The best recreation centers in the Leningrad region for the New Year

The entirety of recreation centers in the Leningrad region can not be counted and not traveled. At the same time, it is important not to make a mistake when choosing a place of rest, since the price tag in this region is by no means humane, and there are very few really good bases with a decent level of service. Points of attraction for those looking for an exit to nature are the Gulf of Finland, Lake Ladoga, as well as numerous rivers and reservoirs. Other important components are forest, cleanliness and neatness. Vacationers flooded the Network with stories about the discrepancy between the cost and quality of services received when visiting resort hotels. This review will help you choose the right place to celebrate the New Year.

Recreation center “Ladoga Lake”

The houses are located quite close to each other. The base was built in 2015, so the interiors of the rooms are quite fresh. Paid services: sauna rental, billiards. There is no café, there is a stall with drinks. It is forbidden to stay with cats and other animals, but you can bring a dog weighing no more than 10 kg. Upon arrival, you must additionally leave a deposit of 5000r.




Recreation center Chernika Cottages

In this recreation center you will meet small houses with panoramic windows. The interior is quite fresh, because the base opened in 2017.

In winter, you will not be bored. Nearby (2 kilometers away) is the ski resort of Igor. Skis, snowboards, cotton candy, skates are all available for visitors to the recreation center Blueberry.




Recreational Borisovo Eco Villa

Another complex of villas with panoramic windows, but there are already houses of a higher level.

The base itself does not provide entertainment. But just 100 meters away there is an amusement park where you can rent skis, windmades, skates and snowmobiles. Also within walking distance of a petting zoo and the opportunity to rent horses for a leisurely winter walk.




Recreational Family Barn Karvala

Houses in the style of Barn House. A distinctive feature of the base is that each house has its own mini sauna. So you do not have to wait for your turn to take a steam.

The base is located 900 meters from the ski complex Tuutari Park. So you won’t be bored.




Tourist complex “Zaostrovye”

It is located 150 km from St. Petersburg on the shore of Lake Ladoga. Here you can rent both hotel rooms and houses in the city style, fenced with a decorative meter fence. Additional. services: sauna, grill-gazebo. Prices are average. There is also a café and a children’s playground. Breakfast every day: pancakes, omelet, scrambled eggs and tea. Cottages with rooms in the form of inexpensive hotel rooms are not equipped with everything you need: there is no refrigerator and utensils, and the kettle is issued on request. The section of the road 16 km to the base is in a deplorable state. In general, Zaostrovye is a good option for rest at reasonable prices.




Eco-complex “Kuivasar”

This is a place for fishermen and hunters who come to rest with a men’s company. Outside the house look decent, inside the interiors are tired. There is a problem with the quality of drinking water and the driveway, on which in bad weather you can get stuck. There is no entertainment. Services: rent of baths and ATVs, prices are moderate. There is no café. For hunters, anglers “Kuivasar” is quite suitable.




Recreation center “Petrushinsky Khutor”

Around a small lake built cottages,baths and gazebos with barbecue. The average price tag for services is set. Inventory rental works. The main advantages of this place are cleanliness and improvement.

On New Year’s Eve, folk festivals are arranged on the base. Also in winter they ride on dog sleds, you can rent cross-country skis, and for children a large wooden slide is poured, from which you can ride on cotton candy.




Recreation center “Resort Snow”

A good place for skiing: an abundance of slopes and a good length of trails by the standards of the Leningrad region. Spacious cottagesfor rent, but with cheap furniture and finishes. Guests complained about defects in warm floors, a non-working dishwasher and other technical problems that arise from poor-quality construction or lack of proper care. Mobile communication almost does not take, but in the houses there is Wi-Fi. You can also rent a room with breakfast in the hotel building. Other locations: billiard room, sauna, two restaurants and a grocery store with beer. The administration often conducts discount promotions to attract guests. The recreation center is quite suitable for lovers of skiing in the winter.



Recreation center “Ilyichevo”

Located near St. Petersburg – about 30 minutes by car, near a pine forest and a large lake. The territory of the base is quite extensive, birds sing around, foxes run, squirrels jump through trees. The houses are close to each other, inside they are equipped with everything necessary. Services: rope park and a good bath. There is a children’s playground.

Of the cons: the territory is not fenced, a dog from the village can run. Also, the guests were dissatisfied with the food in the cafe: “only porridge is edible, there is no fruit”, “dinner is like from the Soviet dining room – fruit drink, salad and the second”. Overall a good place with an average price tag.





Country complex “Kirochnoye”

The base is located near St. Petersburg, surrounded by forest, three lakes and the picturesque nature of the Karelian Isthmus. The complex has an interesting layout that will appeal to children: with many playgrounds, wooden passages, stairs and stylized buildings. Something between a monastery and a medieval castle. Here they rent rooms with decent finishes, good sound insulation and a grill area. To the accommodation you can add a considerable number of services: sauna, billiards, tennis, equestrian club, rope park and even paintball. Surprisingly, the food here is also good: delicious complex lunches and dinners made from natural farm products. Free Wi-Fi catches only in cafes and at the reception desk. In summer it is noisy: a children’s camp is open. It is for the children on the territory of the complex placed visual agitation in the style of the first channel: posters, slogans and the requirement to pay tribute to the Motherland. Despite some disadvantages, the asceticism of the situation and the subjectivity of reviews, “Kirochnoye” is a really good option for recreation.

Lemurka writes a review: “rented a house in the “Kirochny” for a family with two children. The situation is ascetic: the house is suitable for living for several days, but not very convenient for a long stay. There is no kitchen stove, so they brought a pressure cooker from the house. The shower looks squalid, everything else is tolerable. I liked the pretty grounds of the farmstead, as well as the staff – polite and friendly. It is worth noting inexpensive and edible food in the restaurant. It’s good to come here to relax for the weekend.”




Recreation center “Okuneva”

It is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Around the mixed forest, on the coast there are several sandy beaches and a yacht club, good transport accessibility. Rooms,townhouses and cottages are rented. Near each housing unit there is a mangal zone. Services: good baths on the shore and a rope town. Rental: ATVs, boats, fishing rods, makeboards. The average price tag for accommodation and use of infrastructure is established. Of the cons: the rooms are tired, there is no sound insulation, the café “Akvarel” has a greatly inflated price tag for the simplest dishes. There is no shop on site. Breakfast on the Swedish line for three: a small choice and insufficient amount of food, as a result, the most delicious positions are quickly snapped up. In general, “Okunevaya” is a good option for a holiday with children, if you take a supply of food with you.

Alexey writes a review: “I liked the nature around. The restaurant has a children’s menu, it is also worth praising delicious soups and homemade bread. I didn’t like that Wi-Fi only catches in one case.”




Country Club “Dacha”

Petrovskoye is a pine forest with mushrooms, Sukhodolskoye Lake and fresh air. The territory of the base is extensive, the buildings are inscribed in the landscape. Many different activities: bath, swimming pool, massage, billiards. There is even a mini-zoo and a museum of the Soviet-Finnish war. For accommodation it is better to rent rooms,because the houses and townhouses inside are very tired. There is a café with an affordable price tag and a good menu. The price tag for accommodation and activities is above average. Bad reviews about holding corporate parties and holidays in this place: “the banquet was tasteless, the animation is disgusting, the entertainment was arranged only for children.” In general, “Dacha” for recreation will be suitable, if you do not expect premium service here.




Green Village Complex

The base is located in a quiet location a kilometer from Sukhodolsky Lake. The road here will take about an hour along the repaired Priozerskoye highway. Guests rent rooms in the hotel or rent cozy cottages made of timber, inside of which there is a fireplace, sauna, full kitchen, and outside there is a grill area. The center of attraction is a large swimming pool with hammam and panoramic windows. For children there are swings, slides, a sandbox and animation. There is a gym and equipment rental. Cons: good food only in the restaurant, buffet and breakfast cause criticism of picky guests. Wi-Fi catches only in the restaurant hall, mobile communication almost does not take. There is a high price tag for accommodation and services. In general, “Green Village” will suit fans of leisurely country recreation and relaxation.

Irina writes a review: “We go to the “Green Village” not the first year. There is no Internet here, the TV works poorly. Only fresh air and beautiful grounds. With food, misunderstandings often arose: instead of a banquet for the New Year, they will give out a box with ordinary food, then on 6 they will put three pieces – divide as you want. In [y], the service here has deteriorated, possibly due to problems with the pandemic.”




Парк-отель «Медвежья Гора»

Another option to have a good rest in comfort and home coziness is the base at Lake Eglino, which is located near the village “Peipus”. The cottages are built facing the lake: the veranda offers a wonderful panoramic view. The rooms are made in a modern urban style, equipped with decent furniture and decorative elements. There is a restaurant with an atmospheric hall, a small menu from the chef and an inflated price tag. Food is prepared from products from a local farm, which can also be purchased at the shop. Excursions are taken to the farm and offered to feed wild boars. In order to fry a barbecue, in the park hotel you need to rent a gazebo with barbecue. Of the activities: rental of all-terrain vehicles, sports equipment, rent a bath, fishing, and a playground is arranged for children. The verdict of the guests: the place is really good.

Ekaterina V. writes a review: “beautiful nature: forest, lake and sun. High-quality landscaping has been carried out on the territory. Separately, it should be noted the playground and the training area. With the child inspected the poultry house, fed the rabbit. I did not like it: while we were driving – we got into a traffic jam, the last 10 km were shaking along a dirt road, and in general far from St. Petersburg. “





Country hotel “Point on the map Priozersk”

It is located in the suburbs of Priozersk near the pier of the Valaam Monastery. In the middle of the pine forest built small cottages in the Scandinavian style. Rooms in these houses have panoramic windows, consist of a bedroom, a bathroom and a terrace. Small area: 18-36 m2. Breakfast is included in the price. Other locations: sandy beach, children’s playground, a good restaurant with fusion cuisine and beautiful serving. The main disadvantage is the inflated price tag for accommodation and food. Visitors also complain about poor service, lack of Wi-Fi and untrained staff.





Курортный отель «Лесная Рапсодия»

From St. Petersburg to the lake Bolshoe Simaginskoye go by car about 30 minutes. Surrounded by forest, small cottages and buildings have been built here. You can rent the whole house, apartments or rooms in the hotel building. The buildings are at a respectful distance from each other, so guests, as a rule, do not interfere with the neighbors. Vacationers celebrate the beautiful nature, fresh air of pine forest and clean landscaped area. The large and voluminous swimming pool is equipped with panoramic windows, a spa, massage, sauna and gym. There is a playground for children. In addition to the comfortable and modern room, a delicious breakfast in the restaurant is included in the price. Now about the cons: the main scourge of “Forest Rhapsody” is poor service and maintenance. The resort does not value its reputation at all, the administration is in no way inferior to customers. The abundance of negative reviews boils down to the fact that the park area and the hotel are satisfied, but for such money no one wants to tolerate a dismissive attitude.





Парк-отель «Репино Cronwell Park»

On the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the forest park area built a hotel complex with 118 rooms, which is located near the railway station Repino. The place leaves a dual impression, where for every plus there is a weighty minus. Polite friendly staff produces poor cleaning and prepares a tasteless breakfast. The pool due to its small size is open by appointment with a restriction of access for 1 hour. Service and internal situation remained at the Soviet level of development. Of the advantages of the hotel:children’s playground and animation.





Conclusions for each resort are made on the basis of numerous reviews of guests who had experience of staying. At the same time, such assessments can be to some extent subjective or subject to change after a while. Only personal experience will help to establish the quality of service in the field of tourism. Have a good rest!

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