Chalet-hotel Taiga cottages Zvenigorod

The Moscow region is rich in picturesque places, well known to thousands of Russian tourists. Zvenigorod – one of the small cities near Moscow, which is home to more than 22 thousand people (data for 2020), – is in demand among travelers who prefer health and active recreation surrounded by natural landscapes.

Zvenigorod and its surroundings, where guests receive more than 30 boarding houses, hotels, sanatoriums and rest homes, are often called “Russian Switzerland”. It is in this area that the eco-hotel“Taiga Dachas”is located, offering a comfortable stay surrounded by picturesque forests near Moscow in cozy chalet houses and spacious apartments.

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Location of the hotel complex

Chalet-hotel“Taiga dachas”is located to the west of the Russian capital. The hotel complex began to receive vacationers from September 2012 Chalet-hotel is located in the western part of Zvenigorod. Tourists get to the “Taiga dachas” in four ways:

  • by taxi;
  • shuttle bus;
  • own car;
  • by train.

More information. All modes of transport arrive at the stop closest to the chalet hotel – the holiday home “Svyazist”. Bus number 425 goes from the Moscow metro “Kuntsevskaya” to the railway station “Zvenigorod”, then – transfer to buses No. 23 or 51. Trains depart from the Belorussky railway station also to the station “Zvenigorod”. Motorists get to the hotel complex on one of the two highways coming from the capital: Mozhaisk or Novorizhsky.

The main advantage of the location of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” is the proximity of the dense forests of the Moscow region, which creates a sense of privacy, rapprochement with nature and remoteness from noisy cities. Distance from the hotel complex to the objects most significant for tourists:

  • to the Moskva River – 644 m;
  • stop rest house “Svyazist” – 696 m;
  • Sheremetyevo Airport – 67 km;
  • Zvenigorod center – 2,2 km;
  • MKAD – 46 km;
  • Vnukovo Airport – 47 km.

Review. Valery Mamleev, Moscow. Chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” was chosen with his wife and family friend intentionally. I really wanted to relax in nature, fish, breathe fresh forest air. Rest did not disappoint. The staff is very accommodating, smiling and helpful. Beautiful scenic area. The hotel is located on the territory of the city, but it is not felt at all. We all had the feeling that city life was flowing somewhere far away from us.

Room stock

“Taiga dachas” is a modern hotel complex offering vacationers a wide selection of rooms from two types: separate chalet houses (cottages) built without a single nail, and spacious apartments in a modern comfortable hotel.

Most of the buildings are built on the type of bungalows, popular among tourists. During the construction of wooden houses, the technology of ancient Russian masters was used. Chalet-hotel“Taiga dachas”offers accommodation in 68 rooms of different categories:


total area

(sq. m.)

capacity (number of guests)Bedcost

(in rubles for 1 night for 2 vacationers)

standard 2821 double9600
improved3431 double10 800
Junior suite4041 sofa bed and 1 double bed11 200
Junior Suite “comfort”4041 double bed and sofa bed11 500
Junior Suite with Fireplace4042 double16 600
lux7552 double17 100
Junior Suite with Terrace404sofa bed and 1 double bed14 100

Pay attention! Here are the current prices for mid-May 2021 The cost may differ from the indicated depending on which cottage the proposed premises are located. Details of the prices can be found on the official website of the hotel “Taiga dachas”. For guests in the rooms it is possible to install an extra bed. The service is paid separately. The cost is from 1200 rubles per night. Children who are under 3 years old stay in the hotel “Taiga Dachas” free of charge.

Room facilities and hotel services

Each room of the hotel overlooks the picturesque garden, where coniferous and deciduous trees grow. The rooms have everything you need to make guests feel comfortable away from civilization:

  • bath or shower;
  • balcony;
  • a flat-screen TV with federal and satellite channels;
  • soft chair;
  • appliances and utensils for tea making;
  • mini-bar.

In the rooms “luxury” and “junior suite” – with a fireplace or terrace, as well as the category “comfort” – two hotel rooms are equipped: a homely cozy living room and a comfortable bedroom. Vacationers for an additional fee are given the opportunity to rent a variety of household items and sports equipment:

  • microwave oven;
  • refrigerator;
  • barbecue;
  • DVD;
  • scooter;
  • bicycle;
  • electric stove;
  • ATV, including children’s;
  • skates, clubs, balls, puck, sledge, snowmobile and skis;
  • checkers, backgammon, chess, dominoes;
  • baby bed for young guests over 3 years old.

The cost of rent in detail can be found on the website of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas”. Vacationers enjoy a wide range of services provided by the hotel complex:

  • private transfers can be arranged; experienced drivers will take them to the door of the hotel from the airport;
  • ask for a pet bowl or a crib for a baby.
  • visit the mini-market on the territory of the hotel, where you can buy the necessary products at low prices;
  • if you wish to order food delivery to the room;
  • leave your own car in the street parking lot; the service is free of charge.

For business people on the territory of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” there are several platforms for seminars, negotiations, trainings, corporate and other events. The cost of the service for three hours of renting the hall is from 15 to 60 thousand rubles (2021). For successful business events, participants are provided with the necessary equipment:

  • microphones;
  • screen;
  • speakers;
  • flipchart;
  • sound ampliving equipment;
  • LCD projector.

For the provided equipment, a fee is charged – from 200 to 8 thousand rubles. Prices are valid for the entire season of 2021 Events are held in several halls:

  • Large;
  • Red;
  • Mirror;
  • “Library”;
  • “Philosopher”;
  • Ballroom;
  • “Zucchini”.

Important! Check-in to the hotel starts from 14:00. Check-out is due before 12:00. If necessary, guests can agree with the administration of the hotel “Taiga dachas” about another time, more convenient for them. Smoking is possible only in places specially designated for lovers of this activity. Pets must be approved in the hotel rooms in advance with the property.

Country cottages

Apartments of the hotel complex “Taiga dachas” are located in the art-hotel “Maple”. Chalet houses are represented by separate wooden buildings, where guests will find all the necessary equipment and furniture for a comfortable stay. The cost, relevant for May 2021, begins with the following prices for one day for two vacationers (in rubles):

  • cottage “Hedgehog” – 2400;
  • outbuilding – 2800;
  • art-hotel “Maple” – 7800;
  • art-house – 5800;
  • “Chekhov Dacha” – 6000;
  • Arkhangelsk Dacha – 16 000;
  • “Lesnaya Sloboda” – 32 000;
  • “Hunting Sloboda” – 43 000;
  • “Taiga Sloboda” – 70 000.

Review. Anna Voloshina, Tver. Rested in the hotel “Taiga dachas” in the winter of 2021 Chose it by chance. I wanted to relax in the cold winter in a well-equipped warm dacha. This option seemed worthy to us. They lived at the Chekhov Dacha. Cozy rooms, terrace, picturesque views of tall spruces, birches, aspens and other trees growing on the territory of the hotel. The only disadvantage that we have to mention is the rather high cost of services.

Meals and restaurants

Chalet-hotel“Taiga dachas”will surprise guests with a wide selection of gastronomic establishments operating on the territory of the hotel complex. The menu of “Twelve Months” – the main restaurant – offers dishes of European and Russian cuisine at affordable prices (the cost relevant for 2021 is given in rubles):

  • Italian and French wines – 2800–16 200 (750 ml);
  • hot dishes – 300–800;
  • side dishes – 150–350;
  • soups – 350–500;
  • dishes on the grill – 450–1500;
  • desserts – 140–450.

Chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” offers guests, depending on their desires and goals, to choose a certain hall or area for meals, a romantic dinner, birthday celebration or other important event:

number of halls or venuescapacity

(number of people)

price for 3 hours of rental


kebab glades123–15from 3 thousand.
open glades1215–200from 8 thousand.
areas for a romantic dinner8up to 35from 20 thousand.
halls in the art-hotel “Maple”3

(“Red”, “Green”,

«12 months»

up to 80from 3 thousand.
art-house halls2up to 40from 25 thousand.
Halls of the “Club”8from 40 to 200from 8 to 60 thousand.

Pay attention! The table shows the prices current for the whole of 2021 Breakfasts in the restaurant “12 months” can be included in the price at the request of guests of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas”. A special menu has been developed for children. A high chair is provided free of charge for kids.

At the request of the guests of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” for them can be organized service in the houses. The chefs will prepare a delicious lunch or dinner. Waiters serve tables and serve customers. The cost of the service is from 800 to 3 thousand rubles for one hour of quality service.

Review. Valeria Semenova, Dubna. We – my husband and I – stayed at the Taiga Dacha Chalet Hotel on the advice of our friends who were already here. The main advantages of the hotel: location away from noisy places surrounded by forests, comfortable houses, a large selection of dishes in restaurants and a variety of recreation for every taste. My husband, a big fan of barbecue, was very pleased with the opportunity to have a picnic for our new friends in a specially equipped glade. A week of vacation flew by very quickly. The main thing is to spend time with benefit and interesting.

Rest in chalet-hotel

The administration of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” has taken care to provide vacationers with a wide range of leisure opportunities. Guests will not have the desire to leave the territory for the sake of finding entertainment. The variety of available activities will suit any tourist:

  • quad biking, bicycles and motorcycles;
  • volleyball, table tennis, paintball and basketball;
  • horse riding;
  • in the winter months – ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling and skiing, tubing and playing hockey;
  • archery in the shooting range;
  • organization of picnics in the glades for barbecue;
  • hiking along forest paths.

Fans of Russian baths and saunas will be satisfied with their stay in the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas”. For them on the territory of the hotel complex is equipped with several rooms:

  • nine baths – herbalist, pine, white, linden, royal, black, gold, two house;
  • saunas that can accommodate up to 30 people;
  • fonts: warm with herbs and cold.

More information. Visiting baths, saunas and hot tubs is paid. The cost of rest in the baths for 2 hours for 2 people – from 6 thousand to 60 thousand rubles In saunas – from 12 thousand rubles The use of a cold font – 3 thousand rubles, warm – 4 thousand rubles From 19:00 to 22:00 to 22:00 to the cost set for the use of baths, 20% is added, from 22:00 to 10:00 – 50%. The price includes the rental of brooms, towels, slippers, sheets, as well as treats: jam and tea with honey.

For guests of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas”, who do not think of their rest in nature without water procedures, swimming and swimming, two swimming pools are equipped: outdoor and indoor. The cost of visiting depends on the number of people and the time during which guests relax, having fun in the water. Current prices in 2021 – from 800 p. Outdoor pool is open in the summer from 10:00 to 18:00, closed throughout the year – around the clock.

Will not be disappointed with the rest in the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” and lovers of spa treatments and massages. The spread of cost is from 1500 to 6 thousand rubles per session. The list of current prices for specific services is presented on the hotel’s website. Guests can book a variety of treatments:

  • massage: acupressure (Japanese), honey, relaxing, manual and others;
  • peels: coffee, herbal, cereal, salt;
  • wraps: honey, mud, chocolate;
  • Old Church Slavonic soaring.

No less wide range of activities for fans of master classes and quests. The cost of participation is from 650 to 12 thousand rubles per person. The price directly depends on the number of participants and the duration of the exciting and useful lesson. In the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” guests can choose the most interesting for them master classes:

  • Carpentry:
  • pottery;
  • furniture design;
  • drawing on stones;
  • blacksmithing;
  • cooking ear on a fire;
  • baking bread in a Russian oven.

For connoisseurs of applied art, ancient architecture and Russian painting, there are also classes inside the country complex. On the territory of the hotel “Taiga dachas” there are several small chalet museums:

  • “Christmas tree toys” with original samples of Christmas decorations;
  • “Russian ovens and bread”, where you can get acquainted with the process of cooking bread products, rare recipes and the history of Russian ovens;
  • “Words” – in a small hall old Soviet newspapers, magazines, as well as antique books are exhibited;
  • “Firewood”, where you can see stacked with large stacks of wood and learn about the varieties of wood and ways to store it;
  • Lego is a museum that includes such sets as Creator, Star Wars, Millennium, “The House of the Simpsons”;
  • “Ancient Russian baths”, which presents the equipment of real baths, characteristic of Russia;
  • Museum of fireplaces, which has several old fireplaces;
  • “Return to the USSR” – here are household items, once well known to every resident of the Soviet Union;
  • “Wooden architecture” – about the history of the construction of wooden structures in the Russian village;
  • “Hedgehogs” – in the halls of this museum, kids are happy to consider the figures of forest hedgehogs made of a variety of materials;
  • “Traditional Russian crafts” – here you can see how professional blacksmiths and potters work.

More information. Guests of the “Taiga Dachas” can visit the chalet-museums on their own or by choosing one of the excursion programs. You can find out about the working hours of each institution on the hotel’s website or directly on the spot – from the staff.

Review. Alexander Baryshkin, Rostov. Last summer had a great summer weekend in the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas”. Rested with a company of five people. I was pleased with the variety of active activities: football, two swimming pools, a bicycle, a bath, ATVs, a shooting range. The excursions seemed expensive. We decided to see Zvenigorod ourselves. Cute town.

Recreational opportunities for children

Young guests of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” will not be bored and bore parents with questions about what to do. For children and adolescents there are many leisure opportunities:

  • skiing or tubing in winter;
  • games on a well-equipped outdoor playground;
  • swimming in the pools with parents and separately;
  • participation in master classes;
  • visiting museums: “Hedgehogs”, Lego and “Christmas Tree Toys”;
  • riding on children’s scooters, ATVs and bicycles;
  • horse riding training;
  • quizzes, contests and competitions in the play area in a specially equipped hall.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Zvenigorod – a small town where the “Taiga dachas” are located – is not rich in historical, sacred and cultural objects. Not far from the chalet hotel there are five well-preserved temples and a monastery:

  • Assumption Cathedral;
  • three churches: Rozhdestvenskaya and two Nikolsky – on Moskovskaya Street and on the banks of the Storozhka River;
  • Savvin Skete;
  • Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery.

Guests of the chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” order organized events in the hotel at the reception desk. Vacationers are offered several excursion programs:

  • “Wooden architecture” with a visit to craft workshops;
  • acquaintance with the apartments of the chalet-hotel;
  • cognitive walk around Zvenigorod with a visit to the Assumption Cathedral;
  • inspection of chalet houses of the hotel complex;
  • separate excursion to the Assumption Sobr.

More information. The duration of each excursion is from 1 to 1.5 hours. The cost for one participant is from 800 rubles. the Price depends on the number of people in the group.

Chalet-hotel “Taiga dachas” – the best ecological hotel in the Moscow region

For those tourists who dream of a few days of pleasant and diverse pastime in nature away from the city streets, overloaded with transport, one of the best options is the chalet-hotel “Taiga Dachas”. Here travelers are waiting for cozy cottages and stylish rooms, as well as fresh forest air, soaked in a delicate coniferous aroma. A wide range of entertainment, delicious restaurant dishes and friendly staff are no less important advantages in favor ofchoosing “Taiga dachas”for a country holiday.

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