The best hotels in Koreiz by the sea for families with children in Crimea

Koreiz is a tourist village, which is located 12 kilometers from the city of Yalta. For the first time this village was mentioned in Russian literature by the writer P. S. Pallas. Koreiz is known primarily for its palaces: at the end of the 19th century there were about 25 of them, 130 people lived in them.

Later, a telephone exchange, wine shops, bars and other places characteristic of the big city appeared in the village. And even later there were hotels, boarding houses and gambling houses. Legendary architects and engineers were involved in the construction, so in a few years Koreiz managed to turn into a luxury resort.

The modern village is very attractive for lovers of ecotourism and those who prefer quiet, quiet resorts. Here you can enjoy the harmony of the surrounding world, stroll through the picturesque places and taste local drinks.

Despite its small size, the village impresses with numerous attractions. One of the most popular architectural monuments is the Dulber Palace. It was built for the royal family in the late 19th century. When it was finished, the emperor’s uncle lived here, and after the revolution opened its doors as a sanatorium. The landscaped garden growing around the palace is also popular.

Kichkin Palace, located in the park is another attraction of Koreiz. It is built in oriental style and decorated with exquisite sculptural towers and domes. A few years ago, a hotel was also opened in this historic building.

Nature lovers can stroll through the foothills of Ai-Petri. This mountain is distinguished by numerous caves on the slopes: there are more than 300 of them here. But only a few of them are open to the public.

To admire the incredible scenery, it is worth visiting The Chamber Park. It showcases an extensive collection of exclusive tropical plants. The park has several types of cypress, a large rose garden, as well as trees that are more than a hundred years old.


Hotel “Ai-Petri” is built in a park area in the village of Koreiz, 16 kilometers from Yalta.

In the first half of the 20th century, this complex was called “Communards”. Around the same time, the baths located here became popular: they were used for medicinal purposes. Today, this modern complex for recovery offers not only a bath complex, but also professional doctors and modern equipment.

At the same time in “Ai-Petri” can live 800 people. The number of rooms is located in two buildings: eleven and sixteen storey buildings, which house administrative and household services and residential premises. Each room has its own balcony, appliances and necessary furniture. The windows offer a view of the coastal part or the Crimea.

As entertainment, many hotels, and “Ai-Petri” is no exception, offer a freshwater pool, a bath complex, a spa and places for sports games. For children, there is a children’s playground and an indoor games room. In summer, the animators conduct an entertainment program for the children staying at the hotel.

If you do not want to swim in the pool, you can go to the sea: it is only 50 meters from the “Ai-Petri”.

Year-round sanatorium has a number of advantages:

  • located near the coast;
  • innovative and effective medical and diagnostic base;
  • has its own beach with a pebble beach;
  • most of the attractions are within walking distance.

The developed infrastructure of the hotel “Ai-Petri” allows you to create comfortable conditions for guests with any requests. Those who want to combine rest with work can use the conference room and all the necessary equipment. And lovers of outdoor activities, can book excursions or independently explore hiking trails and visit entertainment activities.

Very nice, clean sanatorium. Hospitality at the proper level. The children enjoyed playing on the playground and having fun with the animators. And my husband and I liked the proximity to the sea and comfortable, comfortable rooms. There’s also some incredible air here. All the necessary infrastructure is within walking distance.





Sanatorium Dulber

“Dulber” is a hotel built 500 meters from the Black Sea coast. The hotel has swimming pools, a private beach and a bath complex. There is also a terrace and a restaurant where you can have a snack or a full meal.

Hotel “Dulber” includes three residential buildings, a dining room and a balneer with a private beach. For all questions, you can contact the reception, it works around the clock.

Sports enthusiasts can play tennis on site. And those who want to learn more about the village of Koreiz can walk along one of the hiking trails.

In total, the hotel has 103 rooms of different categories:

  • standard;
  • Junior Suite;
  • lux.

The name “Dulber” has Persian roots and means “beautiful”, “tasty”. This name of the hotel was given by Prince Peter Nikolaevich Romanov. At the end of the 19th century, he bought this land for the construction of a manor and a palace. And for 3 years, the builders managed to erect a building with notes of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Today, tourists in the hotels of Koreiz are attracted not only by its history. The real value of “Dolber” is a park created at the same time as the palace.

This complex is famous for its treatment. The main direction is general therapy:

  • treatment of respiratory non-tuberculous diseases;
  • treatment of problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • treatment of diseases associated with the nervous system.

A harmonious combination of natural resources: sunbathing, salt water and aromatic oil-rich air, in combination with modern treatment, strengthens the immune system and enhances the protective function of the body.

The hotel selects an individual program for the treatment of major and concomitant diseases for each guest.





Park Avenue Hotel is a peaceful place surrounded by the nature of the Crimea. There is no noise and bustle of the city. And there is only crystal clear air and calm sea waves. Relaxation in this hotel gives guests unforgettable moments of serenity and silence.

3 minutes from the hotel complex is the promenade. In the evening, lying on the sand, you can observe incredibly beautiful colorful sunsets. And for those who love outdoor activities, there are a lot of attractions for every taste.

The hotel is located opposite the landscape park Koreiz, which occupies an area of 20 hectares. The buildings of the hotel are completely new, commissioned in 2016. All the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay is available:

  • supermarket;
  • pharmacy;
  • bank;
  • mail;
  • cafe;
  • all kinds of entertainment for children and adults.

At the same time, the territory of the hotel itself is surrounded by trees, so it is always quiet and calm. This promotes relaxation, healthy sleep and a comfortable rest away from the hustle and bustle.

The hotel has 30 comfortable rooms, different options:

Elegant standard rooms of 27.7 sq.m, designed to accommodate up to 3 people, consisting of a bedroom with a double bed and an additional folding armchair.

Furnished two-room suite of 39.6 m2, designed for 2 adults and 2 children, consists of a bedroom with a double bed and a single sofa.

Elegant junior suite of 35.7 m2, designed for 2 adults and 2 children, with a double bed and 2 single beds in the room. There are options with a balcony.

Spacious standard family rooms of 43.8 sq.m, designed to accommodate up to 4 people and equipped with a double bed and a double sofa bed.

The restaurant, located on the territory of Park Avenue, is decorated in a modern style and embodies the elegance of the space. Combines comfort, warmth and entourage. Soft color palette, contrast of textures, natural materials – all this gives the restaurant a special style.

The restaurant has a common room and an outdoor summer playground. The bar serves a variety of milkshakes, lemonades and freshly squeezed fruit juices. The restaurant is ideal for a light lunch, family dinner or events.

The cuisine of the restaurant is focused on every taste. The menu is dominated by dishes from fresh fish, European cuisine based on meat, poultry, vegetables, light salads, Crimean cuisine and children’s menu.

Rested from 3 to 10 September. I liked everything. The hotel is clean and cozy, the staff is friendly and helpful. We had enough food in the bar. Everything is delicious. The weather was beautiful, so almost all the time was spent on the sea and in the mountains. The hotel is quiet, no one interferes with the rest.




House of Creativity Actor

Almost all hotels in Koreiz have an interesting history, not an exception and the hotel complex “House of Creativity Actor”. The story of how this building was created and why it bears such a name is gladly told by employees to their guests.

The hotel is located near the Black Sea coast. But if you do not want to go to the sea, you can swim in the pool on the territory of the hotel or go for a massage and a sauna.

Rooms have balconies from which you can watch the sea waves. And also in each visit there is everything you need for living.

You can have a snack and a snack here. The hotel has its own restaurant. The quality of service, both restaurant and hotel – at the highest level.

On the territory of the “House of Creativity Actor” are:

  1. Administrative building. On the first there are rooms of the category “Junior Suite”, they have their own entrance from the yard.
  2. Club-dining room. On the ground floor of this room there are entertainments: library, billiards, children’s room. On the second floor there is a dining room, and on the third floor there is a hall for concerts and watching movies.
  3. The first residential complex. There are two-room apartments with 3 beds, two two-room junior suites and two one-room suites with mountain views.
  4. The second residential complex. It has one-room, two-room and two-room rooms with increased room space. On the second floor there are 3 junior suites with one bedroom.
  5. Corps “Marine”. It is located on the very shore of the Black Sea. On the first two floors there are double rooms with amenities on the floor. On the 3rd floor there are one-room suites and studios. On the 4th floor there are studios with panoramic windows.




Respect Hall Resort & Spa

Respect Hall Resort & Spa is located near the picturesque centre of Koreiz. The hotel’s restaurant serves a wide range of international dishes. For those who want to relax, there is a good bar serving delicious cocktails and other drinks. If you do not want to leave the room,you can use the room service to order food.

Internet access is available throughout the hotel. There is also a safe in which you can leave valuables. Guests can relax in the outdoor pool and sauna. And the spa offers a wide range of body treatments.

This hotel has a number of advantages that are worth knowing about:

  1. Spacious and comfortable rooms. Each offers views of the mountains or the seaside.
  2. This is one of the largest sanatoriums in the Crimea. There are several kinds of baths, swimming pools, a salt room and a spacious gym.
  3. A large selection of SPA services, not only cosmetic orientation, but also for recovery. After the bath or sauna, you can order a relaxing massage or herbal medicine.
  4. There is a private park with playgrounds on site. Guests of the hotel with children of any age can visit the complex free of charge.

Rested in this hotel in August 2019. The hotel is new, modern and beautiful. The hotel’s café offers a delicious menu. Polite staff. The sea is not far to go, the road to the beach through the trees. Amazing fragrance. View from the window to the trees, the sea, the mountains. I fell in love with this hotel. I will definitely come back more than once.




If during the holiday, you want to know the history of the resort Koreiz, it is better to stay in hotels that were built in past centuries. These are, for example, the hotels“Dulber”and“Ai-Petri”.

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