AYS Design Hotel Rosa Khutor

Among the hotels of Rosa Khutor – the world-famous winter resort of Russia – stands out a group of hotels best suited for passionate fans of ski holidays. One of them is the AYS Design Hotel. The modern design hotel is designed for active tourists, young people and couples who prefer winter recreation.



Historical background about AYS Design Hotel

In 2008, Latif Sattarov and Konstantin Koshkin, two Novosibirsk entrepreneurs, founded AYS Group. In a relatively short period, businessmen together with their team created a network of restaurants, cafes and hotels in Moscow, Sheregesh,Rosa Khutor and Altai. In 2014, for the Olympic Games in Sochi and the surrounding area, many different facilities were built, including hotels for professional athletes. At the end of the international competitions, K. Koshkin and L. Sattarov became the owners of three hotels in Rosa Khutor and carried out a large-scale reconstruction in them. AYS Design Hotel is one of these hotels opened in 2016.

Hotel Location

The advantage of AYS Design Hotel is a good location in the Mountain Olympic Village on Rosa Plateau in close proximity to the ski slopes. From the center of Estosadka – the nearest resort village – the hotel is separated by 8.8 km in a straight line or about 11 km, if you go along the Alpine highway. The hotel officially belongs to Estosadku. The distance from AYS Design to the nearest airport in Adler is 39.2 km. The height at which the hotel is located is 1170 m. From the station “Rosa Dolina” (560 m), located in Estosadka, to the “Rose Plateau” can be reached by “Olympia” – a lift that covers a distance of 2260 m.

Hotel features and rooms

For guests of AYS Design Hotel there are 156 design rooms. Talented artists tried to give each room an individual style by painting the walls with original graffiti. In the hotel there is not a single identically decorated room. Graffiti themes are very different:

  • heroes of foreign TV series;
  • world-famous musicians;
  • characters of Soviet or foreign cartoons and comics;
  • well-known buildings of the capitals of the world;
  • unusual patterns and witty phrases, the authorship of which belongs to famous artists, writers or poets.

Importantly! Check-in at the AYS Design Hotel starts at 19:00. Check-out is made from 17:00. If necessary, early check-in is possible. Hotel staff can go to meet the wishes of the resort guests.

Vacationers live in rooms where the images on the walls help to distract from the daily bustle. Some of the tourists are among the heroes of “Game of Thrones”. Others spend time surrounded by musicians from the Beatles. Still others find themselves in the fantastic world of the heroes of the famous “Avatar” by American film director James Cameron. Children rejoice in the cheerful images of Carlson and other fairy-tale heroes. Listing all the graffiti subjects can be time-consuming.

Tourists vacationing in AYS Designare pleased with the view from the high windows of the rooms. Guests are happy to go out on the balcony and for a long time look at the mountain slopes, overgrown with relict forests and covered with snow. In the hotel, vacationers can choose one of four types of rooms:

  • double in the block; total area – 12 or 18 sq. m.;
  • two-room junior suite – 26 and 17.7 sq. m.;
  • standard – 20 or 22 sq. m.;
  • six-bed room in the style of a hostel of two rooms – 25 and 15 sq. m.

Note! The cost of living for two guests of AYS Design Hotel, depending on the roomcategory, is from 2300 to 19 440 thousand rubles. for one day. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Prices are current for mid-December 2020.

Each room of the hotel, regardless of category, is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of guests:

  • one double or two single beds;
  • combined bathroom – guests can use the toilet and shower;
  • wardrobe;
  • two bedside tables;
  • a chair and a table;
  • a set of towels;
  • wall mirror;
  • stationary hair dryer;
  • Toiletries.

The Junior Suite and Standard Room have a small fridge. Guests can make tea using a set of kitchenware and an electric kettle. In the six-bed room for the convenience of vacationers there are two combined bathrooms.

If necessary, you can ask the property about an extra bed. A separate fee is charged for this. The block can have 2, 3 or 4 numbers. Pets are allowed in the hotel. A TV is available in the standard rooms. In the decoration of the rooms, materials were used, thanks to which guests are saved from the appearance of allergies to dust, odors and other unpleasant phenomena. The list of services in AYS Design Hotel will suit even picky tourists:

  • you can contact the staff at the reception at any time of the day;
  • Free wireless Internet is available in all rooms;
  • the staff will help to solve any problems, choose an excursion, change the room, book a transfer from the airport to the hotel and back;
  • ski equipment can be dried on the ground floor of the hotel at a special counter;
  • a free shuttle, which runs every 10-20 minutes, will take tourists from the hotel to the nearest ski lift;
  • you can move from floor to floor of the hotel by elevator;
  • skis are stored in a specially equipped room.

Vladimir Serov, Moscow. “I was vacationing with my wife at the AYS Design Hotel in October this year. When we entered the hotel, we received cards in order to use the Olympia lift for free, which is very convenient. Our room was in the block. Everything is very clean and, without exaggeration, homely. We were pleased with the cheerful graffiti on the walls of the room. The location of the hotel is excellent. We walked to the ski lift. It took no more than 10 minutes. From the balcony common to the rooms of the block, you can admire the impressive views, especially beautiful in sunny weather: snow-covered mountains, forests, a valley. I can’t say anything bad about the hotel staff. They responded to any request, explained the routes, suggested how to get to a specific place.”

Meals at the hotel

Tourists who choose to stay AYS Design Hotelwill be satisfied with the level of service and quality of dishes in the two cafes, bar and restaurant used by hotel guests. Each of the four establishments has its own characteristics:

  1. AYS Kitchen is a small cozy café that offers Russian and international cuisine. The products are always fresh, the food is natural and delicious. A separate menu has been developed for children.
  2. “Pear” is a restaurant of modern author’s cuisine. Meat and fish dishes are prepared before the eyes of visitors on an open fire. The products are supplied by local farmers and are of high quality. For young visitors of the restaurant a special menu is offered. From the panoramic windows of “Pears” offer magnificent views of the snow-capped mountain slopes.
  3. AYS Café is a stylish café where hotel guests have breakfast. Visitors can choose one of the varieties of dishes: French, Swedish, Russian, vegetarian or English plate. The menu offers delicious pancakes with a variety of fillings, croissants baked according to original recipes, tender cheesecakes and much more. A professional barista will cook aromatic coffee or herbal tea. For passionate lovers of a quality foamy drink, there are several varieties of craft beer.
  4. Boogel Woogel is a youth bar named after the ski carnival. The institution attracts lovers of incendiary parties. There is often live music. Visitors enjoy playing jengu (fantas), fulfilling wishes written on wooden blocks.

More information. Boogel Woogel and Pear are located in separate buildings. The bar is located on Sulimovka Street, 290 m from AYS Design Hotel. Restaurant – on Medoveya street, 730 m from the hotel.

Elena Kovalenko, Yekaterinburg. “I was lucky enough to stay at the AYS Design Hotel in early 2020 and was vacationing with my husband and 6-year-old child. The staff is helpful. The rooms are cozy and clean. Breakfasts were especially pleased. A wide selection of delicious and hearty dishes. Excellent croissants. The waiters are very friendly and smiling. Breakfasts, by the way, were paid for with chips that we were given at the reception. It was cheaper. Near the hotel there are many other beautiful hotels, several cafes and restaurants.”

Activities & Entertainment

Tourists come to winter Rosa Khutor for snowboarding and downhill skiing. Guests of the AYS Design Hotel – active young people – will be able to fully enjoy their favorite pastime. Near the hotel in the mountain cluster there are several ski slopes:

  • Rose Blade and Turin 06 are blue;
  • Plateau, Chalet and Juventa are green;
  • Rose Star is red.

In the vicinity of the Mountain Olympic Village there is a track for tubing (sledding), as well as two special slopes: children’s and educational. Within walking distance from the hotel for the convenience of amateur athletes are equipped with lifts:

  • Rose Plateau;
  • Protected forest;
  • Chalet;
  • Rose Valley;
  • Tübing;
  • Juventa;
  • Olympia.

For fans of challenging skiing, the doors of the extreme park, located 1.6 km from AYS Design – 20 minutes on foot, are open. It is here that the most difficult tracks pass: Rose Blade and Rose Star. The park is especially in demand among freeride lovers. Rosa Plateau is rich in other entertainments that are not related to skiing, but give guests of the resort the opportunity to fully and variedly relax:

  1. Flacon 1170 – a design factory and cultural and entertainment center – is located in the immediate vicinity of the AYS Design Hotel. From the entrance to the hotel to the “Flacon” – 50 m. In the spacious halls of the design plant, guests of the resort can become visitors to art exhibitions, listeners of informative lectures, spectators of concerts of contemporary music. For sports enthusiasts, the doors of the fitness room are open. In the building of the design factory there are “Cinema in the mountains”, a bistro, a coffee shop, a library, a tea room and several cafes. DJs of the music studio “1170 Records” regularly organize dance evenings.
  2. The cable car, stretching from the station “Rose Plateau” to “Rose Peak”, will take tourists to a spacious observation deck. From there there are wonderful views of the picturesque surroundings. The height at which the observation deck is located is 2320 m. The length of the track, which a convenient cabin with passengers overcomes with a transfer, is 3.74 km.
  3. “Olgiz” – a pottery workshop – is located near the restaurant “Pear” on Medoveya Street. Every tourist can try his hand at making and painting clay products. Experienced craftsmen will help guests of the resort to learn how to work on a real potter’s wheel.
  4. Husky Khutor – a sports and riding camp – is located next to the Rosa Stadium. Here you can ride a fast dog sled. Experienced instructors will help to make one or two laps. In the first case, the length of the route is 1 km, in the second – 2 km. From AYS Design Hotel to Husky Khutor is 2.26 km.

More information. The cost of one lap of dog sledding – 2000 rubles, two laps – 3500 rubles For children, respectively, – 2500 and 1500 rubles.

Children’s rest

Young tourists staying with their parents at the AYS Design Hotelwill not be bored at the resort and prevent adults from enjoying their winter holidays. On Rosa Plateau, the doors of Riders Kids are open for children – a school where experienced instructors teach young tourists snowboarding and skiing. The program includes classes consisting of 8 levels, during which the skill of young amateur athletes grows.

For fans of high speeds on the Rose Plateau is equipped with Rodelbahn. A popular attraction for children is a sled lying along a long rail track. Brave souls move at a speed of 40 km / h. The route includes three rings. At the same time, you can not only rush on a sleigh, but also admire the panorama of the picturesque surroundings.

In Rose Valley on the Lavender waterfront, the doors of the Penguin are open for young fans of figure skating and playing hockey. On this modern indoor ice rink, classes are organized for those children who do not hold up well on the ice. Adult tourists are also happy to visit the “Penguin”. From AYS Design, Rose Valley can be reached by cable car from Rosa Plateau.

Sights and excursions

Rest at the resort is not limited to winter entertainment. Guests of the AYS Design hotel enjoy discovering local attractions. This can be done independently or by joining an exciting excursion. The list of the most popular objects where vacationers tend to visit is very diverse:

  • “My Russia” is a cultural and ethnographic center occupying an area of 3.3 hectares; the pavilions built in this complex are stylized as several regions of the country; in the buildings you can easily distinguish the architectural styles of St. Petersburg, Suzdal, Kazan, Moscow, the Caucasus and other places;
  • “Sovarium” is a compact zoo where visitors get acquainted with the life of owls, falcons, kites, imperial eagles, eared owls and other birds of prey;
  • The House-Museum of Anton Tammsaare, an outstanding Estonian playwright and writer who was treated for tuberculosis in Estosadka in 1912;
  • “Galaktika” is a large social and cultural complex, which is equipped with a water park with four water slides, a 3 D cinema, an ice arena, bowling and billiards halls;
  • The Museum of Archaeology, which presents unique artifacts found in the vicinity of Sochi as a result of large-scale excavations carried out before the construction of Olympic facilities.

Important! Excursions can be booked at the hotel at the reception desk or in advance on the websites of travel companies: “Excursions to Sochi”, “All Year Round”, “Hotelrus” or “Planet of Excursions”.

An unforgettable holiday

A few days of rest in the AYS Design Hotel will certainly bring guests of the hotel a lot of pleasant impressions. Originally decorated hotel rooms, delicious and hearty breakfasts, a variety of leisure activities, beautiful nature and fresh mountain air – all this will make a holiday in Rosa Khutor unforgettable. The AYS Design Hotel is a place where tourists will want to stay many more times.


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