The best recreation centers of the Pskov region for the New Year

The Pskov region is the westernmost region of Russia, not counting Kaliningrad, after all, it is cut off from Russia by several Baltic countries. This is an original area: there are not so many cities, more rural settlements.

The climate here is moderately continental, quite humid due to its proximity to the Baltic. Some people find this weather unpleasant, but the winter in Pskov is mild and not frosty, and outdoor activities bring joy to both adults and children. In January, the temperature drops below -10.

Ecological tourism is actively developing in the region, and it is very successfully combined with cognitive: recreation centers and hotels organize tours of attractions.

Residents of the region appreciate its natural beauty, are proud of it and try to spend weekends and holidays outside the city. Most recreation centers are located in picturesque places near water bodies, and buildings here prefer to build from natural wood. The most popular places of rest of the Pskov region, we will consider in more detail, choose the best for yourself.

Active recreation center “Lukomorye”

Country complex “Lukomorye” is located in a pine forest, near Lake Pskov. It’s only half an hour’s drive from the city, but the natural tranquility and silence set you up for a good rest.

The choice of accommodation is huge: the complex has 13 large cottages, rooms from standards with a sauna to separate houses with a bath. The total living area is 1000 sq.m, there is where to “walk”. Five houses stand separately, on the shore of the lake. Imagine what a stunning view they are.

Outdoor recreation for many is fishing, summer and winter, walks in the forest and steaming in the bath.

The sauna in “Lukomorye” is very roomy and occupies 2 floors, 140 sq.m of a recreation room, a washing room with a shower and a swimming pool and an excellent steam room. On the second floor there are rest rooms, in them you can stay overnight if you do not have a room in the complex.

A large area is an opportunity to spend the winter holidays actively: snowmobiling, skiing, sledding and skating. Barbecue areas with gazebos are open all year round, in them you can not only cook meat on the grill, but also warm up.

For the meals of guests there is a restaurant “Pushkin” with a large banquet hall, and every year it hosts bright New Year’s events.




Recreation center “Kalatskoe”

This place of rest is considered inexpensive and popular among tourists and residents of Pskov, people come here for weekends and holidays by car and even public transport: 20 minutes, and you are out of town.

The average price segment does not indicate low quality, on the contrary, guests note the friendly attitude of the staff and attentiveness to everyday issues.

Rest in “Kalatsky” is convenient and comfortable: at any time of the year the territory is well-maintained, there are large areas for children, a restaurant and a sauna. Cooking a kebab and sitting with friends in the fresh air is always possible.

Proximity to historical sights and unique nature attract guests to the recreation center.

The houses are located on the shore of Lake Bezdonka, this name was given by local residents, and are designed to accommodate different levels, from economy class to VIP level.

“Kalatskoe” works to receive families with children and small companies, and everyone will find something to their liking, although outside the city you just want to forget about business, breathe fresh air and go sledding down the mountain. New Year’s holidays will be fun and bright!




Country Club “Olenya Gora”

Club “Reindeer Mountain” is a modern complex for family recreation, on the shore of the lake. For such secluded and picturesque places and appreciate the Pskov region: a centuries-old forest, silence, clean air, and all this is not far from the city.

Both adults and children will enjoy it, because on this base there is also a zoo with ponies, camels, deer and agile squirrels. It is interesting to communicate with animals and feed them, they are used to the public and are very friendly. Children are entertained on the playgrounds, arrange events, especially on vacation days and weekends.

Cottages and apartments with a private entrance and a terrace can be rented at the club. Only natural materials, wood and stone are used in the decoration, and the whole complex works according to the rules of environmental friendliness. It offers stylish comfortable furniture, appliances and bathroom accessories, the floor is heated.

Country houses can not do without a bath, and this is a whole complex with a steam room, a font and a rest room. For those who like to compete in accuracy, there is a shooting range.

In winter, outdoor activities, family competitions are popular, but who brings his sports equipment, goes to the forest for walks, to the mountain with sleds or tubing.

Come to “Deer Mountain”, feel the high level of service and organization of holidays not in the city, but outside it.




Eco-complex “Pskov Switzerland”

The very beautiful name of the hotel complex “Pskov Switzerland” attracts tourists to the north of Russia, and it is really very beautiful here. Allow yourself to step away from daily worries and enjoy the tranquility in the Izborsko-Malskaya valley. You will not believe that such landscapes and comfort of alpine chalets are not in Europe, but in our country.

It offers chalets with interesting names:

  • “Shepherd and Shepherdess”: a house for 2-3 people, a country-style interior, a large bed and a sofa, an equipped kitchen, and on the covered veranda there is a hammock and barbecue facilities.
  • “Christmas trees-sticks” : wooden houses on the slope. There is a sauna, a kitchen, a panoramic terrace and even a swing overlooking the slope.
  • “On the slope”: a large house for a family of up to 6 people, there is a sauna, a swimming pool, a barbecue area, and all this with stunning views of the slope.

The hotel offers meals based on healthy farm products, but there is also the possibility of self-cooking.

The area is so beautiful and harmonious that spending a weekend or holidays here is the most correct gift for the whole family. Come to the New Year and get a lot of positive emotions.




Country Hotel “Forest Lake”


The Pskov region, like the neighboring northern regions of Russia, is famous for its nature, untouched and picturesque at any time of the year. Hotel “Forest Lake” is a dream of a resident of the city, tired of the hustle and bustle.

For accommodation are offered apartments of this comfort: from a small hut to a house for 12 people. Those who are accustomed to the urban type, take a hotel room, but it is much more interesting to live in a Russian hut with speech, still came out of town!

It is easy to spend time in a warm family or friendly atmosphere, and the hotel “Forest Lake” provides the following leisure activities:

  • Hunting and fishing accompanied by an instructor, equipment rental
  • Horseback riding
  • Rent of Finnish sauna and Russian bath
  • Sports
  • Visit to the gym
  • Snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, equipment rental

The hotel’s restaurant and bar are prepared exclusively with local farm products of their own production: milk, meat, vegetables and bread of the best quality. In the beautiful halls of the restaurant are already preparing for the New Year, it is here is fun, warm and family-like.




Hotel “Pechora-Park”

A cozy hotel in the town of Pechora, Pskov region, is located within walking distance from the Holy Assumption Monastery and very close to our border with Estonia. It is a very quiet place for a family holiday as well as a pilgrimage that does not depend on the time of year. To be alone with beautiful nature and history is very valuable and unforgettable.

Rooms of various categories from standards to suites are well equipped even for long stays, and the receptionist has all the information for pilgrims about the life and routine of the monastery, if necessary. In addition to the main building for living, cottages with kitchen-dining room are offered.

Breakfast is included in the room rate, and in the hotel restaurant there is always an opportunity to organize a full three meals a day, even a lean one. For this there are several cafes, a restaurant and a dining room. Excursions to the sights of the city and the region are organized, and in winter, traditional Russian fun also comes to the fore: sledding, skiing and various outdoor competitions.

The hotel has a bath, sauna and relaxation room for several guests.

On the eve of the New Year, the hotel is actively booked, a colorful and interesting evening for guests is planned.




Eco-hotel “Zaozerye”

For those who want to spend an unforgettable weekend outside the city, go hunting and fishing, eco-hotel “Zaozerye” opens its doors. It is built in the Pushkin Mountains, the village of Zagoski, on the shore of Lake Zaozerskoye. Ecologically clean place, fresh forest air and simply unforgettable beauty of nature will make you the best weekend.

The advantage of the eco-hotel is its position in a beautiful historical place, where it is simply impossible to get bored: excursions around the surrounding area and active winter entertainment are organized in the hotel. Go skiing in the woods, sledding and “sledding” from the slide.

Everyone’s favorite holiday New Year is celebrated in “Zaozerye” every year and gathers many guests at a banquet and an entertaining evening. Winter holidays are the time when you need to recharge your batteries for the whole year, get only positive emotions and, of course, the attention of loved ones. Come to the Pushkin Mountains, to “Zaozerye” together with the children and give a real holiday! The program includes an entertainment program with fireworks and a children’s matinee.





Парк-отель “Имение Алтунъ”

Complex “Altun Estate” is a cozy hotel in the style of a noble estate, it stands in the old park of the Pushkin Mountains of the Pskov region. This is a unique historical place, known for more than 200 years.

Peace and quiet is the hallmark of the estate, and it has been so here for centuries. The boutique rooms of the hotel are individually and effectively decorated: wooden and leather furniture, interesting accessories with history and natural materials in the decoration.

The interior of the restaurant is no less elegant, but the room is not very large, so guests are often seated at one large table. Here they get to know each other and spend time in a cozy atmosphere. Breakfast is included in the price, as well as the entire menu of the establishment. It takes place in the concept of a buffet.

There is a ski slope nearby and all equipment can be rented.




Recreation center “Malskaya Dolina”

Base “Malskaya Dolina” is located in Pechora, Pskov region in a very picturesque place, on the territory of the museum-reserve “Izborsk”. Around coniferous forests, rivers and lakes.

“Malskaya Dolina” is a whole complex with guest houses,a ski slope, slopes and a large rope park. Families with children have chosen this place especially during the winter holidays: you can frolic in nature and relax comfortably.

Cafe “Panorama” in 2 floors is known for its pleasant atmosphere, delicious cuisine, but most importantly – a wonderful view of the valley and Lake Malskoe.

The sauna at this recreation center is unusual, it combines the traditions of Russia, Europe and even Japan.

“Malskaya Dolina” is one of the best ski resorts in the region with slopes of any complexity. Experienced instructors and equipment rental points work for you.




Recreation center “Cottages Chuddoma”

Lake Peipus became famous in the history of the country for a very long time, and now on its shore there is a recreation center with excellent cottages, surrounded by a pine forest. They are built in the Scandinavian style, minimal in design, but still cozy. Eco-friendly natural materials in the decoration are very in harmony with nature.

Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast, but guests can prepare their own meals in the in-house kitchen.

The complex has a playground for children and board games, a common grill area, ski equipment rental and an all-terrain vehicle for exploring the surroundings.

There is also a real place for relaxation at the recreation center, and this is not only a Russian bath, but also rooms for practicing yoga individually or in groups. Communication with the kindest dogs – huskies, on the local farm brings only positive emotions to everyone!




Ancient Pskov and its surroundings are waiting for guests in comfortable and cozy rest homes – places of peace and tranquility.

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