The best recreation centers near Izhevsk (Republic of Udmurtia) for the New Year

The city of Izhevsk is a large industrial center, the capital of the Republic of Udmurtia. More than 640 thousand people live here, and this is without taking into account the region. The city makes Kalashnikov and Lada Vesta assault rifles, rifles and defibrillators, produces equipment for oil and gas, “Thor”, composites, ceramics and cardboard: there is something to do and where to earn your subsistence minimum. Izhevsk residents work hard and like to have a good rest – better, of course, in nature, next to the river. It is not surprising that the recreation centers in the area are fantastically in demand. Especially on New Year’s Day.

A bit of history and geography

Izhevsk is located between the rivers Kama and Vyatka on the river Izh, from which it got its name. The first settlements found date back to the early Middle Ages and date back to the III-V centuries (there are two archaeological sites of the Mazunin culture in the city).

Izhevsk itself appeared in the form of a workers’ settlement at the Izhevsk Ironworks in 1760, which was owned by Count Shuvalov with the gracious permission of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.

Recreation complex “Money Key”

52 kilometers northeast of Izhevsk is the city of Votkinsk – also a historical industrial center, but small. And 10 kilometers from Votkinsk among the pine trees on the bank of a calm river is the recreation complex “Money Key” (the name in honor of the village nearby). There is clean air, silence, comfortable rooms (two- and one-room) and very nice houses (2-storey cottages with a capacity of 6, 10, 12 people), which can be rented both for the weekend and especially for the holiday.

You won’t be bored on site. The highlight of the camp site is a bath complex with detached buildings for 5 – 10 visitors with a full set of services (sauna, Russian bath, barbecue area, bath vat).

For a corporate holiday there are halls for 30 and 60 people. The owners of the camp site undertake to organize a photo shoot, an entertainment program and a banquet. Those who want not only to celebrate the New Year, but also to actively spend time riding buns or skates, ice fishing, just skiing in the vicinity.



Chekeril Sports Complex

The former sports base for the nomenklatura, and now a decent, albeit a little provincial ski resort “Chekeril” is located on the mountain of the same name, seven kilometers from Izhevsk. This is the most popular holiday destination for all citizens from 1 to 101, so places for the New Year need to be booked in advance. Moreover, according to reviews, in the local cafe “Trampoline” food, although expensive, but not bad.

What to do at the resort, except for the New Year’s banquet:

  • 7 trails of varying complexity;
  • snowboarding (for pros and with a trainer);
  • tubing tracks;
  • slides for sledges.

In IC “Chekeril” responsibly treat the quality of the coating and the cleanliness of the slopes. There is a special service, at night they turn on special lighting and there are artificial snowmeating systems.

You can stay in the hotel complex – or in one of the 40 double rooms, or in cottages (for 8 people, with a sauna and without). For connoisseurs there is a sauna complex. To the mountain from the center of Izhevsk run city minibuses on schedule.




Nechkino Hotel

In the interesting town of Sarapul, which stands on the Kama River (about an hour by car from Izhevsk), on a specially protected natural area there is an active recreation resort “Nechkino”. People come here to sleep, breathe clean air with the aroma of pine needles, ride on the snow-covered slopes from the heart and, of course, celebrate the New Year perfectly.

In winter in “Nechkino” you can:

  • master 10 trails (total length 8 km, difference 125 m);
  • visit three snow parks (all for jibing: rail, battleship, rainbow);
  • try tubing;
  • go snowmobiling.

There are 4-seater lifts, snowboards and skis can be rented at the rental points.

The hotel also has four wood-baths, which are wildly popular, especially on New Year’s Eve.

A worthy competition for them is the Mai Thai Spa:

  • spa massage;
  • care programs (wrap + massage + peeling/bath/hammam);
  • cedar barrel;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • Paraffin.

You can stay in one of the hotel rooms or in a guest house.





Hotel «Crystal»

To the north of Izhevsk is the town of Glazov, the same county town in the Vyatka governorate – cute, sleepy and a little in decline. In its very center is a modest aqua center “Crystal” with a hotel,an outdoor all-season swimming pool and a small restaurant, which everyone praises.

Do not expect miracles from the district center, but in the “Crystal” (both in the hotel and in the water park) everything is very human: responsive staff who try to eliminate jambs as quickly as possible (and they are), a kitchen without semi-finished products, a bowling alley nearby, and in the evenings there is a slightly old-fashioned disco with hits of the second freshness.


  • family rooms (2 adults + 2 children) with bath;
  • double rooms with double or single beds and a bath;
  • bed in a 4-bed room (common settlement of men and women).

Near the hotel there is free (only for guests!) parking and recharge for electric vehicles.




Chekeril Village Guest Houses

13 kilometers from Izhevsk in the direction of the village of Petropavlovka (near Mount Chekeril) is a modern cottage village Chekeril Village – several stylish housesin which it is pleasant to hide from the bustle of the city at least for a few holidays.

Each house has three rooms, two of them are bedrooms. If necessary, armchairs can be laid out in the living room. In the kitchen – the necessary minimum of dishes, a refrigerator and a microwave, you need to take this into account. There is always hot water with good pressure, it is warm in the houses, but not hot. There are houses with their own sauna and without, but all are equipped with a stylized fireplace-bourgeois. Firewood must be bought separately.

Chekeril Village is located in an ecologically clean area in the middle of the forest. Here you can walk or just sit on the veranda, sipping champagne and contemplating the surrounding beauty. By the way, the veranda also has a barbecue, a great dining area and pear chairs.

An organized celebration of the New Year takes place on the territory of the Chekeril Insurance Company: a banquet in the Tamplin café, and festivities and fireworks – in the hotel and barbecue area. Nevertheless, no one forbids to celebrate the holiday with friends and relatives in a rented house according to an individual plan. According to reviews, the sound insulation of cottages is at a height, so merry companies do not interfere with each other.




SVIDOM Country Club

In the village of Tchaikovsky on the Kama is a country club “SVIDOM” – a great place to spend winter holidays in a relaxed atmosphere in conditions that can not but like. Here they rent houses for rent, sink a chic sauna on firewood and organize wonderful locations for personal photo shoots. And cats live on the territory.

Houses “SVIDOM” are large and bright wooden cottages, on which they did not save. Everything in them is made at the highest level: the log house itself, and the decoration, and furniture, and appliances … Even the curtains are better than you might expect. Only designer furniture, high-quality bed linen, beautiful dishes and stunning cheesecakes for breakfast, which are simply impossible to forget.

Each house boasts panoramic windows overlooking the majestic Kama. If you follow the social networks of the club, you can get a good discount.




GC «Tikhiy Les»

On a private beach on the outskirts of Izhevsk in a coniferous forest, where since the 30s of the last century there was a Rest House “Mashinostroitel”, there is a hotel complex “Quiet Forest” – the place is really very quiet, despite the popularity among the townspeople. There is not too much intrusive service or leisure, but the rooms are perfectly clean, the furniture is serviceable, and the appliances function as expected.

In the house:

  • free internet and TV;
  • barbecue facilities (except coal);
  • necessary furniture, including tables;
  • bathroom with shower, individual water heater and toiletries;
  • kitchen with kettle, fridge, stove, microwave and kitchenware.

The Group has a comprehensive loyalty program, discounts are summed up and accumulated. By the way, you can take a pet on vacation, but you will have to pay extra for it.




Recreation center “Tsarsky Bor”

In the Votkinsk district (just on the shore of the Votkinsk reservoir), next to the village with the bizarre name Kostovaty in the coniferous forest there is a recreation center “Tsarsky Bor”. Together with other buildings, it is part of the resort “Kostovaty”, almost deified by the locals as a place of power and is popular among the inhabitants of the region.

The “Tsar’s House” is positioned as a center of active recreational recreation, because there is nothing better than a couple of days in the forest, without gadgets and information noise (and here even the phone catches poorly). Celebrating the New Year without the president’s speech, the chimes and the usual fireworks is a challenge that you will want to repeat: the Tsar’s House has more regular customers than casual ones.

The building has only 5 rooms,all on the second floor, on the first floor – a common kitchen and dining room. When booking a room, you need to additionally clarify whether there are amenities or they are provided only on the floor.

And, by the way, there are chic baths and bathhouse attendants with vast experience.



Finnish Guest House

An ideal small house in the village of Tchaikovsky with its own snow-covered garden with a bench (here you get bomb photos for insta) and a terrace equipped with a barbecue is the best way to celebrate the New Year with your loved one.

The house has a bright bedroom with a large corner window overlooking the pine trees, an equipped kitchen and a living room with a sofa that can be laid out for the child. The price includes breakfasts – large, tasty and hot. The staff says that most guests definitely come back to them, and this seems to be true: the place is very beautiful, cozy and with inner warmth.

Of the minuses: hot water is provided by a flow-through heater. It may not cope, the water will be slightly warm.




Guest House «Sunny Valley-15»

On the territory of the ski resort “Nechkino” there are many private guest houses-pensions of family type, which are maintained directly by the owners. “Sunny Valley-15” is one of them.

It is located in a fenced well-groomed area of about six acres. In addition to the houseitself, there is a children’s playground, parking and a barbecue area with all the accessories. Nearby there are cafes and two restaurants. In 15 minutes on foot – ski slopes and entertainment center.

The house itself with two bedrooms and a living room can accommodate up to eight people, so it is rented by families and small companies to celebrate the New Year in a calm intimate atmosphere.




How will you meet the New Year… So with new strength and to work. Therefore, as folk wisdom says, the New Year should be celebrated either in the bath or with a face in the olivier. However, in the Izhevsk region, this practice is not welcome. There live strong people who are prone to a healthy lifestyle, so on New Year’s Eve they are drawn to skis. The atmosphere is conducive: a maximum of an hour by car – and you can ride on good slopes, celebrating the holiday with a glass of champagne in a cute chalet (for example, as in the resort “Chekeril”). Prone to austerity and tired of the city noise, people can try to compete for a place in the hotel “Tsar’s Forest” or rent a secluded Finnish house. Aesthetes will suit “SVID” – a place where you can feel like a king and celebrate the New Year with the hope of changes for the better.


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