Best hotels in Sheshory ski resort

The village of Sheshary is located in the Kosiv district in the west of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Due to the surrounding snow-capped mountains, this region is called the silver resort of western Ukraine. The local nature is magnificent – mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls. The forests are full of mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs. In winter, sports fans will take a ski resort located in the heart of the National Natural Park “Hutsulshchyna”. It is equipped with three slopes of medium difficulty, a rope tow is installed, ski equipment is rented. The season begins at the end of November and ends at the end of March. Hotels welcome guests at any time of the year.

Things to do in Sheshore

Accommodation in the village has a lot of advantages, especially for city dwellers who want to relax in the fresh air. There is no production here, but the folk Hutsul crafts are carefully preserved. Fans of authentic leisure are given the opportunity to take a master class on the manufacture of weaving products, traditional Hutsul bedspreads or wood carving. The place is in great demand among “green tourists”. They prefer to settle on the same farmstead with the owners to see the life of the Hutsul village from the inside. For this reason, many hotels are opened on the territory of the owners’ yards.

Architectural objects

On the territory of the village and its environs preserved buildings of past centuries:

  • Gorishnya Church – the oldest temple of Hutsul region;
  • Church of St. Paraskeva (built in 1874);
  • ruins of the fortress Zamchische (17-18 centuries).

In the architecture of the houses there are motifs characteristic of Western Ukraine.

Natural attractions

The village is located in the zone of the Hutsulshchyna National Park. The mountain river Pisynka forms several picturesque waterfalls. The most famous of them are big and small hook. Mountain ranges are covered with dense mixed forests. In 5 km there is a tract Lebedin with a mountain lake, the depth of which is still impossible to measure. According to the latest data, it can reach 20 km. Another lake with healing water is located in the tract Petrychyla. This is a protected area where animals roam freely, and people treat diseases of the joints and nervous system by taking hydrogen sulfide baths.

The best Sheshora hotels. Where to stay?

Hotels in Sheshory are represented in a wide range. These are hotel complexes, separate chalets, campsites. To determine the choice will help the review.

Sadiba Old Friend

The three-storey manor house is located 200 meters from the village center. For accommodation there are 5 comfortable rooms:2 double and 1 family. Another bedroom is in the attic. In the morning, the hostess can enjoy a full English breakfast. The ski lift is 3 km away. In the evening, you can visit the legendary restaurant of Hutsul cuisine “Arkan”, which is located 100 meters from the house. The owner positions the guest house in the format of “bed and breakfast”. During the day, guests take care of the meals themselves. For cooking there is a common kitchen, there is a barbecue area, there is a café / bar “Nad Gukom” nearby.

“Lovely manor, clean, well maintained. There is everything you need for a good rest. The owner at our request lit the grill. A playground is made for children. Very large portions for breakfast. We picked up the leftovers and left them in the fridge for the evening. The owner is a very nice person. Told us where you can go, what to see» Grits, Ukraine




Rimma Sheshori

Unlike the previous house, this plot is located at a distance from the center, in a very quiet area. Here begins the protected area – Petrichila. The apartments offer wonderful views of the river and forest. The hostess will always tell you where it is better to go and what to see, in winter she will rent ski equipment. Sheshor ski lift is 200 metres away. From here, in the summer, dozens of tourist hiking routes to caves and waterfalls, historical and memorable places diverge. Guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen. In the yard there is a barbecue and all accessories. Pets are not charged extra.

“The house is built in a good location. I was glad that there is a shower in the rooms. It is also convenient that on the second floor there is a common balcony. Here you can meet with neighbors, play board games with them or have intimate conversations, looking at the tops of the snow-capped Carpathian Mountains” Anatoliy, Ukraine




Sadiba Fedorchukiv

Comfortable accommodation and access to the mountain slope is guaranteed by the Fedorchukiv estate. It offers guests – a common seating area, barbecue facilities, a canopy in case of rain. Nearby there is something to walk – see the church built in the 18th century, go to the river, walk to the waterfalls. The nearest cafés, restaurants and shops are about a kilometres away.

“Upon arrival we were met by the owner, placed, showed everything. Then he was asked to light the grill, he did everything and even put a canopy in case of rain. Good place, kind and cozy” Ruslan, Ukraine




Sadiba Nadia

Two-storey apartments are located in the courtyard of a private house at the entrance to the village of Sheshore. It offers rooms with a private bath or apartments with shared facilities. On the ground floor there is a sauna with a swimming pool, the use of which is included in the price of accommodation. A shared kitchen is available for cooking. A couple of steps from the house there is a large supermarket where you can buy everything you need. The cable car lift is 4 km away. You can ski to Mount Brusniy, which is 2 km from the house.

“Friendly hosts and complete facilities. There is a washing machine and dryer, iron, convenient parking for the car. We will definitely come back again. Wait!” Irina, Ukraine






On the banks of the river Pisynka in the center of Sheshor is a cozy mini-hotel “Vyshyvanka”. Across the street is the famous restaurant “Arkan”. 100 meters from the house – Mount Kin (Horse). Friendly hosts accommodate guests in comfortable rooms. Meals can be prepared in the shared kitchen. A continental breakfast is served. A rope tow is 3 km away. In summer, you can go fishing and walk around the surroundings, look at the waterfalls. There is a supermarket next to the hotel, and on Fridays there is a local market where you can buy agricultural products. In the yard there is a barbecue and a gazebo.

“Rest in “Vyshyvanka” are 100% satisfied! The room is clean, well maintained, everything works. The hosts are very friendly, polite and Christian friendly. In my opinion – this is the most convenient accommodation in Sheshory” Galina, Ukraine




Pid goroyu

Secluded two-storey cottage is located in a natural area in the middle of a well-kept garden. Nearby flows the mountain river Pisynka. It does not freeze even in winter. It offers a terrace, barbecue facilities and free parking. The place is considered by tourists as a holiday home or weekend. The Tsarina Ski Lift is 4 km away. The surroundings are a godsend for those who like to walk. You can climb 800 meters uphill and go to the glade of Rosohat. From there you can enjoy a magnificent view of the forest and the surrounding landscape. From the house begins a hiking route to the cave of Dovbush.

“Extraordinarily friendly hosts. The house stands separately, the yard is spacious. There is a place for children to play. The company they will be the owner’s cat and dog. The kitchen has everything you need. The rooms are clean. No foreign smells. Hiking tours can be booked for a fee. Very grateful for the rest” Robert, Poland




Stara Chata

This Hutsul farmstead receives guests throughout the year. The complex of one-storey wooden houses is located on the territory of the National Park “Hutsulshchyna”. Guests have a furnished terrace, barbecue area, communal sauna. Meals are organized independently, and about leisure you can agree with the staff. They organize hiking, horse riding, cycling, skiing, fishing. The ski lift is 1 km away. Delivery of products is carried out by order of the guest.

“Hospitable hosts Andrew and Oksana are charming people! They’re a pleasure to deal with. They arranged for us a transfer to the airport for a fee. The places around are great! The price per room is reasonable. If you want to relax from the bustle of the city and breathe fresh air, then you need to come here” Alla, Ukraine




Carpathian Paradise

2 km from Sheshore is a health complex “Carpathian Paradise”. People who want to improve their health with the help of water procedures come here. The owners offer a bath tub, a hot tub with herbs, swimming in an artificial pond with cold water. A traditional English breakfast is served in the morning. Barbecue facilities are available at an additional cost. Recently, the owners installed a tandoor. In the national Central Asian oven you can cook vegetables, bake meat, cook in a pot. The owners are happy to share their own signature recipes. They are ready to provide full board.

“It’s a real paradise! Complete reunion with nature, awesome air, a forest full of mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs. I return to the city with pure thoughts and a great mood. Thank you!” Marina, Ukraine





Guest two-storey house is located in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall Guk. Rooms are decorated in a rustic style with wooden décor. The living room has a fireplace. There is billiards and table tennis. There is a barbecue area in the courtyard. In the morning, the hostess prepares a continental breakfast. She will also tell you where you can go / go and where to relax well. Sheshorsky ski lift is 5 km away. For cooking in the kitchen there is all the necessary equipment and utensils. A supermarket and a market for rural products can be found 100 metres away. Guests can relax in the area of the terrace.

“Mistress Daria is a cook from God. In the morning it gives out such huge portions that they simply cannot be eaten. Lovely house. I liked that there is a steam room and you can play tennis. Location – you can’t think of a better one. The house is built on the slope of the mountain. At the exit from the gate, you can immediately go down the trail to the mountain stream. Around a beautiful forest and breathtaking views of the mountains” Sergey, Moldova




Sadiba Orchdeya

On the bank of the river Pisynka is the estate Orchid. This is a completely new complex, recently built and prepared for the reception of guests. Free parking is available on site. It offers guests – a terrace, a communal sauna with a swimming pool (Additional charge), a great view from the windows. You can walk to the natural attractions of the area: the Valley of Rosohata is 4 km away, and Lake Swan is 5 km from the house. Arkan Restaurant is 400 metres away. There is also a supermarket “Livadia”. Food and drinks can be ordered in the rooms. You can’t come with animals. The estate opened the gates to guests in August [y]. There are no reviews about the service and accommodation yet.




To get in touch with nature and live near the lift to the slope, it is best to settle in the estate of Stara Chata. It is located in the heart of the protected area, built with an authentic approach to the interior and zoning of the farmstead. The lift is within walking distance. Around the mountains, forest, mountain river and meadows, where flocks of sheep graze peacefully. The owners can arrange a shuttle service on request.

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