Sugar Marina Resort ART Karon Beach Phuket, Thailand – Full review

Modern stylish hotel Marina Resort Art Karon Beach on the island of Phuket attracts tourists with its unusual concept. Getting into it, it seems that this is not a hotel, but an exhibition or museum of modern art. The premises and territory are decorated with various decorative elements, inscriptions, paintings and other art objects.

Creators and designers have achieved a combination of aesthetic and physical pleasure. The magnificent mild climate of the west coast of Thailand,the “singing” white sand on the beach, the clean sea and swimming pools, the chic tropical nature – and all this is decorated with a unique design of rooms and a creative approach even to ordinary hotel things.

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Already at the entrance you will be greeted by several art objects made up of objects familiar to the human eye – chairs, boards, buckets, cans, pencils, umbrellas. For lovers of entourage and high-quality service Shuga Marina Art will be the perfect place to spend an unforgettable vacation. With its artistic installations, it resembles a museum of modern art. Each room is individual, filled with unique decorative elements and designer furniture.

This boarding house begins its history in 2007, then it was not so extravagant. It was an ordinary three-star hotel with a small adjacent area and a swimming pool. In 2013, a major rebranding was started, another building was built, the restoration of the old building and the adjacent territory was built. As a result of the changes, a designer hotel with beautiful possessions, high-quality service and wide functionality turned out.

Now the complex consists of two four-storey buildings with a swimming pool, garden, sports grounds. It is located in a convenient location – across the street from Karon Beach, 10 minutes by car from Patong City, a little less than an hour to the airport in Phuket.

The territory of the complex is quite green: well-groomed grass, tall sprawling trees, palm trees.

Daria, Yoshkar-Ola: “It’s pretty clean. It seems to me that there is almost everything that even the most demanding vacationer may need. There are bathrobes, bath and beach towels, there is even a mat and a special bag. Every day the rooms are cleaned qualitatively. Change linen often. Air conditioning deserves special attention. He worked quietly while we were away. That is, we came to the cool room. The ocean is just a three-minute walk away. The breakfast buffet is very varied, rich choice. I liked everything!”

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In total, there are 146 rooms of different categories in two buildings. Marina Resort has four stars, all rooms correspond to the declared level. An interesting fact is that there are no identical apartments, as each has its own zest, special design or decorative elements. Cleaning is done every day, replenishing the minibar and changing towels. Bed linen is changed twice a week.

Rooms with sea view – they are also with a view of the street. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that in such rooms it will be noisy, although the street is not very busy. Standard penates involve two single beds, which are shifted if necessary. For babies put an extra crib. The windows are panoramic, so the rooms are very bright and spacious.

Each room has a plasma TV, refrigerator, kettle, safe, telephone, hairdryer, flashlight. From furniture – wardrobe, beds, bedside tables, coffee shop, table, chairs. All furniture is designer, of high quality. The deluxe apartment has a bathtub behind frosted glass. This design solution can not but like young couples. The balcony offers a gorgeous view of the pool and the flowering garden.

Luxury apartments have terraces that are closely bordered by a body of water. They have sun loungers, so you can sunbathe without leaving the walls of temporary housing. Everywhere in the resort catches free Wi-Fi. In the main building there are computers from which you can access the global network, but you can also use the TV for this purpose.

Anna, Saratov: “The new rooms were created without taking into account where to put things. No closet. In the corridor there are small shelves, but they do not save. Therefore, the disorder at the expense of things laid out around the room is ensured. Not in a suitcase to store, had to lay out on the couch, hung on chairs and chairs. But, in general, the rooms are clean. The beds are very soft and cozy. The pool is lovely! The free minibar just captivated me! A mat and a bag – they came up with it well. It was high time for resort hotels to come up with this. It seems to me that the complex, nevertheless, is more for young people, come here, you will not regret it!


Sugar Marina Resort restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The range is wide, the dishes are served enough for all guests. The breakfast buffet is rich in its diversity. Large selection of fresh fruits and berries, pastries, cereals, soups, salads. For coffee lovers, there is a great coffee machine. Not far from the hotel there are many places where you can eat tasty and inexpensive.

In-room meals can be ordered at an additional cost. You can stroll down the street in the evening and visit the nearest restaurants and cafes serving the freshest seafood, local Thai cuisine. There are also many places where you can not only eat deliciously, but also spend a pleasant time accompanied by live music or an animation program.

Tamara, Moscow: “There are a lot of cafes near the place. They can be tasty and enjoyable to eat. The main thing is inexpensive. We bought in the evenings in makashnitsa. Delicious, satisfactory, like in a café, but much cheaper. Lunches at a local restaurant are expensive, but the choice is large. Breakfast time was to our liking. We went to the beach in the morning, then, on the way back, we went to the restaurant. We were one of the last breakfasts, but there was a lot of food left and the variety remained. Apparently, with a margin of cooking. In general, we liked the rest, I advise everyone. When checking in, you need to clarify that they are settled in a new building, and then everything will be a great rest! “


In this art boarding house come to relax from the everyday routine and plunge into the world of creativity and idleness. For families with kids there are children’s animators, they arrange entertainment programs daily. Behind the pool there is a children’s playground with slides, horizontal bars, stairs.

If parents decide to go to the city or to another place without a child, then he can be left with a nanny. For a fee, a professional teacher-animator will look after the baby during the absence of adults. In the pools there is a special area with a small depth, where parents can safely send the kids to swim.

And for adults it is adjacent to the pit of the jacuzzi. Along the perimeter of artificial reservoirs lined up sunbeds, which are free for guests. By the way, there are no sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, even for rent, so you need to take your own. In the cabinets of the rooms there are mats for the beach and beach bags, they can be taken with you to the ocean.

Spa facilities are available. The famous Thai massage here is at the highest level. There are also hairdressers, manicures and other beauty services. To keep fit during your holidays, visit the gym, equipped with a variety of modern simulators. Periodically, animators hold sports competitions and other active events to cheer up guests.

In your free time from excursions, in a cozy evening, enjoy watching a movie in the large cinema hall of the main building. Guests are offered a large selection of discs with various popular films.

Sergey, Moscow: “Very good location, close to clean beach. You can take a tuk-tuk literally in 15 minutes to get to Patong. The rooms were very nice, the pool is nice, clean. Breakfasts are delicious and varied. You can safely come here with children. There is a place where to put a stroller, and there is something to occupy the child. To the sea two minutes walk. Nearby there is a busy street with plenty of entertainment and the rest. But the building of the boarding house itself is in relative depth from the street. We were satisfied with our choice and are going to come here again.”


The staff is local, mostly Thai. You can easily find a company for joint pastime, sports games and excursions.

Newlyweds are given a gift. The staff beautifully decorates the room, gives champagne and fruit. Birthdays are congratulated at registration, give a delicious cake.

Excursions can be booked at the reception desk. Nearby there are many attractions of Thailandthat are definitely worth a visit. For example, the temples of Chalong and Suwan Khiri Ket. By bus, taxi or rented here car or bicycle there is an opportunity to go to the shopping center Plaza Kata, to the night market or in the cabaret Simon.

If you do not want to go to the restaurant, food can be ordered in the room for an additional fee. Local workers do not take tips, the quality of service is already at a high level, without additional motivation. For family guests with children, it is possible to hire a nanny who will look after the child while the parents, for example, will be away at the shopping center or on an adult excursion.

Upon check-in, you will find a nice bonus in the form of a small ice cream. Moreover, the in-room minibar is free and replenished daily. Every day you are offered a bottle of beer, cola, juice and two bottles of still water. The hotel has a nutritionist who will develop for an additional fee you an individual diet menu, taking into account the dishes served in the restaurant.

Mikhail, Chelyabinsk: “The pools are not as deep as we would like, but it is not so critical. The resort is good, perfect value for money and location. I recommend booking an apartment with access to the pool. It’s very convenient. I loved the staff. Responsive and qualified employees. I cut my arm, pretty much. The girl at the reception quickly and efficiently provided medical care. “

Thailand is a great country for a vacation. There are a lot of hotels offering their services at a relatively low price. Marina Art is distinguished not only by a high level of comfort and service, but also by a creative concept. Especially like this place lovers and connoisseurs of art.

Its proximity to the ocean makes it even more enticing. It’s no more than five minutes away. Moreover, guests can not worry about free sunbeds, because the organizers took care of this, providing beach bags, towels and mats.

Marina Resort is suitable for both family holidays with kids and for youth. At the resort and nearby there are many places and options for entertainment, children’s programs, animations and other conditions for spending an unforgettable time in this southern country. An incredible combination of excellent beach, family, active, excursion rest and aesthetically comfortable accommodation in the hotel complex.

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There is a particularly warm attitude to all guests. Unlike other places, local organizers have even taken care of providing a daily replenished minibar and beach amenities. Here they made sure that there were no negative moments in the memory after the vacation.