Top 10 cheap hostels in the center of Kazan: the best value for money

Hostel in the center of Kazan is inexpensive – this is the first thing you are interested in when you come here for tourist or business purposes.

We decided to help you and made a rating of the most inexpensive hostels that are located in the city center and have long won the trust of tourists with their comfort and quality service.

Hostel «Kazanskoe Podvorye»

Hostel Kazanskoe Podvorye is one of the best offers of inexpensive accommodation in the central part of Kazan. In addition to comfortable accommodation, guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi and a lounge. This option is the best among the offers in this part of the city both in terms of the service provided and the price.

This option is optimal for guests who are going to take a walk to the Kazan Kremlin and visit the Kul-Sharif Mosque. Attractions are just a 15-minute walk away. According to guests, the location of the inexpensive hostel refers to the favorite places visited by guests of the city.

Room facilities. Each air-conditioned room also has a private bathroom (private or shared).

Catering. Guests have access to a shared kitchen for cooking. A halal breakfast will also be offered.

Advantages of a cheap hostel. The convenient location allows quick access to Kazan Railway Station, just 1.5 km away. The international airport is 26.5 km away.

In the Kazan metochion, guests will be offered 18 comfortable heated rooms, including family rooms, with a round-the-clock reception and a restaurant.

«City Hostel Kazan»

The location of the inexpensive hostel“City Hostel Kazan”will allow any guest to comfortably get to the metro, being only 5 minutes from the station “Tukaya Square”. Located next to millennium Park, guests can arrange a full rest and overnight stay using the lounge area with the opportunity to play darts. All guests have free access to Wi-Fi at no extra charge.

Room facilities. Each room of the inexpensive hostel has a built-in working air conditioner, which allows you to organize the optimal temperature regime in the room. Guests have access to a shared kitchen for self-catering hot meals.

Advantages of location. According to visitors, the location of this cheap hostel in Kazan is included in the most favorite part of the city. Guests of Kazan can easily reach the main attractions of the city. The Kazan Kremlin and kul-sharif mosque are just 2 km away. The train station is a short drive away due to its proximity (2.5 km). The airport is 25 km away.

Comparing the ratio of price offers and the level of service provided, this option will be optimal for most guests of Kazan. A rich number of 73 rooms allows you to choose a room for accommodation at the request of any guest, including family rooms. The advantages also include on-site parking and the possibility of accommodating animals.

Hostel «Kazan-Ok»

Hostel “Kazan-Ok” will be the best solution for comfortable accommodation of tourists and other guests of the city. For its visitors, private parking is offered, free Internet access is provided throughout the territory (Wi-Fi). Among other things, guests of Kazan can buy souvenirs in their own shop on the territory of the hostel in the center of Kazan.

Features of the location. Many guests choose this inexpensive hostel for accommodation due to the attractiveness of its location. The distance to the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is only 0.3 km, Kazan State University is 600 meters from here. The international airport is just 22 kilometres away.

Comparing this option with other offers in the same part of the city, we can attribute it to the best places for comfortable and inexpensive arrangement of travelers.

12-room fund with heating and non-smoking rooms will allow you to choose the best option with the simultaneous provision of additional service in the form of parking on site.

Hostel «Wings»

The offer of accommodation in the hostel “Wings” is one of the most popular options in Kazan. Excellent location will allow tourists and guests of the city to organize a comfortable walking tour of the main attractions of the city, located within walking distance: 5 minutes walk to the Kazan Kremlin, the circus. The premises of the Kul Sharif mosque on foot. To get to Tukaya Square, it takes 15 minutes of quiet walking.

Room facilities. The room fund of 4 bright rooms is fully landscaped, equipped with air conditioning systems. It offers private rooms, as well as a bathroom located in the corridor.

Nutrition. The budget hostel has an equipped shared kitchen with a dedicated dining area. On request, guests can use public places of food, cafes, restaurants, located within walking distance.

Features of the location. Guests of a cheap hostel in the center of Kazan can easily get to any point of the city in a short period due to the close location of the metro station (Kremlevskaya station). If desired, you can do without taxi services, reaching the railway station in a matter of minutes.

Other facilities offered at the property include free internet access, on-site parking, airport shuttle and round-the-clock check-in.

Hostel Blizzzko

Hostel “Blizzzko” offers its guests comfortable and inexpensive accommodation in the most attractive part of the city of Kazan with a close location of the main attractions. It offers 4 comfortable rooms with unlimited Wi-Fi access.

Room facilities. Each of the 4 rooms has a kettle and a bathroom (private or shared) with toiletries included in the price.

This option will be the best solution for inexpensive and comfortable rest of tourists. Kazan State University is just 1 km away and Kul Sharif Mosque is 1.1 km away. The international airport is 23 km away. According to most vacationers, a cheap hostel in the center of Kazan is the best offer for convenient accommodation in this part of the city with the opportunity to visit a lot of interesting places while hiking.

In addition to free Wi-Fi and round-the-clock check-in, guests can use the parking services and a convenient airport shuttle. The rules of accommodation of an inexpensive hostel allow you to accept travelers with animals.

Hostel «Kremlin»

A feature of accommodation in the hostel “Kremlin” is the optimal proximity to the historical center of Kazan, allowing you to easily organize hiking trips to the sights, as well as enjoy maximum amenities during your stay in a cheap hostel. A leisurely 5-minute walk is enough to walk to the famous Kazan Kremlin. A cheap hostel in the center of Kazan will provide tourists with a comfortable room with free unlimited Wi-Fi access, equipped with the necessary appliances kitchen and individual lockers, locked with a key.

Room facilities. The interior of the hostel has a comfortable stay, is distinguished by light colors of the interior. It offers guests in each of the 14 rooms the necessary minimum of furniture.

Catering. At their discretion, guests use the refrigerator, microwave oven. There is also a dishwasher and a washing machine in the kitchen, making your stay as comfortable as possible. If necessary, guests can get all the necessary ironing equipment on request.

An additional service is the possibility of renting rollers or a bicycle. Staff at the hostel speak Russian and English.

Location features. Guests of the hostel can easily reach any corner of the city, using the nearest metro station “Kremlin” in 10 minutes from the place of stay. The train station is 1.5 km away and the international airport is 30 km away.

Green House Hostel

Located just five hundred meters from one of the main attractions, Peter and Paul Cathedral, the hostel “Green House” has an optimal location for tourists. The distance of only 800 meters from the Kul Sharif mosque allows you to comfortably make walking tours around the city.

Room facilities. A small pool of 3 heated rooms has a shared bathroom. For its guests, an inexpensive hostel in the center of Kazan provides unlimited Internet access via Wi-Fi on site. Guests can choose the room of their choice.

Location features. In walking distance are Kazan State University and Kazan Cathedral, which is of particular value for guests visiting the city for tourist purposes. The distance to the airport is 23 km.

The possibility of round-the-clock registration, free Internet access and the provision of parking spaces will allow you to comfortably stay and relax inexpensively in the immediate vicinity of the center of Kazan to tired guests of the city. According to independent guest reviews, this cheap hostel in the centre of Kazan is the best way to stay during your stay in the city.

A special attraction of the hostel “Navigator” gives an excellent location in the immediate vicinity of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the distance to which is only 200 meters.

The rules of stay in an inexpensive hostel allow the reception of guests traveling with their animals. Special comfort is provided by the availability of unlimited access to the Internet (free Wi-Fi).

Room facilities. A wide number of rooms of 17 rooms allows you to comfortably equip guests. Bathroom facilities are shared.

Features of the location. The main historical sights of the city of Kazan are within walking distance, which makes it easy to make walking tours. Kazan State University is just 0.5 km away and Kul Sharif Mosque is 0.9 km away. To get to Kazan Airport you will need to cover a distance of 23 km. The location of a cheap hostel in the center of Kazan, according to independent estimates of visitors, is considered the best in this price category.

Additional comfort for guests is provided with the possibility of parking, pets, round-the-clock reception. Non-smoking rooms and family apartments are available.

Hostel «Moskovskaya»

In the hostel “Moskovskaya”,located in the heart of the city of Kazan, you can comfortably relax and gain strength, without carrying special financial costs. A cheap hostel in the center of Kazan is just a 10-minute walk from the metro. From the station “Kremlin” tourists and guests of the city can get to any part of the city in the shortest possible time. The Kazan Kremlin is a 10-minute walk away.

It offers unlimited internet access with free Wi-Fi and free private parking.

Room facilities. Laconic design of 12 rooms in light colors has to a comfortable stay. Guests can use the shared bathroom and relax in the shared lounge area. In the hostel “Moskovskaya” guests are received and registered around the clock. The affordable hostel offers tour desks and luggage storage. If desired, tired travelers can dine in one of the cafes or restaurants located near the hostel.

Features of the location. The distance to the railway station is no more than 3 minutes by car, the international airport can be reached in half an hour.

Hostel «Sova»

In the hostel “Sova” guests can relax and gain strength, paying for it a very modest amount. All guests have free Wi-Fi access. The rules of the inexpensive hostel provide for comfortable and inexpensive accommodation for guests traveling with animals, and the reception is open around the clock.

Room facilities. Cheap hostel in the center of Kazan has a fund of 12 comfortable heated rooms. Additional facilities include shared bathroom facilities.

Features of placement. The location of the cheap hostel is very popular for hiking, as well as cycling. For guests’ convenience, bicycles can be rented on site. Due to its location, the hostel allows you to enjoy walking tours to the sights of the city of Kazan. The distance to Kazan State University is 1 km, to Peter and Paul Cathedral is 1.2 km. To get to the airport you need to overcome 24 km. According to independent estimates of guests, this option will be the best solution for guests who came to Kazan for tourist purposes.

Going to Kazan, do not forget that you will always want to relax after a day’s bustle in a quiet and cozy place. Therefore, any of these inexpensive hostels in the center of Kazan are the best fit for you.