Sanatorium Malaya Bukhta

Sanatorium Malaya Bukhta for many years is famous for its quality food, excellent location and sea views from all rooms, unusually attractive nature and optimal prices. The hull has the appearance of a sailboat. It is surrounded by a wide green park, which smoothly passes into the embankment. On the roof there is an observation deck that offers each guest to enjoy a gorgeous view of Anapa.

A special feature of the hotel is that the staff managed to establish the perfect balance in the form of a combination of comfortable rest, wellness procedures and unusually delicious food. Arriving here, you do not come to return home.

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Location and history of Sanatorium Malaya Bukhta

The hotel was built in accordance with the main therapeutic factors of the resort. It can be noted the presence of mountain and sea air, a unique climate and the presence of natural and mineral springs. From the history of the sanatorium, it can be noted that the first clinic stood at the junction of several air currents. Mountain air provided freshness, and sea helped to saturate the lungs with microparticles of the salt type. The steppe air filled with an extraordinary aroma. The combination of these factors is an excellent result in relation to recovery. The latest technologies successfully joined the work at the beginning of the 21st century. The combination of high-quality natural resources and unique new technologies made the treatment as effective as possible.

For lovers of winter holidays we have an interesting offer. We invite guests to celebrate Shrovetide. Travelers come mainly in the last winter week to eat plenty of pancakes. We organize the celebration on a grand scale. The last day is the most significant. It is on this day that we organize large-scale festivities, which involve seeing off winter and meeting spring.

On the main square of the city on March 1, the celebration of Maslenitsa takes place, a fair opens, in which masters of decorative and applied art participate. At the same time, every year the action “Broad Maslenitsa” and a competition with karaoke are held. A special festive program is developed for guests. They conduct various master classes, in which it is very interesting to participate. You can make a special doll, which will be a talisman. A special concert is held on the stage. For couples, a competition with prizes is held. On stage you can listen to the performance of a special choir. The main attention is paid to pancakes. They are provided a huge number and for every taste. In our hotel will also be treated to a variety of types of pancakes. Our chefs are ready to surprise the whole Shrovetide week.

Anapa is firmly rooted in the minds of many as a unique healing city. It is ready to offer guests unique emotions, wonderful sunrises and unusual sunsets. The hotel has an excellent medical base, which deserves special attention. Doctors have been working for many years and offer high-quality recovery of a variety of diseases. If there are problems with breathing or diseases of the heart and blood vessels, intestines or skin diseases, gynecological – this can be cured with us. Doctors regularly undergo the process of advanced training, thanks to which new methods of treatment are successfully introduced. Every year the base of medical equipment is replenished with new devices. We have everything you need to carry out accurate diagnosis and treatment. We are engaged in children’s health improvement and adults.


The territory of the sanatorium is planted with green trees and unusual flower beds. There are several outdoor pools. In addition, there is a separate sports ground, which is equipped with everything necessary for regular sports. In the process of recovery, this is the best. The sanatorium has created the most comfortable conditions for visitors. On several sides the building is surrounded by an embankment. This is the most favorite place for vacationers. The adjacent promenade resembles an old style. The observation deck offers a magnificent view of the sea. Its uniqueness is that this site during its existence has become a platform for filming and various photo shoots.


The sanatorium offers swimming pools with sea water. This is a unique place to relax. Water competitions among visitors are regularly held in the pool, as well as master classes in water aerobics. For children, a swimming pool with warm sea water is offered. We understand how important it is to properly diversify children’s leisure. That is why we have prepared a unique entertainment program with competitions and animators. The territory near the complex is also equipped with a recreation area. Sun loungers are installed around to make it as comfortable as possible for guests to sunbathe.

The indoor swimming pool is located in one of the buildings of the sanatorium. The water is used by the sea and is heated all the time. It acts as one of the ways of recovery and is prescribed exclusively by a doctor after consultation. Water treatments are very useful, especially with special wellness programs that have been developed by specialists in accordance with the course of the disease. Sessions are possible only with bathing caps.


The sanatorium operates all year round, without closing the beach season. We are ready to meet you at any time of the year, regardless of the season. In the sanatorium there is a special winter beach, in which sea water. It’s heated. It is located a few meters from the main territory of the sanatorium, under the observation deck. You can enter the winter beach from the promenade. The area of this beach is impressive. Depending on how much the child can swim, the use of the pool is allowed and children. If the child does not know how to swim, you can choose the appropriate bowl. The territory is glazed. This allows you to get an incredibly beautiful view of the sea. Thanks to a special overlap, it was possible to install ultraviolet lighting, which will allow you to tan in the solarium even in winter. The location is very good. A large number of sunbeds are used. For lovers of dry type steam, there is a Finnish sauna. Immediately after the visit, you can plunge into the sea or take a cold shower.

In addition, the sanatorium has a private pebble beach. It is just 10 metres away. You can go down the elevator or walk along the steps, which will be a good warm-up. The beach has a length of more than 250 meters. The area of the beach is impressive. There is a separate area for children. On the beach there is everything you need for a comfortable stay: plastic sunbeds, canopies, umbrellas. In order to fully relax, we offer vacationers to use the hydromassage room. We also offer manual massage. On the beach you can also find various small shops and cafes, which is very convenient. You can sit with friends, enjoying the summer seascape. In addition, the café works late, which will allow every vacationer to admire the sunset, take a photo for memory.

Leisure and entertainment

In the sanatorium there is also a separate veranda of open type with billiards. This is a favorite place of our vacationers. You can relax in the family circle and play billiards. This is a favorite game of many. Now you don’t have to go anywhere else. Everything is within walking distance. In addition, children’s entertainment is also arranged in the fresh air. We understand how important it is that the child is not bored. We are ready to take on all the troubles and make the rest for the baby as memorable as possible. The entertainment program is constantly improving. We try to diversify competitions, come up with developmental activities, try to captivate each baby. Kids are always very happy. In the evenings, a disco awaits them, where they can find new friends and dance enough.

Room stock

The capacity of the complex is impressive and is more than 1000 people at a time.
The sanatorium has 5 own buildings and cozy rooms of 3 star category.
The rooms are as comfortable as possible, have everything you need for living.
Each guest receives delicious and high-quality food, 3 meals a day. It is possible to eat dietary. All sorts of options are taken into account. There is baby food. Thanks to the buffet, it was possible to combine possible food options for everyone.


The sanatorium provides treatment constantly, both for hotel residents and guests. Anyone can apply. You can get advice from a professional doctor at any time. The doctor will help you choose a treatment and prescribe procedures. If rehabilitation is successful, it is safe to say that a person’s well-being will improve significantly. We have the best doctors. There are several rehabilitation programs.

  • The wellness program is included in the total cost of the voucher. To undergo treatment it is not necessary to have a sanatorium-resort book.
  • The program for weight loss is designed for those patients who have problems with obesity or metabolic disorders. Our specialists will help to improve the patient’s condition and well-being as much as possible.
  • The program is for people with nervous disorders.

Diagnostic features:

  • Computer topography. This is a unique technology that is being developed to assess the state of the human motor system. Modern technologies make it possible to fully assess the condition of the bones of the pelvis and spine. In addition, it is also possible to track any changes in the musculoskeletal system.
  • Hemoscan, which is a study of a person’s blood. This method helps to assess the condition of blood elements, as well as the presence of pathological elements due to the maximum increase.

It is worth noting that the therapeutic factors of the sanatorium include therapeutic sea water, mineral water, healing mud, seaweed, clay and many types of salt. Only here you can be treated in a natural way through the sea, because at the moment it is believed that the sea is a cure for all diseases. Sea water consists of trace elements that are like human blood plasma. That is why we have prepared all the conditions for the fastest possible recovery. The water area of the beach, open-type pools, fresh sea air, which with all this is also healing – all these are components to ensure high-quality therapy. In addition to the treatment process, the sanatorium provides an opportunity to relax and fully relax from the bustle of the city, from unnecessary problems and anxieties. We are waiting for you.

Quality of service

On this room the sanatorium has a category of 3 stars. More than a thousand guests can stay at the same time. There are 4 complexes in total. The rooms have everything you need for the most comfortable stay. Rooms are divided into several categories. The accommodation service is located in the 3rd building and works 24/7. During registration, each visitor receives a personal card and a plastic key. It will be needed to visit the treatment rooms and dining room. Also, each guest receives a bracelet, which is a kind of pass and is valid not only on the territory of the sanatorium, but also on the beach. The first floor of the complex is the most entertaining. It has everything: a library, a conference room, and there is also a game compote for children.

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Each guest gets the opportunity to examine. According to the results, professional doctors will be able to develop an individual course of treatment.
The territory is impressive, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay with children. There is a children’s playground, swimming pools, entertaining children’s areas.
The service is offered at the highest level. Employees will surround with attention and care absolutely every guest, without exception.

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