Venera Resort Vityazevo Anapa

Venus Resort is a relatively new hotel complex, which is located in the resort town of Anapa in the village of Vityazevo. During its short existence, the hotel managed to establish itself as one of the best on the Black Sea coast. Thanks to the maritime climate and the cleanest air, Venus Resort has crowds of tourists. The distance to the beach is insignificant, so you can get only a few minutes, which is the dream of many tourists. Due to the good location, quality service and a huge number of entertainment offered, there are a lot of people who want to book rooms. If you want to visit venera Resort – you need to book a room in advance, because there are a lot of people who want to stay in it. Why? Let’s find out.

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Location and infrastructure

The first factor that attracts tourists is the relaxing atmosphere of the complex. Looking at the photos of the rooms, it becomes immediately clear that the interior is very cozy, the rooms are huge, the view from the window is simply fascinating. And all this at a pretty attractive cost.

The second predominant factor is of course the location. There are hardly any travelers who like half an hour to walk to the beach. The main criterion of many is accessibility to the sea. I want to wake up and swim right away, and not go through the whole city. And at lunch it will be even more difficult to go because of the scorching sun. That is why the hotel was built as close as possible to the sea. So that you can go to the beach at any time convenient for you.


The third criterion is nutrition. Quality food is also a very important part of any holiday. After all, when you come on vacation, you want someone to think about many things for you. Meals are served on site in the form of a buffet. This option is the most successful, because it will allow you to independently regulate your own nutrition. You can take what you love and what you want.

Possibilities of rest with children

The first thing we pay special attention to is the living conditions. We understand how important comfort is for children. That is why each room is designed for a comfortable stay with a child. All conditions are negotiated before check-in. At the time of booking, parents may note that they will come with a child. Settlement of children is possible from any age. We are ready to provide an extra bed or playpen, if necessary. We keep the rooms clean, so wet housekeeping is done on a regular basis. Stay of children up to 5 years is free of charge. Includes both accommodation and meals. Free accommodation is available for one child up to 5 years old in the room. If it is necessary to provide an extra bed for children up to 5 years old, a discount of 50% of the cost is offered. Older children can live in a room with an extra bed at a discount of up to 25% of the price. The child will be charged the full price when ordering the main seat.

The hotel offers an additional set of children’s entertainment. It is equipped with a swimming pool, which is great for sports and outdoor games. Each baby is selected a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner and additional treats. The guys get delicious drinks, ice cream of various types, freshly squeezed juices. In the evenings, discos are held with competitions and games. Our animators can be called wizards who create unique performances that will be remembered for a long time.

Every day the hotel offers educational classes for children of all ages. They will be looked after by the best employees with specialized education. Parents, bringing the child to us, will be able to get some time for themselves, and then go to entertainment programs for the whole family. On the territory of the hotel there is a children’s playground so that children can use their accumulated energy in full. We understand how important mobility is for every child and offer the maximum number of swings and slides. On the site there is a protective coating so that when injured, children are not injured.

For babies under 3 years old, it is important that mom and dad are close. They need attention all the time. We are ready to provide the necessary amenities for kids so that it is not so difficult for parents. There are separate areas for children with toys and small chairs. Cartoons are constantly broadcast so that children can be distracted. Since Anapa has a mild climate, many parents prefer us. Every year we try to improve the service and come up with new entertainment in order to provide each visitor with the highest quality level of comfort.

Leisure and entertainment

For adults, we have prepared a huge amount of entertainment. Many travelers are convinced that a holiday without animation is almost like a holiday without the sea. Therefore, we have taken on all the organizational aspects and are ready to surprise. Very often it happens that hotels are boring. This fact has long been understood and now the best hotels are ready to do anything – just to win the love of a tourist. We, in turn, are ready to experiment and expand opportunities. Our animations are cohesive and systematic.

The main task of animation is all sorts of variety of leisure visitors. It is important that guests really relax. We try to make the animation interesting and fun. That is why our ideas are unique in their essence. You can do yoga, you can visit the special choreography of the Zumba class. If you have long wanted to do dancing – we invite you to a master class or group training.

We choose entertainment according to the experience gained and the attendance of guests. If many people participate, the games are interesting, then guests like it and this way of entertainment is effective. If there is no attendance, we focus on other types of entertainment. Our animation teams are focused on meeting the needs for fun. Entertainment is divided into several categories: for children, for adults, for families. Then there is a division according to the age group. In addition to age, we take into account the physical characteristics of each guest and adjust the program for maintenance on the most favorable terms. The animation program adjusts to the time of year, weather conditions and of course to the goals of our visitors. We try to make every day unique and memorable.

In addition to the main animation performances, we offer visitors to take part in a tour of local attractions. This is a very interesting activity, especially for guests who are with us for the first time. The staff selects the most favorable conditions. You can go with the children and not only get acquainted with the beauty of nature, but also make unique photos. A wide range of offers will be able to meet the expectations of even the most picky travelers. We are ready to organize an unforgettable holiday for you.

For our part, we are also ready to provide an opportunity for the birthday boy to celebrate his birthday right on the sunny beach of the sea. We take care of all the troubles associated with the organization of an unforgettable holiday. If you want to surprise your beloved, please. We will do everything for you. At your disposal will be any area of the complex. We offer to celebrate the holiday in the hall of our restaurant. The hotel staff will decorate the hall with balls, the table will be served with additional decorations. We can decorate the room so that you can celebrate the holiday only in the family circle. We are ready to make a whole cloud of balloons, which will delight both a child and an adult. If you need to deliver flowers, we are ready. You can choose a bouquet yourself or describe your preferences. Our staff is ready to help you in this matter and will deliver flowers in the specified time. Our chef will prepare a huge cake or an original dessert. You can order it of any design and absolutely any size. Everything will be in accordance with your wishes.


If you need to organize a wedding – not a problem. We already have extensive experience in preparing such celebrations. Many couples dream of celebrating a wedding by the sea. We understand that many people want a unique wedding, one that will not be like others. The staff is ready to experiment. Together we will discuss the details and develop a preparation plan. What could be better than a ceremony by the sea?

It is enough just to imagine and immediately it becomes clear that this is the best solution for a wedding. The bride and groom stood hand in hand under the open clear, gentle blue sky. Only the closest people are around. The sea breeze and light wind are what will not leave anyone indifferent. You can arrange the ceremony on site or right by the sea. The view is incredible. Banquets can be arranged on the summer terrace.

Wedding by the pool also has its advantages. Sky blue water will be a real decoration. A particularly beautiful view opens at sunset, when the pool is illuminated from the inside. We are ready to install any arch at your discretion. An arch with a garland of hundreds of small lanterns will become a special accessory, arches made of light fabric are also especially popular. The presentation of the wedding cake can be held in the hall of the hotel restaurant. The best chefs will work on the creation of this culinary masterpiece. The food will be of the highest quality and extremely tasty thanks to the natural products that we use daily. For our guests will be all the best. The hall will be decorated with wedding attributes.

Rest in winter

Venera Resort invites you to relax in both summer and winter. We understand that vacation is possible at any time of the year, so we work for you. Want to celebrate March 8 and don’t know where? We invite you to our place. We understand how important this holiday is for the beautiful half of humanity. The organization of rest takes place in the best possible way. We offer delicious food, a lot of entertainment, clean air and the best living conditions.

Room stock

If you come on a business trip and do not know where to stay – we invite you to our place. We have the best rooms and affordable prices. The choice is really huge. We offer:

  • Apartment. Spacious rooms with a large balcony. Accommodation option with everything you need.
  • Lux. This is a two-room suite, which is also very wide, bright and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The view from the windows is simply awesome.
  • Junior Suite. Option with more space. Also for 2 rooms. Extra beds can be added if necessary.
  • Family Room
  • Studio
  • Triple
  • Double
  • Standard with/without balcony
  • Economy Class Room

Quality of service

We differ from competitors by a high level of service, reasonable prices, delicious food. A billiards table is also available. This is one of the most favorite entertainment of visitors. You can find an opponent and have a good time. The hall also has a separate area, which is designed for a pleasant pastime. An area with soft furnishings that will help to relax as much as possible.

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We are ready to take care of your children and yourself. We understand how important attention and comfort are. You can safely come and large companies. We will settle you nearby in order for you to be as comfortable as possible and your vacation will be remembered by you for a long time. Every year we grow and improve. Reviews left by visitors make it possible to pay attention to some points and improve them. We are ready to listen and hear.

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