The best hotels of Crimea for the New Year with a show program

Thanks to the mild winter, the Crimea and, especially, the southern coast of the peninsula remain a popular destination for lovers of a comfortable holiday surrounded by subtropical nature. The number of travelers choosing this region for vacation increases markedly during the New Year holidays. Local hotels offer guests a variety of leisure activities, show programs and the opportunity to change the usual situation to a festive atmosphere full of pleasant surprises and vivid impressions.

Top 10 Crimean hotels to celebrate the New Year

Nature has created almost ideal conditions for winter holidays in the Crimea. In late December and early January, the air in the resorts of the southern coast of the peninsula warms up during the day to + 8.6, the water that did not completely waste the summer heat – up to + 11.4. During the New Year holidays in the 10 best hotels of the peninsula, vacationers will find a wide range of activities and entertainment.

Mriya Resort & SPA

In 2014, 30 km south-west of the Yalta bus station in the village of Landslide, Mriya Resort & SPA, an ultra-modern hotel complex,opened its doors to the first guests. From above, the hotel building resembles a giant starfish. Mriya Resort, which occupies an area of 60 hectares, offers guests accommodation and comfortable rest in 37 villas and 399 rooms and apartments of six categories. On the territory of the complex there are several facilities that provide a variety of leisure and a healthy lifestyle of guests:

  • medical and balneological centers;
  • Dreamwood, a family theme park;
  • gym;
  • spacious fitness studio;
  • Foster is a stylish nightclub;
  • multifunctional sports hall;
  • “Metropolis” – an entertainment center with a cinema, a bowling alley and a billiard room;
  • Japanese Garden;
  • Delange – a modern spa center, including a complex of baths, a beauty salon, massage cabins and an indoor pool (depth – 1.5 m, length – 25 m);
  • a conference hall that can be easily transformed into a dance floor;
  • library.

Mriya Resort services meet the latest requirements of the modern hotel business. For hotel guests, a transfer from the airport and back is available not only by taxi or minibus, but also by helicopters. Gourmets and ordinary lovers of delicious dishes will be satisfied with the choice of gastronomic establishments. In winter, the hotel has 2 bars and 9 restaurants. The most popular gastronomic establishments are:

  • Azurr offers Black Sea dishes;
  • Mandarin will delight you with a wide selection of delicacies from Vietnam, Thailand and Japan;
  • Cosmo – Greek cuisine is presented here;
  • L’Olivo is a popular Italian trattoria.

The staff and administration of the hotel have developed a large program for the New Year holidays. The celebrations will continue from December 28, 2021 to January 13, 2022.

  • evening musical and theatrical performances;
  • solo performances by saxophonists and pianists;
  • performance of circus artists;
  • theatrical sketches;
  • dream photo shoot with the masters of the beauty salon;
  • musical apartment dwellers – gatherings at round tables;
  • tea ceremonies;
  • master classes on painting Christmas gingerbread, creating a Venetian mask, decoupage of candlesticks, modern dances.

This is only part of a large New Year’s program. The main event will take place on the eve of the New Year:

  • a gala dinner organized in the style of Black Tie Optional & Champagne;
  • cover band performance;
  • festive lottery;
  • congratulations on the holiday from representatives of the hotel administration;
  • five-minute fireworks;
  • performance of the stylish group “Two Masha”;
  • disco to the sets of Crimean DJs.

The headliners of the concert programs on January 5 and 7 will be well-known representatives of modern Russian show business: Mot is a performer performing in a variety of styles, and Mikhail Galustyan is a talented showman and comedian. Hotel Mriya Resort is a great option for tourists who appreciate comfort, exquisite cuisine and a variety of leisure activities.

Evgeniya Krylova, Moscow. My husband and I chose Mriya Resort Hotel after seeing an advertisement on a popular travel site. Before the final decision, we carefully studied the information about the hotel. Reality has exceeded expectations. This is not an exaggeration. Gorgeous modern complex. On the level of the famous Turkish five-star hotels, and in some ways even better. First of all, I would like to note the excellent service and goodwill of the staff. My husband and I were pleased with the photo shoot. Alexander and Evgeny , masters of the beauty salon – managed to demonstrate what miracles truly professional photographers can do.




Gurzuf Riviera

16 km to the east of the center of Yalta rise two modern buildings “Gurzuf Riviera” – a hotelthat attracts vacationers with comfortable rooms and unusually beautiful views of the picturesque Bear Mountain – so you can translate the name Ayu-Dag. The hotel is located in the eastern part of Gurzuf in the neighborhood of the famous “Artek”.

For vacationers, the hotel is equipped with 80 cozy apartments and spacious rooms of four categories. In two buildings of the complex (“Altea” and “Riviera”) there are several rooms that provide a pleasant pastime for vacationers:

  • “Malyshiki” – children’s club;
  • gym with strength and cardiovascular equipment;
  • heated outdoor swimming pool;
  • spa complex with an aqua-ermal center, including five baths, a beauty salon, massage rooms and an indoor pool.

For business events, the hotel has a multifunctional conference room. For guests, the doors of 2 bars and two restaurants are open: “Altea Gourmet” and “Riviera”. A free shuttle service on golf carts is organized between the hotel buildings. New Year’s events will continue from 31.12.2021 to 7.01.2022. The show program, developed by the hotel’s employees, includes several events that will take place on December 31, 2021:

  • a large circus performance;
  • performances of clowns and acrobats;
  • drawing of prizes and gifts;
  • musical and dance performance;
  • performance of the Jokers Band;
  • gala dinner;
  • congratulations from the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus;
  • bright New Year’s fireworks.

For young hotel guests from 4 to 12 years old, a separate story-game program with dances, games, drawing gifts, quests and cake has been developed. During the New Year holidays, professional animators entertain both adults and minor vacationers.

Larisa Kondratyeva, Voronezh. Hotel “Gurzuf Riviera” is located in an amazingly beautiful place. My husband and I chose it because of the wonderful views. Often went out on a large balcony, looked at and photographed the surroundings for Instagram. Ayu-Dag – the famous mountain is very close. The seascapes are fascinating. The hotel staff worked professionally. Maybe without much enthusiasm, but there are no complaints about the service. My husband was pleased with the large selection of baths in the hotel. Most often he visited the herbal sauna and hammam. About the rest in the hotel “Gurzuf Riviera” there were only pleasant memories.





“Glade of Fairy Tales”

To celebrate the New Year’s holiday in nature and in comfortable conditions, it is worth going to Yalta. 8.3 km north-west of the bus station of the city is “Polyana Skazok” – a reconstructed eco-hotelthat has been receiving guests since 1975. The hotel is surrounded by coniferous forests near Stavri-Kaya , a 663-meter steep cliff.

In two three-storey buildings of “Glades of Fairy Tales” there are 42 rooms. Guests of the hotel can also choose from 9 wooden cottages. Leisure of vacationers is very diverse due to a wide range of activities:

  • swimming in an outdoor heated pool;
  • games for young guests, organized by experienced animators in the children’s club;
  • overcoming obstacles in the “Sherwood Forest” – a rope park;
  • relaxed rest in the sauna house;
  • billiards and table tennis in specially equipped halls.

Restaurant “Gora” offers dishes prepared from farm products of local producers. For hotel guests, an original program has been developed to cheerfully celebrate the New Year and celebrate Christmas:

  • lunch and dinner on the territory of the hotel surrounded by cypresses and pine trees;
  • photo shoot at the Christmas tree;
  • drawing of gifts with the participation of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus;
  • animation, contests, dances and competitions for young guests.

Ksenia Vorontsova, St. Petersburg. I came with a friend to Yalta to distract from the daily bustle. Therefore, we chose the hotel “Polyana Skazok”. The hotel is located far from the city center, which suited us quite well. The room was very cozy. Service in the hotel on a solid “four”. Removed the number irregularly – this is the only complaint. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant suited us quite well. You can swim in the pool even in winter. The place is unusually beautiful at any time of the year. We took a bunch of pictures of the slopes of the rock covered with pine-cypress forest on our smartphone.





South of the Massandra Park is a four-star hotel,which has become one of the symbols of the resort. Yalta Intourist, which occupies a gigantic territory, has been receiving guests since 1977, the hotel building is equipped with 1140 rooms of four categories. Thanks to the developed tourist infrastructure, a variety of leisure and health procedures are available for vacationers:

  • oceanarium, where representatives of the marine and river fauna of the Amazon, Nile, Red Sea and Mississippi live in water reservoirs;
  • Paul Mitchell – a modern beauty salon;
  • rejuvenation center;
  • 5 swimming pools with heated water;
  • Sky Fit – fitness center with panoramic windows;
  • spacious sports hall;
  • complex of Vorontsov baths;
  • “Umka” – a game club for children;
  • virtual reality attractions;
  • “Crystal” – concert hall;
  • a zoo where exotic animals and birds live.

For entrepreneurs, the hotel has the doors of the congress center, which includes 7 conference rooms. There are 10 restaurants, 4 cafes and 5 bars. In two gastronomic establishments – “Marble” and “Ai-Petri” – dishes are served according to the “buffet” system. On December 31 and January 1, guests of the Yalta-Intourist Hotel will become spectators and participants of festive events:

  • dinners and banquets in restaurants;
  • drawings of gifts;
  • photo shoots in the lobby;
  • meetings with the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus.

Svetlana Kazantseva, Yekaterinburg. My husband and I have stayed at the Yalta-Intourist Hotel more than once. This year in the autumn we rested here with our two children. For them, the hotel provides many interesting activities. Children were especially fond of master classes on painting T-shirts, gingerbread, mugs. In addition to this – fun animation every day. We adults didn’t have to be bored either. My husband enjoyed working out in the hotel’s gym. I disappeared for a long time in the center of rejuvenation. Smiles, goodwill, responsiveness – this is how you can characterize the style of communication of the hotel staff. Five days of rest raced by like a few hours.




Palmira Palace

Since 2005, it has been welcoming guests to the Palmira Palace – a four-star hotellocated in the picturesque village of Kurpaty. Two buildings of the complex have 202 rooms and apartments of five categories. Palmira Palace, located 7 km south-west of the center of Yalta, is a great place for lovers of mountain landscapes, seascapes and a high level of service. The hotel offers a variety of interesting leisure activities:

  • gym;
  • billiard room;
  • spa;
  • heated swimming pool;
  • Limpopo is a children’s play club;
  • spa medicine center;
  • aqua-thermal complex with a Japanese bath, a Russian bath and an infrared sauna.

Business events are held in three conference rooms equipped with modern audio and video equipment. To ensure that guests are full and can get acquainted with the taste of Crimean dishes, Palmira Palace has three restaurants: “On the Roof”, “Paradiso” and “Macrame”. On New Year’s days from December 31 to January 3, the hotel guests will enjoy a festive program, including interesting activities and events:

  • cover band concerts;
  • gala dinner and bright fireworks on December 31;
  • drawings and contests with the presentation of gifts;
  • performance by Thomas Grazioso, an Italian actor and singer, Roman Bogdanov, a Russian performer, and the group “Masha and the Bears”;
  • interactive entertainment programs;
  • film evening with the screening of premieres and highlights of the Oscar ceremony.

Oksana Pyryeva, Magnitogorsk. Hotel “Palmira Palace” was chosen with a friend quite by chance. We were met by the manager Ivan. Helped with luggage, clearance and check-in. He also gave a lot of advice about the sights of the city and local shops. The hotel has a high level of service. This also applies to restaurants. The choice of dishes is large. A little expensive, but very tasty. I was pleased that the spa was open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. It is very convenient to choose the most suitable time to visit. We recommend the hotel “Palmira Palace” to everyone who likes to relax in comfortable conditions.




«Crimean Breeze»

For those who dream of a New Year’s holiday in a family or friendly circle, the best option is the hotel “Crimean Breeze”. The hotel complex, which occupies an area of 20 hectares, is located in the east of the village of Parkovoye. The hotel is 33 km from Yalta Bus Station. The buildings and villas are located on a hilly area surrounded by park trees.

“Crimean Breeze” offers vacationers accommodation in 108 cozy rooms. Those who want to feel the home environment choose one of 11 private villas. The pastime of hotel guests is filled with a variety of activities:

  • workouts in the fitness center;
  • swimming in the large indoor pool;
  • participation in the health programs of the medical center;
  • massages and beauty treatments at La Fontana, a modern spa;
  • outdoor games in Lego and Teen Club – two children’s clubs.

The conference hall is perfectly equipped for seminars, negotiations and business banquets. Guests of the hotel can enjoy international cuisine in 3 cafés and restaurants. Drinks and cocktails are served at the 5 bars. Five days of the New Year holidays will surprise vacationers with a program full of events:

  • performance on ice;
  • ethno-gastronomic dinner, where sommeliers and chefs demonstrate their skills together;
  • concerts of jazz music;
  • performance of Viktor Dolmatov – Crimean guitarist;
  • an evening of French jazz;
  • performances of cover bands: Jazz Luxe, “Jam on Primorsky” and LSdance;
  • exhibitions of paintings by contemporary painters of the Crimea.

Gennady Vorobyov, Chelyabinsk. In the hotel “Crimean Breeze” rested with his wife for the second time. We were very satisfied with the service, and food, and rest in general. The room and the whole hotel are clean. The hotel staff is tactful. My wife especially noted the professionalism of the spa massage therapists: Natalia and Olga. The weather in November was not pleasant. However, we had a lot to do inside the hotel. There is a well-equipped fitness centre. I often played billiards with my new friends, went to training in the gym. The short vacation was full of active activities.





«Villa Elena»

In one of the central quarters of Yalta 130 m south of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral there is a luxurious mansion. Since 1912, the rooms of the hotel “Villa Elena” have been located here. The last reconstruction was completed in 2012, now “Villa Elena” positions itself as a five-star boutique hotel.

For guests there are 32 rooms of seven categories and 13 residences. The premises are equipped with Italian handmade furniture. Despite the luxury of the rooms, hotel guests feel as if they are in a familiar home environment. On the territory of “Villa Elena” there are several objects that satisfy the needs of vacationers for a variety of leisure:

  • gym;
  • Solo – beauty salon;
  • Wellness centre with indoor pool, Roman bath, massage rooms, Jacuzzi and salt room.

Light breakfasts, delicious lunches and dinners are served in “19’12” – a restaurant of author’s cuisine. For lovers of original cocktails, the doors of two bars are open. On New Year’s days, vacationers will become participants in an interesting program:

  • festive dinner with a choice of dishes according to the author’s menu of the chef’s team;
  • a matinee for young guests with gifts;
  • lotteries and prize draws;
  • performances by the Shubatov Brothers, a local band;
  • presentation of gifts from the hotel administration.

Pavel Zhuravlev, Vyborg. The hotel “Villa Elena” was chosen with his wife on the advice of friends who rested here several times. We came with the kids. Rest very satisfied. The hotel, similar to a palace, is markedly different from many buildings in the city. The hotel rooms are clean and aristocratic luxurious. Employees are always smiling, answering all questions without discontent, as sometimes happens.






Fans of festive feasts will appreciate the New Year’s dinner in “Prevysokov” – a hotel and restaurant complex. The hotel is located 48 km west of Simferopol in the village of Peschanoye. The four-storey building of the hotel is equipped with 15 spacious comfortable rooms and 6 comfortable villas. Although “Prevysokov” is aimed at those who like to spend evenings in luxurious restaurants, there are opportunities for other activities:

  • spa complex with Maslov bath, massage rooms and hammam;
  • indoor swimming pool;
  • salt cave.

The three-storey building of the hotel restaurant includes 7 rooms of different capacity. This gastronomic establishment offers a special program for guests during the New Year holidays:

  • party in the style of “Back to the USSR”;
  • festive banquet (31.12.21) and breakfast (1.01.22);
  • fireworks;
  • dancing to favorite melodies of the 1950s and 1980s;
  • street festivities with dances and songs – January 1;
  • meeting of young guests with the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus.

Alexandra Korovaeva, Samara. Hotel “Prevysokov” was chosen because of the restaurant. There is not a large selection of entertainment, but you can get acquainted with the taste of dishes of various cuisines. We – three friends – recommend two halls of the restaurant that deserve the greatest praise: the 1st – with panoramic windows and the 2nd – karaoke. Magnificent views, especially during sunset hours, when you can admire the change of colors on the sea and the sky. Prices for dishes, as it seemed to us, are inflated. But the quality is great. And the service, as they say, is offset.





In the west of Evpatoria, 3.25 km from the railway station of the city, there is a hoteloffering a European level of service. This is how tourists who stayed in Ribera assess the quality of service. Two buildings of the four-star hotel decorate SevastopolSkaya Street.

127 spacious rooms of six categories are available for guests. The hotel Ribera Resort for vacationers is equipped with several rooms and halls that help to diversify the pastime and get health benefits:

  • indoor swimming pool (length – 25 m);
  • sauna complex with ice ushat, hammam, Russian steam room and sauna;
  • a spa offering a wide range of beauty and massage services;
  • compact gym;
  • medical center.

For hotel guests there is a restaurant offering Crimean dishes. Vacationers can visit four bars. Business people hold their events in a conference room that can accommodate up to 100 people. On the eve of the New Year in the restaurant of the hotel guests are waiting for a festive dinner and a musical program.

Veronika Savelyeva, Bryansk. “Ribera” is a great option for a family holiday. My husband and I were glad that we chose this particular hotel in Evpatoria. The restaurant has a variety of different dishes. The waiters are friendly and smiling. Prices are quite consistent with the quality of dishes. The hotel’s pool seems simply huge thanks to the panoramic windows. My husband visited the baths every day. We can recommend the hotel “Ribera” to anyone who wants to relax for a few days in a super comfortable environment.





To the north-east of Yalta is the small village of Partenit. 1.37 km from the local bus station on the beach is a four-star hotel,similar to a cruise liner moored in the port. Hotel “Europe” is equipped with 67 rooms and apartments of four categories. For vacationers, there are several options for a useful and pleasant pastime:

  • children’s club;
  • halls for badminton, table tennis and Russian billiards;
  • beauty salon;
  • indoor swimming pool (length – 7 m);
  • sauna complex with hammam, hot tub and sauna;
  • fitness room with Impulse equipment.

For vacationers, the doors of lobby and lounge bars are open. The hotel’s two restaurants offer a wide range of dishes: Parteneat (European cuisine) and Al Percino (Italian). The New Year’s program consists of several interesting events:

  • festive buffet;
  • drawing of gifts;
  • meetings with Santa Claus;
  • traditional fireworks;
  • a fun disco.

Dmitry Polyakov, Rostov. “Europe” was chosen with his wife because of the unusual location – right by the sea. Our city is located on the shore of a small lake. But we wanted to feel the vast expanses of the sea. Hotel “Europe”, similar to a large ship, helped to realize our desire. Another advantage is the location of the hotel next to Aivazovsky Park. If you evaluate the service, then there are no complaints. The hotel staff responded to our requests without delay. The room is clean with a nice view. In general, the hotel “Europe” met our expectations with my wife.




Which hotel to choose?

Tourists pursue a variety of goals when looking for the most suitable hotel to celebrate the New Year. If the main desires are to feel the festive atmosphere, become spectators of grandiose performances and enjoy a comfortable stay, the most successful option is Mriya Resort. To other tourists, this hotel may seem pompous and expensive. In this case, it is worth looking for something simpler.

Selection of hotels Crimea on map