Mini hotel Green Gold Park Seliger Tver region. Where is it better to relax on Seliger?

Modern suburban bases and hotels with the quality of the services offered call into question the need to buy multi-million dollar suburban real estate. This review is dedicated to“Green Gold Park”– a camp site near Lake Seliger in the Tver region (350km from Moscow), which offers elite country holidays at reasonable prices. There are spaces for a “weekend” in Russian style and active leisure: comfortable houses, quality food, a variety of games and entertainment, a bath, cycling, fishing, etc. Nature – pine forest, lake, dirt paths, herbs, birdsong, chirping cicadas. And all this is offered in a format that is not available for owners of suburban real estate. The prices listed in this article are current as of February 2021 and are subject to change.

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Houses and rooms

For the settlement it is proposed to choose one of four mini-villas with an area of 73, 134, 136 and 164 m2. The cost of living varies depending on the time of year, the availability of holidays and weekends. In the range from 8000 per day for 73m2 (2-4 people) in winter and up to 26,000 rubles per day for 164 m2 (10 people) for the May holidays.

These are warm cottages with a terrace and high-quality designer decoration in a modern style, equipped with everything you need: furniture, plasma with cable TV, refrigerator, kettle, kitchen with equipment and dishwasher, dining room for eating, bed linen, bathroom with shower, toilet and accessories, mini-bar. The rental price includes breakfast and rental of equipment for outdoor activities (boats, bicycles, chess, balls, etc.).

Renting an apartment in a two-story building will cost much cheaper. A room of 43 m2 for 4 beds with a balcony will cost depending on the season from 5675 rubles per day. The price includes the same set as when renting a mini-villa. There are apartments of a slightly smaller area, which are a little cheaper.

For this money, guests receive accommodation in comfortable conditions in an ecologically clean place. Breakfast and equipment rental are also included. And no worries. Owners of suburban real estate, having invested many millions of rubles in it, are forced to cook, clean, constantly invest money and their own strength in repair and improvement, pay contributions and utility costs.

In this place go to rest mostly Muscovites who are accustomed to a higher level of comfort and are willing to pay for it. But there are companies from other cities. A lot of families with children, because the necessary conditions have been created for them: entertainment, comfortable living spaces, beach, food, the absence of chanson thundering from the speakers.

Review from “Nascta”: rested in March 2019 with children. Pros: exterior design, nature, stylish interiors, low prices. Cons: water from the tap, worn furniture. “Great replacement for the cottage, but stock up on your water.”

Glamping – luxury tent

Glamping (glamour camping) is a new type of living in nature for Russia. Combines the lifestyle in a tent city with the comfort of a hotel room. In the warm season in the“Green Gold Park”you can rent a tent on the shore of the lake, inside of which there will be a large double bed with heating, lighting, plasma, floor with good laminate and carpets, heating and a pleasant interior design. True romance! Residents of such a tent use the same services as hotel guests.

Glamping is relevant for those who came to rest for the first time on this base, who want to save money or just try an unusual kind of country relaxation. After living in such a tent for a day or two, some guests move to a rented villa or rooms. This diversifies leisure and gives new impressions of life in the same place.

Review from Maria: placed in glamping. Quiet, beautiful views, comfortable and cozy. Reasonable prices and an abundance of entertainment. But the restaurant has too long a wait. It would be better to fry the kebab yourself. By the way, the zones with barbecue are full and they are very cool. Take your food with you!


Each villa has a barbecue, so in nature you definitely need to roast something: barbecue, barbecue, fish, vegetables, at least just sausages. Coal and firewood is better to bring with you from Ostashkov or Selizharovo. It is also worth grabbing skewers or a grill from the house, because here they are offered for add. Fee.

Included in the price is the rental of: bicycles, velomobiles, checkers-chess, balls, sledges, scooters, boats with oars, table tennis tables with rackets, sun loungers on the beach, darts and frisbees. Free use of football and basketball field, playground, beach.

Fishing rods, skis, skates for add. Fee. If you have your own equipment at home, then of course it is better to take it with you.

Near the restaurant there is a children’s playground with slides, 2 trampolines, swings, mini-football and other entertainment. It is convenient because from the restaurant you can watch the children.

Meals and restaurants

You can dine in the restaurant, which has an average price category. Lunch or dinner will cost from 650 rubles per person without drinks. Breakfast from 350 rubles. The main advantage: high-quality products, from which food is prepared, are grown by local farmers. The menu is dominated by homemade cuisine without exoticism, which is almost impossible to spoil. Therefore, all visitors amicably praise the delicious food – this is a plus of“GGP”.

Also note the low cost of cocktails in the bar (from 250 to 350 p). Kettle of tea (with ginger, sea buckthorn, etc.) 200 p. A scoop of ice cream 75 p. Delicious cappuccino for 150 p. In other words, the bar is recommended to visit.

Breakfast is simple, although delicious: porridge, scrambled eggs or omelets, pancakes. In order not to waste time going to the restaurant for breakfast, there is an easy option to bring food with you and make breakfast in the room in 5-10 minutes. Also with alcohol: experienced tourists carry water, alcohol, snacks. This is a great saving of money and time, in addition, you do not need to sit in a restaurant waiting for an order, remembering the unkind word of the waiters. If desired, you can also make an order directly to the room.

In the houses there is a paid mini-bar: chocolates, alcohol, jams, dumplings, dumplings, etc. The price list for these products is attached.

The grocery store is located 300 meters from the camp site, so no one was hungry here.

Sauna and boiler

Separately ordered landscaped and inexpensive bath. With a capacity for 8 people, the rent of the entire complex is 2100 rubles per hour. In addition to the steam room, the layout includes a lounge with a large table and chairs, the use of all amenities, a sofa for relaxation, a kitchenette, a terrace. Panoramic windows create a picturesque view of nature. Sauna here for 5 points! A separate plus for herbal teas after the steam room, which are very praised by the guests. If you want to come here with a company for one day, you can book only a bath complex – it will be cheaper.

Separately order a boiler on the street or “bath vat”. This is a large mini-font for 3-4 people, which is heated on a fire as in a fairy tale about the Humpbacked Horse: “The king ordered himself to be undressed, Twice crossed, Buh in a cauldron and there cooked.” You can repeat this feat in just 1500r per hour. We add that in the “boiling” vat guests make spectacular photos.

In fact, the water in this boiler is maintained in the interval of 35-45 degrees, different herbs are added to it. A very interesting and pleasant washing in the fresh air, which came to us from the ancient Celts, who love to wash in large containers.

Beach, fishing, mushrooms

The well-groomed and clean beach is equipped with sun loungers. Around the pines, birds singing, silence. From swimming here children will be delighted, because. the water is warm, and the reservoir is shallow and warms up well in summer. Sunbathing is pleasant, unlike the beaches of the south, where in summer the apple has nowhere to fall. There are few people, the territory is large, the sand is clean. There are no comments on the beach.

Lake “Volgo”, on the banks of which stretches“Green gold park”,is rich in fish. Local fishermen practice fishing on a float rod, donka, spinning. There are bream, pike, roach, walleye, gustera, less often asp, pouring. As a nozzle, the masters praise the moth and scab. Immediately at the house you can hang a salted catch for drying, and then bring it home as a trophy.

Amateurs can pick mushrooms in the forests around, where such well-known species as white, podosinoviki, butter, mushroom, ginger, mushroom, etc. grow. It is especially good on the way back from the rest to stop in the nearby forests and collect mushrooms in these ecologically clean places.

Review from “Mom”: at the moment (July 2020) rest at this base. We rented a villa, at first glance everything is cool: chic repairs, panoramic windows, interior decoration … But for the 3rd day it rains, puddles around, you can not use the barbecue, the playground resembles a water park. In general, we sit at home, boredom and across the phone.

Excursions and attractions

The entire territory is reliably guarded by the security service, video surveillance cameras are installed around. Free parking is also guarded and fenced. Throughout the camp site there is free unlimited Wi-Fi.

A big plus is that you can drive your car into the territory directly to the rented house. No need to carry things – everything in the car at hand.

In the cold season, the administration significantly reduces the prices for both accommodation and the bath, so you can relax here relatively cheaply.


After leaving the camp site, since you are in these places, it is logical to visit local attractions. The center of attraction of the region is the monastery “Nilov Desert”. Here you can go to the huge volume of the cathedral, pray, order demands, take a walk, visit the church shop. Have a snack in a café, buy smoked monastic fish at an affordable price. Also, guests praise the guided tour, which will show the ensemble of monastic buildings and tell the history of the monastery.

In Okovets, after the Soviet devastation, a holy spring with baths was restored. It is collected clean water and taken home in canisters. They also plunge into the font with a temperature of +4 degrees, which works all year round. Nearby open to the public is a beautiful temple.

A couple of kilometers from the hotel behind the village of Selishche there is a surf station. Here you can learn how to surf the waves, rent equipment. There are instructors, parking, food, the opportunity to live in a tent. The base is characterized by very low prices.

Vyacheslav D. writes a review: November 2020. Big territory! Took a house with food, quite edible. It is a pity that the districts are in ruins, like the entire Tver region. Only one church was built. I recommend this place, relaxed perfectly!

In general, you can relax in the“Green Gold Park”very qualitatively, if at the same time you competently approach the preparation of the departure. It is foolish, for example, to go here in case inclement weather is expected on the days of arrival. Sit in the room while the window whips rain and flashes. Also, do not expect in the wilderness of the Tver region sophisticated European service, and in a crowded restaurant – a quick serve. Mosquitoes are in season, as in any other forest, so stock up on spray. The rest of the place is wonderful: silence, fresh air, lake, barbecue, bath, delicious food, comfortable conditions. And all these pleasures at affordable prices in general. According to some vacationers, you do not want to leave here exhausted by the city smog and upset nerves man. Nature, cleanliness and landscaping do their job – the camp site“Green Gold Park”is thriving.

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