Hotel Aura Kabardinka

Modern hotel Aura is located between two resort towns – Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk, in the village of Kabardinka. The hotel is located in a two-storey building surrounded by a magnificent park for walking. The territory of the resort complex is closed to outsiders, landscaped for recreation of adults and children. In addition to the main building, the hotel has several playgrounds for children’s games, sports and social events, as well as swimming pools and cozy green corners with benches for evening gatherings.

Kabardinka receives tourists all year round, but for a beach holiday it is better to choose the summer and autumn months. The warmest dry weather here is established in May and almost does not change until the beginning of November. The Markotkh range reliably shelters the bay from cold winds and fog. Kabardinka is famous for the sun and warmth, like the Southern coast of Crimea.

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The village of Kabardinka belongs to the municipal formation “resort city of Gelendzhik” and is the administrative center of the Kabardinsky rural district. To Gelendzhik only 14 kilometers, so many vacationers are happy to go on excursions to this seaside town. About what to see in Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk, we will tell below.

Hotel Aura is located in the heart of the Tsemes Bay, surrounded by picturesque hills that protect the bay from the wind. There is a clean warm sea, long landscaped beaches, interesting sights and developed infrastructure.

Room stock

Hotel Aura positions itself as a place of quality family holidays, so some rooms are equipped with bunk beds – for parents with children, and the other part is furnished with double and single beds. Rooms have 1 and 2 rooms, in which from two to eight guests can comfortably accommodate at the same time, children are accepted from the age of one year.

Hotel infrastructure

There is an outdoor swimming pool on site. A visit is already included in the price, no fee will be charged. Sun loungers and towels are offered, drinks are served at the bar on the veranda, and afternoons can be enjoyed with views of the sea and the green hills. The territory around the hotel occupies 2 thousand square meters. There are flower beds with tropical flowers, lawns and shady alleys for walking, where tame squirrels live. In addition to adult walking areas, there is a children’s playground with swings and slides, as well as a shallow swimming pool.

Ekaterina and Vladimir, Moscow: “Lovely hotel with excellent service and staff, nice comfortable rooms, clean pool. I loved the terrace with mountain and sea views. In the evening, from the terrace you can see the beautifully glowing coast. The hotel is home to a funny tame squirrel Marusya, who loves nuts!”


Buffet breakfast is included in the price. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed at the hotel for a fee, or explore the local restaurants and cafes on the shore. If guests go on an excursion or a walk to neighboring towns, you can visit the establishments nearby. Meals at the hotel are organized in the restaurant. Professional chefs offer delicious breakfasts made with local produce. The Krasnodar territory is rich in dairy products, vegetables and fruits, meat and poultry, and the proximity to the sea gives a variety of fish and seafood. In addition to breakfasts, the restaurant offers set lunches and dinners.

3-4 days a week the restaurant holds evenings of national cuisines: the best dishes of the Caucasus, the Mediterranean, Italy and other countries are served for dinner.


Kabardinka began its development as a children’s and youth resort, so the entertainment industry is especially developed here. Young people can visit nightclubs, fun karaoke bars and discos with a noisy audience. Day and evening you can ride on boats and yachts in a quiet bay and explore the gastronomic range in the restaurants on the waterfront.

Children are waiting for trampolines, attractions and interesting excursions on a large pleasure boat, departing several times a day from the central pier.

Lovers of underwater adventures will find diving centers here, can go windsurfing, ride along the coast on ATVs or go to explore the natural beauty on a sports bike.

Extreme and active rest

Having bathed in the sea and enjoyed the sea, many want to do something interesting and invigorating. For such tourists there is a rope park “Knot”. Interesting obstacles are loved by teenagers and young people. Adults can test their courage in the extreme park, located on the embankment, next to the sanatorium “Pearl of the Sea”.

For family holidays, experienced tourists use a small water park “Ellad”. There is no extreme, but there are many slides and pools in which you can swim with children without worrying about their safety.

Own entertainment offers sanatoriums and boarding houses located on the coast. For example, beach volleyball, table tennis and even paintball.

Rental of motorcycles and mountain bikes will help to explore the untouched nature of the coast.

Ivan and Ulyana, Ivanovo: We rested in Kabardinka at the end of August. the hotel impressed us with a modern exquisite view and a beautiful park. At first glance, you can understand that the management did not save on the design. The rooms are clean and bright, the view from the windows is beautiful, to the mountains and the sea. The beach is small, but very clean, pebbly. There is no shortage of entertainment. The food in the restaurant is delicious. We are going to come more than once.

Central Beach

There are several beaches in the village, the most famous is Central. The 25-meter platform with sun loungers stretches for 150 meters in length. The crowded beach is equipped with lifeguard towers, a medical center, changing rooms, showers, toilet cubicles and beach bars. Due to the abundance of hot days, the beach is equipped with a large canopy from the sun, umbrellas and sun loungers are rented. For younger guests on the beach there is a play area and a amusement park.

On both sides of the Central beach there are private beaches of sanatoriums and boarding houses. The central embankment is rich not only in gastronomic establishments, but also in souvenir shops, resort shops, rentals and other outlets.

Water activities on the beach are represented by a wide range. Here vacationers can ride a banana, fly with a parachute for a boat, rent a jet ski or catamaran, as well as jump from a bungee and ride on water slides.

Wild beaches

The strip of coast from Novorossiysk to Kabardinka is rich in picturesque wild beaches, where you can spend the night in a tent and feel like a tourist from the film “Three + Two”. Especially popular with guests of the region are the beaches at Cape Penai, which is located four kilometers from Kabardinka. Here you can retire and enjoy the natural beauty of the Black Sea coast. You can get to these wild places on the M4 highway, you will have to walk to the beaches along the trail.


The beaches in Kabardinka are covered with pebbles and this is their only drawback. High breakwaters made of durable stone reliably shelter Tsemes Bay and all its beaches from high storm waves, and the mountain range – from the wind, which makes the water in the bay ideal for summer swimming.

What to see in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik, located on the shores of the Black Sea Bay, is one of the most popular summer destinations in Russia. The city has a rich history dating back to antiquity. Today, thanks to the clean beaches, the resort attracts vacationers from Russia and abroad. It has everything you want to look at forever: chains of waterfalls, beautiful nature, picturesque surroundings and the largest water park in the country.

Safari Park

You can get acquainted with the wild nature of Russia and look at the furry residents in Safari Park, the First Animal Rehabilitation Center on the Black Sea coast. The animals were found injured or orphaned. The park equips for each pet the conditions closest to the natural environment, so the animals quickly recover.

An interesting ride on the chair lift to the top of the ridge, which offers a view of the city and the bay from a height of 640 meters above sea level. Get acquainted with the exhibit from the depths of centuries and waters in the Maritime Museum, as well as visit the first artificial cave in Russia.

Embankment of Gelendzhik

The Black Sea breeze on the embankment of Gelendzhik, from where a picturesque view of the sea and ships opens, must be felt on his face by everyone who comes to this wonderful land. The embankment is the main party place of the city, especially in the summer season. You can go for a relaxing walk, have fun in amusement parks, find a place in one of the many cafes and restaurants or admire the numerous monuments, fountains and sculptures.

The embankment is a pedestrian zone, the lack of traffic makes it clean and safe.

Old Park

It offers scaled copies of world-famous attractions. Take pictures near the pyramids, ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, Indian and Islamic temples. Look for bizarre compositions hidden in the park, such as two frogs playing cards on a log. This is a particularly popular place for newlyweds.


Novorossiysk is a unique city. Few people know that there are a lot of marl deposits in the city. Marl is used for the production of concrete, so Novorossiysk can be considered the concrete capital of the South of Russia, there are about 5 concrete plants.

Also, Novorossiysk is a major transport hub. First, it is a powerful port on the Black Sea. It includes passenger, cargo and oil terminals. Secondly, in Novorossiysk there are roads and railways. Finally, Novorossiysk is a big tourist city. This is a popular resort of Kuban, which attracts people from all over Russia. There is also a water park, which is one of the largest in the country.

Visit to the Abrau-Durso plant

At the Abrau-Durso plant you can taste the first Russian sparkling wine created for the Russian royal family. In 1870, Prince Lev Golitsyn brought French winemakers and began production of the Russian version of champagne. By the early 20th century, nearly 5.5 km (3.4 mi) long tunnels were dug in the hills behind the winery, containing 10 million bottles. Take a tour of the working winery, where you will see a mechanical system of the 1950s with metal cradles for transporting bottles. You can buy Russian wines, as well as wines imported from South Africa, Spain, Croatia and Italy.


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