The best recreation centers in Valdai for the New Year

For those travelers who are not afraid of changing the usual situation, love active pastime in nature and cheerful companies, the best option for meeting the New Year is to relax at the tourist base. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing a place in order to get a charge of vivacity and relax from the city noise and everyday bustle.

One of the most suitable options will be Valdai and the picturesque surroundings of the northern city. Here, the doors of more than 30 well-equipped recreation centers are open for future guests, offering home coziness, modern comfort and the opportunity to spend several days surrounded by winter natural landscapes.

What is interesting about the winter Valdai for tourists?

The first recorded mention of Valdai dates back to 1495, and now about 15 thousand people live in a small city (28.4 sq. km). Modern Valdai is 140 km away from Veliky Novgorod, and 320 km from St. Petersburg. The city is located on the territory of a low hill on the western shore of the picturesque Valdai Lake (area – 19.7 sq. km). Valdai and its immediate surroundings attract tourists with a wide range of opportunities for winter leisure:

  • a large selection of well-equipped recreation centers;
  • sledding pulled by agile horses;
  • ecological ski trails passing through taiga forests;
  • rivers and lakes, on which fishing and ice skating are organized;
  • Russian bath, swimming in the ice hole and other folk fun on the territory of recreation centers;
  • skiing on snow-capped hillsides and low mountains.

Valdai is located on the territory of a large national park. Its total area is 1591 sq. km. This makes the area even more attractive for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. In the protected area there are more than 20 rivers and more than 70 lakes, there are many varieties of flora and fauna:

  • birds – 145 species;
  • woody plants – 57;
  • more than 20 animals.

In the compact Valdai and the nearest suburbs there are 9 ancient estates and 22 architectural monuments dating back to the XVII-XIX centuries. There are 82 ancient objects in the region: hills, mounds, villages, parking lots and hill fort. All these attractions are available for visiting during the winter months.

The best recreation centers of Valdai

In order for the winter vacation to be interesting and useful, it is necessary to choose a decent place to stay. Among the recreation centers at Valdai, there are a dozen leaders who offer guests several important advantages:

  • location on the shore of the lake in the forest zone;
  • clean air, saturated with fresh aromas of needles;
  • variety of winter leisure;
  • promotions and discounts for services;
  • interesting New Year’s programs.

Guest House “Three Lakes”

Thinking about meeting the New Year in nature, tourists often look for places where you can gather in a friendly company of relatives or friends. “Three Lakes” – a guest house,located 21 km north-west of the center of Valdai, – is a great option for this group of travelers. The territory of the recreation center is located 53 m from the shore of Lake Luchki in the east of the village of the same name.

Tourists can choose one of the 12 cozy rooms of the guest house or rent a separate cottage. The cost of daily accommodation for one person is from 2 to 8 thousand rubles Here and further in the text are indicated the prices valid in 2021 and the first half of 2022 For the organization of food and leisure, vacationers can use several premises located on the first floor of the guest house and on the territory of the recreation center:

  • compact gym;
  • billiard room;
  • Russian bath;
  • two dining rooms.

In winter, guests are happy to go fishing to the nearby lakes: Luchki, Pesno or Korgovo. Vacationers speak well of the friendly owners of the recreation center and note the advantageous location of the guest house in a quiet place on a well-groomed territory with its own parking. Tourists who rested in the “Three Lakes” are advised to stock up on food, calculating the stock for all vacation days.


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Valdai Eco Club

Lovers of comfort and home coy will appreciate the variety of pastime in the eco-club,located 15 km south of the center of Valdai. The recreation center is located 66 m from the shore of Lake Boroe. Valdai , the name of the eco-club – offers accommodation in 29 rooms of a modern hotel built in an eco-friendly style, and in 11 comfortable wooden cottages.

The cost of a room for one person is 2.65-12.0 thousand rubles per day. Guests can choose from 1, 2 or 3 bedroom cottages. The hotel has rooms of 5 categories – from “standard” to “family”. On the territory of the recreation center “Valdai”, located in the south-west of the village of Korotsko, guests can use the services of several objects:

  • spa room;
  • barbecue area;
  • billiard room;
  • playgrounds;
  • children’s room with swings, slides and carousels;
  • cheese factories, where you can taste the products;
  • eco-verandas for banquets, yoga classes and celebrations;
  • five baths: herbal, phyto, coniferous, Finnish and express.

Guests of the recreation center with great interest inspect the exhibits in the Museum of Retro Cars. Everyone can visit the subsidiary farm and for a small fee try Russian dishes prepared from local products. Meals at the recreation center are organized no worse than in four-star hotels:

  • restaurant with Russian and European dishes;
  • a small lobby bar;
  • banquet hall on the eco-veranda.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the restaurant are served according to the “complex” system and cost from 400 to 650 rubles. for each guest. In the winter months, vacationers are happy to ride tubing or sleighs drawn by agile horses. Ski and skate rental is available for all comers. In mid or late December, the surface of Lake Boroe turns into a landscaped ice rink.

New Year’s celebrations with dinner and dancing take place in the restaurant and on the eco-veranda. The culmination of the holiday is a modest in scale, but bright fireworks. Guests note the good-naturedness of the staff, the politeness of the restaurant waiters and the responsiveness of the owners.


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Recreation center “Eremina Gora”

To have fun celebrating the New Year in the company of colleagues or friends, it is worth retiring 15 km west of Valdai to the village of Eremina Gora. Here is the recreation center of the same name, offering guests accommodation in 10 cottages and 8 rooms of the main building. “Eremina Gora” is located 50 m from the lake Melkoe. Each guest needs to pay 2.2-5.0 thousand rubles per day of living in cottages and 1.7-7.0 thousand rubles in the rooms.

Tourists who intend to spend the New Year holidays at the recreation center need to make a reservation for 3 days or more. In the “Eremin Mountain” there is no special festive program. However, a variety of activities are available for guests:

  • winter fishing on Lake Melkoe;
  • skiing along the snow-covered paths of the surrounding area to the villages: Pestovo, Ugrivo, Bortsovo; the longest track stretches for 3 km;
  • descent on tubes from a low slide;
  • ice skating on the icy surface of Lake Melkoe.

On the territory of the recreation center there are two Russian baths. Delicious dishes of various cuisines are prepared by the chefs of the restaurant “Ereminy Gora”. Guests of the recreation center can play table tennis or billiards. Tourists note the cleanliness of rooms and cottages, the responsiveness of the staff and the affordable cost of services.


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“Dream Space”

In the north of the village with an unexpected name – Stanki – there is a recreation center,positioning itself as an apart-hotel. For guests there are two cozy studios with a spacious kitchen, a comfortable bathroom, a large terrace, a dining area and a bedroom. The price for one day is from 3 to 6 thousand rubles Breakfast is served directly in the room.

“Dream Space” – this is the name of the recreation center, located 5.8 km north-west of Valdai – is an ideal choice for those who want to celebrate the New Year with their families in an unusual environment, while maintaining home comfort. The hearth in the courtyard will help turn the dinner into a solemn meal with fireworks and illumination. The owners of the recreation center – Alexander and Natalia – are always ready to help guests have fun and interesting time.

If desired, vacationers can take a steam bath and wash in the Russian bath, which is located in a separate wooden house. For lovers of winter entertainment, ski rental is available. The trails pass through a picturesque pine forest. While parents ski, children can play snowballs on the well-equipped playground on the grounds.


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“Berendey’s Kingdom”

To the east of Valdai, among the spruce and pine trees, the possessions of the “Berendey Kingdom” are “hidden”. So fabulously called the recreation center,located on the shore of the lake with an unexpected name – Dinner. The distance from the “Berendey Kingdom” to Shuya – the nearest village is 5.1 km. From the recreation center to Valdai, if you go by road, – 12 km.

The “Berendey Kingdom” includes seven two-storey wooden houses. Each of them can accommodate from 4 to 9 people. “Berendeyevo Kingdom” is an ideal place for families and everyone who likes to spend time and celebrate holidays in a cheerful company. One day of living in the complex will cost each guest in the amount of 1.9 thousand to 4.4 thousand rubles.

The cozy hall of the café of the recreation center is designed for 60 people. The menu includes simple but delicious Russian dishes. Guests can rent a café for New Year’s Eve dinner. The cost of the service is 2 thousand rubles From winter entertainment, several classes are available here:

  • skiing;
  • fishing in the lake Dinner;
  • sledding from the slides.

In a separate house there is a small Russian bath. Kebab and barbecue lovers can enjoy a festive meal in the barbecue area. Guests of the “Berendey Kingdom” note the cleanliness of the rooms, the beauty of the surrounding forest and the politeness of the employees of the recreation center. The only minus that tourists pay attention to is interruptions in the work of the Internet.


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Valdai Tennis Club

Small companies and couples will be satisfied with their rest in the Valdai Tennis Club, located in the north of the village of Novaya Sytenka. This place is ideal for meeting the New Year at home. Thanks to the coniferous forest, on the territory of which the tennis club is located, and lake Sitno, located next door, a romantic atmosphere is created at the recreation center. Guests can choose one of the wooden guest houses of four categories:

  • family;
  • “standard”;
  • family with kitchen;
  • “comfort”.

The cost of the room is 4.8-10.5 thousand rubles. for one day. The main thing that attracts tourists is the location of the recreation center in a picturesque forest next to a clear lake. In winter, there are all the necessary conditions and equipment for cross-country skiing. Breakfast is served in the dining areas in the houses. Tourists note the high quality of dishes. The service at the recreation center also deserves special praise.

The distance from the tennis club to Valdai is 17 km. Silence, no crowds of tourists, fresh frosty air, evening gatherings by the fire – all this awaits those who want to spend the New Year holidays at this cozy recreation center surrounded by winter nature.


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Artel of Valdai Masters

In Valdai, at the intersection of two streets – February and Belov – there is a small recreation center,which is appreciated by fans of village life. It is quiet and peaceful, close to the sights of the city and the shore of a picturesque lake. The Artel of Valdai Masters – this is how a compact recreation center positions itself – offers guests accommodation in two houses – with 4 and 2 bedrooms.

Roberta and Daria – hospitable hosts – will serve delicious breakfasts and dinners in the rooms, as well as a bath if you ask for this service in advance. A day of living in the house will cost each guest 8.0-15.0 thousand rubles For tourists who want active entertainment, there is a great opportunity to visit the skating rink located in the sports center on Molodezhnaya Street.


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Recreation center “Valdaiskaya”

18 km north of the center of Valdai in the village of Borisovo there is a cozy recreation center,where the New Year’s holiday will be held in a cheerful home environment. Groups of friends, close relatives and colleagues will have a great time here. Guests can book one of the five houses. Each of them accommodates from 3 to 7 people.

The cost of a room during the New Year holidays is from 14 to 28 thousand rubles. for three days. On normal days, the price is 1.5-2 times lower. During the New Year holidays, a high Christmas tree decorated with bright garlands is installed on the territory of the recreation center. A wide variety of activities are available for guests:

  • Russian bath;
  • skiing;
  • riding on the frozen lake Dinner;
  • sauna;
  • winter fishing;
  • hiking on snow-covered forest trails.

Guests are usually received by Anatoly, the owner of Valdaiskaya. All questions arising from vacationers, ranging from settlement to the quality of services, are solved promptly. Guests can enjoy their own meals in the kitchen, which is equipped with modern appliances. The main thing is not to forget to stock up on the necessary products.


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Valdai Farm

For those who are looking for a place to retire for the weekend or New Year holidays with close relatives, the Valdai Farm will be an excellent option. The recreation center,located north of the village of Mironegi, 8.8 km from the center of Valdai, fully corresponds to its name. This is a truly isolated house,located far from other settlements.

Inside the recreation center there are two spacious bedrooms and a kitchen. In the cozy rooms, the walls of which are up toned with thin wooden boards, it is warm, clean and bright. The cost of living is from 4 thousand to 5 thousand rubles per day. The concern for nutrition lies with the guests themselves. Vacationers speak well of Irina – a friendly hostess, always willing to help solve any problems and help with advice on how to organize leisure.


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Valdai Dalnaya Dacha

To fulfill the desire to spend a few days in a place lost in the forests of the Russian North, it is worth going 23 km south of the center of Valdai. Not far from the village with the beautiful name Savkino is the “Far Dacha”. The recreation center,located on a hilly hill, consists of three comfortable wooden houses.

Room rates at the end of December 2021. and in early January 2022 – from 22.5 thousand rubles. for three days. After skiing along the forest trails of the national park, on the territory of which the recreation center is located, guests enjoy dinner and drink strong coffee in cozy houses, steam in the Russian bath or admire the beauty of Lake Savkinskogo, located near the recreation center.

Vladimir and Andrey, the owners of the “Far Dacha”, made sure that tourists felt comfortable, secluded, but not isolated from the benefits of civilization. Wireless Internet, clean country air, satellite TV, the absence of annoying noise – all this creates a pleasant, relaxed environment. Guests have to take care of the food. However, thanks to the equipped kitchen, it takes little time to prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


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New Year’s Valdai for lovers of northern Russian nature

Active travelers have long appreciated the benefits of recreation in the Russian North. Valdai, as one of the most interesting places in this region, offers guests a lot of opportunities for a variety of winter leisure. Choosing any recreation center mentioned above, tourists will be able to appreciate the beauty of the local nature, get acquainted with the historical and cultural sites of the region and take part in ski trips along forest trails. The meeting of the New Year will certainly become an event that will give a vivid unforgettable impression.

It is difficult to single out the only recreation center as the best. But for most tourists who want to combine leisure in nature and comfortable conditions that a modern hotel business can provide, the valdai Eco Club will be the most preferable option. Although there are many travelers who may not agree with this choice.