Country Club-Hotel Cordon Gelendzhik

In the suburbs of Gelendzhik, 300 meters above sea level, in the gorge “Kupriyanova Slit” settled country club-hotel“Cordon”. What is interesting about it? First of all, by its nature: a forest in the gorge, 3 small lakes with mountain water, alpine-style houses made of wood and stone, the noise of a waterfall, the singing of birds. It offers a country holiday, fishing, sauna, restaurant of author’s cuisine. This is an elite type of leisure with a high level of service and services offered, so the prices here are Moscow.


In addition, the resort area and protected area, ennobled closed area, comfortable buildings with individual design, thoughtful services and services.

If you are tired of crowded and noisy hotels “five stars”, you want peace, tranquility, thoughtful landscape design, wander along the forest paths around the lake and waterfall, then“Cordon”is the best option on the entire coast.


Room stock

Club hotel consists of 5 cottages (chalets), which have everything you need for a comfortable country holiday. Each is made according to an individual design and has a unique set of furniture and accessories. Renting a family or company such a house, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air of the reserve “Kupriyanova Slit” and sleep well. Walk in the forest along well-maintained paths, swim in the pond and sunbathe, fish and cook food. Also, this secluded place is suitable for romantic dates, holidays with children, picnics with friends. For guests’ cars there is a guarded parking with fixation by surveillance cameras.

Rent a chalet for a day (room 1) for 2 adults and 2 children costs 18,000 rubles. It is cheaper than a room in a five-star hotel. The area of the chalet is 130 m2 and the terrace is 20 m2. Two bedrooms, bathroom with toilet and shower. Cozy living room, kitchen, equipped with everything you need. The interior in the style of “alpine house” looks organic, and comfortable furniture provides a comfortable stay. The price includes bed linen, bathrobes, slippers, shampoos, soap and other accessories. The house has air conditioning, safe, plasma with cable TV, Wi-fi, electric kettle, iron with board, refrigerator, hairdryer, orthopedic mattresses. Included in the price and breakfast in the restaurant of haute cuisine “Cordon”.

Chalet number 5 is the most expensive option of all (36,000 rubles / day) and is designed for rest for 4-6 adults. In 140 m2 there is a sauna, a living-dining room, a sleeping room and a “wet” area. Here is an even more expensive and exquisite design.

The main convenience lies in the fact that in such a cottage there is everything for a country holiday, you do not need to equip yourself as in an expedition. It remains only to bring food with you and you can relax without thinking about the little things. The beauty of the nature of this wonderful place is not conveyed by words – see the photo, and better the video on YouTube.

Reference: the season begins in this place with the first May holidays and ends in mid-October. At this time, a large flow of guests is expected. Book your holiday in advance!

Meals & Restaurant

The interior of the institution is decorated in the style of “Provence”. An open terrace with stunning views of the panorama of the gorge and a pond where trout frolic in the clear water.

The extensive menu is replete with rare ingredients for our refrigerators: smoked bone marrow, jonjoli, roquefort cheese truffles, cancer shell sauce, etc. You can also taste cappuccino soup, blanched oysters in Sichuan peppers, crab cheesecakes, and for dessert chocolate fondant with miso-ganache.

Arsen Avetisov, an experienced chef of the restaurant, a great master in the preparation of meat dishes. Personally prepares three types of sausages according to Italian technology from beef, lamb and pork. Makes cheeses, quasi watermelons and lemons. Arsene recommends trying a sharp tar-tar on a pear. Its secret is in a special pepper sauce, which is prepared from vegetables and infused for 3 weeks.

Much attention is paid to the serving of food: fillings, sauces, creams, emulsions. And various original decorations made of chard, watercress, fennel and other greens.

Very tasty pastries and bread from the bakery. I especially liked that they serve on the table in a warm form. The cookies from the chef were offered just out of the oven and turned out to be incredibly delicious.

Prices for dishes of author’s cuisine correspond to the restaurant of the average hand in Moscow. But the quality of food is much higher, because TheCordoncertainly has more opportunities. This is its own freshly caught delicious fish, a vegetable garden with herbs and rare vegetables, where the cook only needs to go out into the yard to cut fresh herbs. Famous producers of the Kuban supply here selected varieties of meat, poultry, as well as vegetables, cheeses, dairy products. Add to this your bakery, wine cellar, seafood from local fishermen. Moscow chefs do not have such supplies, so the products in the “Cordon” are better than those in Moscow, and the prices are lower. This restaurant is considered one of the best on the entire coast.

The wine list is represented by bottles from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont and other regions of France and Italy. There are Spanish and Austrian wines. Aging from 10 years. Ask the waiters for details to choose a drink to your taste.

The quality of service and maintenance meets European standards. If there is a desire to visit this place, it is advisable to book a table in advance, because. there are enough people who want to dine here (especially in season).

The price of renting a chalet includes breakfast in the restaurant. It should be mentioned separately, because. we have never tried such a breakfast anywhere. The main course to choose from, we brought an omelet with tender vegetables from the chef. Slices, salads, fragrant tea or coffee beans. Food is restaurant, unlike breakfasts in chain hotels. Brought several types of butter: herring, herbal, garlic. Hot dishes and salads are prepared “straight from the knife”, bread with grains and nuts from the bakery. A choice of juices, brews, vitamin compote of basil, lemonade from regan.

Leisure and entertainment

Picnic in the forest

It is very popular to hold picnics in the forest with a company of 5-20 people, as a rule, during daylight hours. The rental price, in addition to the selected picnic shelter, includes dishes, fishing rods, catamaran, napkins, shampoos and other necessary trifles. It is necessary to take only food and clothes with you.

There is a multifunctional kitchen with a wood-burning stove, barbecue, barbecue, electric oven and the necessary accessories for cooking all kinds of kebabs, pilaf, soups, salads and other dishes. Here, for example, you can cook fish caught in the lake. It is also possible to order ready meals from the restaurant with free delivery to the place. There is a warm lounge, a heated hot tub, a large veranda, an equipped kitchen, a bridge for diving into the pond.

Three picnic areas with different entourage, design, filling and price. “Shalash” – a building for 8 people worth 20,000 rubles. “Hut” – 8 people for 20,000 rubles. “Hut” – 6 persons for 12000 rubles. Increase in the number of guests – 2000 rubles per person.

The proposed buildings for a picnic are inhabited, with a thoughtful design of stone, wood and of different species. Ponds with clean water are arranged along the banks for walking, fishing and swimming. Many bridges, benches, decorative elements make up a single landscape with a virgin forest. A small waterfall makes a nice noise, reflecting the sound down the gorge. Hedgehogs, raccoons, butterflies, mosquitoes and other animals fill this forest. Raccoons often approach vacationers and demand bread. Don’t forget the mosquito spray.

It’s interesting! Not far from the gorge is one of the dachas of President Boris Yeltsin. They say that Boris Nikolaevich loved to relax in the local climate. Who is now the owner of this cottage is unknown.

Sturgeon fishing

In the lakes of the country club“Cordon”breed carp, trout, sturgeon and sterlet. Accordingly, you can catch these types of fish, where each individual costs money for catching. Trout 1400 rubles, sturgeon 2200 rubles per kilogram (prices may change, so check with the manager in advance). Here the catch can be personally prepared in any form: bake, boil, fry, smoke. And you can entrust this pleasant business to the staff of the club. It is recommended to additionally order trout of your own salting with potatoes in the restaurant. This dish, and even under a glass of something beloved, will decorate any fishing.

If we talk about fishing, then here is one of the few places in Russia where there is an opportunity to catch sturgeon or sterlet on a fishing rod without risking falling into the hands of the fish supervision or the police.

If you are going here for fishing, our advice is to bring gear with you, because. it will help you save. In addition, their gear is always more familiar and comfortable than others. And no need to worry about their safety.

The water in the lake is clean, spring, in summer it warms up to +20-22. Depth from 2 to 6 meters. It is fed by a duct flowing down from a mountain called “Flat”.

Bath complex

For those who like to steam themselves with a broom, a comfortable bath complex has been built. The main advantage here is that there will be no one else in the bath except you. The whole complex with the adjacent territory is rented at once for at least half a day. The price includes: brooms, slippers, towels and other accessories. Also free of charge is attached mineral water, herbal tea with jam, branded drink from sage, boiled potatoes with pickles from the restaurant. In addition to the main building, the complex includes its own pond for swimming and fishing, an equipped area for walking and communicating with nature. The standard price for half a day of rest is 18,000 rubles for 6 people, and for three 12,000. Nuances and additions are discussed with the manager by phone. For example, there is a discount for rent for 12 people. The final price for a full day will be 32 thousand instead of 36.

Historical background! In this area, having come to visit the party boss of Gelendzhik, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev managed to catch a pike weighing about 20 kilograms. Currently, pike are not found in these places.

Romantic meeting

This place is very well suited for a marriage proposal or just a romantic meeting with a girl. Stroll through the territory, explore the beauty and neatness of the landscape, sit at a table in the restaurant with a glass of sparkling waterfall, breathing in the fresh mountain air and… Make an offer to your chosen one. And then, inspired by unconditional consent, remove one of the chalets for the night to consolidate the exciting and long-awaited moment in the life of lovers.

Birthday and corporate party

It is not a bad idea to celebrate a birthday or corporate party in this expensive, but very beautiful place. To do this, you do not need to order a chalet for the night. The best option is to choose one of four buildings for a picnic: “hut”, “hut”, “hut” or bath complex. Negotiate a discount for a large number of guests. Bring alcohol, marinated meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. Guests will appreciate the beauty of this place and the convenience of relaxation. The final cost of the event will be quite uplifting, if you approach the matter wisely.

Possibilities of rest with children

For children there is a lot of entertainment, in addition to fishing, baths and walks. Small children’s playground. Catamaran riding, picking up strawberries, mushrooms and berries in season. Archery (with suction cups). Free feeding of sturgeon and trout. Kindling a fireplace or cooking barbecue. All this “under the smell of lavender and the singing of birds,” as one of the guests of this place put it in the review.




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