The best hotels of the New World by the sea for families with children in the Crimea

Novy Svet is a resort village, which is located on the Black Sea coast, 5 kilometers from Sudak. This place received its name quite recently, in the XIX century. Before that, the New World was called “Paradise” and was the estate of the family of Prince Golitsyn. “Paradise” translates as “paradise place” and this is not unreasonable.

Nature in the village of Novy Svet differs from other places of the Crimea: the rocks eventually took unusual reliefs and painted in shades unusual to them; tall trees, sometimes surprising with their shapes. Tourists vacationing here, note that the New World is one of the most beautiful places not only in the Crimea.

This resort, in addition to visual aesthetics, attracts with its mild climate. Around the village there are mountains that protect the place from cold winds. This allows you to come here not only in the swimming season, from May to October, but also at other times. In spring and autumn, you can travel along the paved hiking trails through the Tsar’s and Veselovskaya Bays, as well as climb the mountains and explore the coast.

As for the sea, there are few places where you can swim here – it is only one. In the Green Bay built all the necessary infrastructure: cafes, hotels, restaurants, souvenir and tourist shops, kiosks with clothes, toilets and showers. The beach is sandy, with rounded pebbles, which is pleasant to walk on. In addition to the official equipped, there are also “wild” beaches. In the bays of Robber, Tsarskaya, Veselovskaya you can relax in tents to the sounds of nature. You can swim only at your own risk.

You can visit in the New World not only natural places, there are many other attractions. Interesting to visit, for example, the plant where the famous wine is produced, the estates of Prince Golitsyn, cave monasteries and much more.

Hotel complex “Novy Svet”

All hotels in the village of New World are in a beautiful place, even if they are far from the sea and mountains. And this hotel complex pleases tourists with its close location to natural sites. There are trees on site, so breathing is very easy. The air contains wood oils, mountain freshness and sea salts.

The location of the hotel will appeal even to a demanding guest, all the buildings are next to each other. The main building has a view of the sea coast, the mountains and the entire resort.

The spacious territory is favorably located on the beach, so you do not have to overcome long distances on the way to the beach. The road takes only a few minutes walk along the fragrant juniper trees. Hotel “New World” has always been famous for its hospitality and comfort. This is a great place for a romantic short weekend and a long-awaited vacation, for organizing international conferences, seminars and business negotiations. Among the many hotels and boarding houses of the Crimea, guests choose this option for a unique opportunity to breathe healthy juniper air, swim on the beach of the Crimean coast, sunbathe, drink champagne prepared according to the recipe of Prince Lev Golitsyn.




Vintage Hotel Novy Svet

This place is similar to other hotels in that it is located in a beautiful location and surrounded by nature. A vintage hotel is a combination of mountainous, marine and pristine landscape.

Hotel “Vintage” is an old mansion, which has a wine cellar with unique drinks and a restaurant that serves fresh fish and seafood. After a meal, you can stroll around the complex and enjoy the silence, which is interrupted by birds and a light wind.

Rooms at this hotel offer views of the mountains and the seaside. The rooms themselves are made in a modern style and equipped with all necessary accessories. At the same time, the hotel has several options for rooms, which differ in comfort class and design.

In addition to recreation, this place is also a museum, where you can get acquainted with the archive of photographs from the time of Prince Golitsyn. Vintage hotel “New World” is a great place to hold a working event, relax with family or alone. Especially rest in this place will be appreciated by those who want to spend time in peace and tranquility.

I come to rest in this village not for the first time, I have already viewed almost all the hotels. And this one is one of the best. There is no champagne like champagne served here anywhere. The rooms are very beautiful, cozy and comfortable. I liked that the hotel is very close to the sea, it was 3 minutes to go. I ordered breakfast, everything is delicious, but, unfortunately, there was no juice and fruit. Of the minuses still – this is the fact that very loudly noisy ventilation street. But at night I never heard it, so the minus is generally insignificant. I will definitely come back here more than once!





Prince Golitsyn

Hotel “Prince Golitsyn” is a private place built on the Black Sea coast. The architecture of the building is made in the palace style. Romantic atmosphere and high quality of service allows tourists to feel like nobles of the XIX century.

For the first time the hotel received its guests in 2017 and since then, does not close its doors and receives more and more tourists. “Prince Golitsyn” is:

  • 50 rooms from economy to luxury;
  • restaurant for 100 seats;
  • gazebos where you can dine;
  • Wi-Fi, which catches throughout the complex.

The hotel is a few minutes from Green Bay. Here you can not only relax, but also heal: the air is saturated with oils of coniferous trees and sea iodine. It offers views of the mountain slopes and the seaside.

Here is what the hotel “Prince Golitsyn” offers its guests:

  • scenic view from each room;
  • its sea coast;
  • parking for vacationers;
  • landscaped yard.

As entertainment, you can use the sports ground and swimming pool that are located on the territory of the complex. And you can also visit the nearest town of Sudak, which has many leisure options.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner without leaving the hotel. The restaurant serves delicious healthy food made with fresh ingredients. There is also a children’s menu.

My husband and I have a lot of positive impressions after relaxing here. The hotel is not very big, but cozy, quiet. The rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with everything you need. The friendly staff cheered up and was always ready to help. There is only one thing left: to modify the menu of the restaurant in accordance with the high status of the hotel. Thanks to the staff and management for a wonderful stay! We will definitely come back and recommend it to friends.





Safe Haven

Hotel “Quiet Harbor” is located next to the beach of the Black Sea: just 30 meters from its waves.

This hotel was built taking into account all world hotel standards. At the same time, architects and builders took into account the peculiarities of the local climate. And thanks to this, it turned out to be a good option for guests with different requirements. “Safe Haven” includes 21 rooms of different categories with excellent design. Guests can come by car and leave it in the guarded parking lot next to the hotel.

Paying for accommodation in the hotel, tourists can count on:

  • accommodation in a comfortable room for two persons;
  • breakfast of the appropriate category;
  • the ability to iron things in a special room;
  • sun loungers and towels for beach holidays;
  • cable TV and Internet in each room;
  • possibility to order the service in the room and contact other residents by landline phone.

The interior of the hotel embodies the comfort of the royal choir and the tranquility of the surrounding nature. All rooms meet the world criteria of hospitality. And from the balconies and windows offers views of the Green Bay, the mountains and the seaside.

Rest in the hotel “Quiet Harbor” can be called comfortable, thanks to cozy rooms, equipped with rooms, polite employees who perfectly cope with their work and the untouched nature of the Crimea. In addition, there are a number of advantages of the hotel:

  1. Location of the complex. The hotel is located on the seafront and is surrounded on all sides by juniper and pine trees.
  2. His safety. On the territory there is round-the-clock security, as well as to ensure maximum protection, video surveillance is conducted throughout the territory.
  3. Equipped territory. In the evening after a busy day, you can in the company of loved ones, with a glass of good wine to admire the sunset and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Choosing this hotel, the tourist receives recovery in the natural place of the Crimea and high-quality service.





Guest House «Na Lenina 22»

Hotel “Na Lenina 22” is located 4 kilometers from the sea, but despite this, it is still in demand among tourists. Yes, other hotels are located near the coast, but “Na Lenina 22” is located in the center of the village, near popular places.

“Na Lenina 22” is a small 2-storey guest house in a tourist village. Parking for holidaymakers is available. There is a swimming pool, sauna and islands for relaxation and sunbathing. The hotel has only 4 rooms. The rooms are small but very comfortable, they have everything a tourist needs. The room has a double bed with bedside tables, air conditioning and toiletries. Bathrooms come with a shower. On the 1st floor of the house there is a room with a kitchen. It is equipped with appliances, ovens and utensils, which is enough for each hostess. Nearby there are many places for shopping: supermarkets, small private shops and markets.

The main advantage of this place is tranquility. There is no noisy entertainment, but you can get to Sudak or go to the New World very quickly. Most travelers prefer to organize their hikes to the mountains from here.



Guest House “Oasis at Suleiman”

Hotel “Oasis at Suleiman” is located near the highway connecting Sudak and Alushta. Tourists note that it is pleasant to relax here thanks to the clean air, in which the aroma of needles and the sea is felt, natural sites and incredibly hospitable employees. Also come here to relax on the pebble beach and climb the mountains.

Hotels in this region are famous for low prices for accommodation, peace and tranquility. Next to the hotel “Oasis at Suleiman” is the reserve Karaul-Oba, the ruins of the famous defensive structure of Aksandra and many other interesting places to visit.

The guest house offers its guests to stay in one of its rooms of different categories. For example, in the “Suite” with one or two bedrooms and a kitchen. Or in a beautifully renovated penthouse with a terrace.

On-site facilities include barbecue facilities, drinking taps and entertainment for children. And also gardeners in this area grow exotic plants, for example, palm, agave, pomegranate, figs and grapes. The hotel provides all guests with a free parking space. And those who prefer to leave personal transport at home, can use the services of public transport, especially since the stop is very close.

The hotel has been open since 2013 and renovated in 2019. Meals are not included in the price, but can be ordered separately. The hostess of the hotel “Oasis at Suleiman” offers to try different dishes of Oriental and Russian cuisine: shurpa, borsch with dumplings, lagman, pancakes, chebureks, cabbage rolls, shashlik, pilaf and much more. Each room has a kitchen with all appliances.

I went to this place for a quiet rest, and I got it. I liked the attitude of the staff to the residents, you feel part of a large family. It was a little frustrating that I had to pay extra for breakfast and dinner, but it was worth it. Homemade food for heartfelt conversations is what you need. I advise everyone who is tired of the city and wants to do nothing for at least 10 days.



Guest House Juniper Paradise

Hotel “Juniper Paradise” is located 7 kilometers from the historic center of the city. There are many attractions within walking distance.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. An airport shuttle service can be booked at an additional cost. Room service is also available. Smoking is prohibited throughout the property.

The modern complex “Juniper Paradise” is located in the depths of a juniper grove on a mountain 600 meters from the beach. It offers cosy rooms with scenic views. All rooms have kitchens, living rooms, modern furnishings, satellite TVs and bathrooms. Free on-site parking (reservation required). The hotel is 500 metres from Novy Svet Bus Stop, 60 km from Feodosia Train Station and 120 km from Simferopol Airport. The promenade with various restaurants and cafés is about a 10-minute walk away.



Resort “New World” is one of the most picturesque places in the Crimea. Local hotels and private houses offer beautiful views of the coastline and mountains from the windows of the rooms.

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