Alsey Divnogorsk Hotel

The four-star hotel “Alsey” was built in the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk, near the reserve Stolby “and the Yenisei River. Geographically, it belongs to the Divnogorsk district, the settlement of Sliznevo. The name“Divnogorsk”is a bit fabulous, derived from a similar name of the Marvelous Mountains. Back in the 19th century, the skete of Hieromonk Filaret was located on this place, and only in Soviet times it was renamed Divnogorsk. In the same period, there was a rapid construction of the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Plant, and for this the city was awarded the title of the City of Labor Glory, at that time the first and only one in the entire Union.

The place here is truly fabulous, the beauty of nature is amazing. Maybe that’s why the first human settlements of Siberia appeared here several thousand years ago, according to archaeologists.

Location and history

Siberia is the largest Russian region, occupying most of the continent and, according to foreign visitors, the coldest and most remote. A huge part of Siberia is occupied by the Krasnoyarsk Territory, geographically located along the wide and powerful Yenisei River. From the very north of the region to the southern borders, all sorts of natural zones replace each other – from the deserts of the Arctic to the arid steppes. Nature here is amazing in its diversity, dominated by a sharp – continental climate. What affects its features? This is the relative proximity to the Arctic Circle, and the absence of the sea, and high mountains. Can you imagine that winter lasts almost the whole year, and warm days are hardly gained for a month? This is exactly what the Far North is. Of course, the air temperature in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is not so low, the summer is quite hot, but short, unfortunately. Many locals, being away from their native Siberian places, are proud of them and miss their beauty. And how picturesque in the south of the region! There are many sanatoriums and health centers on the shores of salt lakes. The Yenisei River “divides” the Krasnoyarsk Territory into parts: in one – valleys, in the other – lowlands. In the south, there are powerful Sayans with a special microclimate, not spoiled by a person.

Siberia has been actively developing its industry in recent decades, which could not but affect the ecology of the region. There are large enterprises that pollute the air. Animals and plants suffer. The leadership of the region is doing everything possible to reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

Despite the fact that in the modern world it is becoming increasingly difficult to live in harmony with nature, Siberia can be proud of the unique nature reserves and beautiful resorts on their territory.

Every year more and more tourists come to get acquainted with Siberia, enjoy nature and improve their health.

Rooms and services

Unique in its design, the hotel “Alsey” is located an hour’s drive from the airport and the railway station. For the convenience of getting around the city – public transport stop in 5 minutes.

“Alsey” is a network of business-class hotels with a high level of service. Thousands of guests appreciated the ratio of quality of services and reasonable price.

The number of rooms is small, about 19 rooms of luxury, studio, apartment categories, but richly equipped and decorated. The hotel has developed its own features of service, such as a “comfortable sleep system” in all rooms, and is able to satisfy the needs of any guest. In the interior, a set of services and standards of service there is nothing superfluous, only what makes the stay of guests pleasant.

You can book standard single and double rooms with a view of the forest, which is the territory of the hotel. They are equipped with climatic equipment, safe, mini – bar, in the bathroom – shower. If you book a standard on the third floor, then this is a room with an attic, and the room receives a lot of extra light. And the windows are visible powerful Yenisei. The bathroom is also elegantly decorated and has a mirrored ceiling, which makes it more spacious.

The studio is more than standard, has panoramic windows overlooking the river and a unique architecture restaurant in the form of a castle. Some studios are decorated with wall paintings – Siberian landscapes. These rooms have a balcony, a bathroom with multifunctional plumbing and a set of accessories. Cable TV and mini-bar, safe, air conditioning are required.

If you prefer premium accommodation, choose the suite of the hotel “Alsey”. The room is designed for a family or a group of friends up to 4 people, has two levels, a large cozy balcony from which you can enjoy the panorama of the Yenisei. There are several bedrooms and a seating area, guests note comfortable beds with modern mattresses, in the bathroom, in addition to the shower, there is a jacuzzi.

The hotel also offers accommodation in duplex apartments, which have their own entrance from the street, equipped with everything necessary kitchen and dining area, two bathrooms and a jacuzzi on the second floor.

Whatever type of room you choose, you will find home comfort, created by calm colors of interiors, modern high-quality furniture, equipment and plumbing. In the decoration of the rooms used materials of high quality, everything is done stylishly and tastefully.


Breakfast takes place in the main restaurant of the hotel and is included in the accommodation. Guests are offered traditional local dishes and a European menu prepared from products from ecologically clean areas of Siberia. The hotel has its own farms, where vegetables and fruits are grown, cattle are kept, milk and eggs are obtained. Some of the products are supplied by Croatian partners. Guests of “Alsei” can be sure of the high quality and safety of the dishes served. The restaurant is quite large, and often it is chosen for weddings, corporate events.

Olga, Moscow: “Magnificent hotel on the banks of the river. Yenisei looks amazing. The rooms have large open balconies, a comfortable bed. In the morning – a delicious breakfast, at a convenient time for you, this is the loyalty of the staff. The hotel is beautifully located, a restaurant nearby that offers discounts for guests, and it’s always nice”

Leisure and entertainment

Guests of the hotel “Alsey”, visiting it in winter, can not only ski at local resorts, but also relax in the walls of the hotel.

The nearest lifts are located at a distance of more than 10 kilometers, you can get there by car or by ordering a transfer.

The ski resort with the memorable name “Marvelous” is located in a very beautiful place, among the real taiga. Here you can practice various winter sports. It is so professionally equipped that it is used for top-level competitions. Beginners should not be afraid that they will not cope, because there are tracks and the simplest. Instructors will always help, give advice and support in difficult times – they will teach everything. It is also very convenient that you can ride at night, all the slopes are illuminated.

Afraid of steep descents and high speed? Try cross-country skiing, you do not need to be a professional, the length of the slopes is the most moderate, you will not have time to get tired. The most valuable thing is that you will enjoy the surrounding nature, the purity of the frosty air, the bright winter sun. Any equipment and equipment can be rented.

Want winter fun for the whole family? We invite you to the tubing slope, which has a flat snow cover and a lift that will save you energy when climbing up. Here you can have fun even with the smallest athletes.

In the hotel “Alsey” you can find out the schedule of the ski resort, the rules for renting equipment, the schedule of transfers and the prices for season tickets. The rental service is always available: snowboards, tubing, skis, protective equipment. The resort has a school of instructors, where professionals work. They will give you all their knowledge of how to start skating correctly in order to avoid injuries in the future. More experienced skiers will help to become even more confident on the slopes.

Resting in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, you can alternate days of active events and relaxation.

Using the days of stay for your recovery is the best solution, and the staff of the spa zone will help you with this. All rooms are maintained in perfect cleanliness, a homely warm atmosphere is created. We guarantee that you will enjoy it here and want to come back again. What services are offered to guests of the wellness center?

  1. Sauna. It differs from the bath in that the air here is dry, although it has a fairly high temperature. Staying in the sauna will help the muscles relax after prolonged exertion, and the body to get rid of toxins. Everyone who cares about their health and peace of mind loves to visit the sauna. You are guaranteed a surge of strength after a difficult working week or prolonged sports training. For a few sessions in the sauna you can remove a few extra pounds, if necessary, normalize the state of the nervous system and sleep.
  2. Salt cave. This is a room with an artificially created therapeutic climate, being in which completely heals you. What does that look like? The floor, the walls of the room are covered with plates of natural mountain salt, which contains a large number of useful trace elements. Not all of us know that salt slows down aging, and generally helps to calm the nervous system. Come to the salt cave, sit comfortably in the chair and relax to the sounds of pleasant music. After several such procedures, general immunity increases, especially to frequent colds, which is important for guests of any age.
  3. Hammam or Turkish bath. She came to us from the east, where the adoption of such procedures is not an ordinary event, but a whole ritual. Compared to the sauna, it is more humid, but not very hot, so visiting the hammam does not harm and is tolerated favorably.

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool, which is paid additionally. It is open all year round, undergoes a routine professional cleaning and is located next to the spa center.

Nicholas, Tyumen “Heard about this hotel from friends and decided to stay here. Unique location in the forest, surrounded by mountains. The air is clean, breathing perfectly. We were in winter, so almost every day we went to the slopes, which are quite competently and safely equipped. We visited the spa area. Loved. Restaurant – for five. Delicious, hungry have never been. Thanks to the hotel staff”

Nearby Attractions

Hotel “Alsey” is located 20 kilometers from the center of Krasnoyarsk, the so-called “capital of Siberia”. In your free time with the whole family, you can go to the city and see the local attractions:

  • State Opera and Ballet Theatre;
  • Museum Center;
  • Victory Memorial and Arc de Triomphe;
  • Holy Protection Cathedral and Chapel of Paraskeva Friday.

These are urban sites, but the Krasnoyarsk Territory is famous for its natural beauties, one of which is the Stolby Reserve. It is a huge area with striking landscapes and unique local nature. About 100 years ago, Siberians decided to protect their property from impending industrialization and protect the forest from logging, and natural stone from uncontrolled mining. Where does such an interesting name come from? There are bizarre shaped rocks, similar to people – giants or fairy-tale creatures. From afar, pillars are very reminiscent, so they were created by nature for centuries. This park is now one of the most popular in the country, a kind of symbol of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Sergey, Tver “Very often I travel for work and had to stay in many hotels. Alsey Hotel is one of the best in my entire experience. The place itself is very beautiful, the nature is super, away from the bustle of the city, at the same time it is not a problem to get to the center. Everything is qualitatively done to the smallest detail! Huge Spa area with many treatments! Well done, I’ll be back for sure!”



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