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Kosov is a recognized trade and administrative center of the Hutsuls. This iconic place arose in the second half of the 16th century, when large deposits of salt were discovered here. Over time, the natural area around the city was transformed into the National Park “Hutsulshchyna”, and a 1200-meter ski slope was laid 2 kilometers from its center. It is served by 1 lift. Near it there are several equipment rental points, a first-aid post, a café and free parking. Hotels of the city are one large tourist complex “Baika”, mini-hotels and numerous private houses, where guests most often live with the owners.

What to see in Kosovo?

The center of Hutsul culture and everyday life has a huge history. Many tourists specially come here to buy souvenirs made by the hands of local masters. Shops with handicraft products are located everywhere. The city has another feature: in the evenings the streets are empty. Hutsulas like to spend their leisure time with their families. But this does not mean that after a day filled with sports adventures, there is nowhere to go.

There are museums in Kosovo:

  • folk art;
  • folk art and everyday life;
  • history of liberation of the Carpathian region.

Legendary places include:

  • Castle Hill;
  • observation deck on Mount Ostraya;
  • hydrogen sulfide spring in the village of Smodna;
  • spring Krinchistyaya Krynychka.

And just a walk through the streets of the old town will bring pleasure.

The best Kosova hotels. Where to stay?

Hotels in Kosovo combine local exoticism and a modern approach to the arrangement of comfort. Among the variety of complexes and mini hotels can be identified the following, described in the review.

Villa Medova

Comfortable villa is located in the private sector of the city of Kosov. Guests can choose from apartments, double, quadruple or family rooms. Hostess Oksana will offer procedures in the bath vat and apitherapy. Delicious honey is always served for breakfast. Around the house there is a beautiful garden, in the yard there is an area for cooking kebabs. The owners equipped a kitchen for the guests so that they could cook their own food. Two restaurants can be found nearby. 200 m from the villa is Lake Baika, and a little further – the river Rybnitsa. A stone’s throw from the house is the Mikhalkov lift.

“This is precisely the case when reality has exceeded expectations. We stayed in the villa passing through, late in the evening. In the morning, seeing all this beauty, we realized that we would return here again. By and large, you do not even need to take skis with you. All equipment will be rented” Julia, Ukraine


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Country House Kosiv

A country house with European service and amenities is located in the natural area of Kosovo. Around the house there is a garden, behind which the forest immediately begins. A signature compliment from the owners is herbal tea on the water from a mountain spring. It is served to all visiting guests. In the future, the guests themselves take care of nutrition. For cooking there is a kitchen, a barbecue area. The house has a cozy terrace with views of the mountains and the surrounding area. Bicycles and children’s sleds are provided free of charge. For a fee, they agree on guided tours. Within walking distance are a grocery market and a shop. The city centre is a 15-minute walk away.

“The place is very atmospheric. We stayed in an apartment – it’s part of the house with a separate entrance and its own terrace. No neighbors. Beautiful views of the mountains and garden, silence and delicious herbal tea. What else do you need for a good rest?”


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Villa Diola

The hospitable villa is located half a kilometer from the river Rybnitsa. It offers well-appointed rooms, a shared relaxation area with a swimming pool and a private beach. The owners of the villa prepare a continental breakfast, which includes national, English, traditional cuisine. The nearest ski lift is 1.5 km away. Ski enthusiasts stay here in winter and cycling in summer. Hiking trails are laid next to the house. Nearby there is a mountain spring, where you can go for clean spring water. For a quiet holiday on a cozy terrace, this is the most suitable place.

“We occupied a beautiful and clean double room. From the windows we saw the mountains, and to the source went with the owner’s dog. Delicious omelets were served for breakfast, cherry and strawberry pancakes for dessert. How nice to relax in silence in the fresh air!” Elena, Ukraine


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Sadyba Zatyshna

The private estate has been given the status of a two-star hotel. Guests are accommodated in cozy, wood-decorated rooms. At their service:

  • private beach and sun terrace (in summer);
  • whirlpool bath;
  • indoor pool;
  • children’s playground;
  • fitness center;
  • Shared lounge (terrace).

Breakfast is served in the morning: Swedish line or Traditional English/Irish. Popular activities include hiking, just half a kilometrie to Mount Ostry, as well as skiing in winter and cycling in summer.

“Lovely hosts – friendly, interesting people! Thank you for everything! The room is original – two-tiered, beautiful, decorated in the style of minimalism, clean and quiet. The house and yard are just super, and the exit to the river – there are no words at all! Warm water in the pool, everything works. Good Wi-Vauffe. I want to come here again, only in winter” Kateryna, Ukraine


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Hotel Dudarik

Private hotel Dudarik is located in a quiet area of Kosovo. The owners decided to preserve the atmosphere of unity with nature even in the interior, decorating the interior with wood. And not only walls and floors, but also installing wooden furniture, shelves and massive door jambs. The hotel has many things that connect modernity with the traditional Hutsul culture of everyday life: a stone stove on the street under a canopy, a bathhouse, a whitewashed wood-burning stove and a lot of interior decorations.

“Real local historians live here. They created a homely Hutsul atmosphere. Mrs. Marta prepares very tasty dishes. Even with my vegetarian preferences. Loved the grounds of the hotel. Remoteness and calm, fresh air and absolute tranquility” Julia, Ukraine


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Cottage village “Baika” is located on the territory of the National Park “Hutsulshchyna”. Log cabins are surrounded by Carpathian forests, some have their own terraces and fireplaces. The main building is stone. It offers private rooms and a restaurant. The chef prepares European and national dishes. Breakfast is served in a traditional English style. It offers a sauna, swimming pool, billiards, children’s playground. There is a barbecue area. The Mikhalkova Ski Lift is 3.5 km away. Near the hotel complex there are natural springs of mineral water.

“Gorgeous location. Nice restaurant with a rich selection of dishes. Prices are democratic, the staff is helpful. For the second year in a row I come here with a child, and this means something!” Irina, Ukraine


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Original in its originality, Tsunami Hotel is located in Kosovo. The owners combined Ukrainian and Japanese interior motifs in the design, creating an interesting design. The hotel is small, only 2 floors. The hotel has a lounge area on the terrace. The decoration of the rooms is wood. There is a bar. The nearest ski lift is 5 km away. You can walk to the Cheremosh River, which is located 2 km from the house. Nearby there is a supermarket “Kopeechka”. There is no internet in the building yet, but there is free private parking.

“The hotel is only open for a year, so not everything has been adjusted yet. Although the reception works around the clock, and this is a big plus for those who pass Kosovo in transit” Gennady, Ukraine


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Sosnovy Dvir

Not all hotels in Kosovo equip spa areas for visitors. “Pine yard” is a pleasant exception to the rule. There is not only a sauna, but also a traditional bath vat. Guests are settled in spacious rooms located in several low-rise buildings. They offer a restaurant with a bar, food delivery to order, a children’s playground, a barbecue area, a transfer. In the morning, a full traditional breakfast is served. On-site activities include tennis, skiing and hiking. There is something to see here. Lake Plastivtsi is just 200 metres away. Mikhalkova Ski Lift is 1 km away. Walking routes are laid to the river Rybnitsa, the observation deck on Mount Ostre, to the lakes Kobacke and Banske.

“We lived in a 2-storey family room with a bathroom. This hotel is a great place to take refuge in the heat and breathe in the fresh pine air. Hostess – well done! Created a mini town with Austrian traditions. The children have their own playground and it is wonderful. children play, adults rest, no one bothers anyone» Sergey, Ukraine


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Villa Daroso

The villa with an interesting interior and a lovely patio affably opened its own in June 2020. Guests still take care of the food on their own. For them, mini kitchens are equipped and the necessary set of household appliances is collected. The accommodation includes a rest on the terrace and a hot tub. An à la carte breakfast can be ordered in the lounge area and prepared by the hotel’s chefs.

“Great staff! Around cleanliness and comfort. The hosts are friendly and hospitable people. The price is quite consistent with the quality. Free Parking» Oleg, Ukraine


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Villa nad guk U Pechenyi

This guest house can be considered one of the most authentic corners of hospitality in Kosovo. A small two-storey house looks very nice from the outside and very cozy in the interior. The hosts can provide full board for a fee, but you can cook yourself. The location is very convenient. The city centre is a 20-minute walk away. Grocery stores can be found nearby. Two minutes from the house – the descent to the river and the beach. Resting in the villa near Pecheny,you can fully distribute your leisure time for the whole time of the holiday. Visit the historical places of Kosovo, get acquainted with the Hutsul culture and ride on the ski slopes.

“We celebrated the New Year in the villa near Pecheny. Lovely hosts Love and Nicholas greeted us warmly and made the holiday unforgettable. Amazing cuisine, comfort and cleanliness – that’s what characterizes this holiday home. If necessary, the owner himself will take care of the currency exchange, and for acquaintance can pour a charochka of mead” Roman, Ukraine


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Cottage Hata Ribaka

On the bank of the river Rybnitsa there is a guest cottage with a characteristic name – “Hut Ribaka” (Fisherman’s House). The hospitable host is really fond of fishing, and his wife cooks wonderful trout. Guests are accommodated in private rooms with all amenities. The car is provided with a free parking space. If guests decide to explore the area, the owner will provide them with a bicycle for hire. If they decide to conquer the mountain peaks, then Mount Ostraya is located 800 meters from the house. In the evening, residents will find a cozy terrace, barbecue facilities and a pleasant stay in the fresh air.

“Great place with lovely food! Cozy, warm and very hospitable welcome the owners of their guests. We are accommodated in a double room with a balcony. Evenings spent on the terrace will be remembered for a long time” Maria, Ukraine


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You can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city in any of the houses presented. All hotels are located in the natural area. They offer wonderful views. It is best to relax with a company or children in the complex Sosnovy Dvir, and it is desirable to retire with a loved one in country House Kosiv.

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