Beaches of Paphos in Cyprus: stunningly beautiful holiday destinations on the Mediterranean coast

The beaches of Paphos in Cyprus are one of the best places on the Mediterranean coast for a relaxing holiday. They are the property of the municipality, so the entrance to the equipped coastal areas is free, and tourists staying in hotels located on the shore, as a rule, can use sunbeds and umbrellas free of charge. For the rest, renting beach equipment will not be more expensive than 5-8 Euros.

Most of the beaches of Paphos are sandy with golden or snow-white sand. In some places there are also small-pebble beaches, where wooden paths are made for the convenience of vacationers so that when walking there is no discomfort. Near the beaches there are a variety of cafes and shops where you can buy soft drinks and food.

Almost all of Paphos’ coastal recreation areas are Blue Flag certified and well equipped. On the beaches there are:

  • rescue services;
  • emergency care;
  • laboratory assistants who monitor water quality;
  • garbage collection staff.

Fans of a relaxing holiday can sunbathe on the “wild” beaches of the city, and those who prefer active recreation can play volleyball or use the rental of sports equipment.

All the beaches of Paphos are very beautiful. Many vacationers come here late in the evening to admire the stunning sunset and the beauty of the sea. As a rule, it is easy to get to them, public transport is well established in the city, you can rent a car or motorcycle.

Near the coastal areas there are hotels, restaurants and taverns. For holidays with children, it is best to choose places where there are many attractions, for example, Coral Bay, and lovers of peace and solitude will have a great rest on the beaches of Lara and in the Bay of Aphrodite. The shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Paphos annually from May to October receive a large number of tourists who dream of swimming in the clear water of the sea and sunbathing under the gentle Cypriot sun.

Coral Bay

The magnificent sandy Coral Bay is a popular holiday destination for both foreign tourists and locals. It is well equipped and meets European standards. The location of the beach relative to the city, at first glance, may seem inconvenient – it is located 12 km from Paphos, but tourists easily get to it by shuttle buses, which constantly run between the hotel part of the city and the beach of Coral Bay.

In the central part of this sandy coastal strip, the sea is shallow, and the entrance to it is gentle. If you walk to the outskirts, you can find small caves. The beach is equipped with cabanas for changing clothes, there are several cafes and shops, a pier for boats that can be rented for boat trips and fishing.

On the beach sports grounds vacationers have fun with ball games. Additional services include massage and treatment rooms. Tourists with children mainly rest in the central part of Coral Bay.

“Nice beach with fine sand, showers and changing cabins. Umbrellas and sunbeds are installed in several rows, but if you do not want to pay for these amenities, you can sit on a towel or mat brought with you. With algae that brings ashore, there is constantly fighting, but in some places they are still there. “

Corallia Beach

The narrow strip of this beach, located 14 km from Paphos, is less popular among tourists than Coral Bay, but here you can relax perfectly. The length of the equipped sandy recreation area is not more than 300 meters. Right on the beach is a large hotel “Corallia”, whose guests usually relax on this beach. From the city you can get here by shuttle bus, the journey time is no more than 20-25 minutes.

At the entrance to Corallia Beach there is a car park and several cafes, the most notable of which is the fish tavern. Mediterranean food and seafood dishes are prepared here. In 2 rows there are umbrellas and sunbeds, the rent of which costs 8 euros. The central part of the beach is wider, here, as a rule, children play.

On the territory of Coralla there are changing cabins and showers. The water in this part of the coast is very clear, and the seabed is sandy. From entertainment – sports grounds, where you can play volleyball together with other vacationers.

“Calm and very clean beach. Rested on it with the children. The sand is fine, the bottom is hollow, but at the entrance to the water you can come across large stones and even boulders, some of them sticking out of the water. If you wish, you can sit in cafes, of which there are several or buy food and drinks in stores. “

Bay of Aphrodite

A legendary place where all tourists who come to Paphos try to visit. The beach of Aphrodite Bay is quiet and peaceful. The sea in this part of the coast is often calm, the water is transparent, and the entrance is gentle, without sharp depressions. The infrastructure of the coastal recreation area is modest. On a separate site there are several shops, parking and cafes.

The beach in the bay of Aphrodite is sandy-pebbly, narrow, curved in the form of an arc. It is located 35 km from Paphos, and it is most convenient to get to it by car on the B6 highway. Not far from the beach there are several viewing platforms, where you should definitely stop to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the mountain coast.

The main attraction of the sand and pebble coastal strip is the rock hanging over the sea with a grotto, in which, according to legend, Aphrodite bathed. You can get to the grotto by swimming. It is believed that if you get into the grotto, the goddess of beauty will give eternal youth. There are no sunbeds and showers on the beach, this place is considered to be “wild”, which does not affect its popularity.

“Very beautiful place. The beach is surrounded by rocks. When we rested here, there were few people, probably due to the fact that it is not very convenient to get to the beach. The place is clean, there is almost no algae.”

Leidis Mile

Long narrow beach of fine pebbles and sand. Leidis Mile is preferred by windsurfers because of the excellent wind blowing and high waves. Next to it is the port of Limassol and the British military base. Another attraction of these places is the salt lake.

The width of the beach is 50 m, and its length is more than 6 km. The entrance to the sea is quite gentle, large stones can create an obstacle for swimmers, especially in the part of the beach close to the port. In the central part, tourists with children most often rest. There is a children’s playground and attractions. For the convenience of vacationers, sunbeds, umbrellas are installed, there are changing cabins, toilets and showers.

You can have a snack or buy soft drinks in several cafes that are located right on the shore. There is also a shop where you can buy beach accessories and windsurfing equipment.

“Perfect place to stay with children. We liked both the beach and the sea. There are attractions that allow you to entertain kids. Rested on this beach in June. It was said that there was always a strong wind in this part, but we were lucky, the light breeze did not create discomfort. A big plus is the absence of jellyfish and sea urshes.”

Paphos City Beach

The crowded and bustling city beach of Paphos is located next to the promenade. Most often rest here tourists who have settled in numerous hotels on the shore. The entire beach, the length of which is not more than 200 m., is covered with fine white sand. Throughout the territory in several rows are placed sunbeds and umbrellas.

The beach is flat with a slight slope. When entering the sea, there are no obstacles, and the depth increases gradually. Along the promenade there is a large number of a wide variety of shops that sell not only food and drinks, but also beach accessories and sports equipment. The beach is equipped with showers and cabanas for changing clothes. From morning to evening, lifeguards watch the vacationers here, and the cleanliness of the coastline is carefully monitored by the beach staff.

The city beach of Paphos is a great place to have fun. There are all kinds of entertainment – riding on catamarans, jet skis, “bananas” and other attractions.

“The beach is small and very crowded. I prefer quiet places, but here I had a chance to relax. It can be noted that the beach is very clean, there is no algae, which can often be seen on other beaches. The sand is fine, pleasant.”

Atlantis Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Paphos. Atlantis Beach is located near the city center near the village of Geroskipou. There is a bus stop next to its main entrance. The beach is well equipped and has all the necessary facilities for a fun and comfortable stay.

Atlantis Beach is surrounded by beautiful gardens with exotic plants and neat green lawns, which are home to a wide variety of cafes. The beach is a mixture of sand and fine pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gentle, and the water is clear, clean. There are almost no large waves here, the tranquility of the sea is provided by several artificial breakwaters.

On the 350-meter territory there is a shallow area where young children can safely splash in sea water. Atlantis Beach is a great place for outdoor activities. On the beach there are several sports grounds where you can play football and volleyball, water attractions and slides. On the left side of the beach there are tennis courts.

“Loved this beach. Everywhere is very clean, a lot of cafes, high slides. Nearby is a water park. There are a lot of people at any time of the day. Not everyone has enough sunbeds, so it is better to come early. A great place for those who are not confused by the numerous vacationers and noise.”

Vrisudia Beach

Picturesque beach in the tourist area of Paphos Kato Paphos. This is one of the best places on the coast to enjoy the quiet rustle of the waves and the beautiful view of the rocks. The sandy beach with golden sand is easily accessible by bus – the stop is at the entrance to the beach. Nearby is The Street of Posedonos.

Vrisudia Beach welcomes holidaymakers throughout the high season. From mid-April to the end of October, rescuers are on duty on its territory, and the staff constantly monitors the cleanliness and order. Water quality is regularly checked and the coastline is cleaned of debris. Among the other beaches of Paphos, this one is considered the most equipped. In addition to a large number of sunbeds and umbrellas, Vrisudia Beach has sports grounds and traditional water attractions.

Soft drinks can be bought in the numerous cafes that are located along the coast. Beach equipment and water sports equipment can be rented.

“Beautiful, very lively beach. We rested in the hotel next to it, so we spent all the time on this beach. Entertainment – a lot, there are all the amenities – changing rooms, showers, sunbeds. The beach is very clean, the sand is nice for the feet, and the sea is gorgeous. Loved sunbathing on this beach.”

St. George’s Beach

Small cozy beach in Paphos. The beach of St. George is famous for the fact that in this place the battles for the independence of the island of Cyprus were fought. The entire coastline is covered with fine pebbles mixed with sand. In high season, this beach of the city is always crowded. Tourists with children and lovers of active water activities rest here.

The coastal area is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities to relax here was pleasant and peaceful. There are several showers, changing cabins and sunbeds, which can be rented for a small fee. Vacationers in hotels located near the beach, sunbeds and umbrellas are provided free of charge.

In the daytime, rescuers are on duty on the shore. Here you can have a snack in numerous cafes or buy soft drinks. In different parts of the beach there are information signs telling about the history of these places and military events that took place on the shore once. Near the beach there are such attractions of Paphos as the “Ghost Ship” and the Church of St. Joseph. George.

“An ordinary city beach, very crowded and noisy, which for me personally, is more of a minus than a plus. The beach is clean, it is clear that it is carefully monitored, but in the sea there are jellyfish and sea ursies. The infrastructure is excellent, you can buy drinks and food without problems.”

Lara Beach

“Wild”, but unusually beautiful lara beach is located in a protected area in the bay of Aphrodite. There is absolutely no infrastructure on this very small strip of sand. Once on the beach, you can safely sunbathe and swim, as well as enjoy the view of pristine, untouched nature.

To get to this beach, you need to move from Paphos towards Peyia on the E701 highway. After entering the protected area, a dirt road will begin, which leads to the shore. Unlike other beaches in Paphos, this one is not too crowded. There are no sun loungers and umbrellas.

Nearby is a turtle station, whose employees monitor the order and protect the population of turtles, for which this place every year becomes a kind of “maternity hospital”. On the shore you can often see turtle clutches of eggs, covered with nets so that the kids are not eaten by foxes and crushed by people.

Another feature of this place is very warm water. The sea in the bay is shallow, so the water warms up very quickly and is always a few degrees warmer than on other beaches.

“A delightful place to dream, take a break from the noise and enjoy the incredible beauty. I love such beaches, where it is very calm. True, I had to take drinks and food with me, there is nowhere to buy here. The water is extraordinarily clean, there are no jellyfish.”

Latchi Beach

Latchi is the quietest equipped beach in Paphos. It is perfect for those who are tired of the noise and do not want to relax in crowded places. But the low popularity of this beach does not affect its infrastructure. As with many recreation areas, there are sunbeds and umbrellas, showers and changing cabins, and the entrance to the sea in several places is equipped with wooden platforms.

Near Latchi is a picturesque village of the same name. Resting in this place, you can stroll through its narrow streets, go to one of the many taverns and try national seafood dishes. On the shore there are also several cafes.

Latchi is pretty wide. Here you do not have to feel the proximity of other vacationers and you can safely sunbathe, enjoying the splash of water. There are no large waves in the sea, artificial breakwaters fight with them, 5 meters going into the depths of the sea. The water is very clean and clear. The vacationers are closely watched by professional rescuers.

“Wonderful place for a quiet holiday. I liked that there are always free sun loungers and free showers. On the beach there is a large restaurant and several cafes. The water is very warm, clean, transparent. Beautiful beach to relax with children, there are shoals in which they can safely splash.”

The high season in Cyprus begins in May and lasts until the end of October. At this time, vacationers from all over the world fill the best Greek beaches. In comparison with other countries, they seem not only more equipped, but also located in the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean coast. Relax here will appeal to both romantic couples and families with children, for whom there are entertainment and attractions on the coastlines.