The best recreation centers in the Perm region for the New Year

Perhaps the most important value of Perm is its nature: it is beautiful and mysterious, tourists love the region for a great opportunity to relax both body and soul, especially during long holidays. The New Year is just around the corner, and Perm recreation centers are already preparing to receive guests.

Perm Krai is a unique region in nature and history, annually receives a huge number of tourists. Ancient multinational cities are located near picturesque forests and mountains, caves and rocks. Once upon a time, these places were called Perm the Great, and the first mention dates back to the 12th century. The name “Perm” was assigned to the lands on the Upper Kama and was translated as “distant land”. The Perm region has something to be proud of: the ancient history of the nationalities is unique and is still remembered in numerous monuments, shown in museums, and large and small cities develop theatrical art.

Recreation center “Karpovka”

The recreation center is located 90 km from Perm, Karagai district – a famous tourist place. One has only to arrive there, as the beauty of the local lake will open to the eye. To accommodate guests are offered houses of modern architecture and design, You can rent the whole house for the company or rooms separately. The territory is under round-the-clock protection, so parents can be calm for their children. Meals are organized in the restaurant, but room service is possible.

During the New Year holidays in “Karpovka” is very beautiful, and guests are happy to walk around the territory, many are engaged in Nordic walking. Snowmobile and ski rental services are available, and paintball competitions are organised in fine weather. In the covered shooting range will be given to shoot from a crossbow, young people on vacation like it very much.

After activities on the street, it is pleasant to visit the bath, then plunge into the pool or visit the hammam. On the shore of the lake there are insulated gazebos with mangal areas for day and evening gatherings.

The territory of the recreation center and the space of the restaurant allow you to hold events, holidays, weddings. Everything turns out very beautifully and professionally, and the New Year is truly fabulous.



Recreation center “Olenya zastava”


A unique holiday destination in the Perm region, known not only for its natural beauty, but also for its deer farm. The health procedures that are carried out here are based on the properties of deer antlers, give strength to the body, heal by 100%. You will not find this anywhere else: it is a useful pleasure from nature itself. More than 10 years ago, the history of the farm began, and now there are more than 1,000 individuals of deer.

The hotel complex includes 7 large cottages with a capacity of up to 70 people:

  • family room;
  • economy class rooms;
  • junior suites;
  • family cottage;
  • luxury cottage.

The price includes three meals a day (dinner must be ordered in advance), serves dishes of Russian and European cuisines. Of course, lenison dishes are considered a delicacy. Animals are raised for this purpose here on the farm. In the restaurant hall there is a recreation area, karaoke and billiard room. New Year’s banquet with a festive concert is also held in a pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant.

Fishing is organized throughout the year, and guests can prepare their catch in the gazebos on the shore of the lake. Pike, crucian carp, walleye and som are caught here. After winter fishing it is very useful to visit the bath and warm up.

Those who wish to hunt are provided with such an opportunity on the basis of a hunting farm nearby.

Treat yourself and your loved ones for the New Year with beautiful wellness treatments at the spa: antrum inhalations and baths, cedar fitobochka and healthy tea from deer horns.




Guest yard “Yar”

A small but very cozy hotel is designed for a quiet and relaxing holiday and recuperation in the unique climate of the Urals. Clean mountain air will benefit tourists of all ages. The hotel is 100 metres from the modern ski resort and guests can enjoy sledding, snowboarding and skiing at any time.

For living there are 3 buildings with attics, they look very harmonious against the background of the mountains. Every morning from their rooms guests admire the forest and the powerful Kama River, sunsets and sunrises here of unreal beauty.

“Yar” can accommodate about 50 people at a time, and one cottage accommodates 15 guests, extra beds are organized on request.

Meals are organized in a café, and it is also allowed to stay in a gazebo on the territory. On the eve of the New Year, a festive menu and entertainment program for guests have already been developed. Children and adults are engaged in culinary master classes, quests, tubing and activities in the rope park.




Country Club “Russian Manor”

The country club is built on the banks of the Sylva River in the Urals – a picturesque and ecologically clean place. This is a dense forest, and all the nature around adjusts tourists to rest outside the bustle of the city and noise: fatigue disappears by itself, and the air filled with needles relaxes.

On the territory of 3 hectares there are such useful entertainment: a Russian bath with access to the river, a complex with a font and an infrared sauna, a place for fishing and rental of sports equipment. There are several gazebos for picnic and barbecue.

For guests prepared 7 cottages with living rooms, equipped kitchens, bedrooms on the second floor, separate bathrooms and showers. There is satellite TV, modern video equipment and acoustics. Breakfast is included and children under 5 years stay free of charge.

The country club has a large banquet hall, which is already preparing for the New Year 2022. The holiday will turn out bright and unforgettable, this is the best place for a family vacation. Children spend a lot of time in the playroom or ride on cotton candy, skiing and skating, all this can be rented.





Tourist Hotel “Polyana”

The tourist complex is located an hour’s drive from Perm and the international airport, and it has been successfully hosting guests for more than 10 years. This is an ideal place for those who want to escape from the city to nature, at any time of the year, spend a weekend with their family in a quiet and pleasant environment.

Houses for accommodation are built according to European standards, near the forest and the river. For younger guests, there is a sports and playground, as well as rental of sledges, skis and equipment for skiing. For adults, hunting, fishing, billiards and excursions around the region are organized.

A beautiful Russian bath is available for families, as well as larger companies. We advise you to book places in advance so that everyone is comfortably accommodated in the living room after useful procedures.

In “Polyana” you will spend a wonderful weekend with family or friends, get tired of autumn-winter activities and relax in the bath. New Year’s receptions are fun, bright and memorable for a long time!






Park Hotel has been successfully operating in Perm since 2006 and looks very harmonious in this Ural city, or rather beyond its borders. It seems that it is conceived by nature itself, so well it merges with the pine forest and the Kama River.

Sunrises and sunsets on the Kama are good at any time of the year, and hotel guests see it with their own eyes daily from the terraces and balconies. Panoramic windows in the rooms can not hide all the beauty of the landscape and nature.

It is noteworthy that the hotel is located in one of the quarters of the city, but at the same time in the forest. Several rooms are prepared for the newlyweds, but they are perfect for a romantic New Year’s Eve.

The hotel’s restaurant is not just a place for food, but first of all a pleasant space in warm pastel colors and with live music for every taste. Any event held in the Park Hotel will be unforgettable, fun and “delicious”, and after a fun evening, guests relax in the rooms or relax in the spa with sauna and sauna.





Mini-hotel “Allure”


The hotel is located 40 minutes from Perm, 20 minutes from the airport, in the village of Krasny Voskhod. This is a quiet, ecologically clean place with a protected area, where nature and comfort are inseparable.

The rooms are spacious, with modern furnishings, and importantly, a private bathroom and a bathroom. It offers a common seating area, a restaurant and a bar. A continental breakfast is included in the room rate, varied and delicious.

Not far from the hotel there is a ski slope, and all the necessary equipment you will rent, if you did not bring your own. This is an excellent solution for those who are not yet confident in their abilities, but want to try themselves in skiing.

When you rest in “Allure”, it is very difficult to be all the activities, because there are so many interesting things:

  • husky riding, getting to know these amazing dogs and taking pictures;
  • horseback riding, sledding or sleigh rides;
  • snowmobile rental individually or with an instructor;
  • rent of tube for an hour or a day;
  • heated swimming pool, Russian steam room.

All this can be done and enjoy good company in the New Year holidays 2021-2022!




Recreation center “Nechkino”


Resort “Nechkino” has long been loved by tourists as a cool place for skiing. It is located in Udmurtia and is considered the best in its class, annually it receives more than 200 thousand guests.

Advantages of the ski complex:

  • there are 10 tracks of varying degrees of complexity, with a height difference of 125 m and a length of 8 km;
  • on the slope there is the only 4-seater chair lift in Udmurtia;
  • equipment rental point is ready to simultaneously offer 450 alpine skis and snowboards of the latest models;
  • there is a snow park for fans of extreme sports with jumps for jibbing, a battleship, a rainbow and a sloping rail.

The resort not only skis, but also come to relax with the whole family in comfortable hotel rooms, spa, outdoor heated pool for children and adults.

The celebration of the New Year is just around the corner, and the complex invites guests to celebrate it at home, the banquet is included in the price.

There will be an “Alpine holiday” with themed entertainment and delicious dishes, and, of course, beautiful fireworks!




Sport Complex “Chekeril”

The modern ski resort is located 10 minutes from the city of Izhevsk, very much in demand by tourists in Udmurtia! Professionals and amateurs of winter sports note the good equipment and infrastructure of the complex: there are 7 slopes, lifts, evening lighting. Skiing in a comfortable and beautiful location is always good. Children are offered tubing, but adults are happy to join them.

Here, at the resort, there is also a luxury hotel in alpine style: 40 standard rooms and suites. Impeccable service and comfort are provided! Interiors with luxurious furniture, natural wood and fabrics in the decoration will appeal to even the most sophisticated guests. Rooms offer panoramic mountain slopes and forest.




Country Club SVIDOM

Country guest house is located in the town of Tchaikovsky in Udmurtia, the place is very beautiful: near the rivers, and on its banks built bungalows and chalets. Chalets are the most spacious, and are designed for a family or a group of friends up to 7 people.

People come here for a weekend or on vacation to enjoy the peace and tranquility on the banks of the Kama, and in winter to go skiing, several equipped slopes are 2-3 km from the hotel.

The houses have one or more bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen, barbecue areas are available to all guests, but consumables for the grill are purchased additionally. A continental breakfast is included in the room rate. Billiards, massage and sauna are not included in the price.




Perm Krai is one of the many that you need to visit at least once, and it will amaze you with natural beauty and excellent tourist service.

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