Gelendzhik Park Hotel

Gelendzhik, located in the zone of subtropical climate, annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists thanks to clean pebble beaches, picturesque mountain and forest landscapes and azure sea. Guests of the Black Sea resort have a fairly wide choice of accommodation. Among the 1378 hotels of the city of different categories,Gelendzhik Parkstands out for its special homely atmosphere, harmoniously combined with a modern level of comfort.




“Gelendzhik Park”, located on Mayachnaya Street, positions itself as a five-star boutique hotel, receiving guests since 2016 From the airport of the resort the hotel is separated by 5.6 km. The distance from the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” to the city bus station is 2.6 km, if you go by road. To the sea coast – 47.5 m in a straight line.

The hotel, which is a bright modern three-storey building, is located next to the picturesque embankment, stretching for 9 km in the form of a horseshoe around the Gelendzhik Bay. The distance from the doors of the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” to the central streets of the city is not more than 1.6 km. The hotel is conveniently located in a quiet green location. From the embankment of the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” is separated by a low stone fence.

The area around the hotel is a cozy garden, where lush shrubs, coniferous and deciduous trees grow. A compact seating area with tables is available. Each of them has four comfortable chairs with high backs. From here you can clearly see the crowded embankment.

More information. Future guests of the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” can call in advance by phone number listed on the official website of the institution, and order a meeting at the airport or bus station and transfer to the door of the hotel.

Room stock

The hotel belongs to the category of mini-hotels. The bright three-storey building looks like a comfortable country house. “Gelendzhik-Park” offers guests to stay in one of the six spacious rooms. The interior of the premises is distinguished by the refinement of design, in which elements of modernity are traced.

Rooms are decorated with Italian furnishings and are decorated with soft pastel colours. The luxury of the interior is harmoniously combined with elegant restraint of design. Boutique hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” allows guests to choose rooms of four categories:

RoomBedtotal area

(sq. m.)

cost (RUB)
studio11 double459900
lux21 double7015 840
Suite22 double17023 760
luxury plus21 double13016 830


Pay attention! The table shows the cost of rooms in the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” for March [y] for two guests to stay for one day. In August and July, prices rise by 62-64%. Breakfast, access to the spa area and indoor pool – all this is included in the room rate.

If necessary, hotel guests can ask employees to install additional single beds: one – in the “studio”, two – in other categories. The surcharge will be from 2400 (low season) to 3900 rubles (high season). The equipment of the hotel rooms, regardless of the category, meets the modern standards of European hotels:

  • large beds with orthopedic mattresses;
  • whirlpool baths;
  • furniture made of natural materials;
  • internal telephone for communication with the reception desk;
  • refrigerator with mini-bar;
  • a safe;
  • Bath and cosmetic accessories of Aspley company;
  • air conditioning and heating;
  • flat-screen TV that receives federal and satellite channels, including those designed for children.

Each room of the hotel has access to a spacious terrace, where two sun loungers, a table and chairs are installed. The list of services ofGelendzhik Parkincludes several opportunities for guests:

  • leave cars in the free parking lot located next to the hotel;
  • book excursions in advance to the sights of the resort and the surrounding area, including walks on comfortable yachts and boats;
  • free use of the Internet in the rooms and on the territory of the boutique hotel;
  • book in advance a free transfer from the airport or bus station to the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” or back.

Importantly! Check-in to the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” is made from 14:00 to 20:00. Check-out – from 7:00 to 12:00. If you need an earlier check-in to the hotel or late departure, the hotel administration meets the wishes of vacationers. For children under 1 year of age, cots are provided free of charge. For other young guests of the hotel, the service costs 3120 rubles per day, regardless of the month of stay.

Review. Anastasia Kasyanova, Moscow. Stayed at the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” twice. The last time – with her husband and child of 5 years. I was pleased with the excellent service and friendly staff. The hotel room, without exaggeration, is gorgeous. Spacious bedroom and living room (we stayed in a suite plus). The child spent a lot of time on the cozy terrace. In the bathroom beautiful quality cosmetics company “Asplay”. One of the main advantages of the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” is its proximity to the embankment and beaches of the resort. The territory of the hotel is small, but well-groomed. Next time we will rest again in the “Gelendzhik Park”.

Meals at the hotel and resort

“Gelendzhik-Park”, like many other hotels of the boutique hotel category, does not have its own restaurant. For vacationers open the doors of a spacious and stylish bar. A cozy atmosphere is created with the help of plants in tubs, pleasing to the eye lighting, high windows, wide, long curtains and designer furniture in dark and light brown tones.

Guests of the hotel bar can sit at tables in soft armchairs. The decoration of the spacious hall is a large black grand piano. In the evenings, live music is often played here. Wine list and bar menu offer a wide range of drinks:

  • vodka “Beluga Noble”;
  • Chivas Regal whiskey;
  • fruit tea;
  • espresso coffee;
  • wine: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Piara Pinot Grigio, Mondoro Prosecco.

Note! Only a part of the drinks offered is named here. The cost of wine – 480 p. for 150 ml, vodka and whiskey- respectively, 250 and 490 p. for 50 ml. Prices are current for the first half of [y].

Meals in the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” is organized according to the “catering” system. Guests choose dishes from the menu of the resort’s restaurants, which have proven themselves best. Food and drinks are delivered to the hotel for breakfast. Table setting can be organized in the room or on the terrace, depending on the time of year and the preferences of the guests ofGelendzhik Park. During the day, vacationers can eat in the restaurants and cafes of the resort, located near the hotel:

  • “Parasol”;
  • Magnolia;
  • “Tourist”;
  • “Acropolis”;
  • “Ukrainian courtyard”;
  • Laguna;
  • Horizon;
  • Sea Zone.

Review. Sergey Ponomarev, Krasnodar. My wife and I stayed at the Gelendzhik Park Hotel three times. The choice of this hotel is associated with three advantages: 1) close to the beach, promenade and sea; 2) chic spacious rooms; 3) good-natured staff. For guests to relax there is everything you need: a cozy bar with quality alcohol and drinks, a billiard room, a sauna, a recreation area in the courtyard, a Russian steam room, a spa with a magnificent swimming pool. I want to note one more plus – guests from the neighboring rooms of the hotel we rarely met, although the whole hotel was occupied. Therefore, there was a feeling that we were resting in a country villa.

Leisure and entertainment

Guests of“Gelendzhik-Park”are satisfied with the opportunities that open to them when choosing types of pastime in a boutique hotel and at the resort. Depending on preferences, some of the vacationers often have fun in the city. Others spend much more time in the hotel. Still others skillfully combine a variety of leisure opportunities at the resort and in the hotel.

Rest in the hotel «Gelendzhik-Park»

Despite its relatively modest size, the hotel“Gelendzhik-Park”provides its guests with several leisure options. It’s not just the traditional possibilities of modern pastime: watching TV programs or visual entertainment, available thanks to the Internet. In the boutique hotel, guests can also fill their free time with exciting activities:

  • swim in the spacious indoor pool with heated sea water;
  • play billiards with friends;
  • visit the spa area, where you can relax in the hammam, sauna or Russian bath;
  • listen to the performances of musicians in a stylish bar;
  • sit in the shade of the trees in the shade of the trees in the recreation area, where you can admire the bright colors of the sunsets.

More information. Guests of gelendzhik Park Hotel who wish to play billiards or visit the spa area are kindly requested to inform the property at the reception in advance.

Leisure in the resort

Tourists coming to Gelendzhik not only for the sake of a beach holiday, but also for the purpose of having fun on vacation, will not have to suffer in search of interesting places for a pleasant pastime. Among the most popular at the resort there are several activities:

  • fishing from the yacht “Aurora”, boat Sunflower or ship “Pharaoh”;
  • walks along the landscaped embankment of the resort;
  • eight-minute flight by parachute attached to the boat;
  • jeep ride to the Pshad waterfalls, located about 35 km from the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park”;
  • diving into the sea with scuba diving from a boat or shore; the event is organized by one of the diving centers of the resort: “Ural” or “Reef”;
  • boat trips on the ship “Pharaoh” or yacht “Atlanta” in the waters of the spacious Gelendzhik Bay;
  • dance parties to sets of talented DJs in formula – one of the best nightclubs in the resort.

Among the vacationers at the resort popular entertainment park “Olympus”. Here you can spend time in the bowling club, planetarium, concert hall, swimming pool with boats, as well as on the trout lake and crocodile farm. The chairlift allows you to climb to a height of 420 m and see the most remarkable buildings of the resort. The length of the metal structure is 1.15 thousand meters.

Recreational opportunities for children

The choice of leisure at the resort for young tourists staying at the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” is no less rich. In the hotel, the main classes for children and adolescents are board games and special TV channels designed for this age audience. Most of the entertainment venues, where both children and adults are waiting, are scattered around the resort near the embankment and the Gelendzhik Park Hotel:

  • oceanarium, which includes three thematic exhibition areas dedicated, respectively, to sharks, coral reefs and predatory marine fish;
  • “Sunny Island” – an amusement park, which opened at the resort in 2014; young guests are especially in demand for such entertainment as a trip in the trailers of the electric train “Safari”, “House-shifter”, a trampoline town and a Ferris wheel;
  • “The Lost World” is a small park, opened recently, in 2019; on the territory of 1.3 thousand square meters. m there are figures of dinosaurs that make ferocious sounds and move limbs; the length of the figures can reach 17 m, height – 8 m;
  • dolphinarium, attracting fans of fun performances with bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, walruses and fur seals;
  • “Golden Bay” is a giant water park occupying an area of 15 hectares; visitors here are waiting for entertainment on 10 attractions and 49 water slides;
  • safari park, located on the territory of 160 hectares; here you can see a variety of animals and birds: Himalayan bears, emu ostriches, pums, white-tailed eagles, Far Eastern leopards and many others; a popular local attraction is a 20-minute journey on a 1600-meter cable car.

Note! All of the resort’s attractions and entertainment options can be quickly reached by local public transport. Distances in the city are small, so tourists do not have difficulties to walk or get from the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” to any desired object.


Fans of swimming in warm sea water will be satisfied with the location of the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park”. From the hotel to the nearest beach is not more than 100 m. This landscaped pebble plot belongs to the boarding house “Caucasus”. A little further from the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park”, 350 m, there is another beach belonging to the “Red Talka” – a famous sanatorium. The strip is covered with sand mixed with small pebbles. Both beaches are available for guests of the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park”.

Excursions and attractions

Gelendzhik and the surroundings of the resort are rich in a variety of places that cause sincere interest of tourists who are fond of excursions and inspection of historical and cultural sites. The staff of the boutique hotel will tell you what to choose, and help with booking excursion programs. Among the most popular are several events:

  • a trip to the “Chateau-Pino” – a large wine complex – with tasting of the wines produced here and a visit to the snail farm;
  • boat trip to the rock with the romantic name Parus; the height of a flat stone block standing perpendicular to the shore is 25 m;
  • a long excursion to Abrau-Dursyu – a village located on the shore of a picturesque lake; here guests will get acquainted with the products of the eponymous sparkling wine plant;
  • trips to the waterfalls: Jane, Pshad and Gebius;
  • excursion to the Lefkadia valley, famous for lavender fields, winery, French garden and truffle plantations;
  • visiting dolmens – the remains of ancient stone burials and ritual structures.

In Gelendzhik itself, guests of the resort are happy to visit the halls of the Historical and Local Lore Museum, where numerous exhibits telling about the history of the city and the region are presented. The attention of tourists is attracted by an object noticeable from different points of the resort – a lighthouse. The height of its tower, built in 1906 in the Art Nouveau style, is 13 m.

An institution of culture worthy of the attention of tourists is the gallery “White Horse”. There are sculptural compositions created from garbage and production waste. In 1990, the restoration of the Holy Transfiguration Church was completed. The original building was erected in 1909 The temple with its 30-meter bell tower and gilded onion dome became the decoration of the city.

On Pervomayskaya Street stands the building of the Holy Ascension Cathedral. The temple, located 540 m from the Historical and Local Lore Museum, was built in 1905-1909. The temple is decorated with a main large dome and four small domes.

Guests of the sea resort, who chose to rest in the “Gelendzhik-Park”, will certainly appreciate the advantages of this boutique hotel. The main ones are: friendly and highly qualified staff, as well as proximity to the sea coast, entertainment and attractions of the city. Comfortable and cozy rooms will allow vacationers to relax after active leisure at the resort and beaches. More and more tourists are annually convinced that this is not an exaggeration when the hotel “Gelendzhik-Park” is called one of the best hotels in the city.



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