The best recreation centers in Tatarstan near Kazan for the New Year

The thousand-year-old Kazan is the fifth largest city in Russia. It is deservedly called the third capital. In fact, Kazan is a multicultural and religious center not just of the Volga region, but of the whole country: the small homeland of Evgeny Schwartz, Feodor Chaliapin and Leonid Filatov, the city of labor valor, in which Vasily Aksyonov is remembered, Musa Jalil is honored and proud of the university, at the origins of which Lobachevsky himself stood. Kazan is a center of science and arts of world importance, an all-Russian industrial giant and a transport hub. With all this, Kazan is a city that has preserved its historical face and unique cultural landscape.

The population of the capital of Tatarstan has long stepped over 1 million. 200 thousand people and, in all likelihood, will only grow. People here are employed in the IT sphere, in petrochemistry (the industry leader is the polyethylene monster Kazanorgsintez) and at the oldest gunpowder factory in Russia. In Kazan, Tu aircraft and Mi helicopters, Sokol UAVs and good binoculars are produced.

Kazan residents prefer to rest outside the city – at tourist centers, of which there are a great many in the vicinity.

Recreation center “Sorochini Gory”

65 kilometers from Kazan on the banks of the Kama River at the very edge of the forest there is a family-type recreation center “Magpies”. This is a great place to celebrate the New Year and spend a few holidays in the fresh air with your family – children, siblings, older relatives. On the territory of the base there are three baths, several ice-free artificial ponds with lighting, volleyball courts, which are cleared even in winter.

For the convenience of vacationers with a large company:

  • Eco-house for 8 people with 4 bedrooms;
  • Hunter’s house for 14 people with 3 bedrooms;
  • VIP-house for 16 people with 4 bedrooms.

You can visit the base at once with the whole organization together with Santa Claus and hold a good corporate party: the hotel building includes 7 rooms (double and triple) with all amenities and a banquet hall for 100-120 people. You can also combine a holiday and some kind of working training.

The base provides unique services:

  • organization of hunting for seasonal game (wild boar, hare, beaver, bird) with the accompaniment of rangers and registration of all necessary documents;
  • fishing on the Kama on motor boats in the summer and ice fishing with snowmobiles in the winter.

In between feasts, you can ride a sleigh, snowboard, snowmobile and cotton wool or go for a ski trip with an instructor.




Recreation center “U Mihalych”

On the outskirts of Naberezhnye Chelny, near the Kama Itself, there is the Borovetsky Forest – the largest green area in Tatarstan. Here grow mainly coniferous species, so the air in the forest is special, especially in winter, in frosts. 400 meters from the shore of the Kama, in the middle of the creaky pines, there is a recreation center “U Mikhalych” – a large house and several wood-burning baths.

The house for 12 beds is prepared for the event up to 30 guests:

  • rustic stove;
  • swimming pool and sauna inside;
  • karaoke, color language, amplifiers;
  • TV, satellite channels, internet;
  • at least necessary appliances (refrigerator, kettle, microwave);
  • upholstered furniture.

The rent of the house includes a gazebo with a barbecue (they are very close, literally wall to wall).

On the base there are baths for 4-6, up to 8 and for 10-20 people. They can be rented separately. For an additional fee, dishes, a cauldron under the pilaf and everything for barbecue, bath accessories, bed linen are provided.



Recreation center “Crystal”

The very case when 200 kilometers from Kazan is not a detour: in the amazingly clean Borovetsky forest, just 5 kilometers from the Borovetsky Bridge and a few steps from the asphalt road is “Kristall” – a recreation centerwhere they respect the privacy of guests and do everything to make the rest a success.


  • Brick house with a living room for 20 people, with an attic and everything necessary for celebrating the New Year – TV, karaoke, audio system. Toilet outside.
  • Log sauna house for 12 guests, with swimming pool, facilities and relaxation room. There is a music center with karaoke, two small bedrooms.
  • One-storey log house with a sauna for 20 people, with a swimming pool 2×2.5×2 meters, a lounge room, a bedroom. The lounge is equipped with TV, karaoke, audio center.

Gazebos are attached to the houses, they have furniture, barbecue facilities and even swings. Everything you need for barbecue (skewers, coal, grates) can be rented on site.

The base does not have its own cafe or catering, so drinks and products need to be brought with you. The property also recommends that you take utensils, necessary home and street clothes, shoes, bed linen.



Three Bears Park Hotel

Not far from Kazan, in the smart city of Innopolis, there is a cute park-hotel “Three Bears”. Despite its youth (“Bears” opened in 2020), the hotel enjoys unrealistic popularity among both local hipsters and visiting Kazan residents. On the territory there are three chalets, each of which is designed for a large company of guests:

8 – 10 beds (large double beds plus sofas in the living room);

  • kitchenette (fridge, kettle, microwave);
  • recreation area (swimming pool and sauna);
  • hot and cold water;
  • room service breakfasts;
  • fully equipped bathroom and toilet.

Attention! The hotel does not have stoves in the kitchen, there is no furniture for children and internet.

On the territory (this is no more, no less – 3 hectares!) there is a full-contact zoo on free range – geese, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, sheep. At the same time, the hotel allows you to settle with pets (cats, dogs), but prudently takes a deposit insurance. The integrity of the zoo when meeting with a bull terrier or a dachshund-lover of fresh chicken is the responsibility of the guest. The damage needs to be compensated, but there will be no hysterics: accidents with animals in such scenarios are not news and not a drama for the administration.

An interesting feature of the hotel – a vat-font on chains over the fire – can be an additional highlight during the new year’ eve. Not far from the hotel there is a ski resort with equipped slopes. You can rent equipment and buy ski passes at the counter in the “Bears”.




Cottage club «Nagorny»

The busiest, those who will not be able to escape almost to the chimes, will certainly appreciate the club “Nagorny” – a small cottage village in the city of Kazan on the territory of the old garden, next to the dacha cooperative.

Four two-storey houses with an area of 100 to 144 square meters are prepared for the guests.

In each:

  • two bedrooms (bed linen included);
  • upholstered furniture;
  • music corner in the living room (karaoke, TV, audio system);
  • fully equipped kitchen with appliances and utensils;
  • bathroom with shower;
  • Russian bath (broom as a gift!).

The feature of each cottage is a recreation room equipped for interesting leisure with one thing: table football, air goquest, billiards. According to reviews, the cottages are clean and cozy, the staff is helpful and friendly, the table is served for arrival, and the baths are heated.

Not far from the “Nagorny” – the highway “Derbyshki”, where guests are sure to look.




Guest House Sporting Klub Kazan

On the outskirts of Kazan, in a closed area next to a birch grove, there is a complex of guest houses Sporting Klub Kazan. It captivates with its unconvial design of rooms, silence, its own guarded parking and attentive staff. The administration focuses on the accommodation of couples and carefully suppresses the abuse of hospitality and strong drinks, which may prevent other guests from relaxing.


  • One-bedroom holiday home with a sofa in the living room (max. 4 adults);
  • four-bedroom house (maximum 8 adults);
  • Two-bedroom house (maximum 6 adults).

Cottages are equipped with everything necessary for autonomous living – a water heater, kitchen appliances, a minimum of furniture, a TV. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.

Each house has its own sauna. According to the reviews of experienced, it can be not hot, up to 50 degrees.




Guest House «Chaika 2»

In the former garden cooperative (now SNT “Chaika”) near the Volga coast and 17 kilometers from the Kazan Arena there are many cottagesthat are rented for rent. But the two-storey cottage “Chaika-2” stands out among competitors by the size and accuracy of both the rooms and the territory around. Service and equipment may leave much to be desired, but not too capricious guests will not notice the difference with top hotels. When ordering a house, you need to take into account that they accept guests from 25 years old.

In the house:

  • 10-14 beds;
  • 20-25 banquet seats;
  • stereo sound of a professional music center;
  • satellite;
  • Finnish sauna, swimming pool;
  • billiard table.

Near the cottage parking for 6 cars.

The wooden house will please you with clean bed linen, scraped floors and decent double beds. It will not please you with bad kitchen tiles, noisy batteries and interruptions in the operation of the water heater. These same owners have several other accommodation options. The proposals are similar, only the size of the houses varies.

Attention! The plan of how to get there needs to be worked out in advance: firstly, traffic jams, and secondly, the place is little known, taxi drivers and the navigator are confused. “Chaika-2” is located on the M7 near the village of Shcherbakovo, 20 minutes by car from the center of Kazan.




Villa Iva

The cute villa “Iva” is located on the outskirts of Kazan, in the dacha village of Vasilyevo (garden association Sintez house), on the shore of the lake. From the windows of a large, modern and beautiful house there are stunning views that you want to absorb regardless of the season and day of the week. Here everything has a relaxation: clean air, the absence of any sounds of civilization (throaty seagulls do not count) and even thick Volga ducks, which are immeasurably fed by compassionate guests.

The house is designed and equipped with appliances, dishes, furniture and bed linen for a maximum of 8 people. According to reviews, you need to spend hot water wisely: the heater works worse than average, so everyone may not have enough. A cash deposit is charged before arrival.

The owners of the villa “Willow” are focused on families with children, so the house has everything you need for the youngest guests – from an infant cradle to a chair and a table that will appeal to the most capricious toddlers.




Eco House Greenland

The option to celebrate the New Year in the city, not far from the business center of Kazan – in the Sovetsky district – is tempting at least by the fact that you do not need to gather and rush somewhere far away through the frost and blizzard. 10-15 minutes by car – and here it is, spacious, warm and bright eco-house Greenland.

A wooden cottage with an area of 200 square meters is a godsend for a warm company of friends or relatives:

  • 5 bedrooms (sleeps 14);
  • TV with satellite channels;
  • equipped kitchen;
  • bathroom with toilet and bath accessories;
  • terrace with outdoor fireplace.

Plus: Eco House Greenland is allowed with pets. By the way, according to reviews, the sauna keeps 100-120 degrees.




Vip house

In many ways, the guest house – VIP house on kama, near the village of Sorochini Gory, invites you to celebrate the New Year and generally relax couples with children and relatives. The administration guarantees tranquility, comfort, instant solution of any household issues and rich leisure if necessary (skiing, sledding, walking, winter excursions, hunting, ice fishing).

Two-storey brick house with heated floors from the inside is sheathed with wood:

  • 14 beds;
  • 25 banquet seats;
  • fireplace, barbecue;
  • kitchen with appliances and utensils;
  • bathroom, bathroom with water heater.

On the territory for an additional fee you can flood the Russian bath. Gazebo with lighting and stove – free of charge.

70 kilometers to Kazan can not but be reflected in the purity of the air: according to reviews, in the Kama region breathes so easily that you will not want to return to the capital of Tatarstan. Rest in one of the houses of the hospitable Adiba will be remembered for a long time – perhaps forever.




The peculiarity of popular tourist centers near Kazan is the lack of an entertainment show program for the New Year. Surprisingly correct and unobtrusive administration (all as one) leaves guests the right to entertain themselves: steam in the bathhouse or fry in the sauna, play darts or billiards, raise glasses to the president’s speech or randomly parody scriptonite karaoke, walk under the New Year’s sky or sleep peacefully, enjoying the ideal air after Kazan. For a family holiday, you can recommend one of the three chic VIP houses from Adiba on the Kama, Sporting Klub Kazan or villa “Ivu”, but big noisy companies that want to seriously break away, the base “Sorochye Gory”, “Crystal” or “Chaika-2” from those nearby will do.

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