The best sandy beaches of Greece: top 10 stunning places to relax on the sea

The best sandy beaches of Greece annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists. All equipped coastal areas are the property of the state, so the entrance to them is free. Most of the beaches have a Blue Flag mark, which means that they are well equipped, well-groomed and have high water quality.

You can relax and enjoy the picturesque landscapes both on the long multi-kilometer beaches and on small coastlines, where tourists are provided with umbrellas and sun loungers for a few euros. Here for vacationers there are a variety of taverns, which offer seafood dishes and national Greek dishes. Drinks, cocktails and snacks can be enjoyed at the bars.

Most of the beaches of Greece are sandy, but there are also shores with small snow-white pebbles. All of them have a high degree of safety of vacationers and are equipped with rescue stations. In addition, the beaches have:

  • changing booths;
  • showers;
  • inventory rental;
  • entertainment.

Famous places for a relaxing holiday are in Crete, Corfu and Halkidiki. They are surrounded by high cliffs of mountains, attract tourists with magnificent landscapes and clean, transparent blue water. In some places, the sea is so shallow that babies can safely splash in it, and to swim you will have to walk for a long time in shallow water.

Many beaches of Greece, on the contrary, have a sharply deepening sandy bottom, which attracts the attention of scuba diving lovers. To diversify the stay at sea allow traditional tourist entertainment, as well as walks on snow-white yachts and pleasure boats. To relax and enjoy the beauty and comfort on the beaches of Greece, it is best to choose hotels near the shore, and not experience the inconvenience of a trip to the coast.

Elafonissi Beach

70 km from the city of Chania is the amazing beach Elafonissi Beach. The inhabitants of Crete themselves consider it one of the best, and tourists in high season come here from all over the world to enjoy the crystal clearness of the sea and the extraordinary sand. The main feature of this coastline is the pinkish color of the sand, which in some places is rich and fascinating.

Elafonisi is an equipped beach. It has all the necessary infrastructure for tourists. Among the facilities are changing cabins, showers, sunbeds, umbrellas. The safety of vacationers is provided by the rescue service. In several cafes you can have a delicious lunch or a light snack. On the hot days of the holiday season, Elafonissi Beach is very crowded.

Getting to this beach is very convenient. Up to the car park, located next to Elafonissi Beach from Chania is an asphalted highway. You can come here by bus or your own transport. Some hotels on the coast organize transfers to this beach.

“In this place, you want time to stop. Very beautiful! But the sea is shallow-shallow, to swim or dive it is better to go to the end of the beach. The water is very clean, you can even see the grains of sand on the bottom. In cafes they offer mainly fast food, prices are affordable. “

Balos Beach

Balos is located in a remote part of the island of Crete. As a rule, tourists are brought here by ships as part of an excursion to the pirate island of Gramvousa and allow you to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the beach for an hour. To spend more time here, you will have to go by car, but it should be noted that most of the way will be off-road.

There are no infrastructure facilities in Balos. There are no cafes and shops, so it is better to take drinks with you. Absolutely “wild”, but very beautiful beach. In this place 3 seas are connected – Ionian, Libyan and Aegean. The water itself is also unusual, looking at which you can be amazed by the number of shades of azure color.

The bay in which the beach is located is very calm. Even during a storm, there are almost no strong and high waves. Children can safely splash around in the small bay on the left side of Balos. And on the shore you can collect very beautiful pink shells.

“Magical place! There is such calm and an incredible sense of freedom. Small, pleasant for the feet of sand, beautiful little shells, unusually clean water, the color of which can not be described in words. If you could come here more often, I would choose only this beach. “

Santorini Beach

A fantastic feeling gives vacationers Santorini Beach – Red Beach island. It is located at the foot of a huge rock, the fault of which provided the coastline with mineral crumbs of red color. You can arrive here by regular bus, leaving which you will have to walk a few tens of meters through the rocky terrain and go down to the beach.

Santorini is a rather crowded beach. At the peak of the high season, there may not even be free seats on it. There are no usual water attractions for tourists, so you can relax on this beach relatively calmly. From entertainment – diving with scuba diving or snorkeling.

Meals for vacationers are provided by several cafes located right on the shore. You can sunbathe on sunbeds arranged in 2 rows or by spreading a mat right on the red sand. This is a great place to admire the incredibly beautiful combination of colors of terracotta beach and turquoise sea with clear, clear water.

“Delightfully beautiful beach! Arrived here by boat by sea – depart every half hour. It was very difficult to find a free sunbed, there are a lot of people here. From staying in this part of the island you can get indescribable impressions, take beautiful photos and just enjoy a great holiday. “

Anthony Quinn Beach

Cozy Anthony Quinn Beach is especially popular with vacationers. It is located in a quiet Bay, and the most convenient way to get here is from the town of Faliraki, which is 4 km away. The coastline is curved in the shape of an arc, and a high cliff rises above the beach.

The beach is famous for the fact that once there starred in the famous film Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn. He was so fascinated by the nature of these places that he acquired coastal land in the property. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, the rent of which is paid, as well as on a small elevation there is a bar where you can admire the incredible beauty of the emerald sea over a glass of soft drink.

The coastline is sand and pebble. At the entrance to the sea there are stones, and in some places huge boulders, on which sunbathing people lie. In high season, Anthony Quinn Beach has a lot of young people who are attracted to all kinds of water activities. In the bay there is a dock in which small ships, yachts and boats are moored.

“The place is very beautiful, picturesque, but there are so many people that it is not very comfortable to relax. Sun beds may not be enough if you come at lunch, so it is best to come to the beach at 11 o’clock. In some areas, the entrance to the sea is difficult because of the stones.”

Manganari Beach

A delightful sandy beach, which has repeatedly been awarded the “blue flag”. It is located in the south of the island of Ios in Greece. Manganari is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. From strong winds, it is protected by high mountain slopes, so there is always comfortable and pleasant weather, and the sea is slightly warmer than on other beaches.

A large area of Manganari Beach allows you to relax even in the peak high season, when a huge number of tourists come to the island. Throughout the beach there are comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas, in the shade of which you can hide from the sun. The sandy coastal strip is convenient both for a quiet pastime and for active entertainment, which is enough on this beach in Greece.

Manganari Beach loves young people and families with children. Soft sand of golden color, clean, azure sea and many small taverns provide a pleasant and carefree holiday. You can get to the beach both by water and by land. From Chora during the holiday season regularly run shuttle buses that take vacationers to the beach.

“Very clean and beautiful. Such bliss is experienced from warm clear water! The sand is soft, without pebbles. The entrance to the sea is pleasant, as you go through wet flour. Everywhere is very clean, the beach is well equipped. There are a lot of people, but there are free sunbeds. I recommend a holiday on this beach.”

Egremni Beach

One of the most beautiful and mysterious beaches of the island of Lefkada. It attracts vacationers with a warm sea of emerald-azure color and pleasant to the touch small white pebbles. Over Egremni Beach hang high rock cliffs, which do not allow to organize on this beach the construction of bars and cafes. Leaving the car in the car park, tourists will have to go down to the beach, overcoming a long staircase of 350 steps.

Egremni Beach is not too crowded beach. Here you can see girls sunbathing “topless”. The eastern part of the beach is distinguished by a sharp entrance to the sea with a deep bottom, so in this part there are almost no tourists with children. High waves roll up to the shore, it is recommended to swim here only for those who do not doubt their ability to swim perfectly.

On the beach there is one bar that sells soft drinks and snacks. Rent of sunbeds is paid. In the southern part of Egremni Beach, the depth of the sea is so great that pleasure boats swim directly to the shore to drop tourists off on the beach.

“Rested on this beach in July. The sea is warm, but very high waves. The beauty is indescribable! The choice of drinks in the local beach is not too great, the prices are reasonable. Free chaise longue to find is not a problem. Even during the peak season, there aren’t a lot of people here, which for me personally is a big advantage.”

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko occupies a cozy cove on the northwest coast of ios Island. On this incredibly beautiful coastline with snow-white sand, both tourists and locals prefer to relax. In high season, Greeks come here with whole families to enjoy the warm water of the Ionian Sea and the gentle rays of the sun.

Sarakiniko Beach is spacious and wide. It is surrounded by mountain slopes covered with green vegetation. Relaxing on this beach is a pleasure. Fine sand dissolves in water, and the sea on its background acquires a unique azure hue. Throughout Sarakiniko there are sun loungers and umbrellas, which can be rented for a few euros. Even in the peak season, it is not crowded.

In the central part of the beach there are several small bars where you can enjoy drinks. Above Sarakiniko Beach on a hill there is a car park. The availability of space for cars attracts many car travelers. You can get to the beach by shuttle bus.

“Had a wonderful time on this beach. Two sun loungers and an umbrella cost us 6 euros. We arrived at Sarakiniko in the lunch area, there were few people, but literally an hour later the beach was filled with vacationers. The sea is calm, the water is clear, very beautiful rocks surround the shore. There is nowhere to eat, except that you can buy some snacks at the bar.”

Myrtos Beach

The famous Myrtos Beach is located in the western part of the island of Kefalonia. It is comfortably located at the foot of two mountains – Agia Dinati and Calon Oros. It is rightly considered one of the best beaches in Greece, which is regularly awarded the Blue Flag. Myrtos is curved in the shape of a crescent, and light waves with snow-white foam are nailed to the shore.

You can hide from the bright sun on the beach under large umbrellas, paying a rent of several euros. Throughout the beach for the convenience of vacationers are placed sunbeds. The small bar is located right on the beach and offers food and drinks. In calm weather, the sea caresses the eye with its beauty and serenity, and on windy days high waves rise. On the left side of Myrtos there are several picturesque grottoes.

The peculiarity of this beach is the sharply deepening bottom of the sea. Already when entering the water after a few steps, the depth becomes very significant. To get to Myrtos Beach is most convenient by shuttle buses and cars. Near the coastline is the picturesque village of Divarata, and on the way to the beach you can stop at several viewing platforms, from where a beautiful view of the coast opens.

“Delightful beach, nice white sand, blue clear water. Swimming in the sea is a pleasure, there are no jellyfish, algae too. The territory is well cared for. Everywhere is very clean. The only drawback is that there is nowhere to eat, bars sell only drinks and snacks. “

Faliraki Beach

Faliraki is a paradise and the most famous beach in Rhodes. It stretches for 4 km along the coast, is divided into small areas, among which there is even a beach designed for nudists. In peak high season, the beaches are very crowded and noisy. For the entertainment of tourists there are all kinds of attractions, rental of equipment for water sports, various bars, taverns and shops.

Near the coast the sea is shallow, which allows even children to swim safely. In the left part of Faliraki there are fewer people, so it is chosen by connoisseurs of a relaxing holiday, as well as nudists. Once upon a time in this part of the coast there were no large settlements. Not far from the beach was a small fishing village, which today has turned into a fashionable resort with many hotels and inns.

Admission to Faliraki is free. For a few euros, you can rent an umbrella with two sunbeds or settle down by spreading a towel or mat right on the snow-white sand.

“It’s a wonderful place! Soft sand without stones, clean, transparent sea, much, much sun and beautiful surroundings with rocks. To make it convenient to walk, wooden paths are covered on the beach. You can go to the shower for free or change clothes in the cabins, which are placed all over the beach. “

The most famous beach in Greece. Navagio Beach once had a different name, but the case of the shipwreck of a smuggling vessel made it famous and recognizable. In the central part of the beach you can still see the remains of a broken ship, brought with snow-white sand and pebbles. Against the background of the blue sea, they look especially impressive.

This beach in Greece is one of the most popular. It is considered necessary to visit tourists arriving on the island of Zakynthos. The coastal area is not too large, so when a lot of tourists arrive during the peak season, the beach becomes cramped and noisy.

It is most convenient to get to the beach by water. In the port of Porto Chromi you can take a boat or use the services of a pleasure boat. To take the best places, it is best to come to the shore in the pre-afternoon hours. The infrastructure of Navagio Beach allows you to feel and relax comfortably carefree and pleasant. There are showers, changing cabins and the usual traditional beach entertainment.

“The experience is amazing. Very beautiful landscapes, overhanging rocks of mountains, blue with several shades of the sea. The impression of all this beauty spoils a large number of ships and boats that constantly arrive at the shore. When you swim, it seems that they will come to your head. “

The summer season in Greece is a time when numerous tourists from different countries arrive on the islands. The subtropical Mediterranean climate is favorable for health, and even 40-degree heat is easily transferred to the coast. The beaches of Greece are a great place to spend a pleasant and carefree holiday with the whole family. Near the beaches there are often hotels where you can rent a room and spend unforgettable days on the Mediterranean coast.