The best hotels in Abano Terme: an unforgettable holiday at a balneological resort in Italy

Hotels in Abano Terme Italy beckon guests with their warm climate and magnificent nature, in this city, among other things, some of the best thermal springs in the world. This resort has long lived in the lines of Mozart and Shakespeare, Goethe and Byron. Today it is popular with celebrities. In this article we will look at the best hotels in Abano Terme, staying in which you will spend the best holiday in your life.

Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria

This five-star grand hotel is located in the heart of Abano Terme. The Grand Hotel Trieste and Victoria has everything to make the holiday of its guests unforgettable. For example, the hotel has as many as 4 thermal pools and a spa, where you can take sessions of both simple massage and rejuvenating course of mud treatments.

Each of the 220 rooms has a TV, air conditioning, and a balcony overlooking the park or swimming pool. The reception is open 24 hours a day and it is not only possible to check into the hotel, but also to rent a bicycle or to familiarize yourself with excursions. The hotel has a restaurant serving local culinary delights.

The hotel is well located in relation to entertainment venues. For example, there is a tennis court and a golf course near the Grand Hotel Trieste and Victoria. There is free parking near the hotel, so if you decide to rent a car, you will have no problem parking it.

“The hotel has great spa treatments! Helpful staff, very gallant waiters. The food in the restaurant is delicious. I did not like the fact that the restaurant for the whole hotel is only one: constantly a lot of people and though everything is tasty, but “put on the flow””.

Hotel Abano Astoria

Each of the 90 rooms of this four-star hotel is decorated in classic style and contains a TV, air conditioning, mini-bar, bathrooms and tea accessories. Hotel Abano Astoria has two thermal pools.

The spa offers wellness treatments as well as massages and thermal baths. The restaurant serves buffet-type breakfast every morning, and local and European cuisines will be offered for lunch and dinner.

The hotel is conveniently located in relation to thermal springs, so it takes only 5-7 minutes by car to reach the Evganian thermals. There is free parking near the hotel in case you decide to rent a car.

“A very sunny hotel. Hosts are wonderful people who do everything to make you comfortable. Lovely staff. The hotel has excellent spa treatments. Breakfast is so hearty that I almost never dined at Abano, just had dinner. If you are looking for peace and quiet, then this place is definitely for you!”

Hotel Due Torri

This chic five-star hotel pleases its guests with excellent service for many years. The hotel has several swimming pools and a spa and fitness centre.

Each of the 133 rooms is made in the traditional Venetian style and contains everything to make guests’ rest as comfortable as possible: television, air conditioning, cosmetic and tea accessories.

Hotel Due Torri Is a luxury spa and offers many types of massage, mud and thermal baths. The restaurant serves local cuisine. Almost every evening the restaurant plays live music.

There is a golf course near the hotel. The centre of Abano is a 5-minute walk away. There is free parking near the hotel.

“Spa treatments are just on top! The hotel staff are very polite, always willing to help. The setting is just gorgeous. Of the disadvantages I would like to highlight the fact that when switching from half board to full board the cost of the latter increases compared to the usual price – for us it was a bit unexpected on the day when we wanted to dine in the hotel restaurant.”

Abano Grand Hotel

This swanky five-star hotel offers one of the highest levels of service in Abano Terme. A rich selection of spa programs presented in the health center, you will undoubtedly have to taste: thermal and mud baths, whirlpool, a huge selection of massages, as well as cosmetic procedures.

Each of the 189 rooms is furnished in an elegant Venetian style. The rooms are divided into zones and contain everything for a comfortable pastime: TV, air conditioning, Internet access, as well as tea and bathroom accessories. There are several golf courses near the hotel, as well as a picturesque green garden. The hotel is suitable not only for family holidays, but also for business meetings. So, in the Abano Grand Hotel as many as 4 conference rooms.

“The hotel left a mixed impression. So, breakfasts in the hotel are very meager and indistinrined, but lunch and dinner were always on top. The staff are great and the chic room contrasts with the terrible internet. The hotel is worth staying, except that, just because of the spa treatments, in the direction of the spa there are no complaints.”

Hotel Terme Mioni Pezzato & Spa

This four-star hotel is in the heart of the resort. Each of the 172 rooms is modern and contains everything for a comfortable holiday: television, air conditioning, bathrooms and tea accessories.

The Hotel Terme Mioni Pezzato Spa has several swimming pools, as well as a spa where guests can enjoy a variety of beauty treatments. The restaurant serves the Veneto region. Every day, the hotel serves a buffet-type breakfast.

It is convenient to get from the hotel to the neighboring resorts. For example, trains to the town of Vicenza will be only 40 minutes away. The hotel allows accommodation with pets.

“This four-star hotel deserves 5 stars! Nowhere has I met such a friendly staff as in Terme Mioni Pezzato. The spa treatments are just gorgeous. This hotel is the only place to swim in the outdoor pool until 11pm. Just imagine: enjoy the thermal waters under the starry sky … beauty! The grounds of the hotel are simply stunning, the green garden, the roses blooming. It’s a pity that we stayed there only 3 days, we will definitely return again!”

Hotel Terme Cristoforo

This hotel is located in the heart of the resort. Hotel Terme Cristoforo has a spa and fitness centre, several thermal pools and a tennis court.

This three-star hotel has 100 rooms of varying levels of comfort. Each of them is furnished in the style of “modern” and contains all the essentials for a comfortable holiday: TV, air conditioning, cosmetics and tea accessories.

The spa offers a wide range of services, such as saunas and thermal baths. The restaurant serves a buffet breakfast, and for lunch and dinner you can enjoy local culinary delights.

“Three stars are three stars. It’s all simple. Pleased with the dishes in the restaurant. The room is clean, cleaning is regular. The spa is small and, for some reason, very expensive. I had to pay extra for everything! Not even for the robes. All in all, the hotel is so-so, we won’t be back any more.”

Hotel Europa Terme

This hotel has a homely atmosphere and is perfect for a family holiday. There is a picturesque garden around this four-star hotel. The hotel has several swimming pools, spas and fitness centres. There is an opportunity for guests to rent a bicycle.

Each of the 101 rooms has television, air conditioning, and a balcony or terrace overlooking the garden. Hotel Europa Terme offers its guests a continental breakfast, the highlight of which is fresh and fragrant pastries. The hotel has a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy the local cuisine. There is a bus stop near the hotel, as well as a train station, from where you can get to nearby resorts, such as Padua.

“I was surprised that almost all services are included in the hotel. So, we didn’t have to pay extra for the spa or even for bike hire. The staff are friendly and very responsive. The hotel and its grounds are always perfect cleanliness. My husband and I were really able to relax! It’s a wonderful quiet place where you forget absolutely everything.”

Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci Terme & Golf

The hotel pleases its guests with excellent service for many years. Each of the 94 elegantly designed rooms has everything for a comfortable holiday, including air conditioning, a mini bar and a TV.

The hotel has several swimming pools, spas and fitness centres, as well as a golf course. Guests can enjoy a Turkish bath and massage chairs, and for an additional fee to use other cosmetic procedures.

Hotel Leonardo Da Vicni Terme and Golf serves breakfast right on the terrace, offering stunning views of the picturesque surroundings. The restaurant offers both local culinary delights and traditional European dishes. There is a bus stop near the hotel, which can be reached to other nearby resorts, such as Padua.

“The hotel managed to completely relax. Great spa treatments, a cozy room. I would like to note a very large and soft bed and a great view from the room. Dishes in the restaurant on a solid five. Breakfasts are plentiful and delicious. I wish I’d stayed in the hotel for a couple of nights, I’ll definitely come again.”

Hotel Aqua

This small hotel is a 5-minute walk from the centre of the resort. It features 68 rooms of varying levels of comfort furnished in the modern style. Each room has a TV, air conditioning, a mini-bar and, of course, tea and beauty accessories.

The hotel has spa and fitness centers, 2 swimming pools, a solarium and even a small beauty salon. In the pools with thermal waters you can swim until late in the evening.

The restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes. Breakfast at Hotel Aqua Continental. There is an opportunity to order food directly to the room. Entertainment shows and programs are held at the hotel every evening.

“The hotel allowed to completely disconnect from the outside world. The resort is very quiet, at night you will not even be irritated by the noise of cars – they are few. The hotel is more than arranged. The room is clean, the accessories are all in place. Spa for a confident foursome. Breakfast and dinners are great. A small note: the hotel is already old and it needs repairs. At first glance – it is not very noticeable, but if you look at the interior, everything is already pretty shabby.”

Hotel Terme Belsoggiorno

This small three-star hotel pleases with excellent service and pleasant prices of its guests for many years. Hotel Terme Belsoggiorno is conveniently located in relation to the city centre: it is on a quiet street, however, it is worth wrapping around the corner and you can get to the busy square. There is a bus stop and a train station near the hotel.

The hotel has 61 rooms of different comfort levels, furnished in Venetian style. Each room has a TV, air conditioning, and essential accessories. Most of the rooms have stunning views of the garden and surrounding area.

The hotel serves a continental breakfast, the restaurant also offers a diverse complex menu. The hotel has a swimming pool, wellness center, bar, private parking. You can rent a bike at the reception for an additional fee. Private parking is available.

“Every year we rest only in this hotel. I like absolutely everything! Acceptable prices, first-class service. The hotel staff are very friendly, always happy to help. Most holidaymakers are Italian, and this is very pleasing. Spa treatments at altitude. The hotel is perfect for a quiet and relaxing holiday.”

Abaano Terme is a paradise for those looking for a quiet and quiet holiday. This resort is famous for its thermal springs and mud mined in the mountains. Abaano Terme is considered one of the best thermal resorts in Europe.

Stunning nature combined with Italian charm will surely appeal to you. If you decide to stay in Abano Terme, we advise you to choose a hotel from 3 stars and above. As a rule, hotels in Abamo have a high level of service and pleasant prices. Abamo is a quiet and picturesque place where you will remember for the rest of your life.