The best recreation centers of the Samara region for the New Year

The Samara region is a place with a rich history, beautiful landscapes and all kinds of entertainment at any time of the year. Winter here is the most real, “Russian”: snowy and cold, it is a time for sledding, skiing, skating and snowboarding. The Zhiguli Mountains were chosen by professional skiers, and cross-country skiing is skied in the local forests. Outside the city arrange walks on dog sleds, on a sleigh drawn by horses.

New Year promises to be bright and memorable. Holidays, festivals, cultural and sports events are planned. Come to the Samara region on a winter vacation, you will like it!

KISLOROD Country Club

Club “Oxygen” is located on the White Lake, in a very picturesque place. The complex consists of hotel rooms and cottages, gazebos for outdoor recreation at any time of the year. A well-groomed large area often becomes a platform for events and holidays.

The hotel offers 5 cottages:

  • Cottage No1 with a living room, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen area for 4 guests;
  • cottage No2 with 8 rooms, laundry, banquet hall and living room for 20 guests;
  • cottage No3 with kitchen, living room, several rooms and 2 bathrooms;
  • Cottage No. 4 for 4 guests with 2 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen;
  • cottage No5 also for 4 people.

Meals are not included in the accommodation, you can prepare your own in the kitchen (there is no stove, there is a microwave) or in the common area, visit the restaurant.

The country club has a Russian wood-bath for 15 people and a gazebo next to the lake, where you can relax in the fresh air. The bath complex is two-storey, on the first level there are showers, a lounge and a wardrobe, and on the second – a billiard room. Children under 3 years old stay free of charge without a separate bed, but the exception may be the New Year period.




Recreation center “Russian troika”

Numerous recreation centers of the Samara region are always filled with guests, and all thanks to the amazingly picturesque nature throughout the year.

Base “Russian Troika” is located in the Krasnoyarsk district of the Samara region, on the banks of the beautiful Sok River. It is only 50 km from the city, but how quiet it is, and everything is hidden from outsiders. The place is chosen for a measured family holiday, as well as festive banquets.

Guests are very satisfied with the service, attentiveness of the staff and modern rooms for accommodation:

  • standards;
  • family rooms;
  • Bungalow with kitchen-living room and 2 bedrooms for 4 people;
  • houses for 4, 6 and 8 guests with gazebos and barbecue area nearby.

In winter, everyone merrily rides snowmobiles, skis, skates and sleds, and after such active fun, a bath awaits everyone. A relaxing holiday will distract you from everyday work, give energy for the future, and only positive impressions will remain. Celebrating the New Year not in the city, but in nature is a great option, the entire territory of the “Russian Troika” is always beautifully “dressed” with lights, and the smell of the holiday is in the air. Come here with the whole family!



Recreation center “Podstepki House”

A modern tourist center on the banks of the Volga, 100 km from Samara, is located in the village of the same name Podstepki. The hotel complex offers cozy cottagesfor a weekend or longer:

  • Cottage “Norwegian” made of wood, you can live in it all year round, well heated. There is a kitchen-living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with shower. Designed for 4 guests.
  • Cottage “Slavyansky” with a sauna, there is a courtyard with barbecue facilities. Designed for 10 people.
  • Cottage “Berloga” for 2 guests.

The camp site is open all year round for family holidays with children and small outdoor activities. The best chefs cooperate with the base of “Sub-Stepki House”, who will prepare a banquet for your event with satisfaction. On the terraces it is pleasant to spend time not only in the summer, they are insulated and closed, in addition, they stand in the forest. For lovers of steaming there is a small sauna in all large houses. In winter, warm and beautiful houses are very comfortable and cozy, as at home. Come and feel for yourself.



Recreation center “Alpen Park”

The alpine-style recreation center works to ensure that every guest is satisfied: a unique stay in a country hotel at the level of a luxury hotel. And we did not make a reservation, “Alpen Park” is located in the city, but once there you will never think so.

What is offered for accommodation:

  • standard rooms for two;
  • Junior suites;
  • 1 and 2 bedroom suites;
  • Presidential Suite;
  • chalet houses with barbecue areas.

The complex has an indoor pool in the bath complex, a spa center with additional paid services: massage, facial and body treatments, including hardware. The sauna and hammam are open at any time of the year, and the pool is filled with chlorine-free water.

Meals (breakfast) are included for guests in the hotel complex, according to the buffet system, but everyone can purchase it at the rate. The assortment of the restaurant is very unusual and interesting, and guests have a unique chance to take a comprehensive set for the whole day.




Recreation center Slope

Sports Center “Slope” is one of the most famous in Samara, near the village of Malaya Tsarevshchina. Around there are various infrastructure facilities, and at the same time beautiful nature. It is this combination that makes the Slope Central Center a well-known and favorite place to relax. There’s a lot to do in every season, and in winter it’s a great place for skiing.

The ski season opens in December, the equipment of the slopes for adults and children, alpine skiing, snowboards and tubing is checked. Lifts and snow cannons work, employees and instructors monitor compliance with safety measures.

You can start your ski practice on the training slope, where they do it without fear. There is an ice rink and snowmobile trails on site. If you do not have your own equipment, then take it at the rental office. The sports centre’s reception sells ski passes at attractive prices.

The recreation center has a complex with a gym, sauna, swimming pool, restaurants and cafes.



Recreation center “Proran”

Chalet “Proran” is unusual, it is built on an island that has several names: Veal, Sandy, Christmas and Pojabny. If guests have reached the island, it means that they want to retire to nature and relax from the city. The zone is almost reserved and clean, here you can meet turtles and rare animals from the Red Book. The village of Proran and the recreation center of the same name stand in a coniferous forest, away from the roads, and it is very useful to be here even for a few days.

Accommodation at this camp site is not just renting a house, but also a whole range of relaxing, sports and entertainment activities, while the complex is very comfortable and convenient in everyday life.

“Proran” is located just a kilometer from Samara, that is, you can live here, and on business to get quite quickly. It offers 24 wooden houses with a capacity of up to 8 people. Each has three bedrooms, a living room and bathrooms with shower. Children under 6 years old stay free of charge without a separate bed.

A large area allows you to hold winter competitions, go sledding and tubing, organize winter fishing.



Hotel complex Park Hotel

The luxurious “Park Hotel” in Samara offers accommodation with a view of the Zhiguli Mountains, the Volga expanses and a lush pine forest. Breakfast is included in the buffet concept and is accompanied by live music.

You can make your stay pleasant and useful in the sauna and spa complex of the hotel. Relax here with the whole family or with friends. When renting a sauna, you get a discount on a cedar phytobab, and fragrant tea will be brought as a gift. Relax, put your body and soul in order on weekends or holidays.

The territory of the complex is well-groomed, there is a landscape park, which even in winter is very pleasant to walk. It has a children’s playground made of environmentally friendly materials and interesting animal figures.

The hotel restaurant overlooking the Zhigulev Mountains is a great place for any holiday, especially the New Year, and you want to meet it in a cozy and beautiful atmosphere. Book hotel rooms and a festive program now and tune in for a great family weekend. It offers spacious halls, delicious cuisine and interesting cocktails from the bar, and most importantly excellent service from the staff will be remembered for the whole coming year.




Family Holiday Club “Snowdrop”

Club “Snowdrop” is called by tourist experts the most popular for country holidays in the Samara region: this is the clean air of the pine forest, the proximity of the great Volga River and excellent service for an affordable price.

The club is located in the city limits of Togliatti and offers several accommodation options:

  • log houses for 4 people;
  • family cottages 2-storey;
  • standard rooms in the hotel;
  • guest house for 8 people.

The modern aqua zone of the club is known throughout the city, and works in such a composition: Jacuzzi and hydromassage, children’s pool with a fountain, phytobar, salt room, Russian bath, sauna, hammam and relaxation room. A visit to the aqua zone is also possible separately from the accommodation, which can be a great gift to your family and friends.

The club has a café and serves a full menu with breakfasts, brunches and grilled dishes. Events are held here, brightly and cheerfully celebrate the New Year!




Recreation center “New Wave”

“New Wave” is a top-class recreation center in the forest on the banks of the Volga. It is located in a beautiful place with pristine nature, but at the same time very close to the city, here you can also actively relax, and not only relax. You are surrounded by the Zhiguli Mountains, centuries-old pine trees and the Volga River.

Where in the “New Wave” you can place:

  • 2-bedroom house for 4 people;
  • 3 bedroom house and a living room for 8 people.

The houses have all the necessary furniture and appliances for living with children, there is a kitchen-dining room, barbecue area, balcony or terrace, bathrooms and bathrooms.

In the “New Wave” there is an excellent fish restaurant with European cuisine and a children’s menu; spacious sauna for up to 15 people with banquet room.

The administration of the recreation center offers guests New Year’s programs with an entertainment show and a banquet on pre-order, and the first people who wish have already begun to book seats. Don’t miss your chance!




Recreation center Dachi Holiday home

Surrounded by mountains and forests, the Country Houses of Dachi are within walking distance of the Sok River. This is a complex of designer houses for recreation, without the provision of hotel services. We offer a 4-bedroom house for 8 people and a townhouse for 4 guests. The houses are perfectly equipped with appliances and modern furniture, everything for everyday life is available, there is an opportunity to cook food yourself, but delivery from the restaurant is possible.

A kilometer from the houses there is a ski slope, the equipment can be rented on site or stored in a special box. Adults are invited to winter fishing, and children to a fun sledding. After a lot of fun outside, warm up in the cozy sauna, swim in the indoor pool or the outdoor bath.




Volzhye Dachi

“Volga Dachas” is a unique private project of country houses on the island, and your adventure will begin with the fact that you will be taken by boat to your house. This is a magical place, and guests will be able to plunge into the world of comfort and beauty. Nature is inspiring here.

The founders of the complex themselves live there almost all year and carefully monitor everything. The island is a water protection zone, and the whole life of country houses is dispensed with without chemicals, and all garbage is taken to the mainland.

There are only 2 houses: large and small townhouses for 6 and 4 people, respectively. Everything is made of natural wood, each has a separate entrance, terrace, fenced barbecue area. The owners of the complex will help to deliver all the necessary products to your table and will make sure that your holiday is spent in tranquility and harmony with nature.




Suburban places of rest in the Samara region are waiting for you for weekends and holidays!

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