The best hotels spit Belyaus Crimea by the sea for families with children

Famous Tarkhankut! Everything is different: tents, sun loungers, tackle, flying pareos and flying panamas, water in 20-liter flasks and even potatoes in polypropylene nets. Spit Belyaus or Donuzlav peresyp, as the old-timers say, is a traditional place of wild rest, one of many in the Crimea and specifically on the Tarkhankut Peninsula. Tourists with humpback backpacks and screwed pots tend here, here is the assembly point of bard fan groups, almost extinct Tolkienists and divers-enthusiasts. On the spit is almost always windy and there is a wave, so you can meet surfers on minimals and even kiteboarders. But most importantly, the Belyaus Spit is an excellent place for family holidays both for visitors on loaded SUVs, crawling into white sand on their belly, and for more civilized tourists who prefer local hotels.

A long, about 10 kilometers, sandy beach almost in the center for 200 meters breaks the passage for ships to the Donuzlav Bay. Most of the hotels are located in the nearest villages on both sides of the spit – Znamensky and Mirny.

It’s interesting! At the western end of the spill is a significant archaeological monument – an ancient Greek settlement, a symbol of the complex history of the Crimea. It is dated to the IV century BC. It is believed that it all began with a fortified manor with a multi-storey tower made of shell. Approximately on the breakdown of epochs, the estate was destroyed by the Scythians, but after a while they repopulated and even completed the defensive rampart of the butt.

The Scythians did not stay long on Belyaus, but after them, somewhere in the VII-X centuries of our time, the Khazars lived here for a short time, no more than a hundred years. What happened after them is unknown. However, the Belyaus Tower has experienced all the vicissitudes and is now considered a classic monument of ancient fortification culture. Everything that was found by archaeologists at the excavation site can be seen in the Evpatoria Museum.

Guest House Fazenda

On the territory of the resort village “Golden Crimea”,two kilometers from Znamensky and literally 500-800 meters from the entrance to the spit is a small but quite cozy guest house “Fazenda”. Only eight 3-bed rooms on two floors of a wooden house a la still, each with its own boiler, amenities and air conditioning (plus cable and Internet, where on vacation without communication with the outside world?!).

A great place to spend the night, but you can not count on more: there is no own dining room, and the kitchen is common, there are few dishes and traditionally there are not enough for everyone. You will have to eat either dry, or look for canteens in the village. They’re there, but the reviews about them aren’t very good. In Znamensky there is a daily market where locals sell good homemade dairy products, vegetables and fruits in season. Immediately fry kebabs.

On the territory of the guest house there is a modest children’s playground, decorated in the same style as the residential buildings. For some reason, the owners decided not to complicate their lives with landscaping or at least canopies, so being in the yard after 11 a.m. is like landing on Mars. This is the steppe Crimea, in the summer it is dry, hellishly hot and often windy. Even the grass does not survive, so the playground was covered with artificial turf.


  • bed linen is changed every 5-7 days;
  • cleaning once a week;
  • towels are changed on request;
  • washing machine is paid.

In the evening in the same village “Golden Crimea” spend quite nerdy children’s games, which also cost though not big, but money. So you should not count on any additional children’s entertainment, it is better to stock up on books from home.

Olga, Orel: “My sons 5 and 8 and I were in Fazenda in 2017. Normal hotel, but very poor sound insulation and conditionally clean. And I also killed how to feed the children, because there is no refrigerator in the room, that is, you can not bring anything from the store in such heat. Common in the kitchen is constantly packed, and you do not want to go back and forth. Cooking in the kitchen is stupid, there are always delegations with beer something fried, do not come up. That year, I remember, there was almost no fruit on the market, they say, they did not disfigure. “





Mini-hotel “Anna-Victoria”

A unique mini-hotel,a rarity for the Crimean service – the rooms do not have a TV, but there is a refrigerator and an electric kettle. And this is much better than the other way around, and solves the problem of if not good nutrition, then dense snacks for sure. If desired, you can cook in the common kitchen, but where to get it, is this desire?

The second undeniable advantage of the hotel is the absence of dusty curtains on the windows. Instead, modest utilitarian roller shutters.


  • cleaning is rare, towels and bed linen are not changed;
  • the rooms are small, the beds are close, with two children will be cramped;
  • the bathroom is tiny, it is inconvenient to be with the child;
  • there is no place where you can dry towels and children’s underwear;
  • the stairs to the second floor are not at all for children, a child under five years old will have to be raised on himself;
  • table and chairs are plastic.

Maxim, Voronezh: “The three of us with my wife and 5-year-old daughter were in 2019. Everything, of course, is Crimean, but! The owner is constantly on the pick-up, can give a lift to the market. The water was not on schedule, as I understood, they have some kind of cunning well. Cleaning, however, we did not wait, and the towels to knock out clean – from the category of fiction, but you can live. Well, the sea on Belyaus will brighten up any impressions. So I recommend the hotel, in principle, – there is simply no better one. “



There is a children’s playground with a small sandbox and slide. But the main entertainment is the beach, to which a quarter of an hour is a very slow course.

Mirny Hotel

You can spend a long time over the fact that in the Crimea and the chicken coop will be handed over to a couple with children, but the idea to put on the first line of cargo containers and convert them into quite comfortable rooms, is definitely good. “Mirny” is a strange and at the same time interesting hotel, which is located near Popovka, on a sandy beach on the territory of the Snt Votchina.

True, snt – garden non-profit partnership – is already an outdated name, now – eco-village. In principle, nothing has changed: a settlement on the shore and with a minimum of infrastructure, which the organizers call freedom.

For holidays with children, the hotel is categorically not suitable, it is focused on bored young people who want to try something like this, and then also boast in social networks.


  • small rooms;
  • poor thermal insulation and ventilation;
  • meals only from the grill plus you can order a set breakfast (coffee and croissant);
  • sound insulation is not suitable;
  • of entertainment only the cries of seagulls.

In addition, “Peaceful” is expensive. In any case, you need to pay for a hipster idea, at the price “Peaceful” bypasses any guest houses with a similar level of comfort. Apparently, a surcharge for sunrises and sunsets, which can be seen from the window of the room. Typical Crimean exclusive service.



Hotel «Christie»

The south-eastern part of the Belyaus spit is closer to the village of Mirny, and for some inexplicable reason closer to civilization compared to its north-western part. In the direction of Donuzlav has already begun construction, there were quite decent hotels. In the village (it is about 10 kilometers) there are tolerable taverns and even parks for children. Perhaps the fact is the proximity to Evpatoria and the remoteness from Tarkhankut, maybe just the territory is a little more developed. By the way, rumors circulate among the local population that the regional authorities are going to give the entire spit for construction.

Hotel “Christie” (Christie) – a pleasant hotel with 54 rooms, a great place to relax with children. Here are really attentive to small guests, so for guests with children there are discounts and bonuses, plus:

  • on request cots, high chairs;
  • children under 5 years free of charge, up to 12 – discounts;
  • animators, master classes, children’s studios work;
  • in the game there are board games, no one forces the child to watch cartoons for hours.

In the guesthouse you can choose several options for meals (buffet), but, most importantly, there is a children’s menu. You can even order dietary children’s meals for a couple or special food for allergy sufferers.

An important advantage of the hotel is that its beach does not go to the sea, but to the Donuzlav Bay. Locals even call it a lake with sea water, although this, of course, is not so. But for vacationers with children it is important that in the estuary the water is much warmer and calmer than on the other side of the spit, in the open sea. It does not cause winds algae, garbage and jellyfish.

To the beach leads the boardwalk with – oh, a miracle! – ramps for strollers. The descent to the sea is convenient, gentle, and the entry into the sea is just the one that is suitable for children, with shallow water and an empty bottom. Right on the beach there is an animator, there is a small town, a lifeguard is vigilantly watching everyone.

The hotel provides a shuttle service to the airport on request, and the car that arrives is equipped with child seats.





Гостиница «Керкинитида»

In the village of Mirny, not far from the eastern “tail” of the Belyaus spit (the locals gave it a separate name, the Southern Spit) there is a small hotel for 62 seats “Kerkinanitida”,which the owners proudly call the hotel complex “Kerkinanitida Crab Bay”.

The hotel is positioned as a place of family rest, so guests with children provide minimal comfort. In high season, the club “Sebastian” (a reference to the crab from the Disney animated series “The Little Mermaid”) operates, where animators are engaged with children, while parents can relax in silence for an hour or two. On the territory there is a playground for children, but it is staffed frankly wretched.

Otherwise, too, no frills:

  • attention, air conditioning is not in every room!
  • children’s menu in the dining room is narrow, including, for example, pancakes with condensed condensed meals;
  • clean the room only before check-in;
  • bed linen and textiles leave much to be desired.

Mila, Novgorod: “My daughter and I lived in Crab Bay in 2018, the room was family on the 3rd floor. Impressions of the hotel are blurred, most likely, I will not come again. It seems to be more or less clean, but the floors are worn out, the walls are stained. The refrigerator rattled so that it was impossible to sleep. In the local dining room it is better not to eat anything, cook terribly, children simply can not. My daughter did not like the children’s club, and in the sauna at the hotel some half-potent companies were constantly goothing. “





Advice from the experienced

On the territory of the Scythian Crimea has always been very bad with water, even at a time when the North Crimean Canal functioned as it should. Since 2016, despite its own wells, this part of the peninsula really suffers without water and this applies primarily to small private hotels. Do not be surprised if the water in the room will be on schedule or with an unpleasant smell. Of course, this complicates the rest with children, especially with small ones.

Water scarcity must also be taken into account in the markets. Do not hope that there will be an abundance of seasonal berries, vegetables and fruits: in the steppe Crimea you need to carefully look at the gifts of the land of the Scythians and Khazars. It may well turn out that tourists are sold at exorbitant prices of Egyptian onions, Israeli potatoes and Turkish cherries under the brand name of “environmentally friendly” local products. Of course, even near Belyaus everything is growing, but little by little, and the market usually does not reach.

Two important points:

  1. Resting on the beaches of the Spit Belyaus, especially with small children, take into account the season: in the vicinity of Tarkhankut – the dominance of jellyfish, many of them sting, although not very painful, but unpleasant. A sensitive child may have a skin reaction.
  2. The beaches of Belyaus are heterogeneous. Most often they are sandy, but there are “thorny” areas – there is sand from a small shell, tactilely a little sharp. It is better for a child to take shoes with a good sole to the beach, not flip-flops!

The territory near Cape Tarkhankut is a territory of cheap rest with all the ensuing. Do not expect miracles from the dry Crimean summer and from the unassuming Crimean service on the Belyaus spit: the minimum price is minimal comfort. If money is not the main thing, and for some reason you want to relax on the beaches of Belyaus, then you should choose “Christie”. Still 4 stars, they are on Tarkhankut 4 stars.