Unique hotel «Izmailovo» (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) Russia, Moscow — Description, reviews, photos

Hotel “Izmailovo” is one of the most popular establishments in Moscow. It is only thirty minutes drive to the center, which means that the main attractions of the most significant city in Russia are very close!

Today we will learn all the disadvantages and advantages of this institution and figure out in which of the buildings it is better to book apartments.

General information

As mentioned earlier, the housing stock of the hotel complex “Izmailovo” consists of five buildings that bear the following names:“Alfa Izmailovo”,“Beta Izmailovo”, “Vega Izmailovo”, “Gamma Izmailovo” and “Delta Izmailovo”. All buildings are located in the immediate vicinity of the metro station “Partizanskaya” and “Cherkizovskaya”.

Many tourists consider the east of the capital the most optimal location, since it is in this area that one of the main streets is located – Shchelkovo highway. It is on it that you can easily get to the world-famous Sokolniki Exhibition Complex.

Famous Soviet architects took part in the design of the hotel, including Dmitry Ivanovich Burdin and Yuri Romanovich Rabayev. After the completion of construction work, they were awarded the State Prize of the USSR. By the way, it all started in 1974, when the government issued a decree on global preparations for the Summer Olympic Games, which took place in 1980.

For 37 years, the hotel has been the place of residence of participants of various forums, conferences, symposia, charity events and festivals. This is a truly huge institution, ready to receive up to 10 thousand people at a time. In Russia, there are no analogues that can compete with him for the palm in terms of the number of guests. They can not compete and such an indicator as capacity in conference rooms. The number of people can be more than five thousand people.

Maxim, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk: “This hotel is simply amazing in its size. By virtue of my work, I traveled all over the country, but I have not yet seen more “Izmailovskaya”. In the buildings, without knowing the terrain, you can easily get lost. Interestingly, thirty years ago, my mother also happened to be a guest of this institution, and she enthusiastically talks about the days spent on the territory of the complex. To be honest, I had exactly the same impression. It will forever remain in my memory as the cleanest, most hospitable and incredibly cozy.”

Separation by enclosure

We have already said that the hotel consists of five buildings, and each of which we will consider separately. Let’s start with the first and, according to tourists and travelers not only from Russia, but also from other countries, the best.

«Alfa Izmailovo»

This hotel has a very good location, as it is built in the green area of Izmailovsky Park. The spacious, modern and very comfortable reception is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check-in and check-out is carried out at any time of the day or night.

The hotel complex “Alfa Izmailovo” was created specifically for those who like to travel to visit excursions and get acquainted with the sights. Nearby, by the way, is not only Izmailovsky Park, but the exhibition center “Vernissage”.

The number of rooms is quite diverse, there are budget options, there are also luxury apartments. Regardless of what your choice will be, you will always find a pleasant interior, made in light colors according to all the rules of the classical style.

The rooms have a lot of textiles in the form of thick curtains, curtains, designer decorative pillows and bedspreads, as well as decorative items (paintings on the walls, figurines, table and floor clocks and much more). At the disposal of guests hair dryer, hygiene accessories, dressing room, mini-bar.

Veronika, Samara: “The breakfasts here are disgusting! The sausage and cheese sandwiches were so tasteless that I felt a bout of nausea while chewing the first piece. The pretzel was far from the first freshness, and I was afraid to try coffee at all. After the first morning meal, I decided that I would eat in restaurants and cafes outside the hotel.”

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«Beta Izmailovo»

This building is a three-minute walk from the metro station “Partizanskaya”. Free wireless internet is available in all areas. In the thirty-storey building there is a huge number of various restaurants and bars, conference rooms and shops. If you are going to visit the city center, just go down to the “subway” and drive fifteen minutes.

Naturally, many tourists often praise local chefs. I must say, their fame extends far beyond the post-Soviet space. The chefs working here offer both the author’s menu and dishes prepared according to the classic recipes of European and Russian cuisines. During the day, guests can have a snack in one of the cafes. In the lobby bar, by the way, delicious pastries are served, before which even the strongest and most persistent lady with an iron will will cannot resist.

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Various conferences and festivals are often held in this complex. At the disposal of customers are eleven conference rooms with a capacity of up to 700 people each. There are also small rooms designed for small meetings with a number of participants not exceeding 10 people.

Marina, St. Petersburg: “I often stay here when I come to concerts of my favorite stars or parades that take place every year on Red Square. My history of acquaintance with this hotel began more than thirty years ago. But over time, I want to say, the service only improves, in fact, as well as the quality of service. If you appreciate the helpfulness, understanding and empathetic attitude in the hotel staff, be sure to develop the habit of staying only here.”

«Gamma Izmailovo»

This complex has a category of “three stars” and has a fairly democratic cost of living. From the Izmailovsky Park the building is separated by 3.5 kilometers.

Among the main advantages and strengths of the hotel can be noted the presence of a progressive gym, sauna, and fitness center. At the disposal of guests is the whole complex of necessary “benefits” of civilization: a split system, telephone, wireless Internet, a TV with a large number of satellite channels, as well as a safe, for the use of which, by the way, you will have to pay separately.

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According to many guests who have already visited here, note the fact that the food here is very interesting and original. In the menu of restaurants and cafes you can see the dishes of almost all cuisines of the world. There was a place in it and food prepared specifically for young children, losing weight ladies, vegetarians and simple supporters of proper nutrition.

Oleg, Stavropol: “In winter, the apartment is warm, but for always freezing people in the dressing room there is a powerful heater. It smells nice in the rooms, there are no “aromas” of dampness from the bathroom. As for the shortcomings, I hasten to note the following: the lock in the door of room 14411 (standard rooms) constantly edged, refused to close. In order to tame him, he had to knock on the door. I also noticed on the first day that there were no hygienic accessories in the shower, as well as slippers, which must be present in any room, regardless of its territory and level of comfort. “

«Delta Izmailovo»

This hotel belongs to the category of “four stars”. At the disposal of guests is an excellent spa center, which has a steam room, an indoor pool, a relaxation area with sun loungers, a solarium, a hairdresser, massage rooms. Sauna and some other services are not included in the price, so you will need to pay for them separately. To withdraw cash in the lobby there are ATMs, a currency exchange office is open.

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As for the apartments, their design pleases the eye with its severity and minimalist style and the absence of artsy décor. Pets are allowed, but only with prior agreement with the administration. But tobacco lovers are strictly forbidden to smoke throughout the institution.


Alexey, Nizhnevartovsk: “Quite a decent hotel, except for the fact that in winter the rooms are very cold. I came with friends, there were heaters in their rooms, and in mine as evil there is not. But I did not despair, I asked the maid to bring me a heater, so she forgot about her promise for two days. But after the specified time immediately after turning on the system, the air warmed up for an hour. In general, I ask you to take measures and insulate the premises, otherwise the guests will stop going to you, because it is uncomfortable to sleep in the cold. “

As you can see, different living conditions are offered in all buildings. But all the buildings are united by one significant factor: the administration of institutions seeks to make the life of tourists as comfortable as possible. For these purposes, laundries, dry cleaners were created, currency exchange offices were opened, restaurants and bars appeared.

In general, an ideal option for those who do not plan to spend days on end, admiring the view from the windows, but do not mind passing the evening in a pleasant company in a bar or billiard room. The lack of a large number of entertainment is more than compensated by the geographical location of the hotel:in the center of Moscow,where to go only fifteen minutes, there is everything that can appeal to a modern traveler.