The best sanatoriums in Essentuki

The city of Essentuki is famous all over the world for its mineral springs. Water has unique healing properties. That is why thousands of tourists come here every year in order to improve their health and just relax.

In Essentuki there are many sanatoriums offering their guests various health programs. Let’s try to understand all this variety of sanatoriums.

Sanatorium “named after M.I. Kalinin”

Sanatorium “named after M.I. Kalinina” is located in the vastness of the amazing area of the health and medical resort of the city of Essentuki. On the territory there are natural drinking springs. The sanatorium treats various types of diseases. Rehabilitation of people is carried out on the basis of natural factors. The medical base is located in the Stavropol Territory, the city of Essentuki on Razumovsky Street 16. The state institution has been engaged in its main activities since 1966. Vouchers to the sanatorium are provided for a period of 12 to 24 days.


The sanatorium treats chronic gastritis, diabetes, cholelithiasis, gastric diseases. Obesity in the most advanced form is subject to treatment. The main therapeutic areas include: gynecological diseases and infections, diseases of the male genital organs, neurology, impaired musculoskeletal functions, restoration of teeth and elimination of infections in the oral cavity. The sanatorium provides a complete diagnosis of the whole organism. Treatment takes place with the help of inhalations, mud baths, qualified massage. Patients follow a diet and perform water procedures.

Conditions of the sanatorium

Rest in the sanatorium “im.M.I. Kalina” is famous for its high comfort and amazing location. The base is located in a clean area with wonderful natural springs. The complex includes 2 buildings consisting of 7 floors. They are connected by partitions. The hotel can accommodate 360 people. Each floor is equipped with modern upholstered furniture. On the territory there is a paid parking. The rooms feature modern design and a quiet, tranquil environment. At any time of the year you can buy last minute tours to the sanatorium of the city of Essentuki. Prices for comfortable conditions will please all vacationing tourists.


The administration of the sanatorium provides vacationers with interesting trips to the amazing sights of Essentuki. It is especially interesting to visit amazing places in the new year. Especially popular is the Cherek Gorge. On its territory there are waterfalls, a horse factory and the Kislovodsk Dolphinarium. For tourists on the territory of the sanatorium there are many interesting entertainments. The main mass events include: dance and gym rooms, playgrounds.

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Sanatorium “Sechenov”

Sanatorium “Sechenov” is located in the area of Victory Park. The medical hotel can accommodate 230 guests. The main directions of the sanatorium are: treatment, prevention and specialized medical services. On the territory there is a pool of colossal size. Its length reaches 8 meters. The building consists of 4 floors, which are divided into a dormitory and a medical building. The medical institution is located near the spa park. Currently, the sanatorium has been overhauled.

Treatment procedures

On the territory of the resort area, specialists are engaged in the treatment of serious diseases. Treat gastric diseases, intestines, endocrine system. Perform special procedures to eliminate gynecological and urological diseases. The medical center conducts inhalation procedures, therapeutic gymnastics. There are chiropral therapy rooms. Specialists provide dental services and perform qualified massage. Vouchers for rest can be purchased in your residential area.

Hotel Rooms

The hotel complex meets all the requirements of medical institutions. Vacationers can stay in any room. Each room has a TV, upholstered furniture and all the necessary interior items. Cleaning is done every day. Bed linen and towel are changed every week. Tourists are provided with dietary 3 meals a day. Room prices correspond to the comfortable conditions of the hotel. Children are allowed to visit the sanatorium from the age of 4. Tours can be booked in any city.


The organizers of the sanatorium tried for visiting guests. They created the most comfortable conditions for all tourists. On the territory there is billiards, modern simulators, tennis tables. In the new year, you can take a trip to the amazing sights of Essentuki. Many tourists make trips to Pyatigorsk. All hotel rooms have a modern design. Inside each room there is modern comfortable furniture. The sanatorium has its own boiler room. In winter, there is always heating and hot water. The implementation of medical procedures occurs in light clothing due to sufficient heat in the room.

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Sanatorium «Istok»

Sanatorium“Istok”is a historical resort value of Essentuki. The building was erected in the early 20th century. After the repair, the medical health resort began to meet all the necessary requirements. When performing repair work, modern building materials were used. The sanatorium is equipped with new technological equipment from the best foreign manufacturers. Specialists of the base conduct high-quality diagnostics of the body. Professionals provide world-class qualified medical services.


Treatment procedures comply with the licenses of medical institutions. Treatment is carried out on the basis of relevant documents. The main directions of the medical sanatorium are: gastric diseases, metabolic disorders of the body, problems of the spine, respiratory diseases, neuroses of various origins, violation of sexual hormonal functions. Specialists apply traditional medicine on the basis of modern scientific developments. The rooms are equipped with high-quality ultrasonic equipment. In the sanatorium there are mud and bathroom departments. The purchase of a voucher allows you to completely restore the body.

Hotel complex

Rest in the hotel complex allows you to get a lot of positive emotions, and fully restore your health. Guests can relax in the cosy and tranquiled bar. Special opportunities are available for children and couples. You can stay in any comfortable room. The total number of seats is designed for 137 people. Parents can bring their children from infancy. Each room has the necessary headset and equipment. Treatment of adolescents is engaged in 14 years. Tours can be purchased on the official website of the company. Prices in the hotel complex are moderate. They are suitable for everyone.


The sanatorium offers all its vacationers sports activities of various directions. On the territory there is a swimming pool, a sports hall, a billiard room. In the new year, you can go to Kislovodsk, and visit amazing historical places. Children are provided with a children’s room, equipped with games and exciting activities. The kids are looked after by a tutor. A few meters from the sanatorium there is a spa park.

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Pontos Plaza Hotel

HotelPontos Plazais located in the heart of Essentuki. Nearby there is an ancient park, natural mineral springs and a popular mud bath. The hotel is designed in a modern Art Nouveau style. The building has a luxurious architecture and presentable design. The treatment facility is designed for 18 rooms with different conditions that meet European standards. Each room has a refined décor. The hotel treats various types of diseases. In the restaurants, the chefs prepare delicious European and Caucasian dishes. Tours to the medical institution are held annually.

Treatment directions

Rest in the hotel allows you to plunge into the aquathermal atmosphere, and get a lot of positive emotions. Treatment is carried out with the help of cosmetic procedures. They consist in visiting the sauna, swimming pool and comfortable recreation area. Specialists in the procedures use natural mineral springs. In the process of treatment, visitors receive psychological support. Water procedures contribute to a quick recovery from various types of diseases. Therapeutic massage is carried out on the territory of the hotel. Cosmetology services are included in the price of the voucher.

Hotel Conditions

The hotel offers its visitors high-class rooms with a certain level of comfort. The interior has a single stylistic direction. In each room there is elite furniture from Italian manufacturers, made to order. Tourists in a calm atmosphere can enjoy the paintings of the author’s work, luxurious textiles. The spacious bathroom will help to relax after cosmetic procedures. The hotel is designed for 40 seats. The prices of elegant rooms meet the requirements of the hotel complex.


In the hotel complex there are rooms equipped with billiards and sports equipment. Guests have the opportunity to use the services of qualified hairdressers and cosmetologists. On the territory there are children’s entertainment complexes, shopping centers. The administration of the hotel in the new year provides excursions to the amazing natural springs of Essentuki. After the trip, visitors will find an interesting entertainment program.

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Sanatorium «Kazakhstan»

Vouchers to the sanatorium“Kazakhstan”provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing places of Essentuki. The medical resort complex is equipped with modern equipment in which you can restore the body and cure the most complex diseases. The magical place is designed to eliminate stress and depression. In the offices there is modern medical equipment. Diagnosis allows you to detect the most hidden diseases. In the medical center for visitors developed a special meal.

Treatment profile

In the medical sanatorium perform diagnostics and procedures of various types of diseases. Carry out treatment of digestive organs, restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system. Eliminate inflammation and infection of the female intimate zone. Restore male power, cardiovascular system. Treat neurotic diseases of varying severity. Identify allergens of various origins and instantly remove them from the body. Each patient is prescribed a course of effective procedures based on special therapy. Treatment is carried out with the help of mud natural remedies and natural sources.


Tours to the sanatorium allow you to spend a full family vacation with your children. In case of detection of diseases in children, specialists will be provided with qualified assistance. The medical building consists of 5 floors. Rooms feature modern apartments and furnishings. The institution is designed for 186 seats. Prices are reasonable for each tourist. A calm atmosphere and positive emotions contribute to a quick recovery.


A special entertainment program is organized for visitors, and a lot of interesting entertainment. Vacationers can visit the reading room in a large library, a modern cinema hall, a dance studio, a gym. On the territory there is a platform for mass interesting entertainment. Nearby there are hairdressers, saunas, beauty salons, fashion boutiques. There is a swimming pool, which is equipped with a shower in the form of a cascade. In the sanatorium it is pleasant and interesting to meet the new year. On the solemn holiday, the administration prepares a grandiose show with exciting competitions.

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Pension «PLAZA Essentuki»

Pension«PLAZA Essentuki»is a modern medical complex, which is located in the center of Essentuki. Every year tourists from all regions of Russia come to the boarding house. The building is located near the Medical Park. Tours can be booked in special travel companies. The health and wellness centre offers wellness treatments in various areas. There is a unique opportunity to visit amazing places and participate in cultural events.

Treatment of diseases

In the boarding house, chronic diseases of the stomach, intestinal ulcers of varying severity are treated. Treat inflammation of the stomach after surgery, chronic hepatitis, acute liver damage, cholelithiasis, impaired renal function. Specialists eliminate endocrine pathologies. These include: obesity, decreased blood flow, metabolic disorders. They are engaged in the treatment of urological and neurological diseases. Restore the musculoskeletal system.

Conditions of boarding house

Comfortable rest in a spacious bright room will allow you to feel calm in a pleasant atmosphere. All rooms are equipped with modern furnishings. When purchasing a voucher, full meals and medical procedures are provided. Prices for accommodation are optimal for each visitor. The pension is designed for 55 seats. Children can stay in the complex free of charge. The price includes access to cafes and restaurants.


The staff of the boarding house offers its guests the highest level of service and a complex of amazing entertainment. Exclusive excursions to the natural springs of Essentuki are organized. A park and a cultural centre are 100 metres away. Visitors can enjoy water treatments in the clean pool.

In the evening, there is a bar for lovers of fun. On the territory of the hotel complex you can find interesting entertainment for the whole family. A huge flow of tourists usually happens in the new year. In winter, natural resources have a beautiful view. In cold evenings you can visit the restaurant “Khmel” and the bar “Opera”. Tourists in Coffee Shops are offered delicious hot drinks prepared by professionals of the highest class.

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Sanatorium «Yunosti»

Sanatorium“Youth”is designed for recreation of children and adolescents. Children from all regions of Russia come to the sanatorium for a pleasant rest and restoration of health. Specialists provide medical services and perform medical procedures. Many couples also come to rest. Every year the flow of tourists from all countries increases. Pleasant climatic conditions and modern diagnostics contribute to the restoration of vitality.


The sanatorium treats chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bile, liver, metabolic disorders. Restore the respiratory system. Diagnosis is carried out to determine the general state of health. Specialists use ultrasound, X-rays. The laboratory investigates biochemical analyzes and performs computer diagnostics of internal organs. Natural springs are used for recovery. They are the main factor in the treatment. As therapeutic procedures, laser therapy, oxygen cocktails, inhalation devices are used. Complex treatment allows you to restore the child’s body in a matter of time.

Hotel Rooms

Tours to the medical sanatorium can be ordered in any region of Russia. The hotel complex consists of 2 residential buildings. The total number of seats is designed for 310 people. In the 1st building there are rooms designed for 3 or 6 seats. In the 2nd building there are only 2-bed rooms. Each has modern furniture and necessary appliances. The cost of the voucher depends on the number of vacationers. Accommodation prices are average for each region.


The sanatorium provides interesting entertainment for children and teenagers. The hotel has a large library. For lovers of outdoor activities there is a sports hall with modern equipment. Sauna contribute to the preservation of an attractive shape, and removes toxins from the body. Usually in the new year gathers a huge number of children from different countries. Interesting entertainment programs are specially organized for them. The solemn event ends with a grandiose fireworks display. Vacationing teenagers can make a route through the Caucasian attractions. The children’s sanatorium is open all year round.

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