Sanatorium Pearl of the Sea

Sanatorium Pearl of the Sea is located on the beach in the village of Kabardinka. The beach is 60 metres away. The territory is maximally landscaped for a comfortable stay. There is absolutely everything and swimming pools, and a dining room and even a fitness center. The rooms have everything you need. The location is picturesque. The service in the sanatorium is very good. After analyzing the reviews on the Internet, it becomes immediately clear that the guests are satisfied. Rest leaves an exceptionally positive opinion. There are recreation areas, a separate large swimming pool and a café. They come here to be treated. The complex specializes in the treatment of neurological diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, blood vessels and heart, breathing. Both adults and children undergo treatment.

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Location and infrastructure

The total capacity of the sanatorium is about 800 beds. The figure is quite impressive. The location is quite advantageous, since the nature in Kabardinka is particularly attractive, the air is always clean. It is an ideal place for rest and treatment. The atmosphere is as cozy as possible. Everyone will be able to enjoy tranquility, recuperate. On the territory of the complex there is a separate park, which is quite spacious. There is a children’s camp. The buildings are located in the center of the park. The presented rooms fall under popular categories: standard, apartments, suite. Cleaning is done on a daily basis, towels and linen are changed regularly. Settlement of children up to 3 years is free of charge. At the same time, treatment and meals for an additional fee.

The sanatorium has a medical profile and offers services for the treatment of diseases:

  • Nervous system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Urology
  • Respiratory system.

In total, there are several programs of the therapeutic type:

  • Rehabilitation of disabled persons
  • Free breathing
  • Men’s Health
  • Movement without signs of pain.

The most common type of disease is diseases that are associated with breathing. They are observed in both adults and children. We are ready to provide treatment and prevention at the highest possible level. We understand that timely diagnosis of the respiratory system will help to avoid problems. This opens up the possibility of using easier therapy. An individual program is being developed that can improve the strength of the body as a whole and maintain the normal state of the respiratory system. Our treatment has the maximum therapeutic effect and involves reducing the duration of the course of diseases, reducing the likelihood of complications in the future, increasing immunity and improving the general condition of the body. In addition, there is an optimization of the respiratory system and the restoration of body cells.

If we take into account the diseases of the genitourinary system, this problem is fought through diets and herbal medicine. Each patient drinks special mineral water and does therapeutic gymnastics. In addition, specialists also prescribe procedures for heat and mud therapy, hydroball therapy and mud-type applications. So that each visitor of the sanatorium could take advantage of an additional number of medical services, medical offices were developed. The most common therapeutic measure is considered to be professional massage, oxygen cocktails and therapeutic baths. To keep fit, doctors allow you to visit the gym and swimming pools. You can use special diagnostic studies, make injections according to indications and ultrasound.

It is a well-known fact that timely prevention is sometimes much better than any treatment. Treatment of the nervous system is a rather time-consuming process. The nervous system needs careful treatment and strengthening. It is quite fragile, but at the same time has great potential for recovery. Thanks to this opportunity, you can easily cope with depression, get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome. Our specialists will help to optimize the work of the nervous system and completely relieve regular headaches. Thanks to the treatment, cells are restored from the inside and tone is increased. As a result, the patient receives an increase in the level of efficiency.

We understand how important it is to have good health despite regular stress at work and a huge number of household problems. Sometimes you need to take a break to listen to yourself. A good rest is simply necessary. Our sanatorium will do everything possible so that you can relax and get the maximum number of positive emotions.

Holidays with children

For young guests of the complex there are several animators, educators. They will help the child to get used to the new territory and entertain him as much as possible. Parents can rely on the professionalism of the staff of the sanatorium. People with extensive experience work. There is a children’s coach who helps to master sports equipment. There is an outdoor playground. You can also play outdoor games. For adults there are tennis courts, a volleyball court, a field for mini-football.

In order to create an active holiday for the child, parents can rent scooters, roller skates or bicycles. On the beach for children there is a separate area for swimming. Each child can ride on children’s jet skis, catamarans or bananas. Children together with their parents can use the sports ground. For those who are older, volleyball or tennis tournaments are arranged. Participation in all events is included in the price of the voucher.

Our staff will do everything possible to entertain the child throughout his stay on the territory of the sanatorium. We understand how important it is for a child to feel comfortable. Therefore, the sanatorium ensures that everything necessary is available for children’s recreation. The list of entertainment includes: a children’s playground, which is located in the open air. In addition, there is also a children’s room. It is located inside and is equipped with additional equipment for a comfortable pastime of the child. Children aged 4 to 12 years can use the children’s room. On the territory there are educators who look after the children. They are also organizers of entertaining children’s events with extensive experience. They can engage with children drawing, sculpting, developing activities, read fairy tales and dance.

For business

The sanatorium has been bypassing competitors for a long time due to a number of advantages that it has. Unique treatment conditions are created for each guest. But at the same time, the complex offers a number of additional services that distinguish it from competitors. For example, sanatorium Pearl can hold corporate or training for employees of a large company. Territory and arrangement allows. A chic environment will contribute to the individual development of employees. We have experience in holding such events. All details are negotiated in advance. We are ready to show and tell everything directly on the territory.

Today, many managers are concerned about the condition of their own employees. Large companies are trying to entertain employees as much as possible with corporate companies, trainings and team building. We understand the importance of such events. That is why our sanatorium will help to organize everything at a high level. First you need to specify the menu for meals for guests, in which rooms they will live, the program of the event and the conditions of the event. Each guest will have a unique opportunity to consult with the best specialists and determine the state of health. In our sanatorium there are experienced doctors who face problems on a daily basis. We can inspect and point out existing problems. In their free time, guests can use the beach, which is located near the sanatorium. It’s very convenient. The atmosphere is as cozy as possible.

Since the sanatorium works all year round, our employees prepare performances for the holidays. We have a unique offer for guests who come to us in winter – this is a winter dance floor. A good mood should be all year round, so winter entertainment is no less exciting. In summer, you can visit the city of Kuban masters or the cultural center Old Park. Coming to us for treatment, thanks to the variety of entertainment, every day will be special. We undertake the organization of any holiday. If it’s a birthday, we can make it a real celebration. Our staff will decorate the territory of the café. We look forward to your arrival. The waiter will surprise the birthday boy in the form of a cake with candles. We can decorate the room, if you celebrate in a narrow family circle.


For children there is a Dolphinarium. This is another highlight of our complex. This entertainment will not leave indifferent neither an adult nor a child. The presentation of marine animals is very popular. You can visit the dolphinarium at any time. The location allows it. After visiting the dolphinarium, you can go to the café for a delicious lunch. The dishes are of high quality and prepared with love. Special seafood dishes are also available. In the evening, you can enjoy a glass of local wine and watch the seascape. For children there is a special menu with sweets, ice cream and special drinks from freshly squeezed juices and fruits.

For sports lovers, we offer a fitness room. You can attend classes regularly. Trainers arrange fitness classes, yoga, dances. Everything is adjusted to the visitor. For the male half of the vacationers there is a gym, which is equipped with the most modern equipment. For children, there are also entertaining sports classes. We understand how important it is to stay in shape on vacation, so we offer to use everything you need.

If suddenly on the way to the sanatorium something forgot to take from home, you can use the shops that are located near the complex. There is absolutely everything: goods for children and adults. Souvenirs can be purchased. In the rural market there are many unique delicacies of local residents. For fruit lovers – this is a real find, because they are of the highest quality, always fresh and at an affordable price. Residents of Kabardinka are always glad to welcome guests in any season.


Regarding the treatment process, sanatorium Pearl of the Sea is characterized by a particularly high level of service. Doctors treat each visitor with understanding and care. This is especially true for children. On the territory of the complex there are more than 100 doctors. If you have any questions regarding the treatment process, you can first call the representatives of our sanatorium and discuss all the points of interest. Our managers will fully advise on living conditions, cost, talk about the advice of doctors and what is needed for this.


Meals are served as a buffet. We take into account the preferences of our visitors and try to diversify the food as much as possible. There is a separate area for dietary and baby food. Our chefs are periodically trained, and improve the level of skills. Food passes strict control of selection. We use only ecological products. We understand how important proper nutrition is and try to create the most comfortable conditions for each guest.


We have created all the necessary conditions for the recovery process to take place as comfortably as possible and at the same time quickly. Thanks to our sanatorium you can not only relax, but also relax. Close proximity to the sea is still a clear advantage among competitors. The sanatorium is open all year round, so you can come at any time of the year. We will be happy to invite you to visit us and will do everything possible to make your holiday incredible.

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