Hotel Ligo Morskaya Simeiz Crimea

One of the oldest boarding houses Simeiza hotel “Ligo Morskaya” offers excellent conditions for a holiday by the sea. The complex is located on the first coastline 20 meters from its own equipped beach. At a price, it is available to different categories of vacationers, because. the fund includes rooms from economy class to luxury. The system of food, quiet leisure is thought out. Around the residential building there is a picturesque park with alleys and benches. Simeiz is a famous Yalta climatic resort, the infrastructure of which began to develop actively in the early 20th century.

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Location and history

The convenient location of the hotel “Ligo Morskaya” makes it popular among visiting holidaymakers. It is located near the center of the village (100 m) on the territory of the resort park. The distance to the center of Yalta is 17 km, public transport runs regularly. Simferopol Airport is 103 km away, so it is recommended to book a shuttle service. For those arriving in their cars, a paid open parking space or a place in a closed garage is provided.

The hotel was equipped on the site of the former boarding house of N.K. Alexandrov-Dolnik. He was an experienced developer and in 1910 profitably invested money, buying country land in the Crimea. He planned the construction of a fashionable boarding house with electricity and rooms for 70 people. The unique architecture of the building was successfully inscribed in the natural landscape. Today, the former boarding house “Dolnik” is one of the attractions of Simeiz. Thanks to his refined architectural forms, skill and engineering solutions of Y.P. Semenov (builder of the complex), the building wanted to be given the status of an architectural monument at the request of the Kiev Institute of Theory and History of Architecture, but did not have time.

More information! Between the residential building and the dining room there is a chamber fountain with drinking water. In the center there is a mascaron of the Apostle, under it a water tank. The fountain is still functioning.

“Very atmospheric place. Now it is finishing repair work, which means that in the 2021 season, vacationers are waiting for improved conditions. We arrived in May 2021, stayed in a junior suite. I can say with confidence that all the imperfections of the repair and the original not the coziness of the rooms (so built in 1913) fully compensates for the view from the window, walks in the park, the sea is a stone’s throw away and the landscaped beach. Living in the center of tourist infrastructure also has its advantages. Nearby are the main entertainment facilities” Julia, Russia

Room stock

Living rooms are located in two buildings. The main three-storey building and guest house receive guests throughout the year. The buildings are heated, there are full amenities, regular water supply is provided. In summer, the climatpavilion opens, where there are also rooms, but simpler and cheaper. They belong to the category of economy class. The area is 12. They consist of one room, in which a bed, a refrigerator and a minimum set of furniture are installed (there is no TV). There is a shower cabin on a block of several rooms. Of the advantages – to the sea 10 meters, high-speed Wi-Fi. For those who are not whimsical and just dream of spending a vacation at sea, this is an excellent and affordable option.

The rooms of categories with all amenities located in the central building include:

  1. Junior Suite (22 sq. m.) – one room with a double bed is quite suitable for a couple with one child. From the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors there is an exit to the balcony or the common view terrace. From household appliances there is a TV, a refrigerator, a kettle. Bathroom combined, with a bath and a mini-bidet. A wooden bed is available as an extra bed.
  2. Junior Suite with a separate entrance (22 sq. m.) is the same as the previous room, but with the possibility of installing two extra beds. Here the furniture is arranged differently, the room has a rectangular shape, all plumbing (except for the bath) is suspended, there is an outdoor terrace in front of the entrance, on which summer furniture for tea drinking is installed.
  3. Superior Junior Suite with Sea View (26 sq. m.) – a room with a modern design, a bathroom with suspended plumbing and a marble countertop under the sink, an 11 sq. m loggia with light rattan furniture. Windows – double-glazed windows in wooden frames, curtained with black-out curtains. The ceilings are high, 3.8 m. In the hallway there is a refrigerator, a coffee pot, a wardrobe. There is air conditioning, TV, some rooms have a safe.
  4. Superior Junior Suite with a large veranda (38 sq. m.) is a one-room suite with a full set of furniture, a veranda of 17 sq. m. with a large table and mahogany chairs. The bathroom has an autonomous supply of hot water, so there will be no interruptions with it, cold comes centrally constantly. Bathrobes are prepared for guests. A similar room is located at the end of the building. It has the same conditions, only a slightly different layout and the view breaks away on the mountains and partly on the sea.
  5. Suite (65 sq. m) – a two-room suite with sea views, a large veranda and comfortable upholstered furniture. The bedroom has a double bed, black-out curtains, air conditioning, the bathroom has a constant supply of cold and hot water, mahogany furniture is installed on the loggia. Everything is made in a classic design, without unnecessary decorative elements.

Another VIP zone is a guest house, located right on the shore 5 meters from the sea. It consists of 2 rooms, a bathroom and a balcony directly above the waves. In the mini-courtyard there are sun loungers, there is a separate exit to the common beach. Both rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, TV. The house may well accommodate 5 people.

Pay attention! Junior Suites include sun loungers and breakfast. Entrance to the beach is free for all guests.

Meals and restaurants

In a separate building there is a café “Rosemary”. Breakfast is served and then the kitchen is à la carte throughout the day. Recently, it began to offer complex lunches and dinners at very affordable prices. For those who do not have breakfast included in the price, it is possible to order a morning meal from the evening. The food is classic, without special frills and gastronomic solutions. The café has an outdoor terrace with sea views. It’s nice to sit at a table and watch the water surface.

For those who are looking for a variety of flavors, you can look for other restaurants and cafes with a more interesting menu. The most popular catering facilities in Simeiz include:

  • café “Jennet Koshesi” (Sovetskaya, 54) – do not pay attention to the bright name, the kitchen specializes in delicious Crimean Tatar food, and experts recommend focusing on chebureks, lagman, yantyk and potatoes with cheese;
  • restaurant “Tarelka” (Morskaya, 23) – located in the center of the Embankment, specializes in European cuisine without frills, the prices are not small, but there are no queues;
  • café “Arzy” (Sovetskaya, 27) is a place to just eat, the menu is based on Eastern European dishes, many grill offers;
  • “Vinograd” (Sovetskaya, 36V) – a pleasant summer restaurant with good cuisine and a wonderful view of Mount Cat;
  • art-café “Lambs” (Soviet, 27A) offers food with style, the interior is decorated with children’s toys, almost every corner of the institution is a separate photo zone, the kitchen feeds Russian dishes, there is alcohol and good coffee.

Hotel “Ligo Morskaya” is located in the center of Simeiz, so there will be no problems with additional food. Everywhere there are cafes, canteens, snack bars, there are chic restaurants.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel is an architectural value of the village, so guests can not count on noisy parties, barbecue areas in the old park and clockwork animators. Here everything has to a quiet rest. Cozy gazebos are built in the park, the hotel provides the services of a tour desk. Recently, a separate yoga room was arranged. Trainings are conducted by a qualified specialist.

The main resort activities are outside the complex. Active rest is ready to offer the following institutions:

  1. Sports and recreation club “Diva” is riding on a banana, tablet, catamaran, jet ski racing, boat trips.
  2. Diving club “Garby” – diving with scuba diving into the depths of the sea, accompanied by experienced instructors, underwater photo shoot, cave exploration and other adventures.
  3. Day visit to the resort complex «Mriya Resort & SPA». The program includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, SPA and bath complexes, a gym, concerts of pop stars and much more.
  4. The Japanese garden “Six Senses” is built taking into account all the features of the Far Eastern culture. This is a three-level promenade garden, occupying an area of 6 hectares.

In the evenings, the Embankment turns into one large music and dance floor. Here you can sit in an open café. drink beer or a glass of wine, listen to “live” music, dance

Beaches & Pools

There is no swimming pool, but a private beach is only 20 metres away. The coating is pebble. Sun loungers are also installed. For those living in Suites and Junior Suites, the use of infrastructure is free of charge. For those who live in the climate pavilion, only the entrance to the beach is free. If you want any entertainment, you can walk 700 meters and find yourself on the central village beach. If a vacationer is looking for something extraordinary, then we recall that in Simeiz there is the most popular nudist beach since the Soviet Union. There is no infrastructure on it, and it is not needed. People come here to retire and feel all the grace of nature.

Important! The bottom is rocky almost all along the coast. It is necessary to have shoes for bathing. It is sold at every step and is inexpensive.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel accepts children from all ages. Kids up to 4 years old live with their parents for free, if they do not need a bed and food. Baby cots are available at the box office. This year, an outdoor playground was equipped. It is made according to all safety canons from modern materials, with a soft coating. For younger guests of the complex there are swings, a handle, a sandbox, a slide, a ladder, benches for mothers. Everything is very bright and beautiful.

In Simeiz with children you can visit the following places:

  • water park “Blue Bay”;
  • Dreamwood Rope Town;
  • resort park of attaractions.

Trampolines are installed on the beaches, the Embankment, squares, ice cream is sold everywhere, and children’s menus are offered in cafes and restaurants.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel offers sightseeing services. Some places can be visited on their own, for others, especially natural attractions, you will need a guide. The most popular tourist routes are the following natural sites:

  • Mount Koshka (274 m above sea level) – the slopes are covered with vegetation, archaeologists claim that there was once a settlement of the Taurians on the mountain, so far only the ruins of the castle of Limena-Calais, built in the early 13th century, have been found;
  • Diva rock (52 m) seems to grow out of the sea abyss, at its top point there is an observation deck, from which amazing views of the sea, the coast and Mount Ai-Petri open;
  • Panea Rock – once a whole settlement was located here, now only the ruins of the fortress walls remain, during excavations, archaeologists have carved a place on which the church was built three times, the first was built in the 9th century.

On your own you can visit the Swallow’s Nest, the Juma-Jami Mosque, the Apollo Cypress Alley, the ancient villas “Dream” and “Xenia”, the Simeiz Observatory. Rest in the hotel “Ligo Morskaya” will bring a lot of pleasure to those who are looking for a calm measured rest on the Black Sea coast.


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