Hotel Aquamarine Resort & Spa in Sevastopol, Crimea

Having seen the popularity of anthill hotels in the resorts of Turkey and Egypt, Crimean investors decided that they needed the same. So there was Aquamarine Resort & Spa,a giant hotel in Sevastopol. This is a hotel of complex fate, not too popular with tourists even in high season. In fact, in vain: if money is not a problem, here you can spend a good and fairly relaxed vacation. However, you need to tune in to the need to control the work of personnel and the compliance of the services rendered with paid. This is Crimea, there is no way without it.

The hotel is not on the first line, it itself is the first line: residential buildings smoothly flow into the recreation and sports area, after which the beaches begin. The task of the staff is to capture the guest, not to let him leave the territory of the complex, to captivate with local entertainment and not to fall under the spell of competitors. And since the resort complex has almost everything that a tourist who came from the depths of the mainland can only want from a holiday at sea, the employees cope with their task perfectly.

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The most nekrymsky city and very Crimean hotel

Just as Moscow is not Russia, sevastopol is not Crimea. The city with the most developed infrastructure on the peninsula and the studied history is anything: an outpost, a military base, a cultural key, a place of glory, but not the usual settlement for the sleepy Crimea. It is relatively developed industry and services, there is urban transport and ordinary citizens live, and not vacationers thirsty for resorters. In Sevastopol, the bazaar does not sell the vaunted Crimean sour cream (in fact, fresh fatty cream), in Putin here you need to look for the ruins of hamsa and wild mushrooms from the steppe part do not reach here. Although seasoned people say that you just need to know the places.

In 2011, next to the Victory Park and the Student Park on a plot of about two hectares, the long-term construction was completed and with great fanfare the multifunctional resort complex Aquamarine Resort & Spa was opened. All in one, and to the sea – 5 minutes on its own territory. What more could you ask for? Only the flow of tourists.

Obviously, the grand hotel Aquamarine Resort & Spa could appear only in Sevastopol. Theodosius or Evpatoria such a treasure would not have pulled – the scope is not the same. After all, the hotel is part of the whole resort complex:

  • hotel building 5* (with all administrative services, medical and balneological spa);
  • two buildings of the apart-hotel (in fact, these are apartments that are rented to vacationers);
  • restaurants, bars, night club;
  • water park, dolphinarium, children’s clubs;
  • sports grounds, swimming pools.

Plus its own well-groomed sloppy, singing fountains, a nice small park and several beaches with piers. Everything is new and should be beautiful, but no.

Maxim, Moscow: “We were in Aquamarine twice a year later. Well, it’s so strange how different hotels came. The first time everything is nothing, if there were shortcomings, then for trifles – well, overgrown paths, broken some tiles along the path to the sea, the water in the pool is cold to the horror. True, who needs a swimming pool, we came to the sea. For the second time, the staff was replaced: no smiles, no service, forced to wait for more than an hour to check in. Towels are worn, there are always not enough bathrobes in the SPA. The administrator does not understand the obvious things, and to check the bar to us once fell almost at dawn, without even knocking. “

Room stock

Apart-buildings ad attest, the five-star hotel itself offers 140 rooms of only three categories:

  1. Superior Standard or Superior King (42 m2)with sea and city views. It is possible to combine two interconnecting rooms.
  2. Designer Junior Suite or Design Deluxe (62 m2)with sea view. You can choose a room according to the thematic design (Yellow, Japanese, Okhotsk and other seas, as well as Wedding).
  3. Two-room suite (71 m2)with sea and city views. Bedroom and living room, it is possible to combine with a room for security, nanny or accompaniment.

The higher the category, the better the service. In Crimean hotels, cleaning and towel replacement begins with suites. You need to put up with this and control so that the maid is not too tired for cleaning the economy room.

Each room has a safe, TV, Wi-Fi works properly, there is a mini-bar. The unconditional advantage is central ventilation and air conditioning. According to the rules, housekeeping and change of bed linen with towels is carried out daily.

What is included in the guesthouse:

  • breakfast (buffet);
  • parking, reception services, luggage service;
  • children’s play with a tutor;
  • beach with all service;
  • sauna complex and gym;
  • initial examination of specialists in the medical sector of the SPA;
  • in high season – animation, night club, summer cinema, water park.

The bathroom is fully equipped. There is a hairdryer, mirrors, hygienic and bath accessories.

Tip: The higher the floor, the more chances to see from the window not the courtyard and neighboring buildings, but the sea. When booking, it is better to specifically specify the floor.

Restaurants and bars on site

Hotel Aquamarine Resort & Spa does everything to ensure that its guests have a good wean. On the territory there are several restaurants decorated by professional designers, conceptually perfect and with a team of professionals in the kitchen.


The pride of the hotel Aquamarine Resort & Spa is the restaurant of the author’s Crimean cuisine “Lavender”. A large hall, simple decoration and opening hours from 7 am to 24 am turn this place into the main point of catering of the complex. This is a decent restaurant with a variable menu, which feeds everyone breakfast. There is a wine, bar card. There is a children’s menu (very small) and for breaks.

Regular menu includes:

  • seasonal Crimean vegetables;
  • Crimean marinades and pickles;
  • chickens raised on nearby farms;
  • classic appetizers salads from “Greek” and carpaccio to tar-tara from pike caviar;
  • Black Sea catch (sultanka, sargan, lufar, flounder).

The restaurant provides an opportunity to order a set lunch (a choice of a couple of dozen options), and also works on catering on the principle of a buffet.


Very close to the “Lavender” is the fusion restaurant “Temari” – a place where the children’s menu one-on-one repeats “Lavender”, but adults can try lamb on a spit as part of the study of the local grill. The menu of “Temari” is more refined and voluminous than that of “Lavender”, it is possible to order a buffet, a banquet and organize a party. They offer quite a lot of beer, but there is no craft of its own production.

The restaurant is located on an outdoor veranda decorated with romantic light curtains. It is much more expensive than in Moscow, Sochi or Yalta.


In the building, stylized as a pirate corvette, is the best sea-food restaurant in the Crimea (by their own admission). Everything can be, because they have a large aquarium with still living inhabitants of the seas, which they plan to eat.

The restaurant’s menu is built around fish and seafood. It has a lot of shrimp, dorado and other salmon, but there is also a local catch – mullet, rapana, flounder, horse mackerel. But in the general menu echoes “Lavender”. There is no offer for children in the restaurant.

Drink offer all the same as in other places, including homemade tinctures and cocktails.


Despite the fact that “Maderu” is positioned as a restaurant, it is an ordinary grill bar on the beach with sky-high prices. It serves Russian-made marbled beef, steaks of fish, poultry and meat, as well as all the same salads and snacks as in other restaurants.

The restaurant makes pizza. Especially popular is the branded “Madera” with veal, chicken, mushrooms, gherkins, onions, tomatoes, oregano and, of course, with a cheese edge.

Note! Madera has amazingly delicious brioche toast for breakfast. They are served with berries and honey. You can ask for cream.

Aqua Food Club

The restaurant of Italian cuisine Aqua Food Club specializes more in group service, but will gladly meet even a lonely hungry traveler. And unlike previous catering points, there is something to rejoice.

The restaurant is located on the breeze-inde open veranda literally on the beach. The menu is unique for the Crimea and includes several types of pasta, authentic pizza, bruschetta, Italian soups and desserts. Of course, not without classics such as veal medallions, but who needs them if you can order risotto?

In the lobby of the hotel there is a bar, which includes sandwiches, sandwiches and desserts. There is an incomplete wine list from Lavender, which includes drinks both locally produced and from Europe.

Around the clock there is a room service, you can order anything from any restaurant on the territory. Interestingly, the delivery service from the city to the hotel is allowed extremely reluctantly.

What’s with the beaches

With what, with what, and with access to the beach at the hotel Aquamarine Resort & Spa there are no problems: its own coastal strip is regularly cleaned and leveled. Guests can go to the beach and use all services for free:

  • sun loungers, altankas;
  • canopies, umbrellas;
  • showers and changing cabins.

There is a rental of jet skis, catamarans, notorious “bananas”. Super popular is the only flyboarding station in the Crimea. Rescuers are closely watching everything that happens, there are special vests for children. There is a bar, where they make fruit cocktails and shakes for children.

The hotel carried out a complete renovation of the equipment in 2020. At the same time, new services were launched, including yacht rental. There is simply no point in looking for another beach in Sevastopol.

Attention! In the area of the hotel exit to the sea is rocky, it can be slippery, there is a risk of injuring your legs. In fact, this beach is not suitable for children under 5-8 years old. Not so long ago, the exit was equipped with special tracks, so you need to monitor the exit.

What to do if you do not swim

In between meals and swimming in the sea, a decent tourist is offered… No, do not sleep, just the opposite: refresh yourself in the SPA, improve your health in the medical center and slightly soar in a nightclub.

Aqua Dance Beach Club

Night dance club, located close to the beach, working until the morning and preventing all guests with open windows to sleep. During the day it is a place of lazy relaxation near the pools, the opportunity to eat and drink in a sun lounger, listening to the DJ. At night, hookahs smoke here, move their bodies on the sand and listen to top artists.

Aqua Deluxe Steam Resort & Fitness Club

Modern simulators and 10 types of baths – this is included in the boarding house – can be supplemented with a salt room, fonts, massage therapists, osteopaths, cosmetologists. You can take a child with you, there are children’s pools.

Aquamarine Medical SPA

In a separate building there is a very decent center, in which therapists, gynecologists, endocrinologists and other narrow specialists focused on spa treatment and recovery really work.

In the program:

  • balneology and mud therapy;
  • Cellular Detox Program;
  • rejuvenation and recovery;
  • improvement of body contours;
  • restoration of mental calm.

Specialists work with patients after a new coronavirus disease, conduct comprehensive rehabilitation and restoration of the body’s indicators.

Aquapark “Zurbagan”

The largest water park in the Crimea “Zurbagan” is a place of joy for adults and children. 18 slides and 9 pools, many interesting attractions with a full guarantee of safety. There are bars, rental of equipment and equipment.

Admission is free for guests of the resort complex.

Everything for children and a little more

Hotel Aquamarine Resort & Spa is part of the resort complex, so it declares care for children and attention to the needs of parents. In fact, guests with children here are really welcome:

  • free accommodation for children up to 5 years;
  • there are large family rooms (42 square meters);
  • renovation, bathroom and balcony are safe for children;
  • on request provide children’s arenas, cribs, strollers;
  • the sound insulation of the rooms is sufficient so that the child does not interfere with anyone and is not distracted by extraneous sounds.

On the territory there are playgrounds with a minimum set of entertainment and simulators.

In the Park “Zurbagan” works Aqua KIDS, where the child can be left on a professional educator.


The hotel tries to diversify the leisure of its guests, and if they want to go somewhere, it is always happy to help. At the reception there are many proven interesting routes in the vicinity and not only. These are quite long trips (for the whole day, 6-10 hours) with departure from the hotel:

  • Sightseeing in Sevastopol.
  • Crimean War.
  • SKIRT.
  • Bakhchisaray.


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Hotel Aquamarine Resort & Spa in Sevastopol, Crimea, – an average replacement for cheap abroad, normal, but not an outstanding place for a family holiday. Slightly expensive, with tolerable food, moderate service, not corresponding to high expectations, but without blatant punctures. Everything else can be attributed to the complex status of Crimea and the human factor.

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