Ylljas Best Hotels in Finland

The rapid ski resort in the city of Yllās in Finland attracts outdoor enthusiasts. Flat slopes and ski jumps have been developed on the territory, and lifts work to quickly raise guests to the slopes. You can bask in the Finnish sauna and relax in the cozy hotels of the famous resort.

Yllas Chalet VIII 8105

Yllas Chalet VIII 8105 is located 2.5 km from the Finnish settlement of Yllyas. It is 10 km from Akaslompolo – a tourist town where everything is created for skiing and snowboarding. Kittilä Airport is located almost 40km from the complex.

In the vicinity of the villa there are several ski lifts, the nearest one is Ylläs1 Gondoli Ski Lift is only 200 m. To the ski base “Jokeri-Pokeri” 4 km, the same to the nearest hotel “Aurinko Express Ski Lift”.

Offering mountain views, the apartments offer a cosy, homely atmosphere. The rooms are quietly inhabited by people with allergies to animals. Guests are sure that no one before them settled here with a pet. Accommodation with a pet in the hotel is prohibited. The rooms have a kitchen and kitchenware.

A great holiday option for two! No one distracts, no noisy parties, always quiet and calm. After skiing from the mountain we basked in the sauna.




Holiday Home Nordic chalet 9106

Pension Nordic is located in Ylläs, 2.4 km from the centre. 14 km – and ahead of Akaslompolo. Kittilä Airport is 39 km away. Just over 3 km to the Jokeri ski lifts.

Calm light colors prevail in the design of the house, this is a restrained Scandinavian style, which distinguishes Finnish hotels. The rooms have a kitchen with necessary appliances and utensils. Not rented for celebrations and parties.

In one place are collected the best ski lifts in the country, the nearest of them:

  1. Ylläs1 Gondoli Ski Lift (200m).
  2. Länsiraja Ski Lift (300m).
  3. Sportti Ski Lift (600m).

You can finish the day after a walk along the snow-covered slopes in the sauna on site.

Pension Nordic is clean and bright. Everything pleases: responsible staff, and warm hospitality from the staff. We came to rest in our car, which was left in the parking lot of the hotel.




Holiday Home Ylls chalets-c 3304

Ylläs chalets-c304 is located in Ylläs, famous for its ski slopes and ski lifts. The village centre is 2.2 km away. It is 40 km from Kittilä Airport. Akaslompolo is 14 km away. Not far from the house are waiting for tourists several ski resorts.

Like other hotels in ski resorts, Ylläs chalets-c304 is primarily designed for ski lovers. The abundance of trails in the vicinity of the institution, frosty invigorating air and sauna. There are excellent conditions for active recreation.

Each room is equipped with a comfortable miniature kitchen. Visitors can prepare their own lunch or breakfast at any time.

Had a good weekend with my family at this holiday home. I really liked the natural decoration of the premises, wooden furniture in the room and on the terrace. In the morning on the balcony, the spirit is breathtaking from the magnificent picture: from the deep blue color of the sky and the snow-covered distance. We will be glad to come here again.




Holiday Home Ylls chalet iii- 3508

One of Yllyas’ guest houses, Holiday Home Ylls chalet iii- 3508,is a comfortable option with a sauna for two people. The hotels of this Finnish city are located at a distance of 39-40 km from the center of Kittilä. The airport is 30 km from the institution. Near the house mountain trails, hotels. Akaslompolo is 10 km from the hotel and Levi48 km away. Ski lifts Jokeri 1 and Jokeri 1in 3.5 km from the holiday home.

Lunch with guests is successfully held in the room under the motto: “Eat when it is convenient.” Each room has its own kitchenette with appliances and accessories. At the foot of the slopes you can visit the wonderful café with hot coffee and snacks on the menu.

Rested with his wife at the end of February. There were a lot of people on the lifts, long queues, but this did not spoil our mood. Even the strong wind did not interfere with us. We are avid skiers and we enjoyed the ski jumping trails. There is a lot to choose from here. Next time we want to come on vacation in January. According to the stories of guests, at this time there are fewer tourists on the ski tracks in Ylljas.




Holiday Home Villa yllas 201

Holiday home Villa ylls 201 is waiting for tourists in Yllias, in Finnish Lapland. You can get to the place of rest from Kittilä airport, the distance between the objects is 40 km. From the village of Akaslompolo,located in the northern side of Yllyas, to the institution 14 km of the way. The resort of Levi is located further, almost 50 km from the guest house.

All hotels in Ylläs offer sauna service, and Villa ylls 20 also provides this service. The main type of active recreation in the vicinity of the institution is skiing and snowboarding. Numerous cafes, places for passes on the slopes create an atmosphere of comfort. You can have a snack while enjoying the wonderful landscape and frosty air.

The most unforgettable feeling was left by a ski trip. At the top of the slope we saw a flock of birds. One of my friends noticed deer grazing. We were lucky, in the days of our rest there were no foggy days, the nature of Lapland appeared in all its glory before us. The guest house is small but cozy. Friendly and attentive staff. Pleasant stay in the circle of friends.




Holiday Home Ski chalets 6207

Holiday home Ski chalets 6207 offers accommodation near the centre of Ylleas, 2.3 km away. This is one of the smallest hotels for lovers of ski holidays. Nearest airports:

  1. Kittilä Airport is 30 km away.
  2. Payala Airport is 60 km away.

Several ski lifts can be found nearby. Some of them work very closely, namely:

  1. Ylläs1 Gondoli Ski Lift― gondola lift is located 100m from Ski chalets In 7 minutes it takes visitors to the highest height. From the top there is access to all the southern slopes.
  2. Länsiraja Ski Lift, Sportti Ski Lift is 500 metres from the hotel.
  3. Huippu Ski Lift is 700 metres from the guest house.

Finnish hotels – the absence of unnecessary walls and objects. The rooms have a kitchen, necessary utensils and household appliances. The house is warm and cozy: rooms in white tones, natural wood and minimalism.

Specially came to snowboard in Ylläs in January. At this time, there are usually not so many tourists, the route is not filled with people. The lack of queues pleased. The cold wind and low temperatures got in the way a bit, but the sauna and the fireplace gatherings helped us keep warm.




Holiday Home Ylls chalets-2405

A little more than 2 km from the center of Ylleas and a lover of fast skiing is in Holiday Home Ylls chalets-2405. Lapland can be reached by plane, and Kittilä Airport is 30.4 km away.

300 m from the institution awaits visitors gondola lift “Ylläs1”. This is the pride of the ski resort of Yllyas. In a few minutes, a two- or four-seater gondola will lift skiers to a hill. Tourists have a great opportunity to admire the winter fairy tale from a height, taste national Finnish dishes in a café-restaurant and roll down the slope. There is a children’s track, in the evening the territory of the resort is illuminated.

The rooms of the hotel have white upholstered furniture. The windows are closed with dark curtains, the light will not interfere with a healthy sleep after invigorating walks.

Rested in the hotel with a friend. We rode a lot from the slopes, tried to ride on many tracks. We love a flat flat track. We occupied a non-smoking room, there were no problems with booking. By our arrival, the room was clean, warm enough. Parties are not held in the hotel, and it is convenient. It’s nice to relax in silence after an active day.




Holiday Home Ylls chalets-a307

Holiday home Ylls chalets-a307 complements the rows of small comfortable hotels in the town of Yllias in Finland, the province of Lapland. Distance of the hotel from other significant tourist sites:

  • Kitttil Airport, 40 km from the house;
  • Akaslompolo, 14 km from the hotel;
  • kittil town, 39 km away;
  • Payala Airport is 60.5 km away.

Staff at the guest house offer non-smoking rooms when needed. It is possible to accommodate tourists with pets, when booking it is necessary to indicate the presence of an animal.

Holiday Home Ylls chalets-a307 is conveniently located. Around a huge selection of ski lifts, illuminated flat ski slopes. I enjoyed lunch in the café-restaurant on the slope. Thank you for your stay!




Holiday Home Ylls chalets-a402

Hotel for skiers and snowboarders – so you can easily call the guest house Ylls chalets-a402. Fans of active winter sports stay here. From Kittilä Airport 40 km to this small holiday home in Ylläs.

After 300 m from the guest house begins a series of ski resorts. Long flat, with small trampolines and without them, children’s trails – every vacationer will find his own track. In the vicinity there are the following objects of interest to tourists:

  1. Gondola lift “Ylläs1 Gondoli Ski Lift” (300 m).
  2. «Sportti Ski Lift» (500m).
  3. «Länsiraja Ski Lift» (500m).
  4. «Huippu Ski Lift» (700m).
  5. «Kuru Ski Lift» (2700km).
  6. Jokeri 1 and Jokeri 2 ski lifts (3.5 km).

For cooking, each room has a comfortable kitchenette. There is a dishwasher and necessary utensils, as well as a refrigerator. During the ski trip, guests drink aromatic coffee and dine in a café on the slopes of the resort.

I wanted to travel along all the routes, admire the beauty of the winter forest. The café had breakfast with fresh pastries and hot tea. During the ascent to the hill for the descent offers a fantastic view of the snow-covered treetops. The guest house is homely and calm. The staff is smiling, welcoming. Planned with his wife a trip to Yllyas next year.




Holiday Home Nordic chalet 8304 in winter 2019-2020 2

Nordic chalet 8304 welcomes visitors in winter in 2019-2020. The hotel is located in a Scandinavian restrained style in Zimlas. Kittil is 39 km from the property. Akaslompolo is 14 km away. From Kittilä Airport to this holiday home is also 39 km away. Payala Airport is 60 km away.

The guest house Nordic chalet 8304 in winter 2019-2020 has 2 light walls, white upholstered furniture, natural fabrics in the interior. With a sun-drenched terrace, you can admire the snow-capped hills and pine forest. The equipped small kitchen has all the necessary utensils for cooking. Household appliances are installed.

The guest house offers easy access to smooth ski runs. The main nearest ski forks:

  1. Ylläs1 Gondoli Ski Lift (200m).
  2. Länsiraja Ski Lift (300 m).
  3. Sportti Ski Lift (400m).
  4. Huippu Ski Lift (900 m).

Most of all, my friend and I enjoyed climbing to height on a gondola forklift. In 7 short minutes it is impossible to see enough of the hills and the sky, but even in this short time you understand the greatness and power of these places. The hotel is clean, with a fresh renovation. For our arrival the room was ready, we booked a non-smoking room in advance. There were no foreign smells in the room.




The ski resort of Yllias in Finland is famous for its numerous ski slopes and cozy hotels. Every tourist will be able to choose a guest house option to your taste. When booking, you need to take into account the possibilities of hotels. Not all establishments have the possibility of accommodation with pets, but almost everywhere there is parking, there are rooms for non-smoking guests.

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