Sanatorium Dulber Koreiz Crimea

To come on vacation to the Crimea and stay in one of the architectural attractions offers a sanatorium “Dulber” in Koreiz. The village is located 10 km from Yalta in a picturesque valley between Cape Ai-Todor and Alupka. The sanatorium itself is located in the former palace “Dulber”, which in the 19th century was built by the architect Krasnov for Grand Duke Peter Nikolayevich Romanov. In Soviet times, the territory was supplemented with two more residential buildings. Today the hotel is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Koreiz due to its location, comfortable living conditions and treatment.

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Location and history

Residential buildings are located on the territory of the park complex, whose natural borders from the south are washed by the Black Sea, in the west by the waters of the mountain river Uzen-Cheshme, in the east by the Zagmata River, and in the north they go to the Alupkinskoye highway. The park is laid out on several terraces that lead from the main entrance to the seashore. The main neo-Moorish-style building was built over two years, from 1895 to 1897. Immediately after the February Revolution, some members of the royal family moved here. They took refuge here until 1919, when they emigrated to Europe.

Interesting fact: After the October coup, Commissar F.L. was responsible for their lives. Zadorozhny. Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov became his right hand, helping to install machine gun points for defense, while using the features of the architecture of the building and walls.

In 1922, it was decided to organize the first Soviet health resort for 35 seats in the palace. Wishing to improve health was much more, so in 1938 was built the second building. During the Second World War, the territory of the palace was badly damaged due to bombing. The building and the park were restored by prisoners of war of the fascist and Romanian armies.

The sanatorium was very popular among the functionaries of the CPSU and the Communist Parties of the Union States. Here rested the nomenclature elite of the Warsaw Pact countries. The contingent was constantly expanding. therefore, in 1977, a third building was built. This is a modern 11-storey building with an elevator, rooms with balconies and office and public spaces.

Important! It’s not just a hotel. It’s a sanatorium. Therefore, it is necessary to follow all the rules for issuing a voucher, have a sanatorium and resort card, a certificate of epidemiological environment.

“It’s fantastic! Miracle Palace in oriental style, well-groomed park, next to the sea. What else do you need for a good rest? Of course, treatment! The medical center employs real professionals. But here even the air itself is a healer. Anyone who dreams of spending a vacation with benefit for the body, I recommend coming to Dulber. This is a beautiful place that you will never forget about” Albina, Russia

Room stock

For the accommodation of guests, three main buildings and the “Sea Surf” department are equipped. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, has all the necessary furniture. In the three-storey building No. 1 (built in 1897) for guests are offered rooms of the following categories of comfort:

  1. Junior Suite (40 sq. m)- a one-room double room without a balcony with an extra bed on a sofa bed.
  2. Junior Suite with balcony (51 sq. m.) is a two-room suite with a separate bathroom, living room and bedroom.
  3. Double standard (32 sq. m) – a one-room suite with a balcony and a combined bathroom. Rooms without a balcony have an area of 21 sq. m. It is possible to accommodate another person on a folding chair.
  4. Suite (68 sq. m.) – two-room suite with bathroom and two toilets.

In the first building in all rooms (rooms) air conditioning system is installed, TV is provided, refrigerators are installed. There is no elevator. The distance to the sea is 50 meters.

Building number 2 has 2 floors and was built in 1938. It is also made in the Moorish style and looks not much different from its prototype. Here are the rooms of the following categories:

  • one-room double standard (32 sq. m)) with a view of the park, with a balcony, a combined bathroom with a shower;
  • two-room junior suite (51 sq. m.) with an additional bed on the sofa, a view of the park and a balcony (except for the 61st room), the bathroom is divided in the bathroom.

In the second building, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TVs, refrigerators, kettles and utensils. The distance to the sea is 60 meters.

Eleven-storey building No 3 (built in 1977) is equipped with an elevator, is located 20 meters from the sea and offers the following accommodation options:

  • one-room double standard (19 sq. m.), balcony with outdoor furniture, bathroom with shower, all rooms of this category are located at the end of the building;
  • one-room double junior suite (21.5 sq. m.), there is a balcony, a folding sofa as two extra beds, a bathroom combined with a bath;
  • two-room double junior suite (34 sq. m.), living room and bedroom have a balcony, bathroom combined with shower, air conditioning is installed only in one of the rooms.

The rooms in this building have recently been overhauled, air conditioners, new cabinet and upholstered furniture, refrigerators, modern plumbing have been installed.

In the department “Sea Surf” guests are offered accommodation in one of the two buildings or in the Dacha. There are rooms of categories – standard, junior suite and three-room suite. Everywhere there are balconies or terraces with outdoor furniture, air conditioning, TVs, refrigerators, extra beds are provided. This is a modern building with its own infrastructure, including a swimming pool, fitness room, playground and its own indoor beach.

Important! Guests over 70 years old are accepted only with the permission of the administration of the sanatorium.

Meals and restaurants

Meals in the sanatorium “Dulber” and its branch “Sea Surf” are made according to the “full board” system. Three times a day, the “Swedish line” of self-service opens in the dining room. Hot food is exhibited in marmites (special containers with temperature maintenance). For those who want to have a snack at any other time, a summer café is open. The assortment includes a variety of snacks, salads, meat and fish dishes, pastries, desserts, soft hot and cold drinks. In the evening, a restaurant offering dishes of European and author’s cuisine opens. The restaurant has a bar with wine and cocktail menus. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a grocery store.


In most cases, people come to the hotel for sanatorium treatment. The profile of the institution is represented by the following areas:

  1. Respiratory diseases. Therapeutic and diagnostic procedures are included in the package of vouchers “Classic sanatorium”. It is issued for people suffering from rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system.
  2. Diseases of the nervous system (damage to individual nerves, nerve roots and plexuses, polyneuropathy, other lesions of the peripheral nervous system, neurotic, somatotropic disorders and disorders of the autonomic nervous system).
  3. Cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease: angina, chronic coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic rheumatic heart disease);
  4. Musculoskeletal system and connective organs (arthrosis, arthropathy, joint damage, etc.)

Pay attention! This year, another area has been added regarding the rehabilitation of patients after COVID-19.

The medical center has its own diagnostic base. It is equipped with biochemical and general clinical laboratories, spirography rooms, rheovasography of limbs, ECG. The medical base is equipped with a balneological department, a gym, a speleocameme, an ingolatory, a halochamber, a department of apparatus physiotherapy, medical massage rooms. Each of the guests has the right to a free medical examination and a package of medical procedures according to the classical system.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel provides a lot of services for the organization of leisure guests. Fans of outdoor activities can play table tennis, badminton, as well as rent any sports equipment from roller skates to ATVs. Recently, health-smoking walking has been popular. Several routes have been developed, dosed by distance, angle of inclination of the terrain and speed of movement. There is also a tennis court and a volleyball court. Rackets and balls can be borrowed from the rental office.

In addition to the hall for physical therapy in the sanatorium is equipped with a gym. There are power and cardio machines, steppers, dumbbells, shaping accessories. Fans of billiards will like the hall equipped for this game.

After sports, you can visit the spacious Finnish sauna (service is paid). It is advisable to pre-register with the administrator. The cabin is located in the building number 3. There is also a cosmetology room, a hairdresser, an aesthetic massage room.

In the evenings, guests are invited to the spacious cinema hall to watch their favorite movies. The music salon hosts live music evenings and themed events. On the dance floor, as in all times, people gather for incendiary discos with the participation of DJs and animators.

Administrators can help arrange sea fishing or sailing trips. In the sanatorium there is a large library, in which everyone will find a book to their liking. You can always order an individual transfer or go by car to Yalta to have fun.

More information! The hotel provides car owners with parking spaces on a paid basis.

Beaches & Pools

The hotel has two swimming pools. Both are in the 3rd building and are connected by a transition. One of them is covered. Its volume is 100 cubic meters, the depth of 1 m 25 cm The second is open, with a volume of 300 cubic meters and a depth of up to 3 meters. Sea water. Admission is included in the price. Both work seasonally, as well as the sanatorium itself, from April 1 to November 30. In winter and March, guests are not accepted.

The beach is literally a stone’s throw from the residential buildings. Wide alleys lead to it, as well as several stairs for those who want to go down to the water as quickly as possible. Coating – pebbles. There are canopies, sun loungers, changing rooms, fresh shower, toilet. On the beach there is a rescue service, a medical center, a bar. Water-motor sports and diving clubs are available at an additional cost.

Recreational opportunities for children

Babies are accepted strictly from 1 year. Treatment can be received by children aged 4 years. For younger guests, there is a playground on the street and a children’s room in the building, where children can engage in any kind of creativity or play under the supervision of a tutor. Parents who come with a child from 1 to 4 years old do not pay for his accommodation, unless he needs a separate bed and meals.

The medical center has a pediatrician who will be able to examine the child and prescribe the appropriate spa treatment. The presence of doctors makes “Dulber” extremely attractive for family holidays with children.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The sanatorium itself is a landmark that guests of other resort towns of Crimea come to see. The hotel’s tour desk can develop its own itineraries for interesting places. Among them:

  • natural attractions;
  • historical and architectural monuments, museums;
  • entertainment content.

On your own, you can walk along the famous embankment of the village “Mermaid”, Miskhor Park, pine and olive groves, go to the Yusupov Palace and even walk to the Park Chiir, the border of which is adjacent to Koreiz.


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