotel “Yeti House” is its close location to the ski lifts and trails. Another plus is a coniferous forest nearby. On the one hand, here you do not feel cut off from the active life of the resort, on the other hand, you can retire with friends surrounded by nature after skiing and socializing in the crowded cafes of the resort.

Yeti House: rooms

Guests of the hotel who have chosen it to stay at the resort have a wide range of rooms. Yeti House”is a compact hotel complex, which includes three separate buildings:

  • three-storey hotel, built of cedar logs; inside the institution there are 13 cozy rooms of four categories: “suite”, “standard”, “apartment” and “family suite”;
  • “Forest Tale” – three-level chalet;
  • one-storey bungalow.

Regardless of where the guests of the Hotel “Yeti House” live, they use everything they need for a comfortable stay after skiing. Each of the rooms is equipped with:

  • wooden furniture;
  • a refrigerator;
  • shower cabin;
  • flat-screen TV;
  • bathroom;
  • air conditioning;
  • bedside tables;
  • wardrobe or hangers;
  • kettle and utensils;
  • internal phone.

Each of the hotel rooms has features that should be taken into account by future guests. Before making a choice, vacationers should carefully study what the “Yeti House” is.

Important! The price shown in the table is valid for February and March 2021, this period is considered high season. Prices are for two guests per night. Breakfast is included in the price. The first figure is the price on weekdays, the second – on weekends. The most favorable booking conditions are provided on the official website of the hotel Yeti House”.

The suites, including family rooms, are equipped with a wardrobe, armchair and pull-out sofa. The apartments are equipped with two bathrooms. Those of them where there is a kitchen are slightly more expensive than usual – 16 400 rubles. (weekdays) and 17 560 rubles. (weekends) for one day for two people. The bungalow is a cozy house. Each of the three levels of the chalet is one or two spacious rooms:

  • 1st – large dining area with a cozy kitchen;
  • 2nd – living room, equipped with upholstered furniture and an electric room;
  • 3rd – two comfortable bedrooms.

In the bungalows you can relax in an armchair or on a soft sofa. Guests of the Yeti House will not be disappointed with the hotel’s services:

  • motorists can leave their cars in one of the two compact parking lots;
  • on the territory of the hotel there are no problems with access to free Internet;
  • lovers of Russian bath or hammam can relax in the spa area; a small swimming pool is also available for them;
  • massage room, phytobochka and salt grotto will help everyone to rejuvenate a little, get a charge of vivacity and acquire a healthier look;
  • after skiing on the mountain slopes, guests leave their skis in individual cabins in the storage room; there is also a place where you can dry shoes.

More information. Check-in at the Hotel “Yeti House” begins at 14:00. Check-out is made from 12:00. An earlier check-in time can be arranged with the property.

Antonina Savelyeva, Novokuznetsk. Rented in the hotel “Yeti House” suite with her husband and son of 15 years. The rooms are spacious, bright. Pleased with the pleasant aroma of wood. The staff in both the hotel and the restaurant are polite. We just had breakfast. The food is simple, without frills, but delicious. Beautiful presentation, which we as connoisseurs of restaurant etiquette really liked. The only drawback is that noise insulation wants the best. But this drawback is found in hotels quite often, so it did not cause any special inconvenience. I would like to especially note the spa. Massage at a professional level. After him, both vivacity and a great mood returned.

Pay attention! When making a check-in in the chalet, a deposit of 10 thousand rubles is taken. Meals are not included in the price. Internet is not provided inside the chalet. Smoking is not allowed throughout the hotel complex. Children under the age of 5 can stay at the Yeti House with their parents free of charge if guests decide to opt out of special baby cots.

Meals at the hotel and resort

Most guests of the “Great House” prefer only breakfast at the hotel. With an active lifestyle in the ski resort, tourists eat in numerous cafes scattered on the slopes. Some vacationers also choose dinner at the hotel. In the “Yeti House” the doors of a cozy restaurant are open, which offers delicious Russian and European dishes:

  • local game;
  • fresh salads;
  • river fish;
  • salting;
  • different varieties of tea from Siberian herbs.

All dishes are prepared according to original recipes. Guests of the restaurant can choose drinks and food from the menu or take set breakfasts and dinners. The establishment can accommodate up to 54 guests. The spacious hall of the restaurant is used for banquets, family celebrations, weddings, receptions and other events.

More information. Breakfast is served in the Yeti House’s restaurant from 8:30 to 11:00. Dinners are from 17:00 to 19:00. The restaurant bar is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. À la carte dishes are served from 11:00 to 19:00.

For hotel guests who spend a lot of time on the mountain slopes, in a resort or in the village, there are other opportunities to quench their thirst or hunger. In the vicinity of the Yeti House” there are several cafes offering a wide selection of delicious dishes:

  • “Yurt”;
  • “Roll-field”;
  • “Terem”;
  • Grelka;
  • Manti Ponti;
  • “Freestyle-2”;
  • The Rooks.

What to do at the hotel and resort?

Guests of the Yeti House do not stay in their rooms. After active entertainment at the resort, they can relax for several hours in the Russian bath, spa area or hammam. Someone can not imagine evenings without watching TV or surfing the Internet. But mostly guests prefer entertainment and active leisure outside the hotel on the mountain slopes and in the establishments of the resorts.

Ski holidays

The first fans of snowboarding and skiing begin to arrive in Sheregesh at the end of October, although the official opening of the season is most often the last week of November. The resort is empty in mid or late April. Yeti House” is located next to Sector A – the main ski area of Sheregesh. Not far from the hotel there are seven ski slopes of different levels of complexity and length (in meters):

  • 1 – black – 1.9 thousand;
  • 2 – red – 700;
  • 3 – red – 2.5 thousand;
  • 4 – black – 2.5 thousand;
  • 5 – red – 2 thousand;
  • 15 – red – 3 thousand.

More information. The total length of the slopes in the resort is 36.9 km. 1270 m – the height of Mount Green. The total number of tracks opened in the 2020–2021 season is 15.

On the slopes of the resort there are 19 chairlifts, gondolas and rope tows. Ski pass for one day can be purchased for 2.4 thousand rubles. The cost is current for February 2021 Not far from the hotel “Yeti House” – no more than 200 m – there are six lifts:

  • Olimpia;
  • “Blue Bottom”;
  • “Bread basket”;
  • “Blue Top”;
  • “Bun”;
  • “Blue Rope”.

The resort has a well-developed service for renting equipment for snowboarding and skiing. Within walking distance from the hotel there are several rental offices:

  • on Snezhnaya Street and Zelenaya Street;
  • Ryder’s Shelter;
  • “ABC of skating”.

Entertainment for adults

The traditional leisure of the guests of the Yeti House” usually takes place outside the walls of the hotel. The resort can not be called a rich variety of entertainment. However, if desired, active tourists will certainly find something to do after skiing or snowboarding:

  • viewing new domestic and foreign films in the house of culture of the village;
  • participation in horseback riding organized by specialists of “Bear” – an entertainment center located south-west of Sheregesh in the village of Shalym;
  • dance parties and discos in AYS-Bunker – a stylish club located 830 m from Yeti House;
  • paragliding in sunny weather;
  • training in classes on technique and improvement of snowboarding skills in Snowface – a specialized school where experienced instructors work.

Children’s rest

Parents who came to the resort with children will not have to puzzle over how to occupy young tourists. Although the hotel “Yeti House” does not provide entertainment for minor guests, the resort has several places where the leisure of young holidaymakers is skillfully organized:

  • “Nevalyashka” is a well-established ski school located in sector A; experienced instructors organize classes on the training slope for children in groups and individually; kids from 3 years old and young ski lovers older are accepted;
  • ice rink at the hotel complex “Olga”, accessible to all guests of the resort; to help children who are not standing well on skates, animal figurines are offered on which you can rely;
  • a trail for tubing, owned by the entertainment center “Bear”;
  • sledding of fast sled dogs; exciting activities are organized in sector A only for young vacationers.

Excursions and attractions

Although the compact Sheregesh and the surroundings of the village can not be called rich attractions, in this place there are several objects that will interest inquisitive tourists. Some of them are organized many hours of excursions on snowmobiles:

  • Azas cave, located near the village of Ust-Azas; this creation of nature will surprise visitors with the beauty of bizarre stalagmites and stalactites;
  • “Camels” – the so-called rock formations, resembling two camel humps; they were formed over a long period from frozen magma, which for many centuries was treated by precipitation and winds; “Camels” are located on the slope of Mount Kurgan;
  • The Museum of Ethnography is a cultural institution located about 20 km from Sheregesh in Tashtagol; its exhibits tell about the nature, indigenous people and fauna of Mountain Shoria – the historical taiga region of Altai;
  • Worship cross, installed in 2001 on the sharp top of Mount Kurgan; the height of the sacred monument is 20 m; weight – 7 tons;
  • Memorial Museum dedicated to the tragic period of the history of the country and the region – Stalin’s repressions and their victims; the cultural institution is located in the village of Ust-Kabyrza; barracks, observation towers, a punishment cell and other buildings typical of the Gulag have been restored here.

In the village itself there are few objects of interest to lovers of excursions. Among the attractions most noteworthy, there are three buildings:

  • St. Sophia Church, located at the intersection of two streets: Soviet and Gagarin; a small wooden temple is decorated with a bulbous dome;
  • “Upside Down House” is a popular attraction; in a two-story building, the floor and ceiling were visually reversed; in this unusual hut, tourists love to take selfies; of particular interest is the snowmobile located on the ceiling;
  • St. Nicholas Church is a tiny stone church located on Vesennaya Street.

Sheregesh is primarily a resort for passionate fans of skiing and snowboarding. It is worth coming here for the sake of winter entertainment. Although the local mountain peaks will not surprise vacationers with height, this disadvantage is compensated by well-equipped trails and services that fully meet the requirements of modern tourists. Hotel “Yeti House” is a great place where you can feel the comfort of home after an active pastime on the slopes.

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