Hotel Tochka on the map of Vidlitsa

Karelia, rich in coniferous forests, transparent waterfalls, clean lakes, fast-flowing rivers and other natural objects, annually attracts more than 800 thousand tourists. For travelers, the doors of more than 500 modern hotels of different categories are open. Hotel «A point on the map. Vidlitsa» – one of the most worthy places for living lovers of recreation away from crowded cities surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes.

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Location and history

The hotel is located in one of the most picturesque regions of Karelia on the shores of the world-famous Lake Ladoga. The distance from the“Point on the map”,surrounded by dense spruce and pine forests, to Vidlitsa – the nearest large village – is 8 km. The small Lake Lindoja is 780 metres away. Distances from the hotel to objects important for the orientation of tourists:

  • to the railway station Vidlitsa – 11 km;
  • Olonets – district center – 39 km;
  • Vidlica Central Street – 9.6 km;
  • Petrozavodsk – 190 km (via Svyatozero) or 170 km (via Vedlozero);
  • The mouth of Vidlitsa – a village located on the coast of Lake Ladoga on the same line with the hotel – 7.56 km by road;
  • St. Petersburg – 420 km (via Priozersk), 330 km (via Murmansk highway);
  • Petrozavodsk airport – 180 km.

More information. Between Olonets and Vidlitsa three times a day runs a regular bus. Most hotel guests «A point on the map. Vidlitsa» get to it by car or by means of a pre-booked transfer.

The network, consisting of three hotel complexes, is designed for fans of event and ecological tourism, lovers of outdoor activities and immersion in the history of the region. The first two Tochka on the Map hotels were opened in June 2017 in the Karelian village of Ruttyu, located near Sortavala,and in Priozersk, a small town in the Leningrad Region.

In a short time, the hotels attracted numerous tourists and received a lot of positive reviews. Most recently, in October 2020, the western shore of Lake Ladoga was decorated with the buildings of the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa”. On December 11, 2020, the hotel was assigned the category of “three stars”.

Review. Vladimir Kirillov, St. Petersburg. “A point on the map. Vidlitsa” is a magnificent hotel. Rested with two friends. Arranged everything: service, location, beautiful views of the lake, breakfasts. There was a feeling that we are somewhere far from civilization, although the comfortable conditions in the hotel did not allow us to forget that we are in the XXI century. By the way, the Internet worked without interruption.

“Point on the map”: advantages of the hotel

Tourists who came to rest on Lake Ladoga and stayed at the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa”, will not regret their choice. The hotel complex has several advantages that travelers will certainly appreciate:

  • comfortable living conditions at a considerable distance from industrial centers;
  • amazingly beautiful nature: spruce and pine forests, Lake Ladoga, which is considered the largest on the European continent and the 15th in the world (the area of the reservoir is 18,130 sq. km);
  • clean air, impregnated with delicate aromas of needles;
  • stylish modern design of the rooms, from the windows of which the surrounding forests and the water area of Lake Ladoga are clearly visible.

More information. Hotel Guests «A point on the map. Vidlitsa» will appreciate the conditions that allow you to feel the benefits of a secluded holiday. This is created through a minimum of social contacts. The nearest hotel, located in the Mouth of Vidlitsa, is 7.8 km away.

Room stock

Tourists coming to Karelia for active recreation and acquaintance with the natural resources of the republic will appreciate the advantages of living in a hotel complex. “Point on the Map. Vidlitsa” positions itself as a comfort-class hotel. The rooms, which are separate houses, are built according to modern modular technology. The construction of buildings was carried out with minimal impact on the ecology of the area.

Hotel “Tochka on the map” offers guests comfortable accommodation and a good rest in 15 rooms. Each of them is a country house, located at a considerable distance from other wooden modules in the style of “studio” – everything you need is inside the building. Guests can choose from 7 rooms about 240 metres from the lake shore. A little further – at a distance of 340 m – in the forest area “hide” among the pines and spruces 8 other studios.

Importantly! The cost of living depends on the location of the house. 11 400 rubles – the price of a room in the forest area for two guests per day; 13 900 rubles – on the shore of the lake. Prices are current for March and April 2021 and breakfast is included in the price. If desired, guests can choose the category of food “full board”, which also includes lunches and dinners.

Each room is a design consisting of two modules. In plan, the house forms the Latin letter L. Studio, the total area of which is 38 square meters. m, is designed to accommodate from 1 to 4 guests. Each house, the walls of which are skillfully decorated with wood, includes several rooms:

  • compact living room with kitchen area;
  • small sauna;
  • a bedroom with one double or two single beds;
  • cozy terrace equipped with a table, two wooden armchairs and four chairs.

In the living room you can relax on a comfortable sofa. The kitchen area for guests has a table with four chairs, wall cabinets for dishes, a microwave, a sink and a large wardrobe for clothes and linen.

More information. Children under the age of 5 can stay in the hotel free of charge if their parents refuse a special crib for them. Pets are not allowed.

Review. Alina Pokrovskaya, Perm. My husband and I chose the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa” by chance. But they didn’t regret it at all. We just wanted to relax in Karelia on Lake Ladoga. The pine forest covered with deep snow (we rested at the end of January 2021) made a fabulous impression, especially in sunny weather. The house is very warm and cozy. My husband separately appreciated the fact that there is a sauna inside. Prices for accommodation are quite normal. When the path to the house was covered with ice, they asked to sprinkle with something. The employees very quickly complied with the request. So we were satisfied with both the hotel and the friendly staff.

Hotel services

“Point on the map” is quite satisfied with tourists who want to combine a holiday away from the centers of modern civilization with a European level of comfort. The hotel provides a full range of services necessary for this type of traveler. Guests of the hotel “Point on the map” can:

  • use free Internet both in the rooms and in the territory adjacent to the hotel;
  • leave your cars in a large parking lot belonging to the hotel complex, without pre-order;
  • watch domestic and foreign television programs – in each living room there is a large flat-screen TV;
  • ask, if necessary, to wake up at a certain time, as well as to bring available fresh newspapers or magazines to the room;
  • order interesting educational excursion programs, having previously familiarized yourself with them with the help of hotel employees, booklets or information on the Internet;
  • if you wish or need to contact the staff to ask to change bed linen.

Booking rooms in the hotel complex is made in three reliable ways: by calling the Reception Service, filling out the form on the official website or the module on the portal. It is better to do this in advance – at least a week before the trip. This condition also applies to the booking of excursions.

Pay attention! Check-in at the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa” starts at 14:00. Check-out is from 12:00. If you need an earlier accommodation in the hotel, you can contact the representatives of the administration at the reception.

Cafe of the hotel “Point on the map”

Vacationers are given the opportunity to choose one of the most suitable types of food for them: “breakfast only” or “full board”. On a small elevation on the territory of the hotel “Point on the map” among the tall pine trees there is a building of a cozy café with a spacious outdoor terrace.

The gastronomic establishment is designed for 44 guests. On the terrace there are 20 seats, inside the café – 24. The interior design is dominated by brown tones. In the inner hall there are square wooden tables surrounded by chairs with high backs. The ceiling is decorated with lamps with a lampshade.

At one of the walls, trimmed with wood, a real fireplace rises, next to which a bundle of logs is stacked. Nearby is a cart filled to the brim with pear-shaped zucchini, pumpkin, onions and garlic. All this creates an atmosphere of a cozy café, reminiscent of those gastronomic establishments for which Austrian and Swiss chalets are famous.

Pay attention! The café of the hotel “Point on the map” welcomes guests from 9 am to 9 pm. For those who choose a certain type of food – “full board” or “breakfast only” – the following mode is provided: breakfast – from 9:00 to 11:00, lunch – from 13:00 to 15:00, dinner – from 18:00 to 20:00.

The menu of the café of the hotel daily offers a wide selection of dishes of Russian, Karelian and European cuisines. Chefs try to please the tastes of gourmets. The menu includes a variety of names of dishes (here the cost in rubles is indicated, the prices are valid for the first half of 2021):

  • vegetable salads and vinaigrette – 320–400;
  • mushroom, fish, pumpkin soups, borscht, cooked on beef broth – 380-420;
  • schnitzel with stewed cabbage, pork loin, pike perch with rice and other fish and meat dishes – 380-560;
  • wines of Italy, Russia, New Zealand, Chile, France and Austria – 1900–4200 (750 ml);
  • deer meat sausage – 650;
  • homemade dumplings cooked with fish from Lake Ladoga – 550;
  • berry juice, espresso, green tea with jasmine, cappuccino – from 150;
  • Czech beer – from 280;
  • Karelian juices – from 300.

The selection of dishes presented in the list is only a small part of the cafe’s menu. Guests of the hotel “Point on the map” do not need to look for an alternative for good nutrition. If you wish, you can go to Olonets, where the doors of five cafes and restaurants worth visiting are open:

  • Premier;
  • Olonia;
  • Provence;
  • Bistro “Yeshka”;

Review. Andrey Varganov, Nizhny Novgorod. For a long time I wanted to get acquainted with the unique nature of Karelia. After a long selection of a suitable hotel, my friends and I decided to stay at the “Point on the Map”. We spent a week in Vidlitsa. Not disappointed. Stunning nature, lake, lots of activities, especially skiing and snowmobiling. Breakfasts in the café of the hotel also pleased with the variety and beautiful presentation of dishes. We really want to come here again for the White Nights.

Leisure and entertainment

Hotel “Point on the map” is designed for the public, who are not used to spending time in the rooms, no matter how comfortable they may be. Therefore, an interesting program is offered for guests, including a variety of leisure activities. Much attention is paid to excursions. After all, Karelia is rich in places that are interesting for lovers of acquaintance with natural and cultural-historical objects.

A few dozen meters from the hotel stretches sandy beach. In summer, it is always crowded. Some of the vacationers carelessly sunbathe, others play volleyball, others try their hand at badminton. In winter, when the shore is covered with snow, and the lake freezes, guests of the hotel are happy to ride on a Finnish sleigh, ski or tubing (“vatrushki”). The cost of renting equipment is 300 rubles per hour. This is the current price for the winter of 2021 The hotel has a rental office where you can rent sports equipment for free:

  • reels and spinning for fishing;
  • board games;
  • poles for Nordic walking;
  • badminton;
  • volleyball ball.

Throughout the year, guests of the Tochka na Karta Hotel can relax in the compact sauna located inside each room. On the territory of the hotel complex there are contemplation zones, where vacationers are happy to consider the landscapes of Lake Ladoga opening before them.

How to relax in the vicinity of the hotel?

For guests of the “Points on the map” will not be difficult to choose an occupation to their liking. Depending on the season, two options for entertainment open for active tourists:

  • summer safari on an ATV; duration – from 15 minutes to 6 hours; distance – from 2 to 65 km; preliminary cost for the summer of 2021 – from 1500 to 15 thousand rubles for one participant;
  • winter snowmobile tours; distance – from 1 to 65 km; duration – from 20 min. to 6 hours; the actual cost in the winter of 2021 is from 2 thousand to 15 thousand rubles for one tourist.

More information. Events are organized by experienced instructors of “Terra Nordic” – the center of active recreation. Tourists receive all the necessary equipment and vehicles. Before an exciting journey, an instruction is mandatory. You can book a safari or tour at the hotel at the reception.

Children’s rest

In summer, the leisure of young guests of the hotel is represented by board games, entertainment on the beach and in nature, watching television programs and what the Internet offers. In winter, the choice of varieties of pastime for young tourists is no less diverse:

  • children’s sledges;
  • snowmobiles – for young athletes who are 12 years old;
  • “ice” – flat plates for skiing from slides covered with snow;
  • “vatruski”;
  • “snowballs” – special plastic scissors with rounded ends in the form of hemispheres for sculpting snowballs.

All equipment is provided to children free of charge. The exception is “vatruski”. The cost of renting a children’s tubing in the winter of 2021 is 150 rubles per hour.

Review. Galina Vorobyova. We rested in the hotel “Point on the map” with a whole family: me, my husband and our sons 12 and 14 years old. I liked almost everything. The sons were especially excited about the opportunity to ride snowmobiles. We went on two excursions. One of them took place in an old train. Conductors in the form of the beginning of the last century. We felt like passengers of that distant time. We fell in love with karelian nature. In general, the impressions of the hotel and the rest are only positive.

Excursions from the hotel

“A point on the map. Vidlitsa cooperates with Igora-Tour, a major tour operator specializing in travel in the Northern Ladoga region. For hotel guests, the company offers several author’s programs and exciting excursions:

  • “Right Bank of Ladoga” – a bus tour to the village of Mandrogi, where Russian huts of the XIX century, brought from the Vologda region, are collected; acquaintance with the Staroladozhskaya fortress, located on the Volkhov River, 220 km from the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa”;
  • “Traditional Karelia” – a trip to the village of Kinerma, the first mention of which was recorded in 1563, with a visit to the husky nursery and the chapel erected in the XVIII century;
  • “Retro-Ruskelaya” – a trip on an old train to a mountain park with a visit to the marble canyon and a hike along the picturesque ecological path to the waterfalls of Ahinkoski;
  • “Squad of Prince Ladoga” – a visit to the “Fortress of the Black Bear” – a museum, the exhibits of which tell about the traditions of the first squads of Russia; the event involves voluntary participation in the reconstructed battles of ancient warriors.

Pay attention! Each excursion lasts one day. A more complete list of events organized by the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa” together with the tour operator “Igora-Tour” is presented on the official website of the hotel. The cost of excursions depends on the number of participants. For a group of up to 3 people – 28 thousand rubles, 4-6 people – 32 thousand rubles Prices are valid during 2021 Tourists are recommended to book an excursion program 1-2 weeks before checking into the hotel. Cancellation is possible at least two days before the start of the event. Phones for booking tours are listed on the official website of the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa”.

Although the hotel “Point on the map. Vidlitsa” appeared quite recently, it has already proved its advantages. Guests receive a high level of service and everything they need to relax comfortably surrounded by Karelian nature. The location of the hotel on the coast of one of the largest lakes in Russia is a significant advantage of “Points on the map”. Thanks to the excursion programs, tourists staying at the hotel have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich history and unique nature of the Ladoga region.

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