Best Hotels in Georgioupolis Crete Greece

If an unremarkable village is located on the shore of the warm sea, then the path of its development is predetermined regardless of the country – the resort, and only the resort. But the level of this resort can be different and depends not so much on the geographical location, but on the culture of the local population and historical traditions preserved (or not) in a particular place.

With the traditions of hospitality in Crete, everything is fine, the rest is optional. For example, on the stretch of coast between Chania and Rethymnon, literally every square centimeter is built-up, mastered and archaeologically important. Dozens of small villages live exclusively so that millions of tourists from Europe (in the last decade also from Russia, Japan and China) rest, bathe, visit some conditionally ancient Orthodox church, eat seafood and take pictures against the background of historical ruins.

The village of Georgioupolis is just one of these: not too bright, small, quiet, it is memorable for its surprisingly diverse landscape and sparse vegetation. A long, about 10 kilometers, well-groomed sandy beach in the direction of Rethymnon is not just the main attraction of the village, but its only capital and in general the meaning of existence. This is the Mecca of passive “seal” sea rest – woke up, ate, bought, sunbathed, ate … And to sleep, so that tomorrow with new strength in battle. Or rather, to the beach.

By the will of Zeus (or, perhaps, some other ancient Greek god), the village and all its half a thousand people are engaged exclusively in the tourist business. For example, they maintain or serve hotels of different levels of stardom, of which there are innumerable in Georgioupolis.


The modern village (although it would be more correct to call it a village, especially in the Greek mentality the word does not have a negative color) Georgioupolis stands on the edge of the excavations of the ancient city of Amphimalla, one of the centers of Minoan culture. In the city you can see the burials, which are at least 3.5-4 thousand years old, and current excavations, which attract masters and trainees from the capital university.

Near Georgioupolis there are several places that can be interesting for a historian to visit – the temple of Athena in Kavalos and the archaeological complex of different eras in Gavalochori. It’s just that tourists who are not burdened with a diploma of the Faculty of History, it is better to visit the historical museum in Chania – the exhibitions and expositions in it are understandable even to non-specialists.

La Mer Resort & Spa – Adults Only

Less than two kilometers from the sandy beach is the small hotel La Mer,a brand new, since 2018, which accepts guests only over 16 years old. It is designed in a minimalist style and provides personalized services of the highest level, corresponding to the service of five stars.

On three floors in two buildings of the hotel there are only 76 rooms of two types – standard and suite. You can choose a double and triple room. A lot of wood, stone and other natural materials, calm shades used in the décor of the premises, unusual but attractive forms – the design of the premises promotes rest, relaxes and soothes.

Disadvantages of rooms:

  • from the first and second floors view of the gardens and paths in the garden;
  • poor sound insulation from external sources (you can hear discos in the bar nearby) and internal (bathroom);
  • all rooms regardless of the class and number of guests of the same size -23 square meters. meters.

Visitors complain about poor cleaning – many had to apply to the restaurant, demand to replace towels, remove stains on the glass, wash the floor.

Katerina, Moscow: “Stylish rooms, well-groomed beach, good cuisine… But everything was spoiled by an inattentive cleaner who broke into us, ignoring “Do not disturb”. The bed was double, just made two single beds together, although we ordered a king size. Five stars is too high, I would give no more than four.”

The hotel has its own spa complex – however, small and very modest, only with basic services (massage, gym, sauna and outdoor pool). For everything, including a table for ping-pong, you need to pay extra separately.

The on-site Mediterranean restaurant Perle Noire, the poolside restaurant La Brise de Mer and the pool bar La Mer à boire. In the common living room in the lobby there is the Oceanus Bar, which serves fine alcohol, cocktails and cigars.




Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel «Adults Only»

Brand new (the opening took place at the end of 2019, just before the pandemic), ultra-modern, spectacular to the point of impossibility and at the same time completely private, with only 30 rooms – this is about the boutique hotel Pilot Amphora “Adults Only”. The owners claim that during the construction of the building on the site of the pit were found the remains of ceramics. After a comprehensive examination, it turned out that on the site of the future hotel some couple of thousand years ago there was a workshop for the manufacture of ceramics. Respecting the heritage and inspired by thoughts about the past, it was decided to name the boutique hotel “Amphora” – quite authentic and Cretan, where it is customary to monetize every olive and shard.

The feature of the hotel is a service through which everyone can feel like a celebrity, no matter what it means. This manifests itself both in small things (the towel for the feet will be replaced at the end of the day, even if the guest did not touch it), and in more subtle things. For example, the position of the administration: children interfere. And there is something in this, especially for the target audience – young, up to forty years old, people who came to Crete to rest and relax.

Attention! Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel «Adults Only» – boutique hotel mini-network Pilot (technically, its more adult, chamber and expensive version). The basic (parent) five-star hotel Pilot Beach Resort is located in the bay of Almiros. From “Amphora” there runs a free bus. Guests of “Amphora” are considered guests of the network, so they can enjoy all the privileges of pilot beach resort, including a private indoor sandy beach, four outdoor pools, a huge spa and many excursions.

Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel “Adults Only” is a third-line hotel, to the public beach about half an hour of slow and thoughtful walking through the city. If you do not want to go to the main hotel, you can go through Georgioupolis, see the famous eucalyptus alley and get acquainted with the local taverns on the way.





Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

Almost on the beach there is a pathetic and luxurious five-star hotel,but rather the resort complex Anemos (translated from Greek – wind). It is eclectic and in many ways unusual, combining Greece, Crete and the owners’ ideas of luxury and style. A vacation in such a hotel will be an unforgettable experience – an unusual and surprisingly comfortable holiday, which is little, what it looks like. The most important part of this experience will be not in a Cretan pleasant smiling staff who catch on the fly the wishes of the guest and always try to do more than requested.


  • deluxe – family (about 60 square meters) and standard rooms (30 square meters) overlooking the garden or pool;
  • deluxe rooms with private pool;
  • two-room suites (up to six adults);
  • self-contained bungalows (maisonettes) for newlyweds and large families.

For guests of Anemos there are six restaurants, united by a common concept of pan-Mediterranean cuisine under the guidance of a chef, a native of Chania. You can drink coffee and not only in four bars, which are run by qualified bartenders. The advantage of Anemos, which the administration is proud of, is the ability to clearly and quickly organize not just a room service, but a romantic dinner with a trip to the beach or to the mountains at the request of the client. Food and drinks – any.

For those who want not just to relax and sleep, but to do something for the benefit of the body and beauty, the hotel has a full-fledged spa with fitness and group sports activities. Guests have free use of the heated indoor pool and three outdoor pools.

Eugenia: “My two children and I were in July 2021. Everything was perfect! Kitchen, beach, animators, I did not want to leave the hotel. The only small remark is that the sea brings plastic garbage, it is apparently not cleaned every day. “



Pilot Beach Resort

A few meters from the main transport artery of Crete – the E75 motorway – is one of the best five-star hotels of the island Pilot Beach Resort. A small tunnel under the road – and guests are greeted by a gentrozhed private beach with clean sand, a convenient entry into the sea and all the amenities that a modern person wants to see on the beach. The buildings and bungalows are set amidst olive trees, avocados and flowering shrubs.

Pilot Beach Resort is a hotelwhere everyone has enough space, service and hospitality. Adults are welcome here and children are always welcome. For them, there is a team of animators, nannies and educators, restaurants always have a children’s menu, the administration will look for children’s furniture on request, and the design of the rooms is not too dangerous even for the most restless toddlers.

Accommodation options include both standard rooms and suites, junior suites and private bungalows. The guest house usually includes breakfast and dinner (buffet), but you can also order room service or an event on the road.

Services on site:

Olive Spa with comprehensive programs for care, relaxation and wellness;

  • art workshops;
  • sports center;
  • park-garden, where you can walk;
  • swimming pools;
  • playgrounds and rooms.

There are several restaurants on site – Kronos, Ariadni, Gialos and Almyra on the beach. There are three permanent bars and several mobile bars.

Pilot Beach Resort is a large, rich hotel with a serious, in modern times, history (works for about 15 years). That is why he has enough money not only for the stylish interior of the suits, but also for maintaining cleanliness on the beach and territory. This is a worthy choice for a comfortable stay with an acceptable and understandable level of quality.





Pepper Sea Club Hotel

The five-star Pepper Sea Club Hotel is located right on the beach and consists of 71 deluxe rooms and 24 suites with a private pool. Natural materials, unique handmade gizmos and traditional handicraft techniques in residential buildings coexist with state-of-the-art electronics and the best solutions that money can buy.

Spa from Aegeo Spas Group offers a complex of health and relaxation programs, which include:

  • massage;
  • sauna;
  • steam bath.

Anyone who wants to stay in shape and not get out of the sports mode, the hotel offers to use the services of a modern gym.

Those who come to enjoy the gastronomic culture of Crete can visit two hotel restaurants – Bahar and Paprika. For cocktail lovers there is a bar.

Mostly reviews of the Pepper Sea Club Hotel are positive, but some pedantic guests highlight minor flaws.

Mijas, Vilnius: “The impressions are mixed, although I am ready to admit that the hotel is excellent. But during the week of my stay there in a new room (opened two months ago), the air conditioner broke three times, and the handles in the bathroom did not function. The room is too small, in fact, you can only lie on the bed. The balcony can not be used most of the day, it is too sunny. The lunch buffet is a disappointment. I was waiting for authentic Cretan cuisine and got something cosmopolitan and ordinary. I didn’t like the beach – it’s too fine sand, it’s a sandbox, not a beach.”





Georgioupolis Resort & Aqua Park

Three kilometers from Georgioupolis almost on the coast there is a large hotel Georgioupolis, a distinctive feature of which is a water park. A beautiful place that positions itself as a five-star hotel, but in fact provides services for a maximum of three stars. However, this is one of the few places in the region where the child has something to do, and the staff will not hiss at the loose kids.

Rooms in the hotel are focused on family holidays:

  • double;
  • family;
  • maisonette;
  • luxury;
  • Junior suite.

Please specify at the time of booking if a crib, bassinet or other baby furniture is required. A nice addition: you can book a room on the system “All inclusive” and not worry about food throughout the holiday.

The hotel has a team of animators, a Club for teenagers, a children’s playground is available.

For the component of the Resort in the name is responsible for the wellness center with spa services (by the way, at the hotel you can buy original care cosmetics of your own brand), healthy products straight from the garden and an outdoor gym.





Mythos Palace Resort & Spa

On the first line by the sea (you do not even need to cross the highway) is a small but surprisingly pleasant hotel Mythos Palace, which is glad to any guests – both adults and children.

The entire hotel’s rooms were completely reconstructed in the low season of 2017-2018, and since then it has not yet had time to go out. All rooms look fresh and dignified even after the difficult pandemic lockdowns.


  • villas with swimming pool and unhindered access to the beach;
  • Junior Suite with private pool and sea view;
  • double rooms of executive class with garden view;
  • Double rooms with side views of the garden, mountains or sea.

The hotel has restaurants, several bars and a children’s sweet corner. Works nice, but not too stand out among the competitors spa center (according to reviews, the prices here are high).

In the center of the hotel complex there is a swimming pool with fresh water, very popular with guests.

Please note: Lake Qurna, the island’s largest freshwater lake, is a 10-minute drive away. The hotel organizes joint trips with excursions and fishing.






The new hotel,which opened in packs in Crete in 2019 in the hope of a general recovery of the world economy, is the EPOS LUXURY beach hotel, designed for guests over 16 years old. It is beach because right from the threshold you can step into the sea waves – EPOS LUXURY is literally located on the beach of Peristeras.

Small but stylishly decorated rooms with glass side panels and a terrace have a descent to the common outdoor pool – an original solution that reserves for guests their own place and descent into the water.

The rooms are equipped with good equipment:

  • air conditioning;
  • TV;
  • hair dryer and electric kettle;
  • refrigerator.

Each room has a private bathroom, a writing area and a safety deposit box.




Eliros Mare Hotel

143 rooms with a new renovation, an updated service concept, interior design in the style of boho-chic and stunning views from the windows of the White Mountains, the sea or the garden – this is Eliros Mare Hotel, a place where you can relax simply and pleasantly. Five kilometers from the hotel is the freshwater lake Kournas, three – Georgioupolis.

The hotel has a main restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner (buffet) and a beach restaurant, which operates on an a la carte system. There is a bar in the lobby and a beach bar, both boasting a pleasant range of traditional drinks.

The main highlight of the hotel is the private sandy beach, which has received the highest ratings from Cretan ecologists and the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment (the so-called Blue Flag).




Delfina Art Hotel

200 meters from the longest sandy beach of the island is the art hotel Delfina, a comfortable place, but at the same time creatively charged and creating the effect of privacy and autonomy for each guest. The hotel has a communal pool, and some rooms have small jacuzzi-type mini-pools.

The hotel has 46 apartments and suites, each of which includes:

  • full bathroom;
  • balcony/terrace;
  • equipped kitchenette with fridge and stovetop.

The hotel staff focuses on non-interference in the privacy of guests, but at the first call will come to the rescue and correct imperfections.




The village of Georgioupolis is a great place for any holiday: quiet and calm, noisy family or private romantic. Among the many local hotels you can choose for every taste and budget: a young couple will suit hotels for adults – La Mer or Pilot Amphora. Businessmen on business trips and singles on vacation are ideal for EPOS LUXURY with its unobtrusive service, a comfortable swimming pool and free access to the beach.

Families with children are better off abandoning the idea of settling in a snobbish boutique hotel and choosing larger hotels – for example, Pilot Beach Resort. And families with children from ten years old are perfectly suited to the noisy and cheerful Georgioupolis Resort & Aqua Park, where you can find new friends.

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