Velna Eco Resort Tarusa

Velna Eco Spa Resort is a themed spa hotel for a country premium holiday with many interesting entertainment areas and parks. There is something to do here: an abundance of services and types of recreation, delicious and high-quality food, beautiful interiors and equipped areas for walking, comfortable apartments and houses for living. Wealthy people come here mainly from Moscow, changing the monotony of offices to the nature of Tarusa and nega in the spa.

Here’s how Evgeny, an office worker from Moscow, describes the place: “what to do: walks along the eco-trail to the beach on Tarusa, where there are swings in the trees, bungees, apiary and clean air. On the site “forest” trampoline and hammocks, in the evening cartoons and gatherings around the fire. There are still master classes, baths, fishing, but we had enough forest and walks. The service is better than in other similar country hotels closer to the Moscow Ring Road. I will add quality food here. This place has conquered us!”

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Hotel accommodation

Cottages, rooms of various classes are rented, including. in the hotel “sport hotel”, located outside the territory.

The most convenient and expensive option: rent a cottage with friends. Each such house includes several bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower. The design is modern, the decoration under the tree, the volumetric spaces have to rest.

Cost (February 2021):

  • for 5 people – 22400 rubles on weekdays, 33900 rubles on weekends;
  • for 8 people – 34400 rubles on weekdays, 43000 rubles on weekends.

Rooms differ from each other in cost, area, comfort and are 1,2,3,4-bed. Decorated mainly in the style of “loft” or “chalet”. Equipped with everything you need: furniture, bathroom with shower, plasma with satellite TV, telephone, mini-bar, safe, hairdryer, slippers and bathrobe, tea set and bottled water.

The range of prices is as follows:

  • category “standard” single will cost 5000 p on weekdays, 5700 p on weekends. Double 7500 p and 8200 p. This is the cheapest type of room;
  • category “grand” in four-seater version costs 18200 p on weekdays and 24600 p on weekends. This is the most expensive number.

The categories “studio”, “apart”, “suite”, “family” and their varieties are within the above limits in terms of cost. From May to the end of September, housing prices rise slightly.

The price includes: breakfast and lunch, access to the SPA (2 swimming pools, 4 steam rooms, gym, children’s room and animation). A child under 6 years old lives with his parents free of charge (without an add. place). For accommodation with a dog (up to 20kg) will have to pay 1200r per day.

“Sport Hotel”:to rent a room here with bunk beds in the style of “hostel” will cost much cheaper. In winter, from 3800/6300 (weekdays / weekends) for a single, to 10400 / 12900r for a quadruple. In summer, a single will cost 4500/5200r and a quadruple 13000/13700r.

The price includes: breakfast and lunch, access to the SPA of another hotel (2 swimming pools and sauna), animation. You can visit the territory of the main hotel with infrastructure and thematic areas. The rooms are decorated very concisely, the equipment in addition to furniture and shower includes water and slippers.

For visiting the SPA-center of the main hotel you need to pay 500r for 1 day of use.

Restaurants, bar and breakfast

Delicious food is one of the advantages of this hotel. Cook it with a knife, so you need to be prepared for a long wait, if you eat not on full board, but on the menu. The price tag is like a good Moscow restaurant, the original products are fresh, and guests also note the beautiful aesthetics of serving dishes.

The main place where you can eat on the menu is the grill-bar “Hayloft”. The hall is decorated in eco-style, with large panoramic windows. The glass ceiling adds contrast, and in the evening romance, when you look at the stars in an annoyanced waiting for food. Very spectacular design visually increases the volume of the hall, where there is a lot of light and greenery. It serves juicy steaks, a signature cheeseburger, wonderful salads and other dishes. It is better to take a glass of French or Italian wine for meat. High-quality grain cappuccino will complete the picture. There is free, unlimited wi-fi and large plasma. The average account is 1500-2000 rubles.

Not so long ago, a sushi bar in the loft style was opened. Local sushi, rolls and other Asian food can be ordered here. Prices are high. Three types of draught beer and a good bar menu. Soft lighting and interior of light colors creates a sense of peace.

Restaurant “U rakita” is focused on breakfast, lunch and dinner. The design of the spaces is made in the style of an Alpine chalet: with a fireplace, European furniture, pastel colors and panoramic windows. Very cozy and comfortable. Here is the author’s cuisine from the chef, a good selection of desserts and a special children’s menu.

Breakfast or lunch buffet is especially good. Prepared by the chefs of the restaurant with attention to detail. Cereals, pancakes, omelets, slices, vegetables, fruits, desserts, etc.

SPA-center and phyto-bar

The center of attraction is the pool and 4 types of steam rooms. The adult pool has a depth of 180cm and is quite long, so that lovers have a place to swim. For small children there is a separate pool up to 60 cm deep.

Steam rooms with a beautiful and high-quality interior will help cleanse the skin and lungs, relieve tension and restore tone. In addition to the familiar hammam and Finnish sauna, there is a salt sauna in the spirit of Soviet dispensaries, the walls of which are decorated with salt panels. It is believed that such inhalations have a beneficial effect on the skin and respiratory organs.

Relaxationprogramsoffered by the hotelstaff include various types of massages and beauty treatments, aroma saunas and manicures. Useful and pleasant, but not cheap at all. Reviews are good, especially praise relaxing massage.

Kinesitherapy is when a person is stretched on cords attached to a special anti-gravity simulator. In the Middle Ages, there was a type of death penalty – quartering. Nowadays, its light version is called a means of healing and is sold in “Welna” for 1500p per hour. They promise muscle tightening, joint restoration, improved sleep and a “soaring” effect.

On the second floor of the spa thereis a phytobar with appropriate healthy drinks, bio-ice cream and sweets. Oxygen cocktails, herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices, vitamin smoothies, bio-cookies and other “benefits”. Prices are high: all 200-300r. From the wide windows of the phyto-bar offers a beautiful view of the panorama of the hotel.

Bath and yurt of nomads

To steam with a bhouse in a real Russian bath, you need to remove one of the four proposed buildings. They differ in design, filling, size and price.

Bath “By the stream”. The cost is 6000r per hour. Can accommodate up to 8 people. This is a comfortable wooden bath with a designer finish for wood and antiquity. In the yard there is a barbecue where you can fry a kebab, and in the log house there is an equipped kitchen. The price includes the services of a bathhouse attendant, textiles. Equipment: pouring bucket, font, barrel, hayloft.

Additionally, a “soaring program” is ordered, which costs a lot of money: from 7 to 26 thousand rubles, depending on the chosen method. What will not be done with a steamed body: scrub massage, hot rubs, whipping with a broom, soap massage, coffee peeling, contrast pouring. Procedures of soaring and body care will alternate with a tea ceremony and treats, rest in the hayloft and swings, a conversation with the “master of steam”. As a result, they promise extraordinary sensations of lightness of body, spirit and wallet.

Cedar bath is a tower of timber, trimmed from the inside with cedar. Price 4000r per hour, can accommodate up to 6 people. As in the previous version there is a barbecue and a kitchen. The price includes textiles and a tea set. The terem is equipped with a steam room, shower, lounge, balcony overlooking the forest.

Small bath can accommodate up to 6 people and costs 4000r per hour. Zoning of the house: steam room, lounge, kitchen, shower and pouring bucket. Also included in the price is textiles and a tea set.

Yurt of nomads costs 3500r per hour and can accommodate up to 9 guests. In fact, these are two yurts: in one there is a steam room, in the other a place to relax with a fire. Next to the font with cold water. The steam room has the shape of a circle, where in the center of the stove is made of iron, and along the edges of the shelf. All this has a “shamanic” entourage so that guests feel like residents of the far north. After sitting in a yurt with steam and warming up well, you need to go to plunge into the font, then relax in the “yurt of masters”, practice “mastering the void” and inhale the aroma of wild herbs.

Entertainment & Theme Parks

On the vast territory of the spa hotel“Velna”there are many objects where you can have fun and spend your leisure time with benefit. Briefly about them:

Workshops are a separate building, where under the guidance of experienced masters you can make some kind of “handmade” craft and take it with you. For example, to make a kitchen board or toys. Remember: “difficult childhood, wooden toys.” It is also proposed to weave a mini-tapestry or macramé, sculpt a plate or candlestick from clay, cut an engraving on linoleum with a chisel. And of course, taking the handmade craft, you can hang it at home on the wall.

Bike rides are made on rented bicycles. An adult costs 300r per hour, a children’s 200p, and a fat bike (with wide wheels for better cross-country ability) 500p. There is a special track with slopes and ascents for cycling export.

Tennis court for tennis lovers is built with a special coating and lighting. You can play with friends.

Shooting a bow here is taught by a professional sniper from the sports federation of Moscow. In this section, you can learn the correct technique and get tips on buying your crossbow or classic bow.

The beach near the river Tarusa is suitable for sunbathing and recreation. The river itself is small, so it is recommended to swim in the pool.

The pond on the territory is filled with splashing fish, which is waiting for its fisherman. There are trout and carp, for catching which you need to pay 670p per kg. Tackle and bait are given out for free, so you do not need to take anything with you from home. It’s quiet around, birds singing, cicadas chirping, nothing interferes with thoughtful fishing and fishing meditation.

Minigolf with courses is inexpensive: 1000r per day or 400r per hour. This is a full-fledged golf with clubs, holes, a ball and a green lawn, but in a miniature version, which is more convenient and interesting for beginners in this gambling sport.

Winter rest, weather permitting, is represented by an ice rink, sleigh rides and tubing. Laser weapons shooters are also arranged, something similar to paintball, only a safer entertainment called “laser tag”. In the rental you can take skates, skis and other equipment.

There is even a yoga center where they practice different poses and other exercises of oriental gymnastics.

Recreational opportunities for children

This is watching cartoons, movies, filmstrips on the big screen, and new master classes, and a board game, and excursions to Tarus. Children’s leisure center, equipped in a separate building, will help to have a great time with their children: an equipped room for games, a trampoline, table tennis, etc. In addition, animators, singers, and other masters of their craft are often invited. It is better to find out about the entertainment program in advance when booking a stay.

Excursions and attractions

A guided walking tour of the centre of Tarusa can be booked for 2700r per person. There is an inspection of ancient temples, monuments, architecture of this ancient Russian city, which is the birthplace of poetess Marina Tsvetaeva, Bella Akhmadulina and writer Konstantin Paustovsky. Tarusu is also called the Russian Barbizon – a place in France, where comfortable conditions for artists are created and is the birthplace of impressionism. About this and other attractions can be found on a sightseeing tour.

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