Sanatorium Blue Wave, Gelendzhik

The city of Gelendzhik is especially popular due to the resort area. It is home to the best hotels on the coast. In this list, an honorable place is occupied by the Blue Wave sanatorium, which is famous for high-quality treatment, excellent nutrition and an appropriate level of service. The sanatorium today is part of a large company Alrosa. It has a convenient location away from the bustling city. It’s quiet and peaceful. The atmosphere adjusts to relaxation and rest.

Thanks to the support of a large company, the Blue Wave has successfully transformed into a modern health complex with multidisciplinary treatment. The capacity of the complex is designed to accommodate 600 people. That is why they tend to get to the sanatorium in advance. Someone goes to rest, and someone comes for treatment. Thanks to the positive dynamics of treatment, the sanatorium became a celebrity. Many people want to improve their health in the most reliable way, without any surgical intervention. The blue wave is exactly what you need. The complex is diverse. It offers a huge amount of entertainment. Employees are ready to go to any way to win the love of a tourist. Someone comes on vacation with his family, and someone comes to hold business meetings or attend a seminar. According to statistics, the number of tourists who visit the sanatorium annually is more than 9,000 people. This suggests that the services of the sanatorium provides really at the highest level. People come back again and again. That’s a great indicator.

Why do visitors like to relax with us so much? Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of visiting. The location of the sanatorium is quite successful. It is located on the very shore of the sea, near the mountains. Nearby there is a forest. The complex is completely removed from the noise of the city. It is just the perfect place for a quiet family holiday and treatment. The climate is simply unique. The air is clean, with a high oxygen content. The sea contributes to high-quality treatment, since sea water is healing and contains a huge number of useful elements. It’s worth coming for. You can easily increase immunity, recover from hard work. This is especially true for people living in the North.

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The infrastructure of the city is quite developed, which is why every traveler will be able to fully meet all his needs at any time of the year. The sanatorium has 2 swimming pools with sea water. In winter, they are heated, so you can freely come in winter and just as well as in summer swim as much as you want. In addition, the complex has a spa and saunas, water activities, sports grounds, a gym, a children’s area, billiards and a bowling alley, a library, a dance hall, conference rooms and a concert venue. Not far from the sanatorium there are shops, pharmacies, beauty salons and a water park. Now you do not need to look for a long time and get to those places that you would like to visit during the holiday. Everything is at hand. It’s very convenient. Kids love the water park. The convenient location of the sanatorium will allow you to independently diversify the rest in accordance with the wishes.

The blue wave boasts special living conditions. However, we do not accept all guests. We do not take responsibility for persons who suffer from chronic diseases, diseases in acute stages, acute purulent processes, infectious diseases, with sexually transmitted diseases and neoplasms of a malignant nature, with bleeding, tuberculosis and so on, even pregnant women.

The territory of the sanatorium is quite impressive. There is a park, alleys, fountains. The chapel is considered the main feature of the complex. You can spend most of your time outside and enjoy the clean air. This is important, since the air of the sanatorium can be considered healing. The location of the complex allows you to successfully relax at any time of the year. It’s very beautiful. You can just walk and enjoy nature. The base was created for a good rest and maximum health promotion. The territory at the moment is considered one of the best because the landscape design is made at the highest possible level. A few years ago, the Blue Wave won an award in this category.

Room stock

Of the features of the sanatorium, it is also worth noting the home comfort, the rainbow reception of each guest, attentive attitude and care for the guests. The hotel is presented in the form of rooms, the number of which is more than 302 rooms. Only 3 buildings. The total number of floors of each building is different. The tall buildings are equipped with an elevator. The rooms are mostly double. If necessary, you can live in a single room. Each room has everything you need for a quality stay. The window offers a unique fascinating view of the seascape or mountains.


Features of the beach can also be considered distinctive. The beach is spacious, landscaped perfectly, finely pebbled. The total area of the beach is more than 300 m. The bottom is sandy, clean. This will especially appeal to children, since it is sometimes difficult for them to swim if there are sharp cobblestones or a pile of algae at the bottom. That is why our staff took care of your comfort and cleared the seabed as much as possible. For our employees, we also offer free use of beach equipment. There is also a separate beach, which we offer for a fee, but you will not find this anywhere else. There is absolutely everything: from the shower to individual gazebos. There is also a medical worker who is on the beach permanently.

Holidays with children

Unique living conditions are offered for children. They are guests of the highest category and require maximum care and conditions. Children from the age of 4 are accepted. Thanks to the provided food in the form of a buffet, individual meals are selected for each baby. The voucher includes meals of 3 meals a day and an afternoon snack. If the child arrived for treatment, it is worth noting that the service is at the proper level. Basically, children arrive with diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs. Also, parents bring children to increase immunity.

We try to entertain the child as much as possible throughout the stay on the territory of the complex. We know how important it is to make your child feel at home. That is why the sanatorium has all the necessary advantages for children’s recreation. They include: a children’s playground, which is located in the open air, a children’s room, which is located inside and is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime of the child. Children’s room can be used by children aged 4 to 12 years. There are also special employees who look after the children. These are teachers organizers with extensive experience who work on the territory of the Blue Wave daily. They are engaged with children sculpting, drawing, developing classes, reading books and spending a musical hour.

We offer each child to join the individual entertainment program, which was developed exclusively for our sanatorium. It includes:

  • Entertainment through game performances;
  • Educational lessons;
  • Training sessions on the topic of creativity;
  • Master classes in dance and singing;
  • Exciting quest games.


Parents can rent a bicycle or roller skates. On the beach there is a separate children’s area for swimming. You can ride on children’s jet skis, catamarans or bananas. In addition, children can also use the bowling club, play on slot machines and use the sports ground. Older children can arrange competitions of tennis, volleyball or football. Children’s playgrounds, library, film screenings and other entertainment events will not be able to leave anyone indifferent. All activities are included in the price of the voucher.


If we consider the treatment, children are also taken from the age of 4. For an additional fee, you can issue a resort card of the sanitary plan in the sanatorium. When buying a voucher without treatment, a card is not required. Estimated check-in and check-out times are standard and operate as in the best hotels. About the features of payment can be found in more detail on the official website of the sanatorium. If you have any questions, you can ask for help from a manager who is in touch around the clock. He will answer all the questions. Treatment is carried out only after consultation. For recovery, we invite everyone who does not fall under the category of restrictions described above.

We provide treatment:

  • Neurological diseases;
  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system.;
  • Diseases of the endocrine system;
  • Any diseases of the respiratory system.

For business

In addition, we offer to take advantage of a chic opportunity for large enterprises. Our employees are ready to organize business meetings or training of employees at the appropriate level. In addition, an equally important point is that the staff will be able to relax and unwind in our complex. We will also provide services to improve health, because on the territory of the sanatorium you can consult and get advice from the best specialists.

In our complex there is a large conference hall, in which business events are regularly held. It has all the necessary equipment. We will be able to serve you and your guests at their best. WE offer exceptional meals, the possibility of organizing coffee breaks, assistance in setting up the broadcast. If the furniture needs to be rearranged – we are ready to do everything as quickly as possible and in accordance with the wishes. Photos of the conference hall can be viewed on our website.

We understand how important it is to feel as comfortable as possible and also understand that holding business events can coincide with a birthday. For our part, we are ready to take care of organizing the celebration. You can celebrate any holiday here. We will do everything at its best. We can decorate the hall of our restaurant and ask the chef to prepare an exclusive cake. Celebrations can also be organized on the beach. To do this, there is a special café where you can celebrate the holiday at any time of the day. The view from the terrace of the café is simply awesome.

Thanks to the shops that are located near the hotel, you can buy a gift if you suddenly forgot to do it in advance. Planning a celebration with us is quite simple. This is a great gift to relatives or colleagues, even a child. Music and scenery are selected in advance and in accordance with your wishes. The cake can be made according to your own recipe and in the volumes that will be appropriate. For children, you can invite an animator who will help make a real holiday with competitions and performances.


Our sanatorium differs from competitors in the quality of services provided. This is evidenced by our awards, which were obtained through hard and hard work. We take responsibility for the treatment process and are ready to do everything possible to ensure that your condition improves as much as possible. For those who come for the first time we offer a small tour of the territory. Our staff works at a high level. We monitor the safety of guests and the quality of the food offered. All employees are qualified and have experience in their field of activity. Choosing us – you choose quality.

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We have absolutely all the conditions to ensure that the recovery process is as quick as possible. We will help you relax and relax. Close proximity to the sea is another advantage among competitors. You can come at any time of the year. To do this, we have several pools with real sea water, which are heated in the winter. We will be glad to see you as a guest and will do everything possible to make your stay unforgettable, and the treatment is effective.

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