Park Hotel Simeiz Crimea

The south of the picturesque Crimea is known for its sea resorts, annually attracting from 6.8 to 7.87 million tourists. Protected natural areas, pebble-sandy beaches, historical monuments and a variety of leisure – all this is what fans of summer holidays come to the peninsula for. Simeiz is one of the most popular seaside resorts. In a small village with a population of just over 2.7 thousand people, tourists are waiting for 43 comfortable hotels. Among this diversity, the park-hotel “Simeiz” managed to establish itself as one of the best institutions of the village in the hospitality industry.

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Advantages of park-hotel “Simeiz”

The hotel,which is named after the village, is located in the south-western part of the compact resort, which occupies an area of 3.06 sq. km. This is about 1/6 of the total area of Yalta. Park-hotel “Simeiz” has been decorating the rocky coast of the village since 2005. More recently, in March 2021, the hotel became a three-star hotel. The new status of the park-hotel “Simeiz” speaks of the high quality of service, goodwill of the staff and well-equipped rooms of the institution, which has several significant advantages:

  • location in a picturesque place on the territory of the well-groomed Simeiz Park near the famous rocks of Diva and Paeia (translated from Greek means “Holy”), as well as with the Cat – a mountain peak;
  • Mediterranean climate with high summer temperatures (indicators for air reach + 22.3 … + 26.0, for water – + 21.5 … + 25.1);
  • proximity of the sea coast with a strip of well-groomed pebble beaches;
  • fresh mountain air, impregnated with the aromas of juniper, needles and chestnuts;
  • comfortable rooms, qualified staff and equipment necessary for a carefree pastime during the summer holidays;
  • relatively low cost of services and accommodation;
  • close location of historical and cultural sites of the village and the peninsula, which are of interest to curious tourists.

The list of advantages can be continued. The main thing that guests of the park-hotel “Simeiz” receive is homely cozy rooms in a small hotel located in an unusually beautiful area. The park, on the territory of which the hotel “Simeiz” is located, is rich in a variety of plants: wisteria, chestnuts, pines, almonds, lilacs, juniper and spruces.

Location of the hotel

The village is not large. Any object can be reached on foot. From north to south Simeiz stretches for 1.5 km, from west to east – for 0.95 km. Tourists quickly get to important objects for them, overcoming a short distance (in km) on foot or by public transport:

  • to the pier – 0,14;
  • Yuzhnoberezhnoye highway – 0.74 (in a straight line) and 2.2 (on the road);
  • Katsiveli (to the west of Simeiz) – the nearest village – 3.7;
  • Simferopol airport – 120 (through Yalta and Gaspra) or 130 (through Bakhchisaray and Beregovoe);
  • Simeiza city bus station – 0.8;
  • estate of I. S. Maltsov – entrepreneur and founder of the resort – 0.46;
  • central streets of Yalta – 23;
  • Alupki – the nearest seaside resort (east of Simeiz) – 5.86.

The rocky coast on which the park-hotel “Simeiz” is located, many experienced travelers resemble Greek and Croatian landscapes. Russian and Soviet filmmakers often shot fragments of their films, using the local mountains surrounding the hotel as natural scenery. The Rock of Diva can be seen in the films of famous directors: S. Govorukhin and E. Keosayan.

What rooms is equipped with the park hotel?

For guests of the park-hotel “Simeiz” there is an opportunity to make the right choice – to compare rooms and stay in what best meets their desires and requirements. The interior of the premises is made in ascetic colors with a predominance of soothing shades: blue, dark brown or gray. The park hotel is equipped with 23 cozy rooms of three categories:


categoryBedtotal area

(sq. m.)

view from the windowscost

(in rubles)

standard2 single beds15Rocks3.4–5.6 TK
Superior Standard 2 single beds21sea4.4–7.8K
penthouse1 double55mountains, rocks and sea8.0–17.0 Thou.


Pay attention! The summary table shows the cost of rooms, relevant for 2021 The second figure is the price in the high season, which lasts from June 16 to August 20 inclusive. An extra bed is only available in superior standard rooms. The cost of the service is 1 thousand rubles, regardless of the season. Young guests of the park-hotel “Simeiz”, who are not yet 3 years old, stay in rooms and use the services for free. When booking online on the website of the Park Hotel Simeiz, a prepayment is required.

Two penthouse rooms occupy the entire upper floor. These spacious rooms will suit fans of comfort and beautiful panoramic views. In each room of the park-hotel “Simeiz” of all categories, guests can use a set of furniture, modern equipment and appliances:

  • shower cabin;
  • a set of cosmetic accessories;
  • chairs, bedside tables and a small table;
  • refrigerator with mini-bar;
  • silent air conditioning;
  • mirror;
  • wall-mounted flat-screen TV;
  • wardrobe;
  • soft sofa.

Two penthouse rooms for guests of the park-hotel “Simeiz” are equipped with a small bathroom. In the living room there is a stylish bar counter. All rooms are furnished in natural materials.

Services of park-hotel “Simeiz”

Guests, even the most picky, will be satisfied with the level of service in the park-hotel “Simeiz”. Friendly staff will help vacationers:

  • stay in the booked and paid room of the park-hotel “Simeiz”;
  • bring luggage;
  • choose your favorite excursion around the peninsula;
  • get accessories (primarily a towel) necessary for relaxing on the beach;
  • order a transfer from the airport or bus station;
  • ask to wash or iron laundry;
  • order the organization of a festive event;
  • rent a scooter or bicycle;
  • arrange departure from the park-hotel “Simeiz”.

Rooms have several cable channels. Throughout the park-hotel “Simeiz” there is access to fast and high-quality Internet. The service is provided free of charge.

Importantly! 14:00 – the time when the check-in to the park-hotel “Simeiz” begins. Earlier accommodation must be agreed with the administration on the spot. Check-out is due before 12:00. Transfer from Simferopol airport to the doors of the park-hotel “Simeiz” is a paid service. The cost is 3 thousand rubles. at the hotel there is no parking. The car has to be left near the park-hotel “Simeiz”.

Meals in the hotel and resort

The Simeiz Park Hotel has a small café serving free breakfast for guests. Here you can have lunch, quench your thirst or dinner. The menu includes European, Caucasian, Russian and Ukrainian dishes. The most popular names are:

  • kebab;
  • soup “tom-yam”;
  • vegetable salads;
  • lamb, chicken and pork dishes.

“Lambs” – so simplely called café – is equipped with a spacious summer terrace, from where you can look at the picturesque mountains, seascapes and bright sunsets for a long time. In the gastronomic institution often perform local musicians. In the village there are several cozy cafes and small restaurants, which have proven themselves:

  • Dolphins;
  • “Arzy”;
  • Eden;
  • “Jam”;
  • “Dandy”;
  • “Grapes”.

More information. Breakfast, the cost of which is included in the accommodation, is served according to the popular “buffet” system. Cafe “Lambs” welcomes guests from 7:00 to 23:00.

Valery Dorofeev, Volgograd. Rested with his wife in the Crimea for the first time. We chose Simeiz because of its picturesque views, silence, remoteness from noisy cities. Calm green village. In the park-hotel “Simeiz” we stayed in a standard room. Cozy, everything at hand. The service was pleased. The move-in went very quickly. There are no complaints about the staff. Everyone is friendly, empathetic, unobtrusive. The latter, by the way, is important. What I didn’t like was the lack of parking. While we were staying in the hotel, the car was left near the hotel. Everything, in general, was done. But I would like the administration in the future to take care of its own parking. Breakfast was served in the café of the park-hotel “Simeiz”. The dishes are simple and delicious. But the most impressive are the views from the terrace: the endless sea, changing color, and unusual in shape rocks. The location of the hotel is excellent. Around the picturesque coniferous forests, rocks and low mountains. This place is perfect for a secluded and relaxed pastime.

Rest in hotel and village

Guests of the park-hotel “Simeiz” do not have to painfully look for opportunities in order to have an interesting and useful time. For them there are many exciting activities:

  • Billiards;
  • hiking and cycling in the local parks of the resort and its surroundings;
  • table football and tennis;
  • chess;
  • observation platforms in Simeiz Park; they offer amazing views of the sea and mountain landscapes.

For fans of nightlife in Simeiz, the doors of the “Treasure Island” are open. Such an adventurous-romantic name is a club where cheerful foam parties, discos and bright entertainment performances are arranged. Fans of a more relaxed environment can relax in the “Frigate” – a stylish disco bar, located next to the Diva Rock.

Children’s leisure in the hotel and resort

Young guests of the park-hotel “Simeiz” will not be bored in the absence of parents. For them there is a small room for mobile and educational games. Children can also swim in the outdoor pool, jump on a trampoline or ride a bike along the paths of Simeiz Park. Matches of table football turn into a real competition of teams of young fans of the popular game.

In the village for young guests open the doors of a compact water park. There are 19 attractions, a special area for children and seven pools of different sizes, one of which is designed for kids. You can have a snack and quench your thirst at the food points located on the territory of the aqua complex. The administration warns visitors that it is not allowed to bring their own food.

Note! The water park welcomes guests in the summer from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The cost of the entrance ticket is 1700 rubles for adults and 1 thousand rubles for young guests with a height of 100 to 140 cm. Kids whose height does not exceed 100 cm visit the aqua complex for free.

Beach and pool of the park-hotel “Simeiz”

For fans of swimming in comfortable conditions in the courtyard of the hotel is equipped with a compact pool. Next to it there are comfortable sun loungers and several sun umbrellas. There is enough space for all vacationers even during the high season.

Tourists who prefer the sea can go to the coast. Not far from the park-hotel “Simeiz” there are two small beaches. Both are covered with medium pebbles, sometimes there are quite large stones. “Diva” – the so-called first, closest beach – is located 180 m from the park-hotel “Simeiz”. Its length is 116 m, width – from 3.5 to 20 m. Vacationers first go along the path through the park, then descend the winding wooden staircase.

The second beach “I-Panda” is a little further away. To it to overcome the distance of 214 m. the Path also passes along the path and stairs, then tourists should walk a few meters along the coast. The width of the beach is from 12.4 to 22.5 m, the length is 204 m.

Anastasia Voronina, Ryazan. My husband and I dreamed of a quiet, secluded place in the Crimea. Park Hotel Simeiz is exactly what we needed. Rested at the resort in late spring and early summer. It’s a great time. The whole village is buried in fresh greenery. Wisteria and lilac bloom. The room is cozy, small. Everything you need to relax during the holidays, as they say, at hand: refrigerator, mini-bar, TV (we, however, did not watch it), shower. My husband often swam in the pool, played billiards. I and my new friend (we met here, in the park-hotel “Simeiz”) loved to walk in Simeiz Park. We went to the estate of Maltsov, to the Church of the Intercession and the local mosque (I do not remember the name). Both the park-hotel “Simeiz” and the resort itself left only pleasant impressions.

Interesting historical and cultural sites near the park-hotel

The resort village of Simeiz began to develop at the beginning of the last century. The merit in this belongs to the Maltsov brothers (or Maltsev, their surname is written differently in the sources). In this cozy corner of the Crimea, they built a manor and laid out a park around it. Later, noble people of different social groups began to build luxurious dachas and villas. Many of them have survived to this day. Guests of the resort are happy to walk among the villas and villas of the last century. The most famous among them are:

  • Nyukta;
  • Parshina;
  • Bolshoy Bogdan;
  • Tretyakova;
  • Xenia;
  • Subbotina;
  • Dream;
  • Arnoldi;
  • Saburova;
  • Karpova;
  • Arakina;
  • Maly Bogdan;
  • Sviyagina.

The list of famous villas and villas can be continued for a long time. Guests of the resort also visit the museum of M. Kotsyubynsky – a famous Ukrainian writer. The master of the pen at one time lived in Simeiz with his family. Now in his house there is a museum, where visitors with the help of numerous exhibits try to get to know his personality better and get acquainted with the stages of biography.

Not far from the park-hotel “Simeiz” scattered remains of the foundation and walls of the ancient fortress. In the VIII–I centuries BC. e. The estuary-Isar – the so-called citadel – was a powerful structure. Guests of the resort can also visit several other interesting objects:

  • Juma-Jami Mosque, decorated with one slender minaret and similar to an ordinary two-story stone house;
  • summer cinema in the park of the Maltsov estate;
  • alley of the 40th anniversary of the Victory, where you can sit on comfortable benches in the shade of high chestnuts;
  • Church of the Intercession, built in 2008; a little later, in 2010, the construction of a small bell tower was completed.

Excursion programs

Guests of Simeiz show a sincere interest in the surroundings of the village. To get acquainted with the local historical and cultural monuments and natural sites, it is worth going on one of the fascinating excursions. Among the most popular are several events:

  • a trip to the picturesque waterfall Jur-Jur;
  • acquaintance with the small palaces of Mishor;
  • sightseeing tour of the sights of Sevastopol;
  • acquaintance with the imperial palace and park complexes in Massandra and Livadia;
  • walk through the Nikitsky Botanical Garden;
  • a large sightseeing tour of the well-known tourists places of Yalta with a visit to the Seaside Park;
  • walking tour accompanied by a professional guide through the streets of Simeiz;
  • “air travel” on the three-kilometer cable car Miskhor-Ai-Petri.

Not all guests of the resorts know that the history of Simeiz began in the distant past. As a village, it has existed since 1929, but the first inhabitants settled here in prehistoric times. These lands belonged to the Byzantines, Greeks, Genoese and Ottomans. Every nation has left its traces here.

The word “Simeiz” can be translated from Greek as “sign”. In the village and its environs, few iconic structures have been preserved. However, the few objects that you can get acquainted with during walks or excursions will tell a lot about the events that took place in Simeiz during its long history.

More information. The duration of each excursion is from 3 to 10 hours. The cost for one participant is from 2.5 to 8 thousand rubles. in the group is recruited from 3 to 6 people.


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Crimea is rich in picturesque corners. One of them is Simeiz. Among the local hotels, the park-hotel, which bears the name of the resort, stands out for its location on the territory of a compact park. It offers small but cozy rooms, clean mountain-sea air, friendly staff and the opportunity to spend a few days surrounded by beautiful rocks, coniferous trees and subtropical plants. Park-hotel “Simeiz” is a great place for families, small friendly companies and just tourists in love with the picturesque Crimea.