The best beaches in Goa: photos of the 10 most stunning places in the south-west of India

Photos of beaches in Goa are stunning with their delightful landscapes. Almost the entire coast is covered with fine sand, from white to bright yellow. The beaches of Goa are well equipped and have a developed infrastructure – cafes, restaurants, sunbeds with umbrellas. Depending on your preferences, you can choose not too crowded places and relax calmly and serenely, or vice versa, settle next to entertainment, participate in discos and parties that locals arrange right on the shore.


Agonda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast. It stretches along the ocean for 3 km. Near the beach there is a village of the same name. On the shore there are houses on stilts and bungalows, in which you can settle for a while to relax without losing comfort.

The entire coast is covered with fine golden sand, and the beach area is protected by environmental services. The territory of Agonda Beach is inhabited by olive turtles, who chose this quiet place for laying eggs. At the entrance to the beach there is a sign on which the rules of conduct on the shore are written. There is no noisy entertainment, and in the evening on the beach you can not use flashlights.

A few meters from Agonda Beach there are several restaurants and huts serving seafood dishes. To get to the beach from Goa airport, it is best to rent a motorbike or car. Public transport does not enter the village of Agonda, so you will have to walk a few kilometers.

“Despite the fact that there are a lot of tourists resting on the beach, it is very calm, no one screams or speaks too loudly. Foreigners can often be seen meditating or doing yoga. Beautiful place, amazing ocean, there is a restaurant, and shops with food and drinks. “


Anjuna Beach is a place for a fun holiday near the ocean. It is usually chosen by European youth to combine bathing and sunbathing with incendiary parties in the open air. The narrow coastline is densely packed with sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach is crowded, and its infrastructure allows you to spend time carefree and enjoy your stay on the coast.

Throughout the high season, resort life on the beach does not subside. There are several hotels,there are bars, restaurants, and in the northern part of the coast traditionally gather those who want to make a new acquaintance, chat and sing songs. Every day on the beach are organized noisy, fun parties with discos.

The most convenient way to get from Anjuna Beach is from the city of Mapusa, which is located 8 km from the beach. From the local bus station in the direction of Anjuna Beach every half hour buses depart. This beach is more suitable for lovers of active than quiet pastime.

“Very lively place where there are always a huge number of people. We rested in a villa near the beach and in the first days we realized that you need to come here early to take the sunbeds. At the end of the beach you can see cows lying peacefully on the sand – a strange phenomenon for the city beach. “


This beach is located on the same coastal strip with another famous holiday destination – Mandrem Beach. Arambol has a wide coastal strip of snow-white sand. On the main street, which leads from the village to the sea, there are a variety of hotels, villas,huts, restaurants. There are several bars on the beach itself.

Arambol Beach comes alive in the early morning hours, when tourists come to soak up the gentle southern sun and swim in the ocean. The noisy life continues until late at night. In the evening, there are parties with discos, songs that are performed by local hippies and representatives of other informal movements.

The beach is equipped with several rows of sunbeds and umbrellas. Flat well-groomed area is perfect for children’s recreation. Tides create large “puddles” here, in which babies can safely splash. There is no public transport to the village. Most tourists get here by renting a bike or car in Mapusa or Pananji, the road from which will take about 40-50 minutes.

“Great place to spend a few days by the ocean. Housing near the beach is relatively inexpensive, the sand is snow-white, there is something to have fun. In the evenings there are a lot of dancing, it is interesting to watch the show “drummers” and fire shows. “


The village next to Which Benaulim Beach is located is located 5 km from the city of Margao, and the beach itself occupies part of the 30-kilometer coastal strip between Colva Beach and Varka Beach. The whole coast is covered with snow-white sand, and on all sides it is surrounded by luxurious palm trees.

Benaulim Beach is a great place for a beach holiday. For a small fee, you can rent a couple of sunbeds with a straw umbrella from the sun. Here, tourists can use the services of restaurants that prepare traditional Indian dishes.

On the coast for vacationers are a variety of entertainment ranging from karaoke and water skiing and ending with sea cruises and fishing. In the evening hours on the beach there is music, discos are arranged. The wide shore allows you to relax a huge number of tourists and feel quite comfortable. Going to the village, you can use the currency exchange, buy souvenirs and necessary things in the shopping center, visit cafes and restaurants.

“Gorgeous place – beauty indescribable. There are a lot of people, but this does not prevent you from resting quietly. There is always something to have fun, so the rest is fun and relaxed. The locals are very friendly, sing songs, allow them to be photographed.”


The treasure of the coast – Morjim beach is in a quiet place. Wide, in some places reaching 100 meters, the coastal strip is covered with snow-white sand. Once upon a time, this place on the ocean was reserved – rare turtles laid eggs here, but the development of Morjim Beach by tourists led to the disappearance of turtles.

Most vacationers gather in the southern part of the beach, and the northern part often becomes a haven for nudists. Swimming and sunbathing on this beach is very comfortable. The entrance to the sea is quite gentle, and to start swimming, you need to walk at least 50 meters in shallow water. At the entrance to the water there are no large stones, which also attracts vacationers.

The infrastructure of Morjim Beach is perfectly adapted for a magnificent and rich holiday. Along the coast there are a variety of hotels and villas. You can dine at an affordable cost both in restaurants on the shore and in the village, where there are a wide variety of cafes, vegetable shops, grocery stores. Here, the locals offer tourists Indian jewelry and souvenirs.

“Gorgeous place – beauty indescribable. There are a lot of people, but this does not prevent you from resting quietly. There is always something to have fun, so the rest is fun and relaxed. The locals are very friendly, sing songs, allow them to be photographed.”


Colva Beach is one of the most famous beaches among tourists. Here you can relax, have fun or just sunbathe, sitting on a sun lounger. This coast is also famous for a large number of restaurants, where they prepare dishes from the freshest seafood. Colva Beach is 8 km from Margao.

Just a few years ago, a fishing village was located on the shore of the ocean, and the coastline itself did not attract tourists. But for a couple of years on the coast “grew” hotels and villas, there were restaurants, bars, shops and numerous vacationers. The beach is surrounded by palm trees and other exotic plants.

Rest in this part of the coast is preferred by tourists with children. The sea here is calm, there are no strong waves, and the depth of the water near the shore is so insignificant that kids who do not know how to swim can safely splash in it. Several times a season, fairs are held right on the beach with the sale of food and souvenirs, incendiary dances and national music.

“Unforgettable place! So cozy, calm, not too crowded. There is always something to have fun if you want. We watched bull fights – an amazing sight! Near the main entrance there are many hotels, shops, shops with all sorts of stuff. If you want to relax in relative silence, it is better to leave this place away. “


The southernmost point of the coast of Goa is Palolem Beach. From Vasco da Gama Airport and the train station to this beach, tourists most often arrive by taxi. In an hour and a half from Margao can be reached by regular bus. Palolem Beach is not too crowded, but not as comfortable as other, more equipped coastal strips.

In the central part near the main entrance there is a wide variety of cafes and restaurants. Along the coast, you can rent a hotel room or settle in the houses of local residents quite inexpensively. This beach is suitable for those who are not looking for a high level of comfort and want to relax peacefully.

The usual entertainment for this part of the coast is diving and snorkeling. Locals also offer boat trips to the dolphins. It is best to go on this trip in the early morning. Holidays on Palolem Beach are more “wild” than organized. On the beach everywhere there are wooden boats, women in bright clothes sell fish, enterprising young people offer souvenirs.

“The beach is so-so, I wasn’t particularly impressed. Dirty. Cows walk or lie everywhere, so you should look under your feet so as not to get into a cow cake. The sand is nice, white and yellow, but there is debris, especially if you go away from the central part. “


Calangute Beach is located in the city of the same name – a noisy tourist center. It attracts vacationers with the opportunity to inexpensively settle right on the beach in a small bungalow or in a luxury hotel on the shore. This place on the coast is not suitable for a relaxing holiday, as it is always noisy and crowded.
On the shore, you can have a snack in unpretentious bars, where special delights are not offered. You can have a full lunch in the restaurants, which are located in the city and near the beach. Along the coastal strip, locals offer entertainment – a walk on boats and boats, diving, and in the evenings everyone is invited to discos.

In Calangute, you can see people practicing yoga or meditation under the guidance of trainers. Along the beach there are massage cabins, where for a nominal fee, locals are ready to make vacationers a massage of the whole body. Those who do not like the liveliness and noise can go to the neighboring less crowded beaches.

“Very, very many people. There is nowhere to hide from the views of others. On weekends and afternoons, there is nowhere to even sit quietly or sunbathe. Hindus constantly go back and forth in droves, offer something, shout. And yes, cows, cows, cows… I didn’t really like to relax here.”


Candolim Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Beautiful sandy area stretches from Baga to Shinkuerim. This place to relax on the coast is considered more respectable and expensive.

Candolim is well equipped. Along the shore there are sunbeds and umbrellas, and if you go in the direction of Sinkuerim, you can use the services of local residents who offer a wide variety of entertainment – from boat trips to all kinds of water sports.

As on many other beaches, there are many cafes, hotels rise near the embankment, and tourists are invited to souvenir shops by Hindus. One of the attractions of Candolim is a large pond with clear water, which in the tourist season is covered with magnificent scarlet lotus flowers. The sea in Candolim is not as calm as in other coastal areas, but vacationers swim quietly. The entrance to the water deepens sharply, which allows you to swim right near the shore.

“I really didn’t want to leave this beautiful place. Some advantages and almost no disadvantages. Magnificent bright yellow sand, warm sea, very beautiful landscapes. Sometimes there is garbage, but after all, the vacationers themselves and litter. An absolute sense of peace, happiness and tranquility.”


Beautiful beach Arossim – a wide strip of white sand, which “licks” calm waves. This place is often chosen by tourists, for whom tranquility and the absence of a large number of people are important. On the shore everywhere you can see the starfish, which the sea throws out the surf.

In the center of Arossim Beach you can sunbathe on sunbeds. Despite the fact that there are not very many of them here, there is always a free place. The main feature of this beach is the annual festival of the Three Kings, which the locals celebrate on a grand scale on January 6.

Of the entertainment on Arossim Beach there are all the usual tourist water attractions. If you get bored of lying under the rays of the sun, you can go to local attractions – Buddhist caves and the Church of St. Thomas.
Local fishermen supply the restaurants on the beach with fresh seafood every day, so you can try traditional Goan delicacies here. The nearest town of Margao is 12 km away, and vacationers from Dabolim Airport are delivered by helpful taxi drivers.

“Very peaceful and beautiful place. On the beach there are 3 shekas, where it is quite tasty and inexpensive to feed. There are few people, which allows you to relax with comfort. But Hindus constantly come up and offer to buy something from them. Another general landscape is spoiled by the tall chimney of the local plant, from which black smoke is poured. “

The best time to relax in Goa is the months from November to March, when the sea beckons with gentle foam of waves, and the sun’s rays allow you to get a beautiful tan. But in the low season, which begins in May, vacationers do not cease to visit the picturesque coast. During this period, the monsoons begin here and it is often impossible to swim, but you can visit the sights, get acquainted with the culture of the locals and save on discounts.