Boutique Hotel Muscatel Gurzuf Crimea

It is unlikely that there are Russian tourists who have never visited the resorts of the picturesque Crimea. One of the most beautiful corners of the peninsula is Gurzuf. This compact village, which is home to almost 10 thousand people, attracts with its pebble beaches, clean mountain-sea air and labyrinths of streets reminiscent of Greek or Cypriot seaside cities. In one of the quiet quarters of Gurzuf is located “Muscatel” – a modern boutique hotel that harmoniously combines home comfort and stylish design of spacious rooms.

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“Muscatel”: advantages of a boutique hotel

Tourists who choose a compact Gurzuf for their summer vacation will not regret it. Boutique hotel “Muscatel”, which first opened its doors in May 2016, will be a bonus for vacationers who will certainly appreciate the advantages of this small hotel:

  • location in a quiet quarter;
  • proximity of the sea coast and interesting historical and cultural sites of the village;
  • purity of air, in which the aromas of the sea, mountains and forest are mixed;
  • inexpensive and well-equipped rooms;
  • variety of leisure in the hotel and village;
  • delicious dishes of the restaurant of the boutique hotel “Muscatel”;
  • close location of the “possessions” of the Gurzuf Park;
  • the goodwill of the locals;
  • high professionalism of the staff of the boutique hotel “Muscatel”.

More information. Thanks to the Gurzuf park, mountain ranges and the sea, the resort is not too hot. Average summer temperature indicators for water – from + 21.6 to + 25.1; for air – from + 24.4 to + 27.6. Climatic conditions in Gurzuf are very similar to those typical of the resort villages of Croatia and Montenegro, scattered along the Adriatic coast.

Boutique Hotel Location

“Muscatel” is located quite close to the central quarters of the cozy village. The hotel is located on the slope of Balgotur – a picturesque hill with a dome-shaped shape. It is often called a mountain, although the height does not exceed 150 m. From north to south, the resort, immersed in sub-Mediterranean vegetation, stretches for 1.4 km, from west to east – for 6.18 km.

Gurzuf, consisting of labyrinths of narrow green streets, can be quickly bypassed on foot. Tourists should know the distance (in km) from the boutique hotel “Muscatel” to the most important objects located in the village and its near and far surroundings:

  • to the sea coast – 0,58;
  • bus stations of the village – 1,54;
  • Gurzuf Park – 0.88;
  • Yuzhnoberezhnoye shosse – 0.95;
  • Alushta – the nearest major sea resort – 22;
  • Leningradskaya Street – 0.29;
  • Artek – 3,4;
  • Ayu-Dag – mountain peak – 3.93;
  • Simferopol airport (by road through Alushta) – 87;
  • yalta center – 18.

Pay attention! Boutique hotel “Muscatel” is located, according to the postal address, on the street Builders. In fact, the hotel is located on the street crimean partisans opposite the house number 3.

Most guests of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” get to the door of the hotel by pre-ordered taxi (kiwitaxi service) or by transfer. Many of those travelers who prefer to go on their own or rented car. Their path follows the following route:

  • Simferopol airport;
  • M-18 motorway (68 km);
  • turn to the stele “Artek”;
  • Yalta Street;
  • Checkpoint No. 6 of Artek (T-junction);
  • to the right on Leningradskaya Street;
  • intersection with Stroiteley Street;
  • on the signs to the boutique hotel “Muscatel”.

What rooms is equipped with the park hotel?

Any hotel strives to meet the standards existing in the modern hotel business. Boutique hotel “Muscatel” also adheres to this trend and can satisfy the desires of even the most picky vacationers. The hotel is equipped with 14 spacious stylish rooms of 8 categories and subcategories:


(number of guests)

total area

(sq. m.)

view from the windowscost

(in thousand rubles)

Classic Suite239,5mountains10,5–11,0
“marine” suite438,1mountains11,5–12,0
Cartier Suite440,7sea14,5–15,0
standard without additions. Places222–29pool7,5–8,0

Pay attention! The table shows the price level valid for 2021 The cost depends on the month and the number of tourists in the boutique hotel “Muscatel”. Rooms must be booked a month or earlier before the expected date of arrival. The cost of an extra bed for adults is 1.8 thousand rubles, regardless of the category of the room. The cost of a cot for young guests from 3 to 5 years old is 850 rubles, from 6 to 14 years old is 1.2 thousand rubles.

The interior of the premises of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” is made in light colors with a predominance of white. The rooms have one double bed or two single beds. A baby cot and high chair are available on request. The beds are equipped with orthopedic mattresses. Each room of any category includes a set of amenities necessary for a comfortable stay and rest:

  • large refrigerator;
  • soft double or triple sofa;
  • dressing table;
  • individual safe;
  • LCD TV;
  • chairs;
  • silent air conditioning;
  • floor lamp;
  • large mirror;
  • a set of dishes and electrical appliances for making tea and coffee.

Rooms on the second and third floors are equipped with small balconies. Resting on them at tables and in comfortable armchairs, guests of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” can explore the surroundings with picturesque mountain ranges for a long time. The bathroom includes a small shower. Towels and a set of toiletries are also laid out here. Guests have access to a hairdryer, slippers and bathrobe.

Boutique hotel services

Tourists often determine the level of any hotel not by the number of stars, but by the quality of the services provided. In this regard, “Muscatel” will not disappoint vacationers. Accommodation in a boutique hotel gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of various free services:

  • get access to the Internet in the room and other areas of the hotel;
  • order a transfer from Simferopol airport; drivers will deliver to the door of the hotel in a comfortable car; you can order a transfer for free, the transfer itself is a paid service;
  • book one of the proposed excursions; the staff of the boutique hotel will help in the choice, based on the individual interests of the guests;
  • watch 160 channels of domestic and foreign television in high quality; the signal is transmitted in HD format;
  • call the internal phone number and contact the administration or staff of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” if necessary;
  • use the shuttle service to the nearest pebble beach;
  • order a taxi at the reception or book air tickets;
  • swim and swim in the swimming pool, equipped in the courtyard of the boutique hotel “Muscatel”;

Importantly! Registration of accommodation in the boutique hotel “Muscatel” begins at 14:00. An earlier time should be negotiated on the spot with representatives of the administration. Check-out is due before 12:00. The hotel has an outdoor parking. The service is free of charge. Closed parking is designed for a limited number of cars. Reservations must be made in advance. The cost of the service is 250 rubles per hour. Transfer from Simferopol airport to the boutique hotel “Muscatel” refers to paid services. The cost is 2.7 thousand rubles (by car), 3.7 thousand rubles (by minivan).

Konstantin Vasiliev, Moscow. Were with his wife in Gurzuf for the first time. Cozy quiet green village. Boutique hotel “Muscatel” helps to feel the atmosphere of this quiet resort. The place where the hotel is located, on the one hand, is not far from the central streets, on the other hand, it is calm, there is no fuss, crowds of tourists, quiet. It was important to me that there were two parking lots – we were traveling by car. I used the one that is paid, since it is closed. The room was very nice. My wife noted the light colors and comfortable furniture, a new bathroom. We lived on the second floor, so we had a balcony. The view is just wonderful. In the distance you can see the outlines of low mountains. Around the boutique hotel “Muscatel” on the slopes of the hill stretches green Gurzuf. Rest very satisfied.

Meals in the hotel and resort

Breakfasts, the cost of which is already included in the accommodation, are served for guests of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” in the restaurant located on the ground floor. The owners define its style as Moroccan. The gastronomic institution, positioning itself simultaneously as a restaurant, bar and Italian pizzeria, consists of a small bright hall and a cozy terrace, where local musicians perform on summer evenings.

Breakfasts usually include dishes such as scrambled eggs or omelets, pancakes or cheesecakes, rice or buckwheat porridge, and muesli with milk. The menu of dinners and lunches, for which you must pay separately, is distinguished by a wide variety of names (the cost relevant for 2021 is indicated in rubles):

  • snacks – 120–700;
  • soups – 220–600;
  • hot meat or fish dishes – 300–1200;
  • salads – 490–650;
  • side dishes – 190–240;
  • grilled dishes – 260–640;
  • dessert –120–600;
  • Crimean wine (0,75 l) – 800–2100;
  • coffee – 100–500;
  • Crimean beer (0,5 l) –180;
  • tea – 150–200.

For those who want to get acquainted with the Crimean cuisine, the doors of local cafes and restaurants are open. Among the most well-established vacationers call seven gastronomic establishments of Gurzuf:

  • “At Dima’s”;
  • “Venice”;
  • “Plate”;
  • “Tavern on the water”;
  • “Sommelier”;
  • Meraba;
  • “Dubai”.

More information. The Muscatel Boutique Hotel’s restaurant serves a specially designed children’s menu. These are delicious sausages, chicken wings, nuggets, fruit and berry compote and ice cream. From 18:00 to 22:00, the restaurant for young visitors has a games room.

Rest in the hotel

Guests of the boutique hotel will not be bored in their rooms, watching TV programs or surfing the Internet. The doors of the massage room are open for them. Visitors can choose one of the types of massage:

  • classic;
  • Spanish;
  • relaxing;
  • children’s;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • Modeling.

The duration of the procedure is from 30 to 80 minutes. The cost of the service is from 650 to 3.5 thousand rubles In the boutique hotel “Muscatel” there is a cozy sauna. It welcomes guests daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Capacity – up to 4 people at a time. The cost of 1 hour of use of the sauna – from 1 thousand to 1.6 thousand rubles.

More information. The price of the service depends on the specific time of the visit. On weekends and in the evenings on weekdays, the cost increases. The price includes the cost of special shoes, herbal tea and aromatherapy oil.

Children’s leisure

For young guests of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” the doors of a small children’s club are open. Experienced educators and animators offer a variety of educational games, learning to draw and sculpt from plasticine, fun activities in which young vacationers memorize English words and phrases.

Especially for young guests of the hotel “Muscatel” offers exciting excursion programs. Children most often choose trips to several interesting places:

  • in the “Aquatoria” – a small dolphinarium in the village of Vinogradnoye; here young visitors can become spectators of a bright performance with a white whale and dolphins;
  • in “Atlantis” – a compact water park located in Yalta; here for guests there is a giant swimming pool and six water slides of different complexity;
  • “Fairy Tale” – a small Yalta zoo; young visitors will get acquainted with the life of more than 400 animals and more than 1500 birds; young guests can become participants in an exciting process – feeding piglets and sheep.

Muscatel Boutique Hotel Beach & Pool

Fans of swimming in the summer sea will be interested to know that the beach strip, stretching for more than 1.5 km, is located 585 m from the hotel doors (in a straight line). A shuttle service can be arranged. A comfortable minibus will take vacationers to the beach strip for free.

There are always a lot of tourists who want to swim in comfortable conditions. For them, the boutique hotel “Muscatel” has a small swimming pool that adorns the courtyard. Around it there are several long sun loungers on which you can relax after swimming.

More information. The length of the pool is 8 m. Depth is 160 cm. The pool is available for guests of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” from 8 am to 23:00 daily.

Alevtina Alekseeva, Krasnodar. Staying at the boutique hotel “Muscatel” for a week, my husband and I did not regret it at all. Beautiful views from the balconies of the room, wonderful restaurant dishes, a small pool, massage, sauna, well-groomed pebble beach, which is only 12-15 minutes walk – all this made our vacation unforgettable. It is also important to note the friendly and helpful staff of the boutique hotel “Muscatel”. To get better acquainted with the Crimea, we were on two excursions, which are highly recommended – a sightseeing tour of Yalta and acquaintance with the famous palaces: Livadia, Vorontsov and Massandra. Of the local attractions, I would like to especially note the Gurzuf Park. Next time, if we are in Gurzuf, most likely, we will stay again in the boutique hotel “Muscatel”.

Interesting historical and cultural sites near the boutique hotel

Given the fact that Gurzuf is a compact village, guests of the muscatel boutique hotel can explore all its attractions on their own while hiking. First of all, it is worth visiting the Gurzuf Park, laid out in 1808-1812 In this green oasis of art, visitors will get acquainted with several statues and monuments:

  • Rachel;
  • Orpheus;
  • Diana and the dolphin;
  • young Pushkin;
  • soldiers who fell in the battles for the Motherland.

This is only a small part of the sculptural compositions placed in the Gurzuf Park. Thanks to the numerous objects in the three rooms of Chekhov’s dacha, visitors see a picture of the life of the famous playwright and writer in Gurzuf. In the halls of the Pushkin Museum there are paintings of painters of the XIX century and drawings of the poet himself.

The golden domes of the Assumption Church, which adorns Gurzuf, are visible from different points of the village, even in rainy weather. Guests of the resort should walk along the Pushkin embankment. This place is famous for its marble tiles and green alley, decorated with flower beds and fluffy shrubs. Among other attractions of Gurzuf, you should pay attention to several objects:

  • House of Creativity them. Korovina;
  • Suuk-Su Palace;
  • White Gallery;
  • Museum of Magnets;
  • Adaralara rocks with a height of 48 and 35 m; they are located 380 m from the coast.

Excursion programs

For guests of the hotel “Muscatel” there are many opportunities to get acquainted with the most interesting historical and cultural objects of the Crimea. To do this, you just need to book a fascinating excursion. Local travel companies offer a wide range of excursion programs:

  • a trip to the picturesque Ayu-Dag – the name translates into Russian as “Bear Mountain”; the main purpose of the event is to climb to the top;
  • acquaintance with the Aivazovsky Park in Parteita – a cozy village; walks in the gardens: hydrangeas, rhododendrons and fragrances;
  • visit to the Livadia Palace with a visit to the concert of organ music;
  • acquaintance with the sacred buildings of Yalta: Foros and Intercession churches, as well as the Holy Cross Church;
  • visit to “Gurzuf” – a winery, known for its old basement, built in 1886;
  • a big tour of Sevastopol with a visit to the Count’s pier and St. Vladimir’s Cathedral;
  • acquaintance with the Yusyupov Palace and the picturesque park around it;
  • a trip to the holy places of the Crimea with a visit to two monastic complexes: Inkerman and Holy Dormition.

This is just a small part of the excursion programs. All offers can be found at the reception of the boutique hotel “Muscatel”.

More information. Each excursion lasts from 3 to 12 hours. The cost of the event is from 800 to 2.5 thousand rubles. Guests of the boutique hotel “Muscatel” can order any tour of the Crimea at the reception. The staff will help in choosing an interesting event.


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“Muscatel” is a boutique hotel for lovers of rest among the Crimean nature

Among the Russians there are millions of tourists who prefer to spend their holidays in the picturesque Crimean resorts. “Muscatel” is one of the best options for this large group of vacationers. Choosing this cozy boutique hotel, guests get such advantages as the neighborhood of Gourzouf Park and picturesque cliffs, bright stylish rooms, a clean pebble beach and delicious dishes of the Moroccan-style restaurant. An important factor is added to this list – the high level of service offered by the staff of the boutique hotel “Muscatel”.