Green Beach Resort Turkey

Holidays on the system all inclusive, perfectly implemented in Turkey. In particular, the resorts of Bodrum are in a leading position in popularity among tourists. When considering an inexpensive, but interesting option for recreation, I liked the Green Beach Resort – a hotel that stands apart in relation to the nearby resorts, if only because of its huge size.

The tour operator organized a comfortable transfer from Milas airport to the place of rest. When leaving the terminal, the tourist is met by several branded buses. Before boarding, the guides at the counter sit on the bus going along the route of settlement. It is very pleasant that the ordered transport goes exclusively to the selected hotel and the trip lasts only an hour. Almost the entire transfer takes place along the coast, which is pleasing, especially at dawn or dusk. The trip time was at the end of August (air temperature + 30 + 35 degrees Celsius), so the presence of air conditioning in the bus is a clear bonus. The roads are serpentine with constant ascents and descents, but very flat, fenced in dangerous places (much better than 5-7 years ago).


The hotel enjoys a picturesque location, directly on the Aegean Sea in a beautiful lagoon with many yachts and boats. At night, there is a breathtaking view of the neighboring peninsula with resorts and houses on the coast, which is about 400 meters away. Descent to the sea is possible along numerous paths, as well as by elevator of the hotel. The territory is quite mountainous, so before the trip you should prepare for constant descents and ascents. The area of green Beach Resort is so large that you can only get around all its corners in a day. The central building is located on a hill, and small three-story bungalows are scattered compactly throughout the territory.

The hotel has two beaches: rocky and “sandy” (instead of sand there are very small pebbles). In this place there are no more large hotels, as well as dense urban development, so you do not have to share sun beds with local residents and guests of other resorts on the beach. For a trip to the local resort village of Gundogan, you can use a water taxi (quite expensive, 15 lira) or a shuttle bus that departs from the central gate and will cost 1 lira. If you welcome walking, then with a normal walking step, you will reach Gundogan in 15-20 minutes. However, this should only be done if you are in good physical shape (descents and ascents can last 50-200 meters and have up to 30 degrees of inclination). By the way, the hotel has a gym with treadmills, exercise bikes and weightlifting equipment. So to practice, before walking you will have the opportunity. The only nuance is unscrupulous and uncultured “athletes”. Often the simulators simply did not work because of breakdowns.

The central building is quite old, but after reconstruction. It can be attributed to the category 4+. The reception is large, so even the two large tourist buses that have just arrived with guests in the lobby do not cause a feeling of “crowd” in a small building. I really liked the fast and competent work of the staff, who almost at the speed of an agile huckster “disassemble” visitors.

Immediately upon arrival, after breakfast, guests are resettled, according to the purchased tour packages:

  • the main building (tall multi-storey building);
  • three-storey houses.

Your belongings will help to convey the porter, which is especially important for a tired, well-fed tourist, unaccustomed to steep descents and ascents, when settling in a remote bungalow. Independently, even after two days of living, it is difficult to find the way to your room, on the territory with the area of an average residential quarter. The staff knows English, Russian. Many workers from Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

Room stock

In general, based on personal experience and friends from the hotel, the number of rooms is far from new. However, all bungalows have undergone a good renovation. Therefore, it freely “pulls” on the “4 stars”. If you want to retire, then pay a little extra from the tour operator for a nice room near the pool with a waterfall. The rooms there are excellent and almost imperceptibly, then a huge number of guests.

In the room there is a standard set of “options”:

  • spacious bed with orthopedic mattress (one or two);
  • shower with toilet (towels, shampoos, soap, hair dryer, toilet paper);
  • TV (with local channels);
  • empty refrigerator;
  • air conditioning (caught quite powerful);
  • wardrobe for clothes (inside there is a safe), chest of drawers, bedside tables;
  • balcony with nice wooden floor, two chairs and a coffee table (it is very cool to sit on the balcony in the evening).

From vacationers I learned that the main building rooms are also renovated in 2017. However, you should not expect “super-words” from a 4 * + hotel. The “fatigue” of the number of rooms is clearly visible on the outer walls of buildings (yellowed or fallen plaster) and the territory itself, which knew better times. The hotel is located on a slope, so its entire territory is multi-level. A lot of transitions, ales, trees, shrubs. The staff tries to keep an eye on everything, but noticed uncleaned alleys, paths, steps from fallen leaves and flowers. In general, walking around the territory is pleasant, especially in the evening, when soft lighting is turned on everywhere.


There is a lot of food and it is diverse. Since the hotel is focused on the European tourist, there is no excessive national flavor in the food. You can divide the entire diet into three meals: morning, lunch, evening. In the morning you will find a large number of cheeses and sausage cuts (for an amateur because of the high content of soybeans), stewed sausages, boiled eggs. Also always in a large assortment of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, salads). Ready-made salads with olive oil or sauces. There are always fresh pastries: bread, buns. Complement them will help a variety of jam, butter, “nutella” From hot drinks tea, coffee. Not far from the dining room with a restaurant there is a “lounge area” with coffee, hookahs and other exotics. It is available from morning to evening.

During lunch and dinner, the kitchen shines in all its glory. Meat dishes of at least ten. Mainly chicken, beef, less often lamb. A lot of Turkish canning in the form of pepper of different spicy, size, as well as olives, olives. The main dishes repeat the usual European cuisine (potatoes, pasta, rice, cereals, grated soups). I liked the national dishes in the form of flatbreads with filling, bread from the oven and lamb on an open fire. On the buffets in abundance a variety of stews of vegetables, poultry, fish. In the daytime, a snack bar is open on the territory of the hotel near the main pool: french fries, hamburgers (you collect yourself), other snacks. Sweets are local in the form of desserts from “semolina”. Fruits: watermelon, melon, orange in abundance. Less often peaches, plums and apples.

Service is normal. The staff at the reception, bar, animators know English, Russian. Room service and waiters are more difficult. If you come across an employee from Central Asia, you will understand each other. The guards are mostly Turks, so even the level of English is basic.

Beaches & Pools

There are four swimming pools on site. Three open: one central large, one medium with a “waterfall” and medium classical shape with a “jacuzzi” (located in a quiet place). There is also an indoor pool, but it is not popular because of the lack of opportunity to sunbathe. Near each there are many sun loungers and other attributes (umbrellas, mattresses, tables). If you do not sleep until 10 am, you can always take a seat. For children there is a separate pool with an animator. There is also a water park with two slides. Quite extreme, as for a person who has been to large water parks.

The hotel is located on the first line, but the terrain is mountainous, so the beach is bulk and is a small piece of land up to 30 meters long with imported “sand”. The rest of the coast is occupied by a deck with sun beds, which can freely accommodate up to 200 people without problems. For the convenience of vacationers, an elevator is equipped leading directly to the central building. On the shore and the beach there are bars with free beer and cocktails (rum-cola, vodka-sprite and the like). Towels for sun beds are issued on special cards, which you will receive when you check in to the lobby. You can change them, but you need to take them before lunch one day, and get them the next. Thus, in order not to be left without beach textiles, I recommend taking a personal towel with you on the road for such “pauses”. It is also convenient if you plan to ride a yacht, because outside the Green Beach Resort branded towels can not be taken out.

There is a good water taxi service right from the hotel to the city beach of Gundogan (restaurants and cafes that open in the evening right on the promenade). Such a service costs 15 lira.


Since I was going to rest from work and the daily routine, I did not pay much attention to the animation at the main pool. During the day there are many contests and games in the water. In the evening, concerts and performances with the participation of local artists. The work with children is very well staged (they have their own atmosphere there, which in my childhood could be envied by white envy).

Among the tourists there are many tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries, Italy, Great Britain. There are also many Turks, as they have the resorts of Bodrum in priority.


It is worth mentioning about the rest outside of Green Beach. Your guide will offer “profitable” tours to Bodrum, to different “ruins”, markets. However, it is worth remembering that all this will be at least 100% more expensive than an independent trip. Even if you turn to the animator, he for $ 20 per person will organize a chic vacation on a yacht for the whole day. An independent trip to Bodrum to the museum of the “King Mausolus” (10 lira), to the fortress of St. Peter (15 lira) will cost at least two times cheaper (in the region of 30 lira per person) than a tour from the guide from the hotel. Travel to Bodrum for one person on two minibuses (one from Green Beach Resort to Gundogan bus station, the other from the bus station to the center of Bodrum) 10 liras in both directions. If you plan to stay for a night’s rest in the city, then a taxi to the hotel will cost up to $ 30 (you need to bargain).


The transfer back to the airport was impeccable. The only nuance for vacationers, carefully monitor the weight of luggage at the airport. If there is an excess, then you will have to pay a lot extra. With me, one couple was denied even a surcharge (strangeness of charter flights). Heavier souvenirs, sweets, put in hand luggage (it is usually not checked on the scales).
In parting words, it is worth adding that it is better for the airport loaders to take good proven suitcases to “torment”. Mine, unfortunately, during loading/unloading was damaged at the place of attachment of the wheel. That is why an indispensable attribute in the journey should be strong threads, a needle, super-glue and a lot of cling film.

Remember, thorough preparation for possible unforeseen situations will quickly solve any problem of a tourist without spoiling the resort mood.



Alina Abramova

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