Kempinski Grand Hotel Kempinski Grand Hotel

Kempinski Grand Hotel is a new unique complex that has a high rating. Kempinski is in the 5 star category. This is an excellent indicator, which annually confirms its high indicator. After analyzing the consumer market, we can conclude that the hotel is among the leaders in attendance.

Hotel Description

The location is quite advantageous, which can not but rejoice. The building of the complex is located on the picturesque Black Sea coast. To be more precise, it stands directly on the seashore, on the Tolstoy Cape of the Gelendzhik Bay. The area of the hotel is impressive and is a total of as much as 8 hectares. For comfortable accommodation of tourists there is absolutely everything.

The hotel is constantly evolving. The reputation has remained at a high level for many years, which helps it to be the first among competitors. All entertainment is aimed at comfortable living and good rest on the beach. Particular attention is paid to the issue of security, since this item is important for any visitor. Hotel staff organize round-the-clock security, which helps to maintain peace of mind of vacationers.

Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik. This name speaks for itself. The hotel staff offers each guest a huge number of services and advantages to choose from. The institution welcomes only the highest standards of service.

The main advantages of choosing Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik

  • A huge number of services.
  • High-quality infrastructure for family holidays.
  • Wide range of food and drinks.
  • Development programs for children.

Possibility to provide special meals for young children.

Prestigious SPA center in a huge selection of procedures.

A variety of rooms that will allow you to choose an option even for the most fastidious guest.

The total room rate includes breakfast, which is served as a buffet, the possibility of visiting the private beach, the use of the swimming pool, water park, gym and spa center. In the SPA area you can visit the thermal zone. On the territory of the complex there are a huge number of bars, cafes and restaurants. There is a phyto-bar and a pastry shop.

On the territory of the hotel you can find almost everything for a good rest. You can arrange any kind of event, order a celebration of the Birthday, February 14, March 8 and even the New Year. Reception is organized at the highest level.

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Room stock

Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik is a tall building that has a total of 8 floors. In total, it has 6 elevators of panoramic type. If you have a large company or just need more space, you can rent a villa. Since the hotel already has a certain level of work, there are 5 categories for rooms:

  • Presidential Suite;
  • Family suite;
  • Suite;
  • Improved;
  • Standard.

The rooms are offered as comfortable and spacious as possible. Each guest receives a proper level of service and a huge amount of entertainment.

The categories are very different. If there is an urgent need – you can absolutely easily transform any room into a family-type apartment due to its spacious size.

Each room has a sofa and a double bed, iron, TV, air conditioning and telephone. If necessary, you can specify the availability of a safe. Each bathroom has a bathrobe and slippers, internet access and individual room service. In addition, every visitor of the hotel can use the laundry service. The staff will return things in impeccable condition upon readiness.


Each guest of kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik receives a buffet breakfast. The menu is selected according to the discretion of the hotel staff. Lunch and dinner are served by prior arrangement and to be paid additionally.

For lunch or dinner, guests can make use of the on-site restaurants and bars. The hotel staff makes every effort to ensure that guests are in an exceptional atmosphere of comfort and have everything they need within walking distance. There are 2 restaurants. Each guest can eat and relax at any time. You can arrange a romantic evening or celebrate a birthday.

Restaurant Riviera

The Riviera Restaurant serves breakfast. Each guest can try homemade cakes, a hot dish or an exclusive dessert from the chef himself. The hall has a capacity of up to 230 people. In addition, there is an additional wide terrace for almost 100 people. Waiters arrange a buffet with an abundance of offers for every taste. In winter, the hotel offers a covered terrace and fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Children’s restaurant Pinocchio

If guests come on vacation with children, you can take them to a restaurant for children, which is called Pinocchio. This restaurant is located inside the Riviera. For kids, there are many activities. Each kid can choose their own lunch. Ice cream is also offered as a dessert. Animators arrange fun contests. They will be able to entertain children, involving in unique adventures.

Fusion Restaurant

Fusion Restaurant is panoramic. It is located on the eighth floor. The view of the terrace is directed to the open sea. The restaurant is dominated by European-type cuisine. The chef presents exclusively author’s dishes. Particular attention is paid to healthy eating. Grilled meals are also available. In addition, each guest can choose wine to taste. The wine list contains the most popular varieties of wines. There are world-famous wines, and there are those prepared by local winemakers.

Mistral Beach Restaurant

For those guests who want to try the maximum number of dishes, a visit to the beach restaurant Mistral will be relevant. Capacity more than 100 persons. Cooks cook seafood. You can also try the signature pizza. Especially this place is suitable for hookah lovers. Music, in turn, will create the most relaxing atmosphere.

Live music is played daily. Very often invited famous musicians. You will find the perfect combination of your favorite dishes with music. Live music with quality service will create a warm atmosphere of harmony and give an unforgettable surge of feelings.

The hotel’s signature dish is Siberian Sturgeon

Each guest can taste the unique dish of the hotel “Siberian Sturgeon”.

Since sturgeon is considered a delicacy, chefs are ready to cook it exclusively at any time. This dish is a real feature of the hotel. Cook fish by processing in 61 ° C. Due to this, the fish acquires a unique texture. Potatoes, tomatoes, basil and olives are served in addition. You can order it in any institution of the hotel.

Meals in the room

Each guest of Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik can order food around the clock at any time directly from his room. There is a special menu that is found in each room. The range of dishes is quite wide. You can order a special dish. If you have the right ingredients, the chef will prepare it according to your recommendations.

Round-the-clock service will help each guest feel at home.

Entertainment & Service in Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik

Every day for guests there is an animation in the pool. Animators invite guests to diversify their vacation. Several animation programs were developed especially for the guests. There are sports, children’s and evening. The staff treats each guest with special attention. For the youngest visitors, developing creative classes are held. Time can be spent not only fun, but also with benefit. There is also a swimming pool with water slides and a children’s playground. Your child will love it with us.

For adults, animators offer a huge variety of contests to have fun. In addition, there is a real arsenal of pre-planned activities: entertainment programs by the pool, master classes, yoga classes, sports clubs.

If the guest prefers a secluded holiday, the hotel staff is ready to provide the best villa with increased comfort. The location is as advantageous as possible. This allows you to select a room for the guest individually, in accordance with the desires and capabilities.

At the disposal of each guest for the duration of the stay are: tennis courts, water park, swimming pool, sports grounds, the best restaurants, own nightclub. There is even a SPA center and a Business Center on site.

Guests who prefer water-plan entertainment can take advantage of the spacious private beach near the apartment. This fact is very important, because the guest does not need to spend additional time of his rest on the search for the beach. You can book a room now by contacting the official website of the organization. The most favorable prices are presented.

The hotel offers each guest to use the private beach, the location of which is within walking distance from the complex. For a comfortable stay there is absolutely everything. People on the beach sunbathe, swim, listen to the sound of the sea, meet the dawn and sunset.

There are massage and cosmetology rooms, a clothing boutique, a hairdresser, parking directly near its building. Laundry services are available. Every girl can use the services of a beauty salon. Then there’s the dry cleaners. You can book a tour without leaving the hotel.

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New Year in Kempinski

A winter holiday in Kempinski will be an unforgettable adventure. Guests are almost the same as in the summer. In winter, an artificial skating rink is poured. On New Year’s Eve there is a lot of fun and you can go ice skating. Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik invites guests on December 31 to stay in a room and enjoy the New Year’s atmosphere overlooking the sea. At midnight, it is also good to raise a toast for a festive dinner in pleasant company. On New Year’s Eve, guests can enjoy entertainment and dinner accompanied by live music. Costume performances are arranged, artists are invited. The celebration will be remembered for a long time.


The hotel is great for yoga retreats. The wellness centre offers group yoga classes, which include detox programs, instructor courses or weight loss programs. There is definitely something that will appeal to you. Clean and fresh air during outdoor activities. During the five-day retreat, you can combine meditation with invigorating yoga. In the classroom, you can work on spiritual and physical strength, which is sure to come in handy. A peaceful atmosphere will help to relax. Only the wind and sand on your feet.


Do you want to arrange a dream wedding? Kempinski can help you organize an unforgettable celebration with sea views. The hotel offers to organize a wedding of themed style, modern style or dazzling white. The hotel staff will do everything in the best possible way. A buffet can be arranged. The chef is ready to present the most exclusive dishes. The scenery will meet expectations, a delicious multi-tiered cake and live music. Exclusive accommodation awaits guests. Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik will make the wedding procedure the most wonderful and unforgettable celebration of your life.

Kempinski Grand Hotel is the best hotel in the region, a world-class hotel. Film and television stars, politicians and businessmen often rest here. Not just the best service, but a service that will exceed all your expectations. Traveling around the world is an integral part of every star’s life. Premieres and presentations, rest after the concert – the stars spend a huge amount of time in hotels. They choose hotels that have a beautiful interior, rooms of increased comfort and excellent service. They also give special preference to hotels, the location of which is close to the sea, so that you can enjoy the picturesque view and wake up to the sound of the surf. Kempinski Grand Hotel has distinctive qualities. During its existence, it managed to bypass competitors and break out into the leaders thanks to an exceptional level of service.


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