The best recreation centers in the Nizhny Novgorod region for the New Year

Magical New Year and Christmas holidays offer the best recreation centers of the Nizhny Novgorod region. They receive tourists throughout the year, but it is in winter that you can fully appreciate the beauty of the Volga nature. Country hotels demonstrate amazing hospitality and guarantee excellent living conditions.

Eco-Park Forest Key

An unforgettable holiday awaits guests of the Nizhny Novgorod region in the ECO camp site “Forest Key”. It is located just 50 km from the city surrounded by fabulous nature. For guests to stay, log cottagesare built, in the guest room there are rooms of Standard and Suite categories. It provides absolutely everything for a comfortable stay and leisure activities. For lovers of kebabs built gazebos with barbecues, in the lobby of the main building equipped with a children’s corner, there is a billiard room, SPA, there is a rental of sports equipment. In the New Year holidays, young guests are waiting for adventures at the dacha of Santa Claus, horseback riding, and adults will appreciate discos with “live” vocals, breakfast “Buffet”, lunch and festive dinners. In the afternoon, everyone is waiting for horseback riding, photo shoots in the Husky House, cooking classes, animation programs and much more.

“Excellent nature, cool ice fishing on the lake, this year I want to try fishing under water. Rest relatively inexpensive, good food, entertainment” Gennady, Russia




Camp site Silver

Country SPA hotel is an hour and a half drive from the regional center. Here, surrounded by forest, two buildings are built, the fund of which includes spacious standards, Comfortable and family rooms. Separately offered log cottages for 4 and 6 guests. The camp site specializes in health spa treatments. It offers a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna with Himalayan salt, a Turkish hammam, a salt room, several types of massage, a Charcot shower and a circular shower. The restaurant is located in the main building. It is divided into a dining room and a lobby bar. Meals are organized in the format of a buffet (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tea tables are also served here for snacks. During the New Year holidays, guests will enjoy daily entertainment programs, spicy mulled wine near the common fire, a DJ with the hottest disco and, of course, a visit to the SPA according to the approved schedule.

“We had a rest with the children last winter. I liked that a large wooden slide was installed, “cotton candy” were issued. Not far from the base there is a ski track, and an ice rink is flooded on the territory itself. It is constantly cleaned, so there will be no problems with skating. This is a great place for a country holiday” Irina, Russia



Camp site Uzola

Country Club-hotel is an hour’s drive from Nizhny Novgorod. In its fund – 4 one-storey cottages with 22 rooms. Meals are organized by two restaurants, one of which, “Berendeyevo Kingdom”, specializes in traditional Russian cuisine. It offers a wellness center, billiards, karaoke and daily entertainment during the New Year holidays. Fans of outdoor activities will enjoy skiing through the snow-covered forest, high-speed snowmobile rides, riding on flat ice. The SPA offers a Turkish bath with Jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna with a swimming pool, herbal tea from a samovar, massage services. Such hotels often cooperate with tourist offices. In “Uzola” excursions to the City of Masters are offered, including a review of workshops accompanied by a guide, a master class on making a whistle and an artisanal toy for memory.

“The holidays flew by unnoticed. We snowmobiled, relaxed in the sauna, went on an excursion, but before that we visited an unforgettable New Year’s party. This is a place where you really get to relax” Ilona, Russia



Recreation Aviator

The tourist complex with the romantic-brutal name “Aviator” is located on the banks of the Volga. Two cottages are named after the famous Soviet pilots Valery Chkalov and Ivan Kozhedub. Shungite bath is named after Alexander Pokryshkin. The cottages are equipped with modern appliances, divided into bedrooms and a common kitchen-living room. During the New Year holidays, the entertainment team prepares several thematic entertainment programs for children and adults. The restaurant develops a special banquet and children’s menu. Guests are also waiting for horseback riding, banana, tubing, cooking kebabs in the fresh air and another 20 outdoor activities.

“Flying holidays are made in the Aviator! The DJ and presenter are always on the same page with the vacationers. They have a great chuyka on the right music. The cook cooks perfectly. Everything is coolly done here and cool service” Sergey, Russia




Recreation emerald

Comfortable tourist complex is located on the shore of the Gorky Sea. It includes hotels with service of different classes. For living, 13 wooden buildings of several levels of comfort are offered. The rooms include family standards, apartments, hotel Junior Suites, chalet junior suites and suites. On the territory there are restaurants “On the pier” and a small restaurant, a café “I’izum”, “Tent”, “Food”, “Pelmealnaya”, “PP-bar”. Three baths were built – “Merchant”, “Boyarskaya” and “Student”, a SPA-salon, a gym, a FOK with a swimming pool. In a separate health complex of the hotel “Coastal” equipped with sauna, hammam, swimming pool. On New Year’s Eve, each of the hotels is preparing its own event. Banquets will be covered in restaurants and cafes, and a grandiose celebration with fireworks and numerous surprises is planned on the street.

“Lovely place to stay at any time of the year. The rental office has all sports equipment, including hoverboards, velomobiles and Segways. There is a swimming pool with three professional tracks, a hall with simulators from the company Technogym, bowling, billiards. I liked this attitude to the organization of active leisure” Vitaly, Russia




Ildorf Country Club

Among the Nizhny Novgorod country clubs “Ildorf” occupies a special place. It is located on the shore of Lake Purchma surrounded by a mixed Murom forest, completely decorated in the style of a German village. A group of professional interior designers and landscape designers worked on the author’s design of the farmstead, houses, rooms and other artistic concepts. The rooms include Standards, Junior Suites, Deluxe Suites, Suites and Family Triple Suites. Starting from September 1, 2021, the complex operates on the “All Inclusive” system. During the New Year holidays, a large number of interesting entertainments are planned. They will involve all leisure points of the hotel – equestrian club, karaoke, attraction “Angry Birds”, handicraft workshops “City of Masters”. The local paintball shooting range will not stand aside. Festive tables will provide a sports bar, a kandy bar and the main restaurant, in which tables will be laid three times a day according to the Swedish system.

“We had a rest with the whole family. I really liked the atmosphere. Everything is clean, neat, as in Germany. The houses are located right in the forest. On the territory there are various funny figures that children like very much. Meals – buffet, a very diverse set of dishes. Every evening there are musicians, the host holds themed parties” Yuri, Russia




Yermak Country Club

Country hotels of the Nizhny Novgorod region are often built in very picturesque places. Club “Ermak” is built on the shore of the lake and this gives its owners a lot of advantages in organizing active leisure at any time of the year. In summer, you can sunbathe and swim here without departing far from the residential building, in winter the water surface turns into a huge skating rink, which is constantly cleaned of snow. Comfortable and inexpensive rooms attract many tourists here. During the Christmas holidays, the organizers of the festive events promise to arrange sledding competitions, ski and ice races, as well as provide a children’s animator for every day. While the little guests of the recreation center will have fun, their parents will be able to go to the bath and fry kebabs. The restaurant will be happy to accommodate everyone at new Year’s tables.

“Nature pleases, around the forest, in front of the house lake. The air is fresh! Near the reservoir, you can go fishing» Ivan, Russia



Recreation Cherry Orchard

Homestead “Cherry Orchard” consists of three comfortable cottages. The manor house with high ceilings will give excellent conditions for living and recreation. On two floors there is a front living room with a kitchen, bedrooms “Boudoir”, “Children’s”, “For guests” and “Master’s bedchamber”, an office for working with a library, two bathrooms with a bath and a shower, a terrace, two balconies and a canopy area with a barbecue area. In the log wing there are two bedrooms “Upper Room” and “Svetlitsa”, a large living room with a kitchen area, a separate and combined bathroom, a steam room, two balconies, an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool. The house in the style of Provence is a two-story building with two living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and combined bathrooms. In the café “Tavern” you can order full board. In winter, people come here to do caiting, in summer – windsurfing. Scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs and other sports equipment are available at the box office. On New Year’s Eve, a banquet, a salute, a children’s Christmas tree for the next day, a breakfast with champagne and a sweet surprise are prepared.

“How we all enjoyed our holiday here! Comfortable living conditions in interiors decorated in Russian traditions. The café cooks deliciously, but we ourselves coped well in our own kitchen. Therefore, they took only breakfasts. We highly recommend that you do not hesitate to seek help from the staff. Everyone here is very hospitable” Maria, Russia




Tourist base Usta

The farther out of town, the more comfortable the recreation center, and the price tag is much smaller. “Usta” is located 160 km from Nizhny Novgorod, but offers conditions at the highest level. Rooms are located in wooden houses. Almost all comfort categories from Economy Class to Luxury are presented. There are apartments with a kitchen. Three meals a day is organized by the dining room. The menu includes traditional dishes of Russian cuisine. They are prepared from fresh products, as the hotel has its own backyard farm – a poultry house, a vegetable garden, greenhouses and a garden. In addition, employees from summer / autumn harvest berries, mushrooms, pickles and jams. It offers an outdoor heated swimming pool (open in the summer season), a Russian bath with a broom, gazebos with barbecues, billiard room, karaoke, Russian lotto, sports equipment rental. On New Year’s Eve, a banquet and entertainment are being prepared. There are many surprises waiting for guests.

“Wildlife lovers will love it here. The owners are thorough people. They taught the staff to take care of guests, arrange fishing, hiking for mushrooms, hold cool events. The main concern is also that in the spring the territory is treated from ticks, and in the summer from mosquitoes and other nasty” Valery, Russia




Hostel Premier Hotel

Hotel and restaurant complex “Premier Hotel” is located in the district center of Gorodets. This is an original place with its own traditions. Rooms in the guest house and cottage “Family” are available for accommodation. They are equipped with kitchens, but at any time you can use the services of the restaurant. A bath complex was built on the territory. Staff can help arrange excursions to the ostrich farm and horse yard. The rental has all the equipment for outdoor activities.

“Lovely place to relax on weekends or holidays. Excellent living conditions, delicious food, excellent team of animators» Julia, Russia





All the best country hotels of the Nizhny Novgorod region cause a desire to come there to rest. But the most interesting will be the stay and Eco-Park “Forest Key”. It is not far from the city, and the entertainment there is more diverse.

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